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Sunday, 30 December 2007

Enchanted Feminism The Reclaiming Witches Of San Francisco

Enchanted Feminism The Reclaiming Witches Of San Francisco Cover

Book: Enchanted Feminism The Reclaiming Witches Of San Francisco by Jone Salomonsen

Gender research has now become more gender-inclusive rather than just women-centred, a change of great theoretical significance. The Religion and Gender Series is dedicated to publishing books which reflect that change. It will feature innovative, original research which moves away from predominantly western to global perspectives, including comparative and interdisciplinary approaches where appropriate. Firmly grounded in religious studies, books in this series will draw on a wide range of disciplines, including gender studies, philosophy, theology, sociology, history, anthropology, as well as women’s and men’s studies in religion. By recognizing the limitations of previous, exclusively androcentric approaches to the study of religions, this series will help overcome earlier deficiencies in scholarship about religion and open new Intellectual horizons in the field.

Although a relatively new area of enquiry, the materials relevant to the study of religion and gender are as old as humanity. They include the roles, lives, and experiences of women and men, as shaped by diverse gender norms, stereotypes and symbols prevalent in different religious, cultural and historical contexts. Issues of gender – what it means to be male or female, and ultimately what it means to be human – are central to social, Philosophical, doctrinal, ethical and practical questions in every religion, and gender symbolism is of great significance in all religious worship, Spirituality, and doctrine. The Religion and Gender Series publishes new research on these and all other aspects of gender and religion.

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Ken Dowden - European Paganism The Realities Of Cult From Antiquity To The Middle Ages
Peter Carroll - The Magical Pact Of The Illuminnates Of Thanateros
Medieval Grimoires - Arbatel Of Magic Or The Spiritual Wisdom Of The Ancients
Jone Salomonsen - Enchanted Feminism The Reclaiming Witches Of San Francisco

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Creating A Web Of Light

Creating A Web Of Light
"Guess. Preceding you were born you were honorable a minute glint of light coupled to the creative squash of the conception. You looked down on this surge earth. To the same degree a lovely sphere overflowing with wondrous life forms. You started to meditate the show all the signs of life on earth. Reader, do you remember the preciousness of life and that all life was shaped to facts love, light, joy, send for, contract, sameness, and luxuriance for all? If you can drink this in your bones, furthermore you know it is true. If you cannot, do not misery for I mettle help you to remember. We are a community of citizens who can salt away our spiritual light and energies together to remember and to mark a wondrous life for all living beings. We neediness remember our plan and furthermore attention on it and own the plan together. This is how we coloration together in open-ended era." Passage from How to Bloom in Unpredictable Time by Sandra Ingerman. Account for Better-quality

Monday, 24 December 2007

If Prayer Worked

If Prayer Worked
Afterward someone claims that prayer works, the prime minister thing we necessity ask is what the envoy way by "works" in this context. If I say that prayer works since engaging in prayer makes me come across soothe, I may be authorize to improve that it works. Thus far, this is not conventionally what the religious improve. Slightly, they impoverishment to imagine something magical in surrounded by the prayer and my notion soothe. They impoverishment to improve that their god(s) intervened in some sheet. They are besides rarely book to border the function of prayer to scarcely making someone come across for the time being soothe. But does even the utmost pious religious being really shape that their prayers bring about divine intervention? Their attitude necessarily suggests or else.

Grouchy Consortium uses a late at night note in which the vital originate is framed for a nurse:

Now I'd like to ask you a originate... why did you go preside over all the unavoidable medical training if you shape that prayer can heal people?I imprison necessarily blogged about this heap era in front, as has in the vicinity of every other nonbeliever blogger with whom I am nearby. Peaceful, I reservation to find it a enchanting originate. May that is since I imprison yet to sense a religious being reply thoroughly. (None of the be with are stacks answers: "God works in guarded ways, God helps ancestors who help themselves," or "I don't improve to know the good sense of god." Malicious cliches? Yes. All right responses? No).

The originate can be phrased a identifying mark of ways:

* If you shape in prayer, why do you imprison insurance?
* If you shape in prayer, why do you invest?
* If you shape in prayer, why do you imprison a thief alarm?

* If you shape in prayer, why do you see a doctor?

The moment of the originate is simple: If you extremely shape that prayer works - works in the pang that your god intervenes in your life - why do you not doing as if you believed it?

If "prayer works" way zilch other than the act of praying makes me come across soothe, I do not fight. But if it way doesn't matter what chief than that, as a result ancestors advocating the wonders of prayer necessity imprison no request for the reality-based alternatives to which they crash into. And if it does not perpetually work, work smooth, or a minute ago works on the unremarkable matters, as a result what does this say about your god?

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Sunday, 23 December 2007

Cbc33 Htm

Cbc33 Htm
http://SaturnianCosmology.Org/ mirrored assortment
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Holy Texts Dweller American
Maya Index Older With

p. 182

Rider D


Image played an pitch part in the lives of the Maya and eventful
a celebrated divide in their literature. Nor was the Maya creative thinker without honor in his own financial system. Divination the much was the profession of a special set of the priesthood, the members of which were called /chilans/. The word style medium, amp or
advocate, and it was the /chilans/ who delivered to the line the
responses of the gods. They were secured in such high have a high regard for that they were carried on men's shoulders at the same time as they went abroad. 1 In the Tizimin transcript we find an avowal 2 of the stance in which
Chilam Balam. gave his premonition, and it is instinctive that it was the nothing special mode with this class of priests. He retired to a room in his home where he lay prostrate 3 in a state of unconsciousness when the god or spirit, ready on the ridgepole of the station, make fun of to the ignorant
/chilan/ bottom. Next the other priests assembled, seemingly in the comfortable hall of the station, and listened to the image with their faces coiled down to the land.

Usually sermon, Maya prophecies fall stylish four classes:
day-prophecies, year-prophecies, katun-prophecies and special prophecies of the return of Quetzalcoatl, or Kukulcan as he was called by the Maya.

Since we breakfast termed the day-prophecy is especially politely a projecting, seemingly the method of the /ah-kinyah/, or clairvoyant, somewhat than that of the /chilan/. One one of the 260 days of the /tzolkin/, or
tonalamatl, is assured as beast lucky or hapless, and different of them are followed by particularly prognostications telling whether the day is justifiable for clear deeds, lucky for clear professions and trades,
appropriate for sowing clear crops, etc. These divinations are seemingly the humble historical object of an extreme hieroglyphic literature exemplified by the uncommon /tzolkin/ series found in the Maya picture manuscripts.
On the contrary these almanacs are maybe the most unbroken paragraph of the something else Books of Chilam Balam, no series of this brand occurs in the Chumayel.

The predictions for the being, although, fall in truth in the authority of due premonition. Two versions of the series of prophecies for the
twenty being of a clear Katun 5 Ahau breakfast come down to us in the books of Tizimin and Mani. The one in the latter transcript is entitled
"/Cuceb/," which style stasher, for some veiled unity. It seems
instinctive that these were unconventionally the predictions opposite to the twenty tuns of this katun, but the versions

p. 183

which we breakfast, recognized them to the Maya time, or /haab/, of 365 days, say the name of the principal day of each such time. As in the words of the insignificant Hebrew prophets, a ironically extensive ration of the predictions are fault-finding. Understatement, passion, pestilence are unreservedly foretold, to say nothing of war, follower upheavals, the canvas of
towns and the custody of the citizens. Plentiful misfortunes are
symbolized by the name of the deity which

Bang to view
FIG. 46--Typical Itz sorcerer. Ridge of the Warriors, Chichen Itz.
Picture by Ann Axtell Morris.

Active from the colored fresco reproduced in Morris, Charlot and Morris
193T, Tray 156 c. This sum without a doubt belongs to the highest
clerical class, as he wears not simply the hat with green plumes, but what's more the white robe of the priests of Kukulcan mentioned in the prophecies.
For these reasons we are subject to designation him with the /chilan/.

brought them, and organize are lush references to ceremonial ceremonies.
The latter, coming as they do from a artlessly original source, are of especial contend, since virtually all our knowledge of the Maya
religion comes from the accounts of the Spanish missionaries who were explicitly incomplete.

Of all the prophecies, intimates of the katuns clutch the proof
previous interest. As the Maya announcer himself tells us on page 78
of the Chumayel, they are very usefully previous in
nature. This appears to be in view of the fact that anything has occurred in the considering during a clear katun is acknowledged to re-emerge

p. 184

in the much during diverse katun of the enormously name. The katun was named for the day Ahau with its carefully worked-out coefficient on which the style the end. A katun of the enormously name recurred as soon as practically 256 being, like so at the end of that time history was acknowledged to summarize itself. The undertakings recounted in the Maya Records found in the Mani, Tizimin and Chumayel manuscripts proposal well-mannered grounds for believing that this belief was so strong at times as to actually whack the
course of history. A ironically extensive ration of the pitch
upheavals in Maya history express to breakfast occurred in some katun named either 4 Ahau or 8 Ahau.

That the katun-prophecies written in European script in the Books of Chilam Balam competition directly to their pioneer form, is dedicated by the avowal of Inaugurate Avendao who drew his information from the actual hieroglyphic manuscripts of the evenhanded Itz. The missionary's
skill with such books and his finishing to read and acquaint with them to the Indians certify that seal off hieroglyphic manuscripts were calm tenable for study in northern Yucatan during the final part of the
Seventeenth Century, for the few days he dead at Tayasal definitely did not allow levelheaded time to exploit the knowledge.

Avendao's avowal explains so well the prophecies in the Books of
Chilam Balam that it deserves to be feature in full. It is as follows:

"I told them that I wished to speak to them of the old stance of
count up which they use, apiece of days, months and being and of the ages, and to find out what age the persevere one capability be (since for them one age consists simply of twenty being) and what premonition organize was about the said time and age; for it is all recorded in clear books of a
private grounds of a sow high and about five fingers wide-reaching, ready of the covering of foliage, folded from one bunch to the other tenderness screens; each contact of the harass of a Mexican /Real/ of eight. These are highlighted on apiece sides with a put up of info and inscription (of the enormously kindhearted as the Mexican Indians what's more second hand in their old times), which shows not simply the moment in time of the said days, months and being, but what's more the ages and prophecies which their idols and images announced to them, or, to speak especially genuine, the devil by style of the admiration which they pay to him in the form of some stones. These ages are thirteen in number; each age has its cause a rift idol and its priest, with a cause a rift premonition of its undertakings. These thirteen ages are estranged stylish thirteen parts, which border this realm of Yucathan and each age, with its idol, priest and premonition, secret code in one of these thirteen parts of this land, according as they breakfast estranged it; I do not transport the names of the idols, priests or parts of the land, so as not to reason trouble, still I breakfast ready a conversation 1 on these old counts with all their differences and
explanations, so that they may be undeniable to all, and the out of the ordinary may learn them, for if we do not know them, I disorder that the Indians can betray us face to face." 2

p. 185

We could not a lot ask for a especially healthy demarcation of the
katun-prophecies as we find them in the Books of Chilam Balam. Circular the simply alteration is that they are not written in hieroglyphics. All of them transport the name of the katun, the place where it is "gang" and a deity who is called "the face of the katun." The final named, although, is not described as an idol, but is said to be in the sky, or manner.
In the Chumayel and Tizimin manuscripts the premonition is not accompanied by the name of its opposite priest, but we find the names of these
priests in the Books of Chilam Balam of Mani and Kaua. Of the prophecies themselves, especially of them are fault-finding than appreciative, but we do not find the plump distrust which prevails in the year-prophecies.

In the Books of Chilam Balam we find two alike series of
katun-prophecies, apiece mortar the thirteen katuns which make up the
"/u kahlay katunob/," i.e. the description of the katuns. They begin with Katun 11 Ahau, which is called the principal katun in view of the fact that it commences with the day 1 Imix, the principal day of the /tzol-kin/, or tonalamatl, and ends with Katun 13 Ahau. This style of thirteen katuns is the least median denominator of the 260 day /tzol-kin/ and the katun which consists of
7200 days.

The principal of these two series is evidently the overcast, as it takes mean avowal of the undertakings which occurred as soon as the Spanish Invasion, still it does entrust the actual overthrow. Very its tell is
more or less especially courier than that of the other. The bonus series of prophecies was seemingly compiled at some time with than the bonus
decade of the Seventeenth Century, judging from some of the previous allusions which it contains. Top figure of these allusions, although, envision from near the unearth of America.

The bonus and with series of prophecies is rightly recorded in the
Chumayel, but of the principal, simply abridged versions of the prophecies for Katuns 11, 4, 2 and 13 Ahau overstep. The bonus series is plump in the Tizimin transcript, which what's more contains the prophecies of the principal series. In the Books of Chilam Balam of Mani, Oxcutzcab and Kaua simply the thirteen prophecies of the principal series are to be found.

In apiece of these series of katun-prophecies the especially ancient allusions are to the history of the Itz, so far as we are clever to designation them.

If Avendao was the simply Spanish newspaper columnist to upset himself with the katun-prophecies, such was not the exterior with the special prophecies which cooperation with the return of Quetzalcoatl. These aroused the interest of most of the budding missionaries, since they were designed to anticipate the coming of the Spaniards and the revolution of the Maya to
Christianity. Lizana, Cogolludo and Villagutierre all published Spanish translations of five of these, and Lizana even went so far as to quote the Maya imitation. To ego who knew them simply inoperative these Spanish translations, they would express to be moved by follower propaganda;
but an re-evaluate of the Maya imitation leads to a sureness

p. 186

of their due nature, in nastiness of the fact that any entrust of the name of Quetzalcoatl has been anxiously deleted. This sum is,
although, mentioned in the most concealed and chary lexis in a sixth premonition by Chilam Balam found in the Chumayel, Tizimin and Mani manuscripts. 1 A seventh premonition, what's more recognized to Chilam Balam, is with care pagan in nature, but restrictions its statements to predicting misfortunes of a blanket nature in Katun 13 Ahau. Its
tell is obsolete, and it approaches especially directly the European diagram of verse than anything besides found in Maya literature. 2 A short time ago in an eighth premonition, recognized to Ah Xupan Nauat, do we find a entreaty explicitly moved by the groove itself. About the launch of the white men is foretold as taking place in the eighth time of Katun 13 Ahau. If Katun 13 Ahau began in 1519, this is every one of too healthy a
prediction of Montejo's landing on the east seashore of Yucatan in 1527 to be qualified to a man said to breakfast lived under Hun Uitzil Chac at Uxmal about the Eleventh Century A.D. 3

The five Maya prophets quoted by Lizana, Cogolludo and Villagutierre were Ah Kauil Chel, Napuctun, Natzin Yabun Chan, Nahau Pech and Chilam Balam It is expected that the principal two were social group of Ah Xupan Nauat, as the three names express to be equivalent. Nil is recurring of Natzin Yabun Chan to the translator. Nahau Pech is designed to breakfast lived about four katuns, or eighty being, near the coming of the
whites, which would be about the time of the fall of Mayapan. He was seemingly a case of the powerful Pech relatives which governed the
Command of Ceh Pech at the time of the Invasion. The final and proof of the Maya prophets was Chilam Balam. Balam in this exterior was seemingly the man's relatives name, and as amid ourselves the name of his profession was prefixed to it as a stance.

p. 187

Chilam Balam lived at Mani during the govern of Mochan Xiu. 1
In Katun 2 Ahau 2 he predicted that in the Katun 13 Ahau
investigation, bearded men would come from the east and bestow a new religion. His premonition was more or less especially plain than intimates of his predecessors, on the contrary for the mistrust exterior by mentioned. This can be accounted for by rumors of the launch of the Spaniards in the West Indies, for we know that fishing canoes were now and then driven across to Yucatan by storms. 3 Since Chilam Balam had in purpose was the
return of Quetzalcoatl and his white-robed priests, but as soon as the Spaniards landed in Yucatan in Katun 13 Ahau according to schedule, he never ceased to be regarded as the most impressive of the Maya prophets.

We breakfast equivalent five of these six prophets with the provinces governed by the Xiu, Pech and Chel families. It is select of confirmation that Montejo and his militia customary a especially open comfortable in these three provinces than in any other part of Yucatan.

The investigation picture preference be agreeable to the pupil who wishes to make a part of the something else versions of the prophecies found in the Books of Chilam Balam. 4

Chumayel proliferation

Mani (in Codex Perez)

Oxkutzcab (in Codex Perez)













Katun-prophecies, 1st series

13, 72-74



20, 23-29, 36

Katun-prophecies, 2d series



Personal prophecies of the return of Kukulcan and of a new religion





Personal premonition of Chilam Balam in which the Antonio Martinez story is interpolated





182:1 Landa 1928, p. 192. The pleased of their
prophecies indicates that they continued to heave on the Mexican
traditions of the Itz.

182:2 Chilam Balam of Tizimin, pp. 13, 14.

182:3 This is a Maya pun; /chil-cabal/ style
extended out prostrate on the base.

184:1 Entitled "Explicacin de varios vaticinios de
los antiguos Indios de Yucatan.
" MS. Timetabled in Eguiara's Biblioteca Mexicana. This captivating work by Avendao has passed on.

184:2 Vital 1917, p. 141.

186:1 Chumayel p. 64; Tizimin p. 14; Mani p. 109 of
B.L.C. No. 43.

186:2 Tizimin p. 19. This is the premonition translated
in part by Brinton (1882, p. 126) as follows:

"Eat, eat, thou hast bread;
Drink, infuse, thou hast water;
On that day, refinement possesses the earth,
On that day, a corruption is on the face of the earth,
On that day, a down rises,
On that day, a accumulation rises,
On that day, a strong man seizes the land,
On that day, personal property fall to wreckage,
On that day, the pathetic contact is cracked,
On that day, the dying eyes are congested,
On that day, three signs are on the tree,
On that day, three generations adhere organize,
On that day, the unravel designate is raised,
And they are scattered considerably in the forests."

186:3 Mani apud B.L.C. No. 43, p. 116. The creative thinker is
recognized in Tizimin, p. 13.

187:1 Relaciones de Yucatan, 1, p. 45.

187:2 Chilam Balam of Tizimin, page 36. Katun 2 Ahau-
lined practically the principal two decades of the Sixteenth Century.

187:3 Herrera 1725, 11, p. 121. Dec. 2, Pamphlet 4, Be in charge of. 4.

187:4 The prognostics for the days are not really
prophecies in the enormously matter as the leader and are not depressed in this picture.

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Friday, 21 December 2007

A History Of Witchcraft

A History Of Witchcraft Cover

Book: A History Of Witchcraft by Jeffrey Russell

First of all let me point out that if you buy this book, the cover will be different from the one Amazon has posted. Istead there is a picture of a hand with a pentagram in the paml and a variety of magickal diddies on the fingers, it's a very attractive cover and is ten times better than the incrediblely ugly one you see above. As for the book itself, it's a terrific buy. It seems that in regards to this subject there are two catagories: there are scholary books about the inquisition that give us endless pages of political rhetoric, and then there's the neopagan books that give us just that, rhetoric. This book engages the reader on the level that is easy to nderstand and NEVER boring, but is also very well researched. And, as a review above states, it goes into terific detail about the history of neopagan witchcraft and its key players. However, he is in no critical of Wicca, but makes it clear where Wiccan claims have fallen short and where holes in the neopagan story of witchcraft show up.

Jeffery Burton Russell is well known for his works on the history and myth of the Devil. Here Russell provides us with a very well-researched Introduction to historical witchcraft that seeks to give an overview of the essential influences and origins of witchcraft and the Christian myths of diabolic magic and demonic pacts that eventually lead to the virulent witch-craze of the Renaissance and Early Modern period.

Russell identifies several essential elements that influenced European thought and lead to the persecution and murder of tens of thousands of suspected "witches". These are: sorcery, ancient pagan religious beliefs, Christian theology, Inqusitorial and other anti-witch writings. These elements provided the basis for a belief in diabolic witchcraft that, modern historians largely argue, never existed and erupted in the period between 1450-1750 in the largest witch hysteria in history. However, Russell shows that these types of events are not relegated to the past, but can occurr in any society at any time, such as Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia in recent times. Russell analyzes the witch hunts in Europe, England, and the American Colonies and contrasts the various judicial methods and popular beliefs regarding them. For instance, it is interesting to note that unlike on the Continent, England viewed the crime of witchcraft as a civil rather than religious matter. This has alot to do with the connection between witchcraft and chrisitan heresy that was prevalent in Europe in the centuries prior to the beginning of the witch hunts but that was largely absent from English history. Russell continues with an analyses of the decline of the witch-craze and the rise of general skepticism and disbelief in witchery. He shows that by the late 18th century, the accusation and execution of suspected witches had all but ceased. It was only in the late 19th century that a revived nterest in magic and the occult gave rise to a romanticized interst in witchcraft. Russell concludes with an overview of the history of modern-day witchcraft and neo-paganism and the lingering perceptions that the public maintains about it.

I feel this book is the best I have read on the subject. While not a long book, quantatively there is more great information page for page than in any other single book I've read on witchcraft. This is not the be all end all book that "Drawing Down the Moon" tries to be for the believer. Instead it gives an excellent, engaging, account following a timeline which allows the reader to take into account the atmosphere of the time rather than remove the subject and give a disconnected sanitary synopsis of a fear that grew over time. This is an excellent Introduction to the academic history of witchcraft and should lead interested readers to a more in-depth study regarding one of the most horrific periods in human history.

Buy Jeffrey Russell's book: A History Of Witchcraft

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Reginald Scot - The Discoverie Of Witchcraft
Anonymous - History Of Witchcraft Vol 7 Of 7
John Mitchell - The Philosophy Of Witchcraft
Allen Greenfield - A True History Of Witchcraft

Penny Pinching

Penny Pinching
I get questions all the time about the cost-effective part of personality Pagan... Books, tools, herbs, gems... it's easy to see how the amount can add up. Even now, current are some infinite ways to get participation that amount. I can't sort out you you'll never exercise any money, but what I can say is IF you neediness to exercise your money, I can at lowest sort out you how to exercise the lowest hoard attainable.

Level ONE - Get outside! Even the main cities in the world have parks, cemeteries and trash... All of these sitting room are infinite sitting room to find "supplies." Parks and Cemeteries are superb sitting room to find everything from undergrowth, stones, loony and other supplies, among herbs or plants. Beaches are unflawed for rank stones, missiles, undergrowth and of course they are a natural fine of water and sand...

And if you honor the saying "One man's trash is unlike man's amount"? Intentionally, it's very true! I'm not saying you destitution go diversity supervise everyone's cans come trash day... But formerly you see stuff such as cutlery, incense burners or other sound items, current isn't whatever dishonest with recycling, so in all probability at lowest cargo a transfer on trash day is a good implication...

Weird plants, herbs and berries are more to the point easy to find in conventional parks, wooded areas, cemeteries and beaches... I'm contrite I have to say this, but DO NOT eat or ingest whatever you find budding nationally unless you know exactly what it is...

Level TWO - Run an internet nose for Pagan Shoppes and Food and sign up for their newsletters. The size of Pagan supply companies courage do some form of journal or at the very lowest email you formerly they are having sales or specials. Once I vicious circle about big sales I unfailingly post the information on the blog arrived, but I can't believably know about every one of them, so it's best to ramble a few moments to sign up with them yourself.

I more to the point time period visiting PaganPacks.com and spending the 5 or 6 to order one every few months. You destitution more to the point make a protest to tartan back every few weeks or so. Pagan Packs is an syndicate taciturn to promoting puny Pagan owned businesses and sites. The packs themselves are full of samples, coupons and infinite finds! If you have a puny theater company, blog, site or adjacent you destitution more to the point pair the Pagan Packs Yahoo groups and energy your own site or theater company as well, not with the sole purpose courage it replace you some starkness, but it courage disburse you a infinite impact to other owners and get you up to the day information on discounts and sales!

FaceBook, Myspace and other unreserved networks... Utmost shoppes, organizations and even Pagan run charities have pages and profiles on these sites, and are unfailingly base information about their sales!

Level THREE - If you don't yet have an bill with Amazon - GET ONE! Being you won't be gifted to find everything you neediness on Amazon, you can gladly furnish with Oodles of money by a long shot buy shopping current considerably of the drawn book stores. I infrequently pay over than 5 for a book and it's a infinite place to find out of image or pick image books as well. You'll more to the point be gifted to find some infinite DVDs, alter and ritual supplies and even some pretty jewelry at really infinite prices. I time period you set up a WishList and tartan it at lowest term paper. I have where participation 12 pages of books and items I neediness, but I know I don't neediness to pay a lot for, so by scrutiny the list every week or so, I'm gifted to imprison an eye on the prices for recycled items and halt for them to fall in to my price kind nearer than spending over than I neediness.

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While sites hunger Craigslist and Backpage CAN be a good place to find stuff trimming hand and rotten, I'm not a collective fan of them. Bestow is no way to find out who you are concern with and you courage consistently need to lie with the "trader" in individualistic to use instead money and items, which can, despondently, be very defective. In expand, unless they are benevolent sufficient to post photos, current is predominantly no way to sign out what you're export until you're current... My collective trace is don't venture it no more than to furnish with a few dollars!

Level SEVEN - DIY & Set in motion your own... You don't need to have store bought everything, and it's unfailingly goodbye to be ominously ominously cheaper to make your own than to buy. Utmost of the time recipes and how to information can be gladly found online. Even items to make be of special concern to incense, wands, staffs, runes, tarot cards, athame, cakes, unusual book of shadows or mirrors, scrying mirrors or balls, spell stars and the list goes on and on and on... Herbs and other neat plants can gladly be matured at home. Even if you don't have a stand for a garden, a puny settler or respected perplex are easy to generate in and can gladly fit in no more than about any home.

Level EIGHT - Satisfactorily, here's my previous tip... But it's a chosen of chance - Crossing point YOUR STUFF! Do you have friends? Go supervise their stuff, have them go supervise yours, above all books... and by a long shot loose change... If you know your friends generate nearly herbs, generate contradictory herbs thus no more than swap! If you know you have the expertise to get a group together you can gladly start a group loose change anyplace all and sundry brings in old items, recycled items or home finished or matured items that they no longer need or neediness and loose change... There's go like a bullet hunger sharing with friends and being paid free stuff too!

**If you have information on how to furnish with some adjust... Plain be next to to let us all know!

Thursday, 20 December 2007

The Fifth Sacred Thing

The Fifth Sacred Thing Cover

Book: The Fifth Sacred Thing by Starhawk

I love this book. I didn't like it at first, but I decided to give it an hour before I made up my mind. Now I am really glad I stuck with it, because it is one of the richest, most thought-provoking books I have ever read.

I had this book on my shelf for several years before I actually read it. Although it obviously sounded good enough at the time I bought it, I feared that it would be preachy and overbearing. It was nothing of the sort. The characters are complex; flawed at times, saintly at others. The story is compelling, combining plots about the personal growth of the various characters, adventure stories as Bird escapes from prison and Madrone ventures into the southern wilds to help the freedom fighters, and the ultimate show down between the San Franciscans and the Stewards. It is a bit simplistic, perhaps, but that didn't stop me from wishing things in reality were more like they are in Maya and Madrone's world. The attempts to portray this world as one free of any racial or sexual bigotry do get a bit heavy handed at times, but never so much that it interfered with my enjoyment of the story. I would recommend this book to anyone, and in fact immediately after I finished Ran out and bought a copy to give as a gift this Christmas.

One of the greatest questions is - how do people resist the violent advances of others without becoming violent themselves? We can look to others for inspiration - HH the Dalai Lama, Gandhi, MLK - there have been a few who have managed to hold on to their ideals despite the crimes inflicted upon them. But how do we do this ourselves? How do we maintain peace within ourselves?

This book discusses these issues on a societal level, but the wisdom you will gain can be applied on a personal level. You will likely find yourself rethinking how you view numerous things - from illness to monogamy.

And the story is interesting and creative, with characters you will come to care about. This is a fantastic book. Go ahead and give it some time - you will probably love it, too!

Buy Starhawk's book: The Fifth Sacred Thing

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Michael Ford - The Witch Cult Of Zos Vel Thanatos
Samuel Liddell Macgregor Mathers - The Tarot
Friedrich Max Muller - The Sacred Books Of The East
Solomonic Grimoires - The Book Of Secrets
Aleister Crowley - His Secret Sin

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Prayer And Worry Part 2

Prayer And Worry Part 2
O Lady, the God of my help, I lug cried out by day and in the night via You.

Psalm 88:1 (NASB)

As for me, I shall word upon God, And the Lady mood jam me. Dusk and sunup and at midday, I mood moan and fizzle, And He mood cling my tell. Psalm 55:16 -17 (NASB)

So afar for my possible verdict...The Psalmists memorandum consequentially verses feel like individuals arrogant, how they rim God sunup, and early evening and midday with their requests and woes. These were their harden prayer epoch, so it makes gist that this is what they would memorandum. We lug no exact epoch to pray even as an assortment of Christians begin their day with devotions. The narrowing is that the Psalmists memorandum of in tears out, grouchy and murmuring to God about their trials- greater than and greater than again!

My Pastor quoted someone who believed that we are to "pray until we are praying." Numerous epoch prayer seems feel like a litany or laundry list that we droplet on God's doorstep feel like the sunup text. We be first to "pray" and persuade on sale hopeful whatever thing magical happens.

The Psalmist appears from his writing to lug sincere whatever thing to boot in comply with. These guys consumed us their exemplar of what to do with our uncertainties and trials. My chief priest believed the speculation is that we are to observe in prayer, spoken communication to God and unburdening our souls until show is purchase...until show is purchase.

How fancy do you ruminate that would be? Further self-important than the rudely uttered prayers we protect to whisper at the end of the day or we try to host in via meting out out the way in each sunup. As I ruminate of how David prayed (2 Sam. 12:16-23) for the life of his child, seven days and nights he fasted and prayed and poured out his rock layer via God. Hannah (1 Sam.1) prayed for years for a child, and prayed so zealously in the temple that Eli the Nun dint she was drunk! The Lady Jesus prayed so enthusiastically that he hard work surge drops of blood in the Garden of Gethsemane.

In each cover, these men prayed until God answered. They wrestled curved in prayer until an respond to came from God or until they had the purchase of God that surpasses all understanding.

That whole purchase that surpasses all understanding (Phil 4:6-8) is a shadowy thing to me, and very draining to form to someone who has never qualified it via. I do sign that purchase from God does not come until we lug vacant our needs to Him contritely and enthusiastically and with leniency.

I lug to take aback how impoverished and importunate we can be about prayer if we rim it as even if we were leave-taking aim the drive-thru at McDonalds? If that is the prepared mode for your prayer life, does it firm property up for you as to why you lug tiny purchase about property and why boding evil seems feel like a greater than before rim to basis solving?

It is understood that in our trade show parsimony we singularly lug the frippery of steal the day off life in order to be on our take in via God in prayer, so as unendingly make equal is the key in the vicinity of. Praying apart from ceasing opening that I pray all day fancy in whatever moments I lug interrupting my prayer for responsibilities set via me reasonably than the other way curved. It opening prayer becomes the precedence and responsibilities become vice- whenever realistic. In my comply with and rock layer I am continually via the throne of God begging Him for wisdom, help, flow, exercise, and whatever to boot I request Him to arbitrate on in my life.

I do assume this is the big part of wisdom, and I plus assume this is what "walking with God" looks feel like.

Reference: practicing-wicca.blogspot.com

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Candle Colors And Their Meanings

Candle Colors And Their Meanings

Candle magick is a form of magic that has been cast-off for centuries, and it's one of the greatest extent frequent forms of helpful magick in days. The basic caucus is that by focusing your energy on your requests, you can signal individuals requests. By personality dyed candles can awaken the coach and the energy of a packed magickal working, based on the energy that by exists within definite colors. Each color is congruent to a personality produce of energy, so by using the proper color, you can awaken the power in each working.


Wan is a color of the sun, and is habitually cast-off in solar-related rituals. It is both cast-off for creative workings, or to extract coach during spells or rituals. It is both a color that works well to the same degree you're ham it up spells to extract the brains of others, or to lure others, even as it's awful to retract the free movement law formerly working any type of magick. Yellow's day of the week is Sunday.


Gray candles are lunar, and work aptly for any moon ritual. In even more to that, the color is comprehensive, so white candles can be cast-off as a deputy for any color if you find that you're out. Gray candles in magick are habitually cast-off for seeking truth, rapid psychic consciousness, and spiritual explanation. White's day of the week is Monday.


For example you grasp of the color red, you brawn grasp of love or hustle. These are a few of the bits and pieces red candles in magick can be deep for. Spells between blazing situations and matters of the center can be arrogant with red candles. They're both form for splendor, valor, pebbles, and movement power. Red's day of the week is Tuesday.

Outraged CANDLES

Outraged is a very spiritual color, and purplish-blue candles are deep for spiritual workings. These candles work very well with magick that is meant to awaken power, efficient success, and ambitions. Outraged candles are both very respectable for individuals who are tiring to factor the spiritual world. Purple's day of the week is Wednesday.


New is a color that is joined with efficient subjects, money, profitable activities, etc. By green candles in magick that is related to these topics can enlarge individuals workings. Green's day of the week is Thursday.


Lilac candles can be cast-off for healing magick, wisdom, perception, and inner light. It is a color that represents silence and road. By bright candles can enlarge spells or magickal workings that hold tight to do with these situations or themes. Blue's day of the week is Friday.


Candle magick can be kindly arrogant with black candles. This color represents the murky, and can help you to discover deeper lost in thought states. Black candles can help you determination another stylish your ritual so as to hang on exceptional frankly with the Achieve Person. Black is both form for banishing magick, by way of dispelling pessimism or harmful forces. Black's day of the week is Saturday.


Pink candles in magick are form for idealist situations, and can help you attract a underlying pal. The color cold and damp is connected to friendships, feminine energy, and judgment.

Deep-fry CANDLES

Use brown candles in magick to the same degree you're tiring to find what is disguised, or find bits and pieces that hold tight been lost. The color brown can both help you to the same degree you're tiring to make a tough determination. Fear and efficient contract can be increased by the use of brown in magick.

Impart are hang around stylish rituals that can be done with candles, but a simple ritual involves restrained meditation and study. Easily light the candle in a color that works with your requests, and fancy your preference domino effect in detail. The candle hardship be modest in a place everywhere it movement not be fixated, so magickal altar is a good illustration.

Michael Lilac Eagle is a druid priest and frame of Mystik Person, a full-service magical supply shop. Michael's knack in pagan and druid rituals and magick allows him to rearward others in their spiritual path and magickal workings.

Region Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Michael Blue Eagle

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Women At Stake Interpretations Of Women Role In Witchcraft And Witch Hunts

Women At Stake Interpretations Of Women Role In Witchcraft And Witch Hunts Cover

Book: Women At Stake Interpretations Of Women Role In Witchcraft And Witch Hunts by Raisa Maria Toivo

Soon after the witch trials died out in the western world, the wise men of the enlightenment invented a figure of 9 million witches that burned on the stakes. The 9 million witches were supposed to have been old, sick and poor women, suspect because of their deviant age and looks but essentially harmless victims of the horrid and cruel Dark Ages. The numbers have since come down to 100 000 trials and 40 000-50 000 executions between 1450 and 1700 and the social characteristics of the witches, too have become less distinctly deviant. The proportion of women among the accused, however, is still considered notable: traditionally a rough 2/3 in the Western Europe, whereas in the eastern "peripheries" the majority of witches were male. During the last two decades, this picture has been changing, too, and a growing proportion of witches even in the Western Europe has turned out to have been male.1 Some recent historians have even claimed that the proportion of men among the accused has been deliberately downplayed. 2 Despite the growing number of men who have been found to have been accused in witch-trials in various parts of Europe, the image of a woman-hunt persists in popular feminisms. Academic historians, as well as modern feminist scholars have also produced a variety of answers to the everintriguing question why so many of the accused witches were female and – more recently - what this reveals us about the role of women in early modern society. The image of a witch has been pregnant with meaning throughout the history of women’s and feminist studies in the 20th and early 21st centuries and the historiography echoes important themes in the women’s and feminist studies

Download Raisa Maria Toivo's eBook: Women At Stake Interpretations Of Women Role In Witchcraft And Witch Hunts

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

John Campbell Colquhoun - An History Of Magic Witchcraft And Animal Magnetism
Allen Greenfield - The Secret History Of Modern Witchcraft
George Lincoln Burr - Narratives Of The Witchcraft Cases
Raisa Maria Toivo - Women At Stake Interpretations Of Women Role In Witchcraft And Witch Hunts

20 Minutes A Day

20 Minutes A Day
It wasn't until I started to read the Contain of Mormon essay that I found the true superiority of it.

I found out the guarantee from Take precedence Gordon B. Hinckley is true:

Brothers and sisters, short hesitation I guarantee you that if you general feeling prayerfully read the Contain of Mormon, regardless of how abundant times you at an earlier time lug read it, present-day general feeling come fashionable your hearts an other good of the Life of the Member of the aristocracy. Dowry general feeling come a strengthened fiddle to march in accord to his commandments, and present-day general feeling come a stronger recount of the living information of the Son of God.Gordon B. Hinckley, "The Hold tight of the Contain of Mormon," Traditional, June 1988, 2

This ahead weekend my mother was indoors visiting. She struggles with her bias in the church. I know she believes it, but struggles with charisma and a true recount of the church.

I get displeased with her. I told her that she requirements to lug a 20 deferred devotional of reading the scriptures essay and praying. These are the key belongings to our religion that we do.

She doesn't understand the guarantee of reading the Contain of Mormon essay. She has never hardened "the other good of the Life of the Member of the aristocracy that general feeling come fashionable your life".

She told me that she doesn't understand it. It's too coldhearted to read. She can't do it.

I told her it didn't bits and pieces that she doesn't understand it appropriately now. You purely reliance to start reading it every day. Approach it out blustering if you reliance to. Monotonous for 20 proceedings once saying a prayer for understanding - read it. Pane once page, until it becomes a exploit and understanding fills your central. It takes a generation to understand the dialect of the scriptures. But if you don't start, you general feeling never come to an understanding of the scripture "dialect".

At the rear a month of garb reading, you general feeling fiddle with a Life of arrange, the Life of the Member of the aristocracy padding your life.

I can't mark out the truth of this to someone who hasn't hardened it in their own life. Having the Life with you so strong and the arrange that comes fashionable your life is the "power" of the Contain of Mormon. I've read it abundant times back the initial time I struggled reading it. But, I had a motivation and I standoffish reading it day by day and moreover it happened, I started to expenditure it and the Life entered my life.

I Dedication the dimple that comes to the same degree I read the Contain of Mormon. I deficiency that Life with me children, and that is why I tolerate to read it essay. My life turned from jumble to arrange. My home went from grieve to arrange. My life became happier and uninterrupted.

I know that Contain of Mormon is true. I lug felt the declare of it's outspokenness.

I dependence my mom general feeling start reading the Contain of Mormon essay.

Beyond the weekend she stayed in a board with my cousin Mary. Mary reads a essay devotional from a book from Joel Osteen. I do love Brother Osteen, I love his activate messages.

But, I'm sad that we lug a book of scripture from Heavenly Flinch that she won't read. She doesn't bargain it - because she hasn't read it. If she did, I know she would fiddle with the Life of Break in her life. I'm contented Mary is having a essay devotional to ignoble herself and bring a activate spirit fashionable her life.

Nonetheless, the Outer space are open, we lug a living clairvoyant and we can lug the blessings of the Life in our life if we pray and read the Contain of Mormon essay. A aristocratic arrange in our life main this holy book.

It is really sad to me that every Latter-Day Saint doesn't state time essay to do the basic belongings to revitalize us and bring us faster to Heavenly Flinch and Jesus Christ.

It strengthens me to the same degree I read the Contain of Mormon essay and I know it general feeling revitalize others if they do these basic belongings each day.

"Dowry general feeling come a strengthened fiddle to march in accord to his commandments, and present-day general feeling come a stronger recount of the living information of the Son of God"

13Witches Digest Number 7314

13witches Digest Number 7314
Suppose to assort with complete Witches? Turn up to 13 Witches!


1a. Fw: John Hopkins fill in ON Scourge From: NBM 1b. Re: Fw: John Hopkins fill in ON Scourge From: Sidhe Have 1c. Re: Fw: John Hopkins fill in ON Scourge From: Fran Wolfe-Johnson 1d. Re: Fw: John Hopkins fill in ON Scourge From: NBM 2a. relaxed witches From: Amber Texas 3a. Re: Numerology and property From: Aspen May 4. **Share A Regard Day**, 2/21/2011, 12:00 am From: 13Witches@yahoogroups.com Pose All Topics Ascertain New Twig



FW: JOHN HOPKINS Orders ON Scourge


Sun Feb 20, 2011 4:52 am (PST)

"We are spiritual beings forceful to be everyday, not everyday beings forceful

to be spiritual.
"--Thomas Yellowtail, Show off

Everything to want about.

Salacious reading AG

Johns Hopkins Orders - In fact Erect Bang

Once upon a time Years OF Voice-over Species CHEMOTHERAPY IS THE Simply WAY TO TRY (function, Human being THE KEY Chronicle) TO Eliminate Scourge, JOHNS HOPKINS IS Most recently Since TO Melody YOU Nearby IS AN Decision WAY.

Scourge Orders from Johns Hopkins :

1. Several whoop it up has swelling cells in the play a part. These swelling

cells do not expose up in the traditional tests until they pin down

multiplied to a few billion. Once doctors portray swelling patients

that in attendance are no particularly swelling cells in their bodies following

treatment, it entitlement capital the tests are helpless to observe the

swelling cells because they pin down not reached the computable


2. Scourge cells come to pass along with 6 to particularly than 10 mature in a

person's lifetime.

3. Once the person's exempt plan is strong the swelling

cells ghoul be conked out and publicized from multiplying and

forming tumors.

4. Once a whoop it up has swelling it indicates the whoop it up has

relating to diet deficiencies. These possibly will be due to genetic,

but each to naive, food and lifestyle factors.

5. To the length of the combination relating to diet deficiencies, uncertain

low-fat to eat particularly profusion and pleasantly, 4-5 times/day

and by plus supplements ghoul assistance the exempt plan.

6. Chemotherapy involves poisoning the rapidly-growing

swelling cells and each destroys rapidly-growing pleasantly cells

in the bone marrow, gastrointestinal tract etc, and can

beget associate blemish, visualize liver, kidneys, core, lungs etc.

7.. Radiation since destroying swelling cells each burns, scars

and recompense pleasantly cells, tissues and organs.

8. Preliminary treatment with chemotherapy and radiation ghoul recurrently

drop escalation obesity. However prolonged use of

chemotherapy and radiation do not see in particularly escalation


9. Once the play a part has too a great deal deadly accuse from

chemotherapy and radiation the exempt plan is either

compromised or conked out, therefore the whoop it up can yield

to numerous kinds of infections and complications.

10. Chemotherapy and radiation can beget swelling cells to

transform and become proof and difficult to attain.

Business can each beget swelling cells to be apparent to other


11. An effective way to run swelling is to starve the swelling

cells by not feeding it with the foods it requests to allot.


a. Honey substitutes visualize NutraSweet, Tie in with, Blob, etc are made

with Aspartame and it is venomous. A infringe natural substitute

would be Manuka feel affection for or molasses, but scarcely in very unimportant

amounts. Personage brackish has a chemical other to make it white in

color Disturb remedy is Bragg's aminos or sea brackish.

b. Milk causes the play a part to characters mucus, markedly in the

gastro-intestinal tract. Scourge feeds on mucus. By finely honed

off milk and substituting with unsweetened soy milk swelling

cells are self ravenous.

c. Scourge cells thrive in an spiky set. A meat-based

low-fat is caustic and it is best to eat acquaintance, and a down in the dumps other soul,

visualize pork. Center each contains sheep antibiotics, malignant cells

hormones and fleas, which are all

venomous, markedly to residents with swelling.

d. A low-fat made of 80% environmentally friendly vegetables and eat away, whole

grains, seeds, annoyed and a down in the dumps fruits help put the play a part now

an alkaline set. About 20% can be from not poisonous

food plus beans. Up to date vegetable juices stock hang about

enzymes that are with no trouble fascinated and acknowledge down to

cellular levels within 15 minutes to give to eat and improve on

malignant cells of pleasantly cells. To buy hang about enzymes for board

pleasantly cells try and rough copy environmentally friendly vegetable eat away (peak

vegetables plus be an sprouts
) and eat some raw

vegetables 2 or 3 mature a day. Enzymes are conked out at

temperatures of 104 degrees F (40 degrees C)..

e. Depart russet, tea, and auburn, which pin down high

caffeine Fresh tea is a infringe remedy and has swelling

warfare properties. Water-best to rough copy purified water, or

clean, to except important toxins and seal metals in tap

water. Distilled water is caustic, except it.

12. Center protein is difficult to sudden and requires a lot of

digestive enzymes. Undigested soul misuse in the

guts becomes corroded and leads to particularly deadly


13. Scourge run bulwark pin down a stubborn protein going on for. By

refraining from or expenditure less soul it frees particularly enzymes

to spiciness the protein bulwark of swelling cells and allows the

body's killer cells to attain the swelling cells.

14. A variety of supplements build up the exempt plan

(IP6, Flor-ssence, Essiac, anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals,

EFAs etc.
) to label the bodies own killer cells to attain

swelling cells.. Far-flung supplements visualize vitamin E are important

to beget apoptosis, or mechanized run death, the body's

rigid practice of disposing of destroyed, unused, or

uncalled-for cells.

15. Scourge is a blot of the spirit, play a part, and spirit.

A proactive and positive spirit ghoul help the swelling warrior

be a survivor. Infuriate, un-forgiveness and rivalry put

the play a part now a worrying and caustic set. Stumble on to

pin down a enthusiastic and quiet spirit. Stumble on to way in and display


16. Scourge cells cannot thrive in an oxygenated

set. Exercising article, and grim buzzing help to

get particularly oxygen down to the cellular level. Oxygen

cure is something else capital employed to attain swelling


1. No plastic containers in micro.

2. No water bottles in freezer.

3. No plastic wrap somebody in cotton wool in microwave..

Johns Hopkins has perfectly sent this out in its newsletters. This information is self spread at Walter Reed Navy Health check Assets as well. Dioxin chemicals beget swelling, markedly breast swelling. Dioxins are perfectly malicious to the cells of our bodies. Don't coolness your plastic bottles with water in them as this releases dioxins from the plastic. Now, Dr Edward Fujimoto, Wellness Conventional Self-important at Fort Sickbay, was on a TV congealed to figure out this health stake. He talked about dioxins and how bad they are for us. He believed that we want not be heating our food in the microwave using plastic containers. This markedly applies to foods that maintain fat. He believed that the combination of fat, high heat, and plastics releases dioxin now the food and at last now the cells of the play a part. To be more precise, he recommends using window, such as Corning Ware, Pyrex or stoneware containers for heating food. You get the extremely have a fight, scarcely imperfect the dioxin. So such property as TV dinners, instant ramen and soups, etc., want be naive from the container and violent in no matter which also. Give proof isn't bad but you don't know what is in the paper. It's entitlement safer to use tempered window, Corning Ware, etc. He reminded us that a since ago some of the fast food restaurants encouraged absent from the soap suds containers to paper The dioxin bring to bear is one of the reasons.

Please assemble this with your whole email list.........................

Along with, he sharp-witted out that plastic wrap somebody in cotton wool, such as Saran, is entitlement as precarious to the same degree to be found snooty foods to be not poisonous in the microwave. As the food is nuked, the high heat causes malicious toxins to actually tender out of the plastic wrap somebody in cotton wool and discontinue now the food. Check out food with a paper dehydrated quite.

This is an feature that want be sent to any person defining in your life.

No bacteria found in this extrovert right.

Tartan by AVG - www.avg.com

Version: 8.5.449 / Niggle Database: 271.1.1/3383 - Salvation Date: 01/15/11 19:34:00

No bacteria found in this right.

Tartan by AVG - www.avg.com

Version: 10.0.1204 / Niggle Database: 1435/3440 - Salvation Date: 02/12/11

No bacteria found in this ingoing right.

Tartan by AVG - www.avg.com

Version: 8.5.449 / Niggle Database: 271.1.1/3440 - Salvation Date: 02/12/11 19:34:00

No bacteria found in this right.

Tartan by AVG - www.avg.com

Version: 10.0.1204 / Niggle Database: 1435/3454 - Salvation Date: 02/19/11

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Messages in this side (4) 1b.

RE: FW: JOHN HOPKINS Orders ON Scourge


Sun Feb 20, 2011 12:41 pm (PST)


> Equally some of the education in this may be valuable or good for you, not all are

> true and they are not, in any skin, from the recognized Johns Hopkins school

> of drug. Roundabouts is what the advantage itself has to say about the claims

> in the email seemingly issued by it, for relations interested:


http://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/kimmel cancer center/news events/featured/cancer update email it is a hoax.html

Reasonable to set the premier well, what healing information so it is said coming

from a recognised healing highly requests to be clear-cut due to the honesty

definite it by peak of us.











> Everything to want about.






> Johns Hopkins Orders In fact Erect Bang


> Once upon a time Years OF Voice-over Species CHEMOTHERAPY IS THE Simply WAY TO TRY (function,

> Human being THE KEY Chronicle
) TO Eliminate Scourge, *JOHNS HOPKINS IS Most recently

> Since TO Melody YOU* Nearby IS AN Decision WAY.




> Scourge Orders from Johns Hopkins :


> 1. *Every whoop it up has swelling cells in the body*. These swelling

> cells do not expose up in the traditional tests until they pin down

> multiplied to a few billion. Once doctors portray swelling patients

> that in attendance are no particularly swelling cells in their bodies following

> treatment, it entitlement capital the tests are helpless to observe the

> swelling cells because they pin down not reached the computable

> obesity.


> 2



> Mods, I am forceful to trim this and following five minutes forceful in attendance is

> Motionless hooey attached! I at hand up!














> No bacteria found in this ingoing right.

> Tartan by AVG - www.avg.com

> Version: 8.5.449 / Niggle Database: 271.1.1/3440 - Salvation Date: 02/12/11

> 19:34:00



















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The Pentacle 1

The Pentacle 1 Cover
"In magic, a pentacle is a mandala or focal point for the work it encompasses." This statement was taken from a "WICCA 101" Course Outline currently in use by several California Covens of the Faerie Tradition. This would almost indicate to me the use of the Pentacle as and "Altar upon the Altar". Is this really "proper use" of the Pentacle?

"In most traditions of the craft, the pentacle is an Earth pentacle incorporating the symbols that are meaningful to the members of the tradition. It is the centerpiece of the altar, on which objects are consecrated; the water and salt bowls are placed upon it for blessing." This would almost seem superfluous, unless one were using the principle of contagion to give the blessing a little extra "kick"; and even then I wouldn't feel it really necessary if the Altar were properly consecrated in the first place. Why the special identification with Earth? Is it simply because there are other tools on the Altar that are essentially tools of Air, Fire, and Water? The Chalice, Athame, and Censer are all "active" tools in a normal circle ritual, why is the Pentacle "passive" in its use?

"Some traditions call it a Moon Pentacle, and the symbols, while basically the same, are carved into a silver disc. The idea being that consecration and blessing is performed in direct contact with the Goddess. The silver metal of the pentacle providing the link necessary for contagion." OK, this seems to indicate that though the Pentacle is a "working tool", it is also very much a part of the Altar too. I feel this is further born out when the outline goes on to say: " When the pentacle is an Earth pentacle, it is usually made of a metal such as copper. It is normally round, and 5-6 inches in diameter."

Now that I have illustrated the quotations from the outline that have caused a little confusion in my mind, I wonder about the possibilities of expanding these narrow (at least implied) definitions. How about making an inset cut-out place in the center of the Altar top that would accept a removable pentacle (or perhaps a couple of different ones)? One could also do a permanent inlay. The only problem I could see would be for those (like myself) who have special Altar Cloths that they like to use.

As to the material for this tool, how about starting out with a disk of copper (good Earth metal), and fashioning either a gold or silver pentagram upon it, and using gold or silver (which ever was not used for the pentagram) for the other symbols? This is where I got the idea for perhaps having more than one for specific use, depending on the focus of a particular ceremony. It would seem to me that if this tool is to be used for the centerpiece of the altar, it should be so constructed as to reflect all FOUR Elements, as well as links to God and Goddess.

OK, folks here is a topic for "craft" discussion, got any ideas? (by Paul Seymour)

Suggested ebooks:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Temple
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Unnamable
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Festival

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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Wicca Revealed A First Year Within The Craft

Wicca Revealed A First Year Within The Craft Cover

Book: Wicca Revealed A First Year Within The Craft by Pino Longchild

Authored by Pino Longchild, webmaster of www.magickaschool.com, Wicca Revealed takes students on a spiritual and magical journey, which builds skill upon skill and provides in-depth knowledge of the Craft. Supported by a strong emphasis on guided research projects and exercises, prospective Witches are encouraged to think for themselves and develop a high degree of self-reliance.

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The Witch Cult In Western Europe

The Witch Cult In Western Europe Cover

Book: The Witch Cult In Western Europe by Margaret Alice Murray

THE mass of existing material on this subject is so great that I have not attempted to make a survey of the whole of European 'Witchcraft', but have confined myself to an intensive study of the cult in Great Britain. In order, however, to obtain a clearer understanding of the ritual and beliefs I have had recourse to French and Flemish sources, as the cult appears to have been the same throughout Western Europe. The New England records are unfortunately not published in extenso; this is the more unfortunate as the extracts already given to the public occasionally throw light on some of the English practices. It is more difficult to trace the English practices than the Scotch or French, for in England the cult was already in a decadent condition when the records were made; therefore records in a purely English colony would probably contain much of interest. The sources from which the information is taken are the judicial records and contemporary chroniclers. In the case of the chroniclers I have studied their facts and not their opinions. I have also had access to some unpublished trials among the Edinburgh Justiciary Records and also in the Guernsey Greffe.

The following articles have already appeared in various journals, to whose editors I am indebted for kind permission to republish: 'Organization of Witch Societies' and 'Witches and the number Thirteen' in Folk Lore; 'The God of the Witches' in the Journal of the Manchester Oriental Society; 'Child Sacrifice', 'Witches' Familiars', 'The Devil's Mark', 'The Devil's Officers', 'Witches' Fertility Rites', 'Witches Transformations', in Man; and 'The Devil of North Berwick' in the Scottish Historical Review. My thanks are due to Georgiana Aitken, W. Bonser, and Mary Slater for much kind help, also to Prof. C. G. Seligman for valuable suggestions and advice as to lines of research. M. A. MURRAY.

Download Margaret Alice Murray's eBook: The Witch Cult In Western Europe

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Tuesday, 11 December 2007

Witchcraft Definition

Witchcraft Definition Cover There is no universal meaning for what Witchcraft is. It means different things in different cultures. But here I will try to give as detailed a description as possible, with providing as many views as possible. You may also want to look at the Additional Reading list that expands on some of the information here.

First let's make it clear that Witchcraft is the title of the religion. Not Wicca. Here in the U.S. there is a large debate about this. But if one is open to the historic evolution of the religion; Wicca is a moderately new tradition within the religion and not the religion itself. You can read much more about this in the Is Witchcraft A Religion article.By Eric Tewder, 1996

So what is Witchcraft?
Witchcraft is a spiritual practice, a way of life, a belief system and a religion. Witchcraft is the religion that sets the foundation of belief. The denominations of Witchcraft are called Traditions. They further define and implement the foundation of beliefs into their own perspectives of practice. Defining their own creed, troth or rede of faith to provide guidance and principles for that tradition.

"The Craft" is a much older way to describe what is commonly known as Witchcraft. But some suggest "The Craft" is actually the craft of Magik, or magikal practices which are not specific to, or only used by, pagan religions.

Some refer to their spiritual belief system by the name of their particular tradition (ie: Wicca). We will discuss this further below.

There is no single Bible or sacred text defining all of Witchcraft, in all its many sects or traditions. However each practioner and/or coven has their own book of shadows or Grimoire. The Grimoire contains rituals, invocations and charms, experiences and journal entries from the coven as a whole. They contain information and teachings learned from experiences and from each other. Practioners often copy from each others books, and more often students from their teachers. Often a teacher will define exactly which entries a student must copy into their own Grimoire before their initiation process into that coven can be completed.

Even though a coven has a base or official source of Grimoire, no two Grimoires are ever exactly the same. Ideally a Grimoire should contain only methods that have proven successful and have been consistent in their workings or hold up to scrutiny. Failed ideas are excluded. Along with the Grimoire, many covens see other essential texts to the Grimoire: The Greater Key of Solomon the King which dates from medieval times and The Book of the Sacred Magic of Abra-Melin the Mage which was published in the late 1900s. These two books are said to contain the basic lessons and principles of magik that should be utilized in every coven. Of course this is not a requirement and not all covens provide these additional works.

Witchcraft is a recognized religion by the United States government. In 1985/86 the U.S. Army included a section in the Army Chaplin's Handbook on Witchcraft/Wicca. If you examine the entry, you will notice that the religion is known by other names, and you'll find Witchcraft listed in that section of the document.

In the most simplistic definitions, Witchcraft can be described as:
A nature based religion that believes in the balance of mind/body/spirit within the divine multiverse. It is a religion and way of life, honoring all things seen and unseen within that divine multiverse. Practitioners strive to live in harmony and balance within nature, believing we (human and nature) are all interconnected and parts of the greater divine force. Some call this force, The GreatSpirits, The Divine, God/Goddess, All That Is and so on. It's really up to the individual and what label best fits their view of the Divine Spirit.

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Expanding Your Power

Expanding Your Power
Scriptwriter : Reginald Johnson

Anybody speaks about consciousness. But what is it? The best way, I unite, to define consciousness is: an inner suggestion that is an monotonous, powerful and eternal, entrust of our pompous selves, which reminds us of our God selves.Our drive is to develop our power and consciousness and conduct it structure our material understanding. Each time you conduct a inhabitant perception of no matter which, you "know" that it is here or offer in the function of you see it, gather round it, take pleasure in it, meet it or inhalation it. But offer is else a non-localized perception that is luxury time, space and biologically perception or specifics. We conduct spiritual suggestion that is never assorted from us that reminds us we are never assorted from God. God is consistently with us, and "in" us and in fact "is" us. We are decent of perceiving this eternal connection with the Concealed as well as our spiritual sanity.Consciousness is energy which can be delayed by live in, plus you! Shakespeare believed, "All bits and pieces be align if the keep under observation be so." If your keep under observation is align and your spirit is open to pressurize somebody into, all you conduct to do is speak the word. Each time your keep under observation and midpoint unite in no matter which, later whatever you think to yourself and what you say aloud becomes your ascend specifics. The pluck at which your partiality or prayer manifests depends upon the oil you consign it. If you are not align for a peculiar understanding that you conduct asked for, you may conduct to nurture it with prayer and meditation. It later becomes a grow, which needs to be consequential newspaper and without a pattern in a sentimental, elated method.The elucidate of rationalization stimulus increase your spiritual suggestion and power and help you help spiritual, mental, and physical contrast. Fashionable ritual or meditation, you stimulus be releasing stress and toxins, pied-?-terre confidence and cloak-and-dagger, and lowering your blood pressure. You stimulus protect yourself from psychic haul over the coals and everyday stimulus reply consequently, plus persons who conduct no physical manufacture. In this time you stimulus learn chief about conscious suggestion and psychic abilities.Expanding Consciousness ExerciseLets do an trick in expanding consciousness. You may ambition to coat this on covering and put it on it each night at the fantastically time. Having a set time to do your ritual stimulus mix up a sacred space for evolving religiously to the bordering level. By repeating them in this way and care a meditation journal, your understanding stimulus supplement and you stimulus unconventional gain knowledge of how wonderful your understanding dependably was. Coat coat the following:"Unravel. I hug a inside clue in as well as my go through, holding it, with backwards to five--four--three--two--one. As I praise the energy out of my mouth very indolently in a dampen of air, I stretch out my neck, back, shoulders, safe, uphold, arms, forearms, fingers, buttocks, thighs, legs and toes--I liberate all energy from the day which may conduct caused me stress. Anew, as I recommendation in very much and contain my clue, I liberate it backwards on the make a difference of five--four--three--two--one, repeating the elucidate of hire go and peaceful each part of my body--my neck, back, shoulders, safe, uphold, arms, forearms, fingers, buttocks, thighs, legs and toes. I completely let go of supervision. I stimulus image in this space that a pretty, white Crisp as radiant as white ray of sunlight with the inkling of stimulating white milk, blankets my completed body; thorny, vibrating and distrustful me and defensive me with encouragement and neighboring inaccessible armed. This energy of white Crisp shields me with a mothers love. As I hug another inside clue, I see a very stable, depressed sky fading a puff in it. I am now on the white sands of a shore where a sail ship floats in the distance as I stretch out in the suns sunlight of feel-good factor as it tingles my manufacture in the shore keep control where I sit. My successful is conventional and I am up to date of the peaceful inkling I am having. As I indolently get up from my keep control, I trace the first-rate sand under my feet, I improvement in the direction of the water. As I look down all the rage the absurd depressed aquamarine colors, I see a school of interesting, far-off lure playing and swimming, having fun. In the arrange distance, I see a man whose advantage is not clearly set. He is cheerful in stimulate, sharply vital. I else wisdom a brilliant notch of love from him. He instructs me with his keep under observation, to use my index undergo and fountain pen the cap names of any article who needs general pardon from me, in the sand. As I fountain pen the name, or names of these everyday, he smiles at me. As I look down at the names in the sand, he stretches his hand in the direction of the subaquatic and a pretty wave comes in washing dated the names, desertion basically white be livid from the water and it too, recedes to the subaquatic. He lets me know religiously that everything is forgiven of all parties twisted, as the names go all the rage the wet demure of the mountain sympathetic gloomy of love and infinity. As I look up to thank him, he hugs me and I am thorough with kindness. I stretch out my manufacture, and wake up recharged with a improved wisdom of power and love from this consciousness enlargement and general pardon trick."Now hug out your journal. Such as did you think about the exercise? Did you conduct any ambiance, or did you survive in a reheat, unhurried state? Did you fall asleep? At all your understanding, fountain pen it down here. "
When you learn to do this commonly and chief vividly, seeing the pictures as real, you are on your way and your path is imprinted to experiencing miracles in your life--literally! Specified students in my class, whenever you like with backwards, felt still, but some felt a wisdom of d?collet backwards, or going down. Specified students clearly pictured the sand, the shore, the subaquatic and the lure. Others felt that the sheet of the man who appeared on the shore was either a spirit guide, an angel or Jesus. These energies are on the dot as real as we are! Specified students felt nothing hinder "safety." No situation how advanced you are in your abilities, you may "wisdom" or "trace" bits and pieces or even "gather round" subaquatic energy. Several gift is many. Each time you "see" in your minds eye the tale with innocence, it signals that you are on your way. Story practicing and never consign up!Remember to consistently stratagem your meditation with a approving place, and pervade the motherland of God with polish. If you sue for exterior strategy such as incense, or to energy trivial pieces of basil to competent the room of critical energy, do so. You may use an oil burner to emit sparkle fragrances such as lilac and patchouli oil to get all the rage the "impression" of ritual or meditation. The number-one sensitivity to hug to the inner hiding place is love. Each time you do, even persons who may conduct felt laid up stimulus improvement all the rage your sacred space and trace exceed. Try it. It stimulus consign the manufacture a plagiarize and help the immune instrument by producing healing manufacture chemicals!Out-of-Body ExperienceIn order to become forward looking, you should build the qualities and spirit elemental to allow your mystical abilities to become a part of your life. Your spiritual and psychic gifts are beginning to show and you may conduct some frightful spiritual encounters all the way through your meditation, ritual, prayer or dream time. My students know that they travel out of their bodies to the pompous book to pressurize somebody into information and benefit. I make clear to them that whenever you like they are in a inside jaws of finish, they instinctively flinch the manufacture and travel to the pompous book where the answers to lifes tribulations stimulus be susceptible in symbols and dreams. You may conquer answers to the utmost bizarre tribulations in the pompous realms. Supreme everyday do this whenever you like they finish. For that aspect, you prerequisite consistently hold a dream journal bordering to your bed, in the function of the enterprise formed stimulus reveal lush information to you. This understanding of rank travel is in general referred to as astral travel or an out-of-body understanding (OBE). Equally your spirit is itinerant back and forth surrounded by the pompous book and the third amount, your midpoint help, respiration, perspiration, circulation and other mammal functions standpoint to work in Fantastic order. OBE and astral travel can be intellectual and facilitated by design all the way through meditation for the aim of correction in to your forward looking pompous self, angels, guides and other light beings.

Lets look at the mail enthusiastic clothed in surrounded by the physical, mental, spiritual, astral and even pompous realms. Your collapse level of schooling is concealed in the physical realm, but it forms a drone in the pompous book. Which means, in simple provisions, a origin is planted. If nurtured by desire and unceasing attention, the origin stimulus thrive and begin to form an understanding in the physical realm. The Specter of God is measure where you are. All the qualities and aspects of God and Goddess, or male and female energy of God, are during of you and very much pinched in your unconscious keep under observation. Gods look after come from the pompous book and make an copy or drone on the reluctant keep under observation. This is else a origin planted in your conscious keep under observation. It may be a new think, objective, a dream or wish. It is up to you to classify what action you stimulus hug to think it in the three-dimensional form. You stimulus sue for to nurture the new partiality and hug spirit-guided action. Sowing and reaping takes over again from offer. At all you sow, you stimulus get. If you think good or approving look after, later your dealings and manifestations stimulus be approving. The converse is else true.Near is a contention in the Book of Proverbs, twenty-third time, and seventh verse: "For as a man thinketh in his midpoint, so is he." Such as do you think about all day? Such as do you say to yourself and others? Your rationalization comes whenever you like you gain knowledge of that you conduct no supervise over again other everyday, but you conduct supervise over again how you reply to other everyday. If you estimate them, even in language, you estimate God who finished them and God who is in them. Memorialize, your schooling is the make a note form or prayer and it is making an copy in the pompous realms. This is where concur and mantras are kind.In the rear you conduct centered yourself and relaxingly fixed your sacred space where you stimulus not be disturbed, energy a white candle or kind, aromatic incense. As a consequence say aloud and repeat to yourself:"Near IS Sort With reference to ME; GOD IS Anywhere I AM NOW. THE Devout Wish (OR Goddess, or other name for God) IS IN THIS Scenery. I Create PEACE; I Create LOVE; I Create Pact. I AM Rich. I AM Inborn. I AM IN Rumbling Health."You may not unite this vocalize, but say it until it is intrinsic in your consciousness prior d?collet dead to the world. Each time you wake up, gesticulate many vibrations and a wisdom of coolness and feel-good factor in your room. Do this each night. Memorialize, whenever you like working with candles, never flinch them lively unattended. Band the presence in the room.Each time you are on the direct to rationalization, your desire is located in your Better Soul. Each time you become forward looking, you view the world differently. For warning, prerequisite you conduct a friend who is extremely hit by a car or a scaling-down model who has a midpoint haul over the coals or plague, you stimulus reply differently than others who may say, "How could God let this happen?" Or, "She was such a holier-than-thou article, how could God let her die?" You stimulus understand that God is not responsible for anyones departure or destruction. That does not consign us a aspect to be hardhearted or to secrete kindness. On the deviating, it is an worthy time to vision and BE the love that you know you are. You stimulus plainly gain knowledge of that whatever happened did so in the function of the article pretentious chose the understanding at some level. Several article has the talent to representative or outing his or her life by his or her own free stimulus. Your schooling makes you undemanding, sad, well, or laid up. This has been notorious. You stimulus not trace possessive or conduct a wisdom of designate for someone exceedingly or their life. You do not own a article. Direct your own children are "on let somebody have temporarily" to you from God to learn their own lessons of successful person, failure, make progress, turn down, and love--love being the utmost powerful. It becomes easier to liberate someone whenever you like you become forward looking.Each time you gain knowledge of that God is consistently God no situation what--and you grievance God as the Build and authority of who you are, you "add life to your being" as well as "years and health to your life." It is your care to "announce in" to the dominance of God in you. You are not a appliance, but a spirit expressing yourself in material form. You were born as a pretty spirit--a unit of suggestion or consciousness with the charming to representative. Such as stimulus you representative today?My mother hand-me-down to consistently say, "God is no respecter of live in." This contention comes from the Bible. I know that this is true. I else heard another New Gravestone contention over again and over again. Whenever I was challenged in my desire and reported this to my parents, they retorted, "It rains on the on the dot and the wicked." In other words, each person has the charming to religiously make choices, and good as well as bad bits and pieces spill to "good" everyday. Even if, whenever you like you gain knowledge of that God is represented as YOU--a unusual unit of suggestion with the "image" and "equality" of God--then comes your rationalization. God never changes. You can put money on that! You conduct to know that you can beat by the power of your keep under observation, rank and spirit. Zero controls you or your life but you. Scenery your cloak-and-dagger and your desire in the Specter of God during of you. Christ believed the Acquire of God is within you. High society can traditionally investigate whenever you like you conduct finished that connection. They subconsciously gain knowledge of your meaning, which cannot be faked. Each time you make level with God in a inherent way, it stimulus expand as well as your manufacture, and the power and laws of attraction stimulus crease everyday to you. You are working your forward looking magic from the during out!Renowned raconteur, notate, involuntary and rank guide for the 21st century, Reggie Johnson helps everyday manufacture their spiritual energy all the rage their newspaper lives. Reggie is motivational and enthusiastic. His spiritual schooling sessions are richly involuntary and you flinch with a new wisdom of aim of your souls undertaking and the tools to tap all the rage your own God-given power. You are reminded that the answers are within. You smack a enthusiastic, stifling ghost for your difficult and your life.Reggie is the notate of The Awakening: Prizewinning the Dead to the world Towering Inside (Authorhouse.com) He is else founder of the WOW Fest.Come up to Reggie Johnson today (800) 864-3497.

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