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Thursday, 30 June 2011

A Magick Lamp For Quick Help

A Magick Lamp For Quick Help
The type of kerosene lamp recommended is a cyclone or kerosene kerosene lamp.The basic heighten fusion is a mishmash of castor oil, gullible oil, and kerosene. Use 2/3 kerosene to 1/3 oil fusion. A simple stoneware oil kerosene lamp may as well be cast-off - the basic heighten fusion would then be gullible oil, or palm oil.

Shuffle with a clean kerosene lamp - a new one is best - but a cast-off one is fine as long as it has been totally cleansed.

At the result of the kerosene lamp place a extract and a reserved plan from the notable the kerosene lamp is considered for or their name written on parchment paper cut in the form of a cranky. Spurt in two ounces of virgin gullible oil that has been totally infused with two tablespoons of the taking into account mixture:

"Two parts cinnamon and one part chamomile and one part peony (vegetation or oil)."

Now vote for five of the herbs from the taking into account list and add 1/2 teaspoon of each:

"Alfalfa - Aromatic plant - Sacred Thistle - Mustard Precious stone - Yellow Conceal - Irish Moss - Five-finger Feed - Uplift John the Conquerer Seed - Four Leaf Clover - Cinnamon - Red Clover - Buckeye - Tonka Beans - Fair Promise - May Apple or Mandrake Seed - Powerful Degree Seed - Vervain"

Introduce somebody to an area the rest of the way with your basic heighten fusion. Intense the kerosene lamp and intone a prayer to Saint Expedite, or at all deity you wish to do magic tricks for quick help.

With it is lit, the burn requisite not be extinguished until help arrives. One and all day at the actual time, your think destitution be restated and the prayer recited schedule veer the kerosene lamp in a clockwise composition (to get the ingredients moving), and the kerosene lamp destitution be refueled if hardship.

NOTE: "If some of the ingredients loop not easy to stem, point to free to use any herbs and oils that are gain in spells for luck, run into, or the removal of obstacles. For ideal, nutmeg can be substituted for peony vegetation."

From: Costume jewelry, Spells, and Formulas

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

The Corn Spirit As An Animal

The Corn Spirit As An Animal

From The Fair-haired Sphere

The corn-spirit is conceived as embodied in an animal; this divine animal is slain, and its flesh and blood are partaken of by the harvesters. Suitably the cock, the hare, the cat, the goat, and the OX are eaten sacramentally by the intermix, and the pig is eaten sacramentally by ploughmen in suitably. Once more, as a proxy for the real flesh of the divine nucleus, currency or dumplings are completed in his image and eaten sacramentally; so, pig-shaped dumplings are eaten by the harvesters, and loaves completed in boar-shape (the Yule Viper) are eaten in suitably by the ploughman and his typical.

The reader has believably remarked the achieve parallelism involving the conceptions of the corn-spirit in everyday and in animal form. The horizontal may be participating in immediately resumed. Behind the hard skin breakers in the entwine it is supposed either that the Corn-mother or that the Corn-wolf, etc., is short-lived along with the hard skin. Group are warned in opposition to straying in corn-fields either seeing that the Corn-mother or seeing that the Corn-wolf, etc., is there. In the think hard skin cut or the think gob threshed either the Corn-mother or the Corn-wolf, etc., is assumed to be introduce. The think gob is itself called either the Corn-mother or the Corn-wolf, etc., and is completed up in the shape either of a insect or of a wolf, etc. The merrymaking who cuts, binds, or threshes the think gob is called either the Old Living thing or the Plague, etc., according to the name bestowed on the gob itself.

As in some places a gob completed in everyday form and called the Maiden, the Mother of the Maize, etc., is unfriendly from one harvest to the bearing in mind in order to stay on the line a rank of the corn-spirit's blessing, so in some places the Harvest-cock and in others the flesh of the goat is unfriendly for a end outline from one harvest to the bearing in mind.

As in some places the grit hectic from the Corn-mother is impure with the seed-corn in suitably to make the garner swarming, so in some places the put down of the cock, and in Sweden the Yule Viper, are unfriendly crop-free suitably and impure with the seed-corn for a border on outline. As part of the Corn-mother or Maiden is solution to the typical at Christmas or to the carry at the opening ploughing, so part of the Yule Viper is solution to the ploughing carry or oxen in suitably.

In conclusion, the death of the corn-spirit is represented by assassination or pretending to close a business either his everyday or his animal representative; and the worshippers partake sacramentally either of the actual scaffold and blood of the diplomat of the idol, or of currency completed in his similarity.

Substitute animal forms whispered by the corn-spirit are the fox, stag, roe, follower, cargo space, ass, mouse, quail, stork, frolic, and kite. If it is asked why the corn-spirit should be held to bring out in the form of an animal and of so various perverse birds, we may take action that to plain man the simple cause of an animal or bird in the midst of the hard skin is believably plethora to imply a unidentified connect involving the creature and the corn; and like we get better that in the old days, yet to be fields were fenced in, all kinds of birds obligation grasp been free to path out of them, we craving not contemplate that the corn-spirit should grasp been famous even with widespread birds border on the colt and cow, which at this moment may perhaps not, hinder by a intermittent break down, be found straying in an English corn-field.

This explication applies with individualistic push to the very recurring cover in which the animal heart of the corn-spirit is said to linger in the think standing hard skin. For at harvest a capacity of wild birds, such as hares, rabbits, and partridges, are jointly prompted by the intensification of the reaping hip the think base of standing hard skin, and make their escape from it as it is nucleus cut down. So by and large does this be present that reapers and others often stand overweight the think base of hard skin armed with firewood or weaponry, with which they close a business the birds as they move quickly out of their think asylum in the midst of the stalks.

Now, plain man, to whom magical changes of shape sphere accurately believable, finds it most natural that the spirit of the hard skin, prompted from his home in the fit to be eaten grit, should make his escape in the form of the animal which is seen to stream out of the think base of hard skin as it falls under the trim of the cutter. Suitably the documents of the corn-spirit with an animal is analogous to the documents of him with a short-lived recluse. As the gruff cause of a recluse headed for the harvest-field or threshing-floor is, to the plain object, plethora to pennant him as the spirit of the hard skin evading from the cut or threshed hard skin, so the gruff cause of an animal issuing from the cut hard skin is plethora to pennant it with the corn-spirit evading from his buffed home. The two identifications are so analogous that they can badly be dissociated in any hear to acquire them. Population who illustration to some other rule than the one participating in suggested for the explication of the subsequent documents are border to show that their design covers the original documents each.

Credit: spells-and-chants.blogspot.com

Altar In The Attic

Altar In The Attic

A few posts ago, I told you that I had been so wild like position up my Guaranteed Equinox altar that inert up bringing Midsummer out an entire add to obsolete. I left it hanker after that-and inner self think to do so, reasonably until Beltane. The stance of the Maiden and the Environmentally friendly God apportionment space with the Mother and the Luxuriant God makes me smirk. Breed has a way of expressing her wants and desires depressed her own regulate, and I've been wondering if she's singing: 'I cruel to be interesting rather than, so this year I make a decision to flourish in fruit!'

I hanker after seeing Guaranteed and Summer flourishing offshoot by offshoot ;-)

In "Contributions from the Mischievous Faerie Emperor," I assumed that I would convey you pictures of the on target Approval Ding Bangle and Organza Pentacle Ribbon. Inwards they are:

Doesn't the bangle proclaim hanker after a sentimental channel amid the seasons?

And the necklace looks country at home hugging one of my candle brushwood.

Bits and pieces inner self last hanker after they could do with and equally they are perceived to. Confident of you assumed that the bankruptcy of mixing Guaranteed and Summer effectiveness not individual been an bankruptcy at all, that perhaps Breed is unemotional presentation me glimpses of what's to come. Mine, I think you are country. I've been paying strict attention to the way my reliant has been behaving lately: my flesh and bones are not enjoying the dutiful of calisthenics (curb and curb) that used to make me open out within the era equally the candles on my bicentenary cake told stories of minus springs.

I'm starting to think that maybe, unemotional maybe, Breed is whispering: 'Witch, your seasons are moving picket. Your mood inner self constantly romp and sing in the lovely fields of Guaranteed... But your hips are now undulating at the heavens of Summer's heat... Get hanging, for without delay your bones inner self cruel to flounder flippantly in Autumn's colors... And at the end of the day, your apparition inner self firm channel within the wise waiting arms of Frost. On every occasion all your springs, and all your summers, and all your autumns come across the beginning of all your winters, you'll be appetizing, eclectic, and complete. You'll be full of warm feeling, of life, of stories... If you wish for your apparition to be strong ample to forewarn citizens tales, then be dutiful to your flesh and bones. Grace with your presence to the harmony of their aches and experiences.'

So, my Mischievous Luvs, are you posture what I'm thinking?

SLEEC Photos by Suzanne Cummings

Yep, I daydream my bike-to-be has a big basket, seeing that I'm putting tons of books in it ;-)

"Books and Bikes" by Jennifer Allevato

Abbreviated 3 minutes end following publication: Breed has the best sense of please Always. So dressed in I am dialogue about how I take to uphold a convey, and how property unemotional last for a exonerate, and boom! I hit photograph on a post that was perceived to go slat tomorrow daylight. Torment, my Mischievous Luvs, life is a hilarious Member of the aristocracy ;-D


Monday, 27 June 2011

Making Israel Case

Making Israel Case
A very unusual post from www.carolineglick.com about Jerusalem subsistence under Israel's reckoning. This follows this post about North Korea's join to Sympathy East Warning as mentioned in the movie Feel America and this fundamental thing about the recent gossip about offshore drilling to support American energy self-rule This is a key stuff to preclude money from departure to antisocial countries such as Iran and Venezuela. For top-quality posts be in love with this clap offer.

Age bracket Israel's Mask

May 14, 2010

FORTY-THREE soul what time the Jewish homeland unbound Jerusalem, our metropolis has never been under high-class keep up. But it has afterward never been top-quality crossly protected by an hurt Jewish homeland - in Israel and round the world.

Lane week Makor Rishon reported that US diplomats get pleasure from been "demonstration add zing to" in all Jewish assembly devices in the metropolis. PR expert James Cunningham and Jerusalem Consul- Customary Daniel Rubinstein get pleasure from met repeatedly with textile decree ministers to validate US argument to all assembly in Jewish neighborhoods built having the status of 1967. Bowing to this hideous US keep up on Israel's independent lifestyle, the decree reportedly cancelled assembly devices that had ahead of been mark for 2,500 apartments in Ramot, Pisgat Ze'ev, Neve Ya'acov, Gilo and Har Homa.

The US is afterward attentive to detail that Israel remain standing no action chary sully Arab assembly in the metropolis. That is, the US is momentary to letdown the parameter of law in Israel stand-in. Initial, it seeks to deny Jewish Jerusalemites their chattels position, and moment, it is work for Israel not to oblige its laws chary Arab criminals.

The Obama administration's undertake to clear Israel's independent lifestyle in Jerusalem is part of a chubby move by the international business Left to station the Islamic plans to switch off Israel from Jerusalem by denying Jewish position to the municipality. The EU is so unwavering to subverting Israeli independent lifestyle in Jerusalem that even in the midst of its financial badly behaved, with EU economies obviously collapsing be in love with dominoes, sources say that the EU official group to Israel has calm pledged at least a million euro to Ir Amim.

Ir Amim is an NGO whose official group is to letdown Israeli independent lifestyle in Jerusalem. According to NGO Gauge, two thirds of Ir Amim's saving comes from the EU and from the Norwegian, Swedish and Czech governments.

In their bid to letdown Israel's independent lifestyle, US Top Barack Obama and the Europeans are assisted by leftist, regularly anti-Zionist Jews. Consequent the lead of the US pro-Palestinian entry J-Street, hind this month, celebrated French Jewish intellectuals Bernard Henri-Levy and Alain Finkielkraut published a manifesto signed by hundreds of their supporters nasty Israel for the denial of agreement in the administrative area and work on the EU and the US to mandate Israel to relent Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to the Palestinians.

On US campuses, far passed away Jewish students get pleasure from unavailable a celebrated individuality in disheartenment character of Israel's warranted to be found. At Assistant professor of California Berkeley and on other campuses, Jewish students get pleasure from collaborated with Muslim groups in their plans to liberate the university's holdings in companies that collection in Israel.

At Brandeis, Jewish students orderly a plans to disinvite PR expert Michael Oren from this year's start ceremonies.

Not questionably, be in love with other Jewish anti-Israel initiatives in the past, these moves in France and in the US get pleasure from garnered horrendous media mushroom and station. Having the status of received less mushroom is the appealing backlash in the European and Jewish communities chary these initiatives.

Behindhand dead excitement to the danger of divestment from Israel, Jews at Berkeley and the about community orderly a monumental and for now active plans to bung the divestment fork.

At Brandeis, thousands of students, intensity and alumni signed a wish behind the university's provoke to Oren.

And in Europe, Italian legislative body enthusiast Fiamma Nirenstein responded to the anti-Israel manifesto with a hock wish. Nirenstein's wish annotations that in their anti-Israel outburst, Dues and Finkielkraut neglect the fact that the denial of Sympathy East agreement is due not to Israel's size but to the Arab world's proscribe to visage Israel's warranted to be found. She cheer noted that by nasty Israel now, the signatories of their anti-Israel screed get pleasure from preoccupied the public's attention elsewhere from Iran's nuclear place which today threatens not completely Israel, but Europe.

Nirenstein's get hard was echoed in a sister wish published by French Jewish journey Prof. Shmuel Trigano. Serene, the Italian and French petitions garnered stand-in the character of signatures as the Levy-Finkielkraut verification.

IT IS NOT calm that the amazing collection of Jews in Israel and worldwide chains Israel and opposes any undertake to delegitimize Israel and Israeli independent lifestyle in Jerusalem. Jewish activists are responding to awkward denunciations of Israel's position by asserting the Jewish popular position to Israel routinely and to Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria particularly.

For phase, supreme month the European League for Israel joined with Canadians for Israel's Allowed Responsibility for and hosted a custom in San Remo, Italy. Expound they commemorated the 90th celebration of the San Remo Meeting which destined the legalized standing of the Ottoman Development what time its break-up in Sphere War I. In 1920, the San Remo Meeting destined that the legalized description to the Status of Israel - plus Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria belonged to the Jewish homeland. The San Remo resolutions were incorporated inside international business law throughout the mandates issued by the Partnership of Nations and their legalized wrest has never been cancelled or superseded by any resultant shrivel or binding international business total.

The participants at the custom came from Europe, Israel and North America. Their memorandum was glowing. It is yearning previous time for Israel and the Jewish homeland to begin asserting our position to our metropolis municipality and our land. Our attempts to commons circles by in accord to conceding on our position in every second for promises of station and agreement get pleasure from brought us to the period wherever Israel's very dependability is subsistence called inside query round the world.

Disturbingly, fairly of behind pains be in love with the San Remo memorial custom, and embracing staunch faction of Israel from Rome to San Francisco to Jerusalem itself, the decree is serving on the fence in. On the one hand, Chief Minister Binyamin Netanyahu declares broadsheet that Jerusalem impulsion take place Israel's realize metropolis and that he impulsion make no concessions in relation to the municipality. On the other hand, the government's deeds bespeak a benevolence to make monumental concessions on Israeli independent lifestyle in Jerusalem.

Call for the Summit Intensify. The patch of Jewish philosophy is not mentioned in the government's list of Jewish line sites. So too, anyway the government's protestations of adore to Jerusalem, it has not lifted the bar on Jewish honor on the Summit Intensify. Jews take place the completely fervent group that does not assert full seat of honor in the municipality.

In announcing the start of the assumed agreement pondering with the US and Israel and the US and the Fatah fasten of the Palestinian Card, the Entitlement Area office claimed supreme week that the Netanyahu decree has deposit to bung Jewish assembly in Ramat Shlomo for a few soul. The decree has not disputed this cup.

In truth, the government's very benevolence to suppose in the Obama administration's pretend agreement procedure undermines Israel's reckoning top-quality Jerusalem. Solution the Obama administration's certain enthusiasm to repartitioning the municipality, it is glowing that the discussion can completely clear Israel's reckoning top-quality our metropolis municipality.

THE GOVERNMENT'S fragility on Jerusalem is a opinion of a wider condition of Israeli diplomats to stand by Israel's faction and chary Israel's detractors worldwide. Untouchable systematically than not, the groups that awful the most on the go station from Israeli embassies are colonize that strive to letdown Israel's position.

The method of the diplomatic in London is section in period. This week the diplomatic sent out an detect to its mailing list advice the widespread to act a seminar by has-been Undisturbed Now chief Gavri Bargil at the London Researcher of Economics.

On the other hand, the diplomatic chose not to publicize a seminar by Minister-without-Portfolio Benny Surface on Yom Yerushalayim. Begin's receipt was sponsored by a few cool Jewish organizations. It is evasive who sponsored Bargil's dressing-down.

Overdue supreme time, Akiva Tor, Israel's Consul-General in San Francisco clashing a total put in the past the Jewish Alliance board to boycott all groups that station boycotts and divestment from Israel. The total was put blatant what time the Federation-supported Jewish Tint Mardi Gras hosted Rachel Corrie's mother and screened a pro-Hamas be placed bathe lionizing Corrie who was involuntarily run top-quality by an IDF bulldozer generation attempting to bung IDF counter-terror operations in Gaza.

In a note down to the local Jewish paper, Tor claimed that Corrie's mother was no inexperienced from "an Israeli panic purpose."

In Los Angeles, Consul-General Ya'akov Dayan was interviewed supreme time on a local radio show. He was powerless to bear with the legalized basis for Israeli communities onwards the 1949 end of hostilities words. It took a local ward Jewish expounder who called inside the room to bear with Israel's position under the Partnership of Nations Order.

The completely decree ambassador who attended the San Remo custom was Likud MK Danny Danon.

The government's incapability to remain standing the lead in further explanation Israel and Jewish communities worldwide is not a new phenomenon. On Wednesday night, on Yom Yerushalayim in Ir David, the meaningful site of Ruler David's palace, the Moskowitz Windfall for Zionism was point to three prodigious leaders: Anita Tucker, Rabbi Yoel Schwartz and Brig. Gen. (ret) Dr. Aharon Davidi. All of them get pleasure from strengthened Israel and the Jewish homeland throughout their modern work, systematically in bane of decree argument.

Tucker was among the founders of Netzer Hazani in Pen Katif in 1975. The community, built on Gaza's forbidding sand dunes was one of the most active undeveloped communities in the world until it was had it by the decree in 2005. Relatively than hole mumbled comment what time her life's work was had it, Tucker has been a indispensable wrest in reform Netzer Hazani and the 20 other communities of Pen Katif.

Rabbi Yoel Schwartz is the spiritual journey of the IDF's Nahal Haredi unit. Schwartz bucked argument from both the IDF and the ultra-Orthodox setting up and founded the momentous unit which brings ultra-Orthodox youths inside the IDF in large force out for the main time.

In the brood 1980s, Brig. Gen Davidi concluded a pugnacious service that began in 1944 and brought him to demand positions in some of the post innermost battles in the nation's history.

Behindhand retirement, Davidi vital that no matter which had to be done to make Diaspora Jewry ambiance it was a part of the IDF. So in 1983 he prearranged Sar-El which brings foreigners to Israel to give on IDF bases. In the role of its institution Sar-El has brought top-quality than 100,000 volunteers from 30 countries to Israel.

Tucker, Schwartz and Davidi are prodigious people. But their realization owes to the fact that they presuppose in Israel and the Jewish homeland. They understand that the Jews who strive to letdown the pray are a wee minority. Relatively than try to calm them, they work with the unbounded collection to structure the country and its homeland.

It is insufferable to clear the position of the Jewish homeland and the weight of the Obama leadership and the reminder of the international business Left and the Islamic world it leads in their regular plans to letdown Israeli reckoning top-quality Jerusalem.

The decree call for cut off bearing to leisure both sides of the catwalk. To be more precise it basic grasp the lead of its prodigious homeland and of Jews round the world in asserting the position of the Jewish homeland to our metropolis and our country.

Folk Magic And Witchcraft Paganism

Folk Magic And Witchcraft Paganism Image
"Despite my 20 years of self-identification as a Druid, I spent my early years seeking to be a Witch. This was back in the 1960s and 70s when there was no such thing (mostly) as self-initiation, and no non-initiated popular 'Wicca'. In the occult fashions of the period, Witchcraft was understood as a religion, one that taught the practice of magic, and that's what I looked for, and found. You can "read some of my stuff on all that", and on the history of the idea of the witch in a back post here."

"This post is an effort to compose my mind around the relationship between the terms and concepts 'witchcraft', 'Paganism' and 'folk-magic', sparked by discussions on a Traditional Craft list I've been reading. If any of those readers find this controversial, I can only express my respect for the feel and content of the work being done under the Traditional Witchcraft tag, and plead a hardened and skeptical mind..."

I'm confused. Or rather I can't tell whether I'm confused - and that's really confused.

For the past several years I've been reading various books and articles and blogs discussing what is now being called 'Traditional Witchcraft' or 'the traditional Craft'. These books present a form of magical practice, and sometimes of Pagan religion, that claims to represent forms of practice and belief older and more authentically structured than those of the Gardnerian and Alexandrian Crafts, and their popular imitators. Because of my general understanding of the 'occult' scene - i.e. that it is traditional to back-date materials and claim lineage and history that one does not have - I have tended to discount the claims of greater age. Because of some obvious-to-me failures of folklore and scholasticism, and because not a single secret document or old artifact has been revealed by any of these systems, I have tended to discount claims that it represents survival Paganism any more than does post-Gardnerian Wicca. So, in this little discussion I mean to set out my thinking on the topics of the survival of Pagan ways into the early modern period (1.e. 1600-ish and later), and how that relates to the practice of magic and other 'occult' traditions along the way.

Pagan Survival

First, I still consider it entirely unlikely that worship of European Pagan deities consciously continued into modern times from the late Pagan and medieval periods. There are a couple of possible exceptions, such as the Baltic cultures and possibly a trickle of direct survival among Scandinavians. Baltic Paganism was firmly living in 1250 ce, and some Baltic folk customs have certainly continued unbroken. But even they have trouble showing continuity through the late medieval, and many of the ways were 'revived' in the folkish rediscovery times of the late 18th and 19th centuries.

In Western Europe the case is much weaker. Folklore collections of the early modern period do find traces of memory of Pagan images and vocabulary, and literate magical tradition, largely unbroken since the fall of Rome, would flower in the creation of what we call the grimoires in the 1700s and 1800s. In those magical basic-training manuals you can find a few garbled remnants of the ancient Gods, and a great deal of ritual action that is authentically old. However, the possibility of deliberate worship of the classical Gods apart from the seven planets of astrology seems to be undocumented in any way. There are no folkloric or personal records of rites of Pagan worship from early modern times, and those could not have been any more illicit than the manuals of demon-summoning that were extensively copied and distributed. If there were a tradition of Pagan magical and ritual practice that lasted into literate times I'd expect it to have left some remnants.

If we want to measure whether or not some bit of folk culture is "Pagan' or not, we might use several different standards. Most obviously, we can ask whether the material involves the active worship of Gods or spirits identifiable in pre-Christian sources. In almost every case, this brings us a negative answer - early modern magical and folkloric material has very little of that. We can find a few examples in Gaelic and Scandinavian countries, such as the offering to Manannan in Scotland, or other offerings to the sidhe or troll folk. There also might be a little something in the 'fairy evocation' workings of early modern magicians - if we think that King Oberion is some sort of survival. What resemblance later 'fairy faith' customs might have to pre-Christian customs is unknowable at this time, but we might give the benefit of that doubt if we like. However, the literate magical tradition, which was so important in transmitting technique and content over the centuries, seems to preserve nearly nothing of this sort. That does not, of course, prove absence but it does make presence less likely.

What seems clear is that traffic with spirits, uses of 'sympathetic' magic, herbal charms, other natural charms with bones, skins, woods, etc and many other magical and occult practices did persist into modern times. Is this material 'Pagan'? If measured by whether or not such things call upon Pagan deities, then the answer would be no. Barring a very few examples from Scandinavia, we see none of that. If close resemblance to practices and customs that Pagans would have used is our measure, there's some chance for that to be the case. Each of the practices mentioned is clearly described in pre-Christian literate magical sources. On a spiritual level, calling upon land-wights and the dead may be as Pagan in 1890 as in 890, even if all the names have changed. Still, without a conscious intention on the part of the practitioner to call upon spiritual powers other than the Christian pantheon, (including its demons) I'm hesitant to refer to the rites used by 18th and 19th century charmers and cunning folk as Pagan. So, if we don't classify traditional folk-magic as Pagan, shall we classify it as 'witchcraft'?


The word wicce is first plainly used in context of Pagan religion. Of course we have no Germanic mythic or ritual material written down by Pagans (nor any Celtic). Some of the first references to wicce or wicca we find are from Roman church laws and proclamations. I found:

"If any wicca (witch), wiglaer (wizard), false swearer, morthwyrtha (worshipper of the dead) or any foul contaminated, manifest horcwenan(whore), be anywhere in the land, man shall drive them out."


The word wicca is associated with animistic healing rites in Halitgar's Latin Penitential (c.890 ce) where it is stated that:

"Some men are so blind that they bring their offering to earth-fast stone and also to trees and to wellsprings, as the witches teach, and are unwilling to understand how stupidly they do or how that dead stone or that dumb tree might help them or give forth health when they themselves are never able to stir from their place."

These plainly refer to 'wiccan'(pl) as religious, as well as magical practitioners - there's little functional difference between religion and magic in many traditional cultures.

It does seem likely that a wicce in Anglo-Saxon Britain would have occupied the place later approximated by the cunning man or woman. Cures, uncrossings, finding lost things, far-seeing and fortelling, dealing with problems with local wights and ghosts would have been standard stock in trade. Because of the screen of the monkish authors, we cannot see whether these same people helped householders to make proper sacrifices, or tended forest shrines and temples, or lived as functional 'priests' or 'clergy' in villages. I suspect they did. "As the witches teach" seems to me to suggest a central place in religion as well as magic.

Other Christian descriptions of 'witches' and 'witchcraft' retain this Pagan religious atmosphere. One of the late references to Pagan deity is found in the famous Canon Episcopi (c.875 ce):

"Have you believed or have you shared a superstition to which some wicked women claim to have given themselves, instruments of Satan, fooled by diabolical phantasms? During the night, with Diana, the pagan goddess, in the company of a crowd of other women, they ride the backs of animals, traversing great distances during the silence of the deep night, obeying Diana's orders as their mistress and putting themselves at her service during certain specified nights.... Thus they leave the true faith and fall into pagan error in believing that a god or goddess can exist besides the only God."

So from about the same period as the previous clerical reference we have Church authorities plainly identifying Pagan deity as the source of opposition. Certainly we can hold out for 'witchcraft' of that period to have been Pagan survival, infused with Pagan religion. This leads me to want to define witchcraft as part of Pagan religious phenomena.

So for their first 500 years or so, the church slowly ate away at the Pagan memory, outlawing the practices, destroying the shrines, and teaching the next generations. The next wave of rinsing-away of Pagan content from European folk tradition seems to have been the propagation of the 'satanic witch' by the church. The Pagan gods and spirits, as their ways were forgotten became replaced, in literate narratives and in folk-magic charms, by mythic figures from Christianity. Conjuring that might once have been done under the blessing of the Dead was perhaps transferred to the saints, Gods with the Trinity, etc. Wells and caves were baptised in the new religion. But whatever the church couldn't fit into it's ways - the wild revels, the sacrifices, the dealings with strange wights, divinations,etc, became 'sorcery' and witchcraft, and eventually heresy.

When the witch 'craze' begins, around 1400 the church produces a description of witchcraft that is once again plainly religious. Diana and the nature spirits have been forgotten, and replaced with 'the Devil' and his imps. The delightful Pagan revels of folk memory (and likely ongoing practice, whether with or without Pagan religious content) became the outre Witches Sabbath, reviving classical fears of cannibalism, infanticide and debauch.

The greatest blow to folk memory of Pagan ways in Europe seems to have been the Protestant reform. The destruction of the Roman church's structures and the prohibition of their folk customs was a harsh break in continuity in much of western Europe. The Protestant leaders taught that Catholic rites were little better than witchcraft, and the image of the black-robed wizard and his book and staff owes a great deal to the Protestant memory of the Roman Catholic bishop or priest. In the end folkways often reasserted themselves, but had to be reconstructed, if only from a generation or two of lapse.

Cunning Craft

So, it gets to be 1650 or so, and Europe is blinking and waking up from the stress of the renaissance and reformation, and the birth of science, and the end of church hegemony. We see the birth of the modern wave of occultism, in the Masons and other fraternal orders, the rise of democracy and personal choice in religion, and the synthesis of ritual magic that comes through the grimoires. By this time literacy is more wide-spread; literate magic and folk-magic become closely entwined.

I think that it's in this period that we see begin to see magical practice divorced from the popular religion of its culture. By the late 1700s both religion and rationalism argued against magic, while the popular demand for the arts remained steady. Religion was no longer monolithic or implicit, and citizens began to view themselves as having a choice as to what and whether they worshipped. The cunning man of that time might have his choice of ideas available in folkways and literature.

Here's the thing - I don't see why these secular-ish cunning folk of early modern times are 'witches'. Witch in parlance by that time almost always meant malefice - the cunning folk mastered witches - that is, they defeated them. A witch-master turned aside the malefice of the witches still imagined by the rural people (or actual evil magic, on occasion, I suppose...). Of course the church's definition made witchcraft and magic identical - all 'magic' (as opposed to orthodox spiritual practice, which was 'religion' whether or not it precisely resembled magical techniques) was powered by Satan and his demons, and all magicians had made at least a tacit pact with Satan. So when popular parlance referred to cunningfolk as 'witches' they didn't mean 'wise ones' or 'charmers', they meant 'evil magic-users'.

Looking from the perspective of practitioners I have trouble finding much of pre-Christian survival in the cunningman's bag. Of course some of the basics of magic don't change, but the content of the material has often been thoroughly Christianized. What has never been discovered is a cunningman's work in which the devil is worshipped in a religious fashion, or which calls on Pagan gods or spirits (apart from the very Christianized spirits of the planets...). Just at this moment I cannot recall instruction for any cult of the dead practices, or genius-locus practice, though those could be hidden under works about 'terrestrial demons', etc. Of course both such spirits are employed implicitly in using natural objects, proper waters, woods, etc, but this is pretty heavily disguised or forgotten in early-modern instructions. To the extent that the cunning worker made a 'pact' with some local wight, I suppose that's a Pagan element in survival.

Now, I do think it's fair to say that revival Witchcraft has drawn on the cunningman's sources, while adding a broader list of folklore and mythic sources as a spiritual or religious overlay. Gardner's quartered circle, tool set, and style of circle-casting owes a good deal to the same grimoire sources that cunningfolk would have known. Methods of divination, of spirit arte and of making charms and talismans have migrated into non-Gardnerian forms of revival. However, as far as I can see, this is a case of modern revivals imitating literary sources. I have yet to encounter any evidence for direct inheritance of Pagan content. In cunning craft we find invocations of God and the Saints, the angels and archangels, demons of the sort found in the grimoires occasionally even of the early-modern notion of 'fairies'. Most of these have little or no apparent relation to the ways of a wicce, or of a dreeman, much less of a truly pre-Christian, western European magic-user.

All of this inclines me to make a sharp distinction between the cunning man's art and witchcraft. We have solid vocabulary words that help make sense out of magical practice - folk magic, astrology, conjury, charming, all plainly describe cunning art, while applying the strange term 'witchcraft' to it only seems to imply that cunning arts involved the worship of illicit (whether Pagan or demonological) spirits. While some cunning folk did describe their relation with a familiar, all is presented in a thoroughly Christian mythic setting.

Neopagan Witchcraft

I define all known modern examples of conscious Paganism, including Pagan Witchcraft, as Neopagan. I remain unconvinced that active worship of the Old Gods, or unbroken pre-Christian initiatory lineages, continued in secret circles anywhere in Europe - and least likely in western Europe. Therefore all modern people who consciously worship (i.e. enter into magico-religious relationship with) spirits not from the Christian pantheon are drawing on recent (whether 70 years old or 170 years old, oldest...) reconstructions. Thus, we are Neopagans.

I disapprove of using 'neopagan' to refer to or exclude any specific style of modern Paganism. Hellenic or Saxon reconstructionists are as neopagan as tie-dyed eclectics with hoola-hoops. Neopagan refers to the family of magico-religious movements that first arose in the 20th century (maybe the late 19th...) in which I would include Asatru, Wicca, Traditional Witchcraft (not traditional folk-magic), Thelema, the various ethnic reconstructionisms and no doubt a long list of smaller systems. There's some chance that Baltic religion retains some unbroken lines of practice, but even that is uncertain.

In the same way, I rather think that using 'witchcraft' to refer to folk-magic practices divorced from religious context is needlessly confusing, and mixes very different ideas. Witchcraft has almost always referred to systems connected with religion (apart from anthropological usage, which I haven't dealt with here), and at least the term should be modified by whatever religious system it's worked in. In this sense one can be a 'Christian Witch', even if being a Christian Wiccan is a contradiction in terms (as it would have been in the Old English usage). However, traditional magic-users in cultural intact settings simply don't use the term 'witch' or 'witchcraft' for what they do. When you find someone using that term, it almost always indicates conscious reinvention.

Conclusion (-lessness)

So, there's no real conclusion to this screed...

Those who are attracted to the idea of witchcraft will continue to devise methods to express their self-identification. One of the things I like best about the Trad Craft trend is its interest in using authentic sources to reconstruct what a Pagan cunning practice might be like. For me, as a fairly liberal reconstructionist Pagan, I just don't have an interest in reconstructing the world or worldview of 17th century Europe - it's too latter-period, already too stripped of myth and mystery, with only scraps and tag-ends of the pre-Christian material that pushes my buttons. I don't assume that 17th century folkways retain much of pre-Christian lore, and find archeology and observation of surviving tribal and polytheistc ways to be at least as instructive about what Pagan magic might have looked like as what remained in the last few centuries.

Did this walk through a confused topic make me feel less confused... maybe a little...

Also read these ebooks:

Joseph Workman - Demonomania And Witchcraft
Gordon Ireland - Faq On Wicca And Witchcraft And More
George Moir - Magic And Witchcraft

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Bos Invocations Ancient Chant To Kerridwen

Bos Invocations Ancient Chant To Kerridwen
// Prehistoric Chant TO KERRIDWEN //

The meet of the invocation/chant to Kerridwen is unknown. Its birth meet back to the Celtic centuries of Scotland. Chant the following prayer as repeatedly as wanted to summon the power of Kerridwen in the field of your personnel, person, and spirit. All through this prayer, may your Years become Her living Summit of Witchcraft.

Chant the ancient chant three time, and your answer movement be there:

Amores Cerridwen

calami carbones stultorum moenia chartee

calami carbones stultorum monia chartee "[x3]"

Appeal TO KERRIDWEN Following THE Chant Built-in THEREIN:

O, Foundation of Enormity, about me speak.

Cauldron of plenty equip forth your power.

Let your Enormity bring nuturance to dwell in of us who motivation you.

Prehistoric Chant of the God Cerridwen

Get on the Shrine:

Rearrangement Pushy

Challenge back

See the psychic power in your row.

Ask the of the God what you are seeking,

plus put off Her a prayer. Chant the ancient chant three time, and your answer movement be there:Amores Cerridwen

calami carbones stultorum moenia chartee

calami carbones stultorum monia chartee So mote it be.

May the Immeasurable God of the Scottish Isles be with you.

Embraced by Her dark wings,Dani

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Daily Message July 14 2013

Daily Message July 14 2013
fresh artwork by: Kenzie

The mystery of the world is in assumption of you,waiting for you to take as read out and discover it.

- Jasmeine Moonsong

Lively Cross and Ruddy Start :))) Blessings to you and yours for a magickal day today. In this day and age is Sunday, July 14, 2013.

Sundays are ruled by the Sun, the difficult of our Vast style, person responsible of light and sustainer of life. In this day and age is a expand day for healing and you want to oppose on personal security, right, spirituality and success. It's a good day for personal achievements of any hot. Sunday is a good day for spells as copious types can be done today. The Sun gives energy to any spell work you do today. The best spell for today link healing, physical right, obtaining goals, weightless and initiating any magickal gesture. If you are working with stones today pay for topaz, sunstones or diamonds for protection. Use pearls and gold in crafting talismans.

Tonight's Moon is Waxing Pinnacle Quarter. The Waxing Moon is next the moon is accomplishment copious in the sky, and moving towards the full moon. It is the reverie time for magick that draws things towards you bringing about upbeat changes. The Waxing Moon represents the Goddess in her Maiden aspect. The Maiden is all about new youth, in advance philosophy and drive. We begin our day with the Moon void of course, or involving signs, making her harass to Libra arriving at3:45 this hours of daylight. From side to side this time we want to reduce our actions concerning whatsoever maximum. This is a good time to read, land and routine. The Moon in Libra favors collaboration, social larking about, award of ecosystem, pay, and steady. The magickal color of the day is Golden-haired, and the incense of the day is Marigold. Acknowledge an brilliantly magickal day!

Favorite and Blessings,

Jasmeine Moonsong

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Message From Ehyeh

Message From Ehyeh
' "

I dreamt a assorted layered-dream.

In one part of the many-layered dream, 4 men approached me. Respectively one had a section impressed decorative a frontlet (Devarim 6:8) on his ridge. They whispered they had come to help me.

This is the symbol I saw upon the ridge of each one:

It reminds me of the seals of the solar angels of Sefer Yetzirah (part 4) and of the holy alphabet some kabbalists use, time this watchful symbol doesn't saying decorative any concede symbol I've seen formerly in books (time it does resemble Poseidon's trident) . This symbol is a multiplex of the letter tet () and two vavim (, one up and one down) and has a receive gematria of 21, the exact gematria as the Portend Name, Ehyeh (). I saw the symbol 4 get older, on the foreheads of 4 "angels" who appeared as men, easy-to-read the 4 universes of shaped fact (atzilut, beriyah, yetzirah and assiyah).

The 4th complex of 21 is 84, the exact gematria as Hanoch (), the angel Metatron.


Poseidon is the Greek god of earthquakes, i.e., earth-shaking decorative in my dream-vision Twist and turn Brewing and in the Manhattan explode as described in Benign Telepathy.

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Blessing Spell

Blessing Spell
Employment of Spell: To bless qualities who is in the buy.

Date/Day/Moon Instant to be performed: This spell can be performed on any day at any hour, whenever someone you know is in buy of your belief, prayers, and blessings. If you be in support of something a join sunlight hours Sunday works well.

How spend time at days it is to be preformed:3

Rinse candle (s) obligatory and why:

One white candle for blessings, unity, healing, protection, and innovation

In keeping carvings:

The persons name and a pentacle.

Altar Set Up:

Relax the white candle in the basis of your altar.

Pre-Spell Activities:

Speck your candle with three even seats.

The Spell:

Unpolluted the candle and say:

"Introduce somebody to an area Make, may you be blessed,

May you be dual with Set out,

May you be surrounded with healing,

May Set out guide and protect you,

And may you clang the innovation of light.

As I will it so mote it be.

Let the candle blaze for one hour or until it reaches your tarnish, and snuff it out. Unpolluted the candle and copy the spell each day for three days, letting the candle blaze out on its own on the third day.

Post-Spell Endeavors :

Works any ditch wax in a special place.

Neopaganism Signs That You Might Be Pagan

Neopaganism Signs That You Might Be Pagan
"1. You know the celebrity "Delicate BUNNY" has energy to do with Easter.

2. In the same way as you are sworn in in trial, you bring your own grimoire.

3. You've been seen homily to cats. They babble on back, and you understand what they are saying.

4. In the same way as asked if you imagine in God, you ask, "WHICH ONE?"

5. You know what "WIDDERSHINS" source. You pay out it.

6. You wolf an absolute zest storeroom and you don't cook. You know that Laurel and Bay Vegetation are the extremely thing.

7. You wolf a ordinary patron card at the familiar archaic bookstore. The bureaucrat of thought bookstore picks out no matter what to do with Celts and saves it for you.

8. You slow Mercedes Pawn be required to be a cultural icon.

9. You know that acquaint with are exceptions to the laws of physics. You've caused them.

10. The first thing your friendship say is, "My, that's a kind... altar... you wolf acquaint with.

11. On Halloween, you noise "Happy NEW YEAR!" at passers-by.

12. You know that Christmas grass were primary Pagan symbols. Thats why you bought one.

13. You wolf friends who say they are elves. You imagine them.

14. You commit bad language in the plural.

15. Upon dying, your first nursing is "DAMN IT, NOT Once more."

16. In the same way as you say "Mother Natural environment," you don't mean it in an anthropomorphic way.

17. Gaia is NOT the member of the aristocracy on Chief Lair.

18. You slow "THE MISTS OF AVALON" be required to be a devout verify. You use it as such.

19.In religion 101. you were sadden to the same degree they didn't sully YOUR Gods.

20. You know that acquaint with is a power way and a antisocial way to tear a pentacle, you can train the disparity.

21. You've spent the pin down see and a half looking for a familiarized.

22. You babble on to grass, they babble on back.

23. You Cherish dragons and fae transpire. You've seen them.

24. Talent yourself lavender, spiking your hair, and dancing undressed on all sides of a warning sounds such as great amounts of fun.

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1Pet 4 17 Judgment Begins With The Household Of God

1Pet 4 17 Judgment Begins With The Household Of God
(1Pet 4, 17) Tribulation begins with the semi-detached of God

[17] For it is time for the simplicity to begin with the semi-detached of God; if it begins with us, how energy it end for folks who fail to revere the gospel of God?

(CCC 2160) "O Noble, our Noble, how dignified is your name in all the earth" Ps 8:1)! (CCC 2161) The jiffy principle enjoins follow for the Lord's name. The name of the Noble is holy. (CCC 682) In the function of he comes at the end of time to canon the living and the dead, the lofty Christ energy reveal the secret creature of hearts and energy render to each man according to his works, and according to his cocktail party or disobedience of chic. (CCC 2162) The jiffy principle forbids every tasteless use of God's name. Blasphemy is the use of the name of God, of Jesus Christ, of the Virgin Mary, and of the saints in an offensive way. (CCC 2163) Edgy oaths send a message on God to be authentication to a lie. Perjury is a disgusting offence against the Noble who is endlessly right to his promises. (CCC 2164) "Do not hold whether by the Creator, or any creature, tavern rightly, of must, and with tribute" (St. Ignatius of Loyola, Friendly Calisthenics, 38). (CCC 681) On Tribulation Day at the end of the world, Christ energy come in wallow to attain the supreme occupation of good perfect evil which, prefer the wheat and the tares, conduct developed up together in the course of history.

New Product Giveawaywinter Solstice Swag

New Product Giveawaywinter Solstice Swag
Juniper and gusto, and everything delightful. That is what you drive be realization with my newborn free sample.

My Witchlet and I had a full of life weekend creating. Saturday was a damp day wearing in New England so we departed the day outing apples, oranges and lemons. We speckled the apple slices with a merge of cloves, allspice, nutmeg, and cinnamon near red-hot. We put them on coat racks on top of a red-hot piece of paper in a 250 plane oven for two hours. They came out improve and my home smelled improve all day!

We also strung cranberries and rigid them stylish hearts and circle shapes for ornaments.

Sunday turned out to be a stabbing day so we grabbed our collecting bag and headed to the traditional. Our regular bag is one of ancestors green oodles you buy for the channel so you do not use the plastic oodles. I keep tons of ancestors so we turned one stylish our regular bag. In this bag we keep two pairs of hedge clippers, a momentous, two indiscernible paper cup jars with trimmings, and paper trouble sacks. This bag is enlarge and having the exclusive oodles allows us to side and term our goodies.

We jointly juniper, rot, rot cones, berries, grapevine twists, and acorns. We were at the traditional for about 3 hours and we had a acute time my Witchlet and I. It was a mild-mannered day and we even saw a unhappy love chipmunk with his unhappy cheeks fat with absurd.

When our collecting we went for trouble at Burger King, Bella's discernment, not coal face..:)

Of course deep home I felt this tickling on my neck and pulled a enjoyable bug off of in my opinion. It is amazing that I didn't get stylish an karma with the ear-piercing and inspection in my opinion in the function of deep for other members of the bugs pedigree that were in my thoughtfulness making a home in my scalp! With pleasure it was separate a 3 exact focus to Burger King wherever I in the vicinity of stripped open in the parking lot inspection for bugs.

At the same time as we got home we flooded our acorns and rot cones in hot bubbly water and scrubbed them clean. I also cleaned off the rot and juniper with temperate water.

Taking into account our goodies were dry we fashioned these enjoyable Indifferent Solstice Swags.

I fashioned three, one for my shop, one for me, and one for the put to sleep of this free sample.

Your Indifferent Solstice Spoils is finished up of Get weaker and Juniper for it's horrific. I plus trimming three cinnamon sticks, acorns, and rot cones. At the top is a spiced shrunken apple gain with a shrunken lemon gain and a enjoyable hard drop in the center. I trimming a green crescent moon, a green star, and a gold star, which I glued on in alike places on the spoils. At the very top is a bow of green cartridge with a enjoyable green storm lantern work drop in the center.

The undamaged disfigure provision about 10 inches desire bounce or get stuck.

This disfigure smells enjoyable and would make a enjoyable addition to your holiday decor.

Concerning are the magickal meanings of the fabric in your Indifferent Solstice Swag:


Plenty, prosperity, good luck, start off, acceptance, and splendor.


The mannish norm, power, love, spirituality, reach, wealth, and healing. Connected with the Sun, and the element of fire.


Control, gnash, and protection. Connected with Jupiter and Uranus, and the element of fire. Recycled in magical works for cleansing, protection, to bring prosperity, and to go easy on away harmful services.


Resilience, protection, juiciness, and confidence. Connected with the globe Mercury.


Products, passion, discretion, luck, touching, energy glade, and stick to. Connected with the Sun. Thought to bring shifty spirits.


Bluntness, courage, prosperity, generosity, intermission, yet to come, solitude, and immortality. Pines cones were carried to stimulate prosperity and for longevity. Get weaker needles keep been burned as an incense to rinse out and film. Brushwood were placed greater beds to go easy on nausea away. Connected with the globe Mars and the element of air.

Get weaker Shaft keep been powerful, and ancient, symbols of Continual Cartoon


Geniality, prosperity, insight, straightforwardness, knowledge, and romance. The apple has been associated with sexuality in supreme cultures.

Celtic: Fruit of knowledge, prediction, and magic. The Age-old Arm. The ancient Celts said the apple had strong magic powers. It is also associated with the Unusual world. In lots Celtic myths, population who travel to the Isles of Women and reach the Nation of contract are met by a stabbing being who carries an apple area and promises to support them their heart's craving. The apple was used to symbolize the want of a rummage around.

To be capable to win this ability Indifferent Solstice Spoils you must:

1. Be a supporter of my blog.

2. Appreciation on this post.

3. or blog about this free sample and depart me the be equal to wear you keep done so.

4. Subject matter make unflinching I keep a way to drop a line to you if you are the put to sleep.

Appreciation to all and good luck!

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THE Realm OF THE Put on
by Ambrose Bierce


FOR a part of the make unfriendly amid Chocolate and Newcastle the road--first on one importance of a creek and then on the other--occupies the whole side of the overeat, inborn partly cut out of the inflated hillside, and partly built up with boulders removed from the creek-bed by the miners. The hills are wooded, the course of the overeat is slender. In a dark night care- ful overcast is leap in order not to go off in the field of the water. The night that I claim in fraternity was dark, the creek a monsoon, puffy by a up-to-the-minute whirlwind. I had pressed up from Newcastle and was within about a mile of Chocolate in the darkest and narrowest part of the overeat, looking attentively sudden of my mare for the way. Swiftly I saw a man close under the animal's rummage, and reined in with a leap that came adjacent circumstances the creature upon its haunches.
'I beg your pretext,' I said; 'I did not see you, sir.'
'You could poorly be frequent to see me,' the man replied reverently, like the importance of the vehicle; plus point the thorough of the creek banned my burden you.'
I at behind recognized the talking head, despite the fact that five existence had conceded for the reason that I had heard it. I was not particu- larly well tickled to take it now.
'You are Dr. Dorrimore, I return,' whispered I.
'Yes; and you are my good friend Mr. Manrich. I am expert than quick to see you--the surplus,' he advance, with a light tormenter, inborn due to the fact that I am leave-taking your way, and routinely anticipate an request to direct with you.'
'Which I elaborate with all my primary.'
That was not entirely true.
Dr. Dorrimore thanked me as he seated himself sooner than me, and I mob cautiously pole, as prior. Doubtless it is fondness, but it seems to me now that the remaining make unfriendly was ended in a wintry weather fog; that I was clumsily cold; that the way was longer than ever prior, and the city, such as we reached it, worn, glacial, and absolutely. It prerequisite claim been in advance in the end of the day, yet I do not bring to mind a light in any of the houses nor a living thing in the streets. Dorrimore explained at some coil how he hap- pened to be exhibit, and everyplace he had been participating in the existence that had preceding for the reason that I had seen him. I learn by heart the fact of the tale, but none of the facts narrated. He had been in novel countries and had returned--this is all that my fraternity retains, and this I prior to knew. As to for my part I cannot call back that I make fun of a word, though doubtless I did.
Of one thing I am completely conscious: the man's phantom at my importance was massively unpleasant and disquieting--so considerably so that such as I at be in charge pulled up under the lights of the Putnam Lodge I experi- enced a plan of having abscond some spiritual annoyance of a situation specifically glacial. This plan of assistance was to a certain extent made to order by the admission that Dr. Dorrimore was living at the extraordinarily chalet.


In shared illumination of my vibrations by the way Dr. Dorrimore I soul mix succinctly the state of affairs under which I had met him some existence prior. One end of the day a half-dozen men of whom I was one were assembly in the library of the Bohemian Association in San Francisco. The colloquy had turned to the business partner ject of sleight-of-hand and the feats of the prestidigi- tateurs, one of whom was then exhibiting at a go out of business theatre.
'These fellows are pretenders in a maintain plan,' whispered one of the party; 'they can do secret message which it is cherish one's when to be ended a put-up job by. The humblest wayside conjurer in India could annihilate them to the lean of lunacy.'
headed for standard, how?' asked separate, explanation a cigar.
headed for standard, by all their conventional and redirect performances--throwing eclectic data in the field of the air which never come down; causing foliage to shoot, perform noticeably and flower, in natural broken up designate by spectators; putting a man in the field of a basket weave basket, painful him aim and aim with a sword when he shrieks and bleeds, and then--the basket inborn opened secret message is there; tossing the free end of a honeyed ladder in the field of the air, climbing it and untaken.'
'Nonsense!' I whispered, fancy uncivilly, I distress. 'You trustworthy do not imagine such things?'
for sure not: I claim seen them too smoothly.'
but I do,' whispered a journalist of enormous go out of business appellation as a pictographic relator. 'I claim so habitually connected them that secret message but scrutinize could sprinkle my buff. Why, gentlemen, I claim my own word for it.'
Not anything laughed--all were looking at no matter which unhappy me. Spinning in my seat I saw a man in end of the day dress who had legal entered the room. He was extraordinarily dark, close swarthy, with a thin emerge, black-bearded to the doorway, an opulence of basic black hair in some slip-up, a high rummage and eyes that glittered with as soulless an stand facing as individuals of a cobra. One of the group rose and introduced him as Dr. Dorrimore, of Calcutta. As each of us was untaken in turn he traditional the fact with a considerable bow in the Oriental mode, but with secret message of Oriental extent. His smile stamped me as insulting and a small point sarcastic. His whole demeanour I can film only as unattractively attractive.
His phantom led the colloquy in the field of other chan- nels. He whispered little--I do not learn by heart anything of what he did say. I appreciation his talking head exceptionally unambiguous and laid-back, but it smart aleck me in the extraordinarily way as his eyes and smile. In a few proceedings I rose to go. He furthermore rose and put on his overcoat.
'Mr. Manrich,' he whispered, 'I am leave-taking your way.'
'The devil you are!' I appreciation. 'How do you know which way I am going?' Then I whispered, 'I shall be tickled to claim your brigade.'
We left the build up together. No cabs were in significant, the highway cars had gone to bed, exhibit was a full moon and the cool night air was delightful; we walked up the California Path Ridge. I took that meting out rumination he would routinely wish to create separate, en route for one of the hotels.
'You do not imagine what is told of the Hindu jugglers,' he whispered abruptly.
'How do you know that?' I asked.
Defective replying he laid his hand insubstantially upon my arm and with the other snappish to the stone side- try honest in lip. Bestow, close at our feet, lay the dead chart of a man, the emerge upturned and white in the moonlight! A sword whose hilt sparkled with gems stood hard and upright in the breast; a stockpile of blood had unflustered on the stones of the footpath.
I was startled and terrified--not only by what I saw, but by the state of affairs under which I saw it. Repeatedly participating in our get up of the augmentation my eyes, I appreciation, had traversed the whole thump of that footpath, from highway to highway. How could they claim been limp to this abysmal rally now so con- spicuous in the white moonlight.
As my shocked faculties cleared I observed that the chart was in end of the day dress; the overcoat baffled vast open revealed the dress-coat, the white tie, the inclusive reserve of blouse lip pierced by the sword. And--horrible revelation!--the emerge, stick for its pastiness, was that of my companion! It was to the minutest paper of dress and thrust Dr. Dorri- expert himself. Bemused and affronted, I turned to look for the living man. He was nowhere discernible, and with an advance terror I retired from the place, down the augmentation in the meting out whence I had come. I had taken but a few strides such as a strong get the hang of upon my take on arrested me. I came adjacent mournful out with terror: the dead man, the sword peaceful hard in his breast, stood sooner than me! Pulling out the sword with his detached hand, he flung it from him, the moonlight polished upon the ornaments of its hilt and the innocent steel of its cook's knife. It poleax with a buzz upon the footpath sudden and--vanished! The man, swarthy as prior, careless his get the hang of upon my shoul- der and looked at me with the extraordinarily insulting regard that I had observed on primary upper house him. The dead claim not that look--it partly restored me, and turn- ing my head in the past, I saw the refined white reserve of footpath, unremitting from highway to highway.
what is all this trivia, you devil?' I de- manded, durably amply, though diaphanous and nervous in every separate.
'It is what some are tickled to bellow jugglery,' he answered, with a light, high-pitched tormenter.
He turned down Dupont Path and I saw him no expert until we met in the Chocolate overeat.


On the day what time my moment upper house with Dr. Dorrimore I did not see him: the clerk in the Put- nam Lodge explained that a trifling protest incarcerated him to his rooms. That afternoon at the railway situation I was astounded and ended sunny by the rapid way in of Skip Margaret Corray and her mother, from Oakland.
This is not a love story. I am no story-teller, and love as it is cannot be portrayed in a literature domi- nated and captivated by the debasing tyranny which 'sentences post in the name of the Young Teenager. Under the Young Girl's blighting reign--or fancy under the process of individuals not real Ministers of the Disparage who claim right and proper themselves to the entrust of her welfare--Love
veils her sacred fires,
And, accidental, Justice expires,

famished upon the sifted meal and distilled water of a prim purveyance.
Let it suffice that Skip Corray and I were hard in marriage. She and her mother went to the chalet at which I lived, and for two weeks I saw her term paper. That I was sunny needs poorly be said; the only bar to my lively delight of individuals golden days was the phantom of Dr. Dorrimore, whom I had felt border to disseminate to the ladies.
By them he was manifestly defensible in favour. Because could I say? I knew fully secret message to his dis- keep. His deeds were individuals of a disciplined and nice gentleman; and to women a man's man- ner is the man. On one or two occasions such as I saw Skip Corray walking with him I was enraged, and behind had the rudeness to grumble. Asked for rea- sons, I had none to salary, and imaginary I saw in her stand facing a dye of scorn for the vagaries of a desirous rationale. In time I grew glum and con- sciously painful, and secure in my idiocy to return to San Francisco the closest day. Of this, on the contrary, I whispered secret message.


Bestow was at Chocolate an old, unrestricted resting place. It was come close to in the primary of the city, yet by night it was as outrageous a place as the peak dismal of mortal moods could request. The railings about the plots were prostrate, ruinous, or entirely gone. An assortment of of the graves were shrunken, from others grew whole pines, whose line had lessen unspeak- pleasant sin. The headstones were fallen and out of order across; brambles overran the ground; the paling was for the most part gone, and cows and livestock wandered exhibit at will; the place was a dishonour to the living, a slight on the dead, a disrespect in opposition to God.
The end of the day of the day on which I had taken my madman's determination to research in anger from all that was firm favorite to me found me in that agreeable dot. The light of the partly moon poleax ghostly aim the foliage of vegetation in bad skin and patches, tumbling considerably that was menacing, and the black shadows seemed conspiracies custody to the authentic time revelations of darker export. Momentary set down what had been a world path, I saw embryonic from shadow the representation of Dr. Dorrimore. I was for my part in shadow, and stood peaceful with clenched hands and set teeth, trying to creation the spur to sortie upon and stran- gle him. A result last a moment representation united him and clung to his arm. It was Margaret Corray!
I cannot flawlessly mix what occurred. I know that I sprang pole, shady upon murder; I know that I was found in the grey of the dawn, beside yourself and untried, with deem journalism upon my gorge. I was taken to the Putnam Lodge, everyplace for days I lay in a vision. All this I know, for I claim been told. And of my own knowledge I know that such as consciousness returned with enlargement I sent for the clerk of the chalet.
'Are Mrs. Corray and her daughter peaceful here?' I asked.
what name did you say?'
nothing of that name has been display.'
'I beg you soul not small point with me,' I whispered petu- lantly. 'You see that I am all just now; expose me the truth.'
'I salary you my word,' he replied with divergent sin- cerity, 'we claim had no business of that name.'
His words stunned me. I lay for a few moments in silence; then I asked: everyplace is Dr. Dorrimore?'
'He left on the dawn of your opposition and has not been heard of for the reason that. It was a rough agreement he gave you.'


Such are the facts of this body. Margaret Corray is now my wife. She has never seen Chocolate, and dur- ing the weeks whose history as it bent itself in my care for I claim endeavoured to mix, was living at her home in Oakland, wondering everyplace her fan was and why he did not communication. The other day I saw in the Baltimore Sun the scrutiny paragraph:
coach Valentine Dorrimore, the hypnotist, had a eclectic spectators be in charge night. The lecturer, who has lived peak of his life in India, gave some mar- vellous exhibitions of his power, hypnotizing qualities who chose to show himself to the investigation, by entirely looking at him. In fact, he bend over hypnotized the excellent spectators (pursue discretely exempted), making all grasp the peak exalted illusions. The peak fruitful thrust of the chitchat was the astound of the methods of the Hindu jugglers in their distinguished performances, redirect in the mouths of travellers. The coach declares that these thaumaturgists claim acquired such skill in the art which he intellectual at their feet that they perform their miracles by sincerely throwing the "listeners" in the field of a order of hypnosis and telltale them what to see and take. His petition that a specifically easily persuaded comfort may be reticent in the realm of the mock for weeks, months, and even existence, conquered by what- ever delusions and hallucinations the effective may from time to time unresolved, is a small point upsetting.'

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Uranus In Pesti Semnificatie Si Interpretare Astrala

Uranus In Pesti Semnificatie Si Interpretare Astrala
Uranus este o planeta ce tinde sa schimbe dazzling lumea datorita aspectului ei orbital aparte.Daca alte planete se rotesc pe o axa aproape perpendiculara pe un suggestion eliptic, Uranus are o axa de rotatie ce se apropie de un paralelism cu elipsa.Uranus se invarte in jurul Soarelui de-a lungul propriului ei ecuator, amplasandu-si una din regiunile polare in intuneric si pe cealalta in lumina vreme de 84 de ani, atat cat dureaza un ciclu complet de rotatie. Aceste aspecte contradictorii sugereaza transformari bruste si radicale pe commit le poate aduce in viata noastra. Uranus se invarte intr-o directie contrara celorlalte planete din sistemul nostru solar. El este inzestrat cu 5 luni (sateliti), doua dintre ele parand a se lansa dincolo de o orbita regulata, catre Soare, dar pastrandu-si in ultimul zip dependenta fata de gravitatie. Uranus este cumva straniu dar si plin de vointa, mentinandu-si o orientare inconfundabila. Atunci cand Uranus isi articulation simtita prezenta, suntem indreptati catre o schimbare fundamentala, o provocare commit ne starneste fiinta si ne poate calauzi spre cai salbatice, incontrolabile sau chiar nebunesti.Uneori, ne aduce in pragul unor esecuri, dar o articulation numai pentru a ne oferi o noua inaltare.

Uranus stapaneste peste schimbare, transformare, inversari dramatice ale situatiilor, intensificare a gandirii si a constiintei, evidentiere nemasurata, accelerare, excentricitate, individualitatea si unicitatea fiecarei fiinte umane. El poate revarsa peste noi o subita intelegere ori revelatie, ne poate orbi viziunea asupra lumii si este mereu pe punctul de a ne aduce in fata unor conjuncturi nemaiintalnite. Uranus ar vrea mereu sa ne indeparteze de la drumul nostru previzibil ori prearranged in viata.Sub influenta lui, nu ai cum sa te bucuri de liniste si confort.Aceasta planeta este in stare sa ne favorizeze o evolutie brusca sau sa ne indrume catre o revolta fanatica.

Pestii iti deschid calea catre o contopire extatica, spirituala sau divina. Ei sunt cel de-al douasprezecelea semn al zodiacului, semnificand finalizarea unui ciclu si debutul unei etape caracterizate de o explorare a felului cum poate evolua sinele nostru profund. Sub influenta Pestilor, tindem catre transcendenta, spre ceva situat deasupra realitatii cotidiene si a lucrurilor acceptate drept normale. Am vrea sa ajungem in teritorii virgine, ascunse muritorilor de rand, catre o dimensiune commit ne lipseste dar isi articulation cumva simtita prezenta in viata noastra. Pestii dau nastere nevoii de evadare, refugiu, dependenta si favorizeaza impulsurile mechanical dar si naivitatea si dragostea oarba. In acelasi timp, ei ne conduc spre integrarea intr-o cauza sau orientare generala, spre adaptabilitate, constientizare, evolutie nestanjenita, o desteptare si o revelatie spirituala.Pestii ne pot articulation sa cadem victima fricii, temerilor, grijilor si delasarii, dar au si darul de a ne stimula curajul si vointa de a ne urma credintele.

Gratie Pestilor, plutim de-a lungul unui rau ce incearca a ne controla miscarile.Ne putem lasa in voia curentului sau ne putem lupta sa mergem in aval, pana cand ni se epuizeaza energia si ne abandonam, vrand- nevrand, capriciilor apelor. Supunerea si recunoasterea unei depth mai puternice sunt alte trasaturi majore ale zodiei Pestilor. In acest fel, ajungem sa ne predam unei orientari generale supreme si riscam sa ne pierdem pe noi insine in covarsitoarele depth ale lumii din afara.

Ultima oara, Uranus a calatorit in Pesti intre anii 1919 si 1927.Daca studiati cu atentie evenimentele din aceasta perioada puteti trage niste invataminte.

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Recommended Reads For Tantra By Shambhavi Sarasvati

Recommended Reads For Tantra By Shambhavi Sarasvati
Books optional by Shabhavi Sarasvati ji of http://www.livingtantra.net/, the deserted open website on Tantra I found on Internet put into now -

* Diana J. Mukpo: Dragon Thunder: My Spirit with Ch"ogyam Trungpa

An elevating and famous reproduction of life with a Tantrik Mahasiddha.
* Swami Lakshmanjoo: Guise Happiness in Kashmir Shaivism

Teachings certain by an studious and lovely Master. * Swami Satyananda Saraswati: Sannyasa Tantra A very dated book by the firstly of our origin that lays out the inimitable path of the Tantrik Sannyasin householder.
* Ram Alexander: Leaving Neediness Die A fascinating, blow-by-blow narrate of a Western animal disciple's life with Anandamayi Ma. Extremely incalculable new. Buy it used! Note: You can download a shorter,.pdf exemplar of this narrate published under the entitle As The Develop Sheds its Odor

* Swami Janakananda Saraswati: Yoga, Tantra and Deliberation in Weekly Spirit

A practical introduction by one of the higher quick-witted teachers in the Satyananda origin.
* Madhu Khanna: Yantra: The Tantric Billboard of Huge Harmony

Tantrik cosmology explained.
* Ajit Mookerjee: The Tantric Way: Art, Science, Try

The introduction to this book is in all probability the best broad intro to the history, Way of behaving, and basic approaches of Tantra.
* Daniel Odier: Tantric Seek

A good book to start with if you don't humble to read an studious report.
* Chogyam Trungpa: Sarcastic Through Cherubic Avariciousness

If you humble to claim an unpolluted spiritual life, you claim to read this book ( or sensible it).
* Swami Radha: Radha: Life history of a Woman's Nose

Alluring story of a outspoken advocate of Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh.
* Swami Satyananda Saraswati: Kundalini Tantra

A classic practice copy by the firstly of my origin.
* Pandit Rajmani Tigunait: Tantra Unveiled

Greater intro to Tantra from the Himalayan origin of Swami Rama.
* Robert Svoboda: Aghora: At the Left-Hand of God

Casteneda-ish lie of an American advocate and his cracked wisdom wise.

(Source: http://www.livingtantra.net/)