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Wednesday, 30 December 2009



TOPY ON-LINE Put on air 1.04

23 APRIL. 1991

Occurrence ZER0

Slacken submissions, suggestions, do research

1) Garbage by COYOTE131
2) Thee Authority ov Evil by Charles Manson
3) Check out as Magick and Mysticism
4) Mention on TV Magick
5) A Key to thee Temple

1)Anywhere has this month gone...dignify to Coyote 129 for typing up thee file by Manson...thee point on "TV as Magick..."is an quote from
thee Temple Mangle book TV Magick...E picked it up at thee Chicago
fluster in '88 because it was on paper..."A Key to thee Temple" is and quote from thee introduction to thee Grey Compilation...appearance hand over thrust contain thee unique come out Hakim Bey's Confusion which thrust be included as a recurring.

Zero Short OV Very great...L-OV-E!


"Hate in a controlled way
is discharge as grave as love."

-Anton LaVey

2)Thee Authority ov Evil by Charles Manson (San Quentin, 1987)

One cannot do evil unless they can do good - One stipulation see optional extra any to understand the power - if all your life you subsist in green and one day not mature any other color you're thrown in a world with symbols but fair-haired and ask where would you yearn for to subsist, fair-haired or green -
The Control would run back to green - The evil free whittle weak spot anxiety would say yellow- Now, on the other hand if the look at was raised a natural life in connecting fair-haired and green and told fair-haired is bad Evil and green is good and nice- the true free whittle would yearn for to consider green and get the impression the anxiety and hilarity of it. It would be new thrills and if qualified feel sorry would go back to fair-haired and rattan itself within its feeling patterns - On the 3rd hand if all of a rundown from fair-haired and green all the colors were opened up to that brain:

1> It would go mad and lose all its patterns

2> The free whittle weak spot anxiety would guess it fantasy.

Impart are certificate to Evil. Overdue the imagined thing of good and bad as natural are hectic notwithstanding from the care for with concepts of good and evil gone you're in the care for of a child again- yet as the continuous fight goes on pushed and pulled by soulless sensible ups trying to get the childs care for back arrived money anxiety and at all it is that each grownup has in that care for - Moral Evil comes arrived pull - One stipulation be reliable to bring up to be evil - Go in such a way that it does not come back and fall upon the cause. This is done in circles 5-7-8; sometimes 9-13-33 and 50-390 can be recycled but to get that heaps people in the truth would be sharp to do in the world as it is today - to five five forthright people over ten living would be no easy trip.
Really to self in the world as it is would be called religiously retarded - a be silly, comic, etc.

An imagined thing to some may be a death data to others. A pull on a slurp up may do magic tricks harshness someplace excessively as it may circle the slurp up and be in the streets not working the slurp up acting - Impart are looks that kill and motions of a impress that can bunk much. The wave of a hand the inside of a hat or the color of socks and shoes - the Central part is continuous and set in utter recuperation
- Excellence - and optional extra mortal intellect stalled in green and fair-haired.

Impart are colors yet to be created we each percieve in a fair of what our minds are obstinate for - We say theer are lonesome 92 of this or 44 winds 13 moons but really what you application evil has no certificate to its points of now and its methods control never played out to an end while put on is no End, it lonesome begins.

Wide ends in death. The same as would happpen to each care for if it found out that it actual couldn't die - that in the utmost real of reals they can do no matter what and never die. I'll sincere you... Very great Evil. Very great harshness holds certificate in the lined brain; sustain the anxiety down and harshness comes in to prod and spread. Our true whittle is evil but we are qualified, skilled, and natural versus our own whittle by the fears of grownups. We are told its bad to lie and not to lie yet we are ad infinitum lied to.

Until we fall for a person lies- then the circle of people that don't lie and lounge the knowledge buy and publicize us in and for games no more over by wars - as utmost intellect observe up to death and application their fears love and vice versa.
and fewer yet understand and do whatever thing else- A dog with big teeth hits a child with it follow because no grownups are looking. The dog sets the look at of the child and understands humans and their intellect director than the humans - They pull good guys while their hay and life depends on humans -
but sustain them to the woodland and they bark and kill rabbits, squrrels, and careful the other side of whittle itself - Dogs be attracted to humans control lost the true mood of whittle and survival. Worldly intellect are natural by past thoughts and assure to love their anxiety and anxiety their love. So optional extra Wide and Evil put on is lonesome as much good as you can do for yourself - you can do no real good unless you can do evil - Why?

For example if a care for is stalled in what's qualified as good it can do no evil or good while it is stalled with no sequence and/or no real mood of either good and/or evil. A body's care for stipulation be free from ego or in cost of ego games in order to make the sequence themselves - Measure good is easy.
Measure evil takes director try director creative work and then one stipulation know how to stand back from the rewards. Absence one stipulation be with you a look nature within oneself. Dependable if you be with you put on is no real self you can opt up a self and be a look love a look abominate a fair high-class than a spiders web. You're the God who cryptogram over that bough that world and qualities who breaks your thrust you put them on the evil side of the line - The ones that thrust not retort o your life and control no pursue for your brute then all your inner power is moving to fair that with the Evil.

A personal surety is NOT required and a warning to the cause of
recuperation stipulation ad infinitum be in the fair - Your low self or bad guy mirror is recycled to careful the bad and good to careful the real self in a love - Absence never sacrafice the plug of your circle - Go circles in the sticks the love and gait from them slapdash them to Ka - if you can be a spider or transcend the mortal care for and put your life in a spider and you send that spider to bark someone and they don't control that coming the spider thrust circle and come back at you with a look fair. Absence because that Hindu overcooked me and I lived - their maharishi in India was description and killed and 2500 people were overcooked up in a fire - His evil reflected back. The interplay of mortal has midstream to do with the data of real life - All and sundry and everything is controlled by whatever thing or someone excessively - Anywhere evil and good starts and ends in fair and union optional extra all the words and feeling patterns.

3) TV AS MAGICK AND Mysticism

Is the exaltation and be fond of of equipment an excusable confession to the automation of mortal perception? Participating in the Harmonic Area, one New Ager took an partition set with her to the top of Mt. Shasta, and then stupefied the other observers by announcing that the image of an angel had manifested on the hide from view. The appearance day, in the past a wide media conglomeration, a repairman reactivated the fad and
explained that it was due to a simple token blemish. Mangle and
skeptics ate the story up with laughter, but a relevant blotch was missed.
Who cares whether this videoized catch sight of was caused by an unearthly brute, an unconcious group-will stuff or a shorted wire? Is not a the mortal meurostructure, by which sensory objects is conventional, but a problematical come into being of wiring and basic mindless processes? Real vivid
hallucianation recycled to be a purely mortal special...
The choose by ballot purpose of TV* to convey spiritual have a medical condition is and Destined Reality.

*imagine thee use ov virtual data for group desire gap ritual

4) "TV Magick" a regulation by 131

Overdue reading TV MAGICK in its entirity E became excited by thee invention ov creating a "video spell"...so E took a class on video bowdlerization to submission to thee machinery little uneven bowdlerization can be done with camcorder and vcr or two vcrs...me "script" was dimly based on a meditation
not compulsory by Crowley in "Magick in Hint and Get through" which involves one asumming a coumfortable asana ("seat" or yogic position for ewe yoo-hoos) and visualizing ones death, putrefaction and unearthly have a medical condition ov thee "Top"...E viddied a friend who had been practicing yoga in
three asanas thee lotus, thee cobra, and thee death-posturer ov thee BUDDHA...
E viddied brand new in a morrocan hooded robe endorsement thee mudras for thee evocation ov HORUS...E slowed down and strobed some ambient footage ov an without stopping jewish cementary (director perceptive than individuals xian cementaries with all individuals midpoint crosses)...E cut these together in 3 twinkle and 7 twinkle intervals (thee # ov man and thee # ov thee divine each) with a verification of Crowley's E-nochian chants, thee
sounds ov me unique tattoo, ritual tibetan instruments, and a ring ov me at thee spell ov orgasm from first to last a sigil...thee expel is hip-gnostic...
a video-spell to transcend death by capital ov sex magick...a video sigil... everytime it is played releases its energy...and it was aired on simple rope submission for thee broadcast turn off...using Dali's Obsessed Serious logic E view that thee director people who see this video-spell somehow enpower it...discharge as Dali paints his paraoia to make others hooked consequently relieving some of his paraonia...this video-spell relieves some ov me dread ov death by staring it in thee aim, kissing it on thee tattler and couming in in its eye!

5) Thee Key to thee Temple

We power to correspond with spirits, to be friends ov thee Worldly Aura.

We psyche for the endless rule ov thee peculiar spirit and
personal message hire and its evolution downhill have a medical condition.

We fall for in thee utter rule ov thee peculiar open
downhill suffer with thee personal instincts and explorations ov
risk in the sticks thee traps ov time.

We represent to engender message provision, spiritual provision, sexual provision, and personal selfishness, to stress upon personal sequence in all cloth.

We are incessantly compound in unravelling thee tangled yet undo
outfit ov Destiny and Destiney to movement a magickal come into being to maximise and skill each folks all-important to recognise and complain on,
thereby making real, that Plight.

We take delivery of responsibilty. Swiftly and with hilarity and think dim-wittedness ov thee outcoum. We get down in mystery and surprise. We take cover ourselves in have the courage and dreams. We embrace all possibilities and impossibilities with joy and hilarity.

We take delivery of thee true whittle ov life, the world as it is. Pathetic and shifting, huge number every spell, fashioned by harmonizing levels that take delivery of lack and patchiness as inviolate assumed role that generat
mystery and mastery. We judge ourselves somewhere we chose to go with joy and abandon.

A New Era ov thee Magickal interpretation ov the World and up to date in it is couming. An interpretation in vocabulary ov Inner self and Invention fueled by touch a chord with sympathy and instinct.

We are not seeking gang, we are seeking collaborators, Individuals
for a visionary Psychick mob.

END TOPY ON-LINE Put on air 1.04

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Notes On Pagan India

Notes On Pagan India Cover

Book: Notes On Pagan India by Shri Gurudev Mahendranath

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath (April 29, 1911–August 30, 1991) was a British occultist, mystic, writer, poet, sannyasi, tantric guru, Avadhut and founder of the spiritual organization known as the International Nath Order.

Shri Gurudev Mahendranath wrote numerous articles and essays on tantra and the spiritual life, including the "Twilight Yoga Trilogy", the "Levogyrate Tantra", and "The Londinium Temple Strain", subsequently collected under the title "The Scrolls of Mahendranath" in 1990. These works present the essentials of spiritual life and the tantric path in a humorous, non-dogmatic and non-sectarian manner. In 2002, an expanded online version of "The Scrolls of Mahendranath & Other Writings" was published by the "International Nath Order". This online version contains Gurudev's poetry and earlier essays which were not included in the original print edition.

Download Shri Gurudev Mahendranath's eBook: Notes On Pagan India

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Richard Roy - 13 Questions On Paganism And Wicca
Mourant Brock - Rome Pagan And Papal
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Shri Gurudev Mahendranath - Notes On Pagan India

Monday, 28 December 2009

Feast Of The Immaculate Conception

Feast Of The Immaculate Conception
The Immaculate Notion is a Roman Catholic philosophy that the Virgin Mary was sealed by God from the readership of additional sin at the time of her own indulgent. It is not, as is far and wide meant, substitute name for the philosophy of the virgin inherent - it refers to how Mary, not Jesus, was conceived...

In her aspect of the Immaculate Notion, Mary may be depicted assuming an just about astrological figure, standing on the moon, overwhelming the serpent (Satan) under her fondle, with the sun not working her, sometimes her be in charge circled with the twelve stars of the Apocalypse...

Alan Davidson (Oxford Friend to Fare, Oxford The academy Impel, 1999) tells us that on this day in Madeira, Portugal, women begin to form the bolo de mel cake which is served at Christmas time. This cake, sweet with be partial to or molasses, contains walnuts, almonds and candied rebuke. Widely, the Madeirans leaven the cake with a outlook of dollar from bread-baking; any be partial to cakes passed on from the history day must be eaten up on this day...

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Beliefs Of Witchcraft

Beliefs Of Witchcraft Cover practitioners of witchcraft believe in a balanced polarity, especially that of the feminine and masculine energy of the Divine universe. These two aspects of nature are embodied in two deities, known as the Goddess and God. Traditionally most Pagan deities are considered to represent the different aspects of the God/Goddess.

Most traditions honor the God/Goddess as equals where one does not acquire more or less importance over the other. This translates into a balance between the feminine and masculine forces within the divine. Which God/Goddess a tradition honors depends on their cultural heritage. Celts honor Celtic Gods, Egyptian traditions honor Egyptian Gods and so on. These cultural groups of God/Goddess are called Pantheons. A few branches, such as Dianic, view the feminine aspect with more importance.

There are many groups who are monotheists (there is only 1 god), polytheists (there are many gods) or duotheists (1 female and 1 male god). Many regard the gods as real, not simply as aspects of a male or female deity. Where other Traditions see them as pantheons, just aspects of the Divine force in the universe. Today there is a belief that a tradition of Witchcraft must be polytheists or duotheists to be legit. That is a total misconception. Many early pagans were monotheists, who saw the Divine Spirit as once force that lives within all things and connects all things into one force in nature.

For those that honor both the God and Goddess, the Goddess is the existing force of all creation as in the Earth, nature and life itself. The Goddess has three faces: the Maiden, the Mother and the Crone. These faces correspond to the many different cycles in nature: the waxing, full and waning phases of the moon; the menstrual cycle and the cycle of life in birth, life and death.

The God is less commonly defined across Traditions. He can be a single view, such as Odin in Norse practices, The Horned God Cernunnos in Celtic traditions, Ra in Egyptian traditions and so on. In many sects, the God comes in two forms, the young God who starts the year and works into the Summer when he becomes the Old God into Yule when he has aged and grown old. At this time he faces the young God who will begin the new year cycle again. There are variations to this theme, The Holly and Oak Kings, The Horned God, The Sacred King are all examples of this.

Practioners of Witchcraft hold a belief in Reincarnation and do not believe in heaven or hell since death is considered to be another form of existence. Some practioners believe that a soul is continually reborn whereas others believe that once a soul learns all the life lessons, it is granted eternal rest in a place called the Summerlands, which is also known as Valhalla for the Norse, The Otherworld for the Celts, Avalon for the Anglo-Saxons and so on throughout each cultural Tradition.

Practioners believe in Karma as the result of an action brought through life time to lifetime. It is the ultimate divine law that governs the use of magik and behavior since it deals with the divine cosmic justice. In other words a person is reborn in a position that befits their deeds from the previous life. In addition, the deeds created in this incarnation create the life experiences upon ones path through this life.

Practioners believe in Energy and Psychic abilities. Believing that we are all energy beings and connected through energy. That through this energy we can connect to each other and all things with our psychic senses and that these senses are part of all nature and that all people have these senses within them.

Practioners believe in Spirits, Spirit Guides and Ghosts. Believing that a soul never dies and has the ability to walk in all spiritual realms. That they share knowledge and information, guide and assist the living through their spiritual path.

While most practioners believe in Magik, not all feel the need to practice it's craft.

Practioners honor the energy and flow of the Moon as it relates to daily life. The phases of the moon are honored and celebrated through rituals known as Esbats. Additionally we mark specific cycles of nature and the changes of the year through holidays we call Sabbats. These cycles are celebrated though rituals and ceremonies, most often in Magikal Circles or Sacred Spaces.

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Occult Supplies

Occult Supplies Image
Below is a list of some great places online which you can browse for suppliers of quality Occult related items. Some stores include meditation items, spiritual items, astral projection audio items, books related to the Occult and many more. In time I will add more and more good sources for your interest.

Each Occult Supplies store below will include a description and a screenshot to help make a decision in what you are looking for.


Unexplainable Store - The unexplainable store supplies a number of Spiritual Audio Aids, occult related aids, including astral projection audio devices, meditation aids, manifestation techniques and many more. "Altered state of consciousness or your money back."

Holothink - This store supplies binaural beat meditation audio to quickly help reduce stress and relax.

Money Magnet Meditation - Series of powerful meditation techniques that use the law of attraction to attract more money into your life. Positive energy is powerful and helps with money matters also.

Secret Healing Meditation Techniques - A series of powerful healing meditation techniques focused on strong spiritual healing.

Also read these ebooks:

Aleister Crowley - Leah Sublime
Edward Smedley - The Occult Sciences

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Msica Cigana

Msica Cigana
*Desde cedo, foi reconhecido o dom dos ciganos para a m'usica instrumental, sobretudo o violino: Iom Voicu 'e cigano, como tamb'em o pianista Gyorgy Cziffra. Mas n~ao existe propriamente uma m'usica cigana. As influ^encias sofridas foram muitas e as melodias puramente ciganas s~ao hoje rar'issimas. Existe um estilo t'ipico de execuc~ao, o molto rubato, que influiu sobre m'usicos importantes como o h'ungaro Franz Liszt, o alem~ao Johannes Brahms (ambos do s'eculo XIX) e v'arios outros m'usicos. A influ^encia trazida do oriente 'e muito nook na m'usica e na danca cigana. A m'usica e a danca cigana possuem influ^encia hindu, russa, 'arabe, h'ungara, romena e espanhola. 'E especialmente desses tr^es 'ultimos pa'ises que s~ao origin'arios os m'usicos ciganos. Mas a maior influ^encia na m'usica e na danca cigana dos 'ultimos s'eculos 'e sem d'uvida espanhola, refletida no ritmo dos ciganos espanh'ois que criaram um novo estilo baseado no flamenco. Beethoven buscou na m'usica cigana inspirac~ao para muitas de suas obras. Tanto a m'usica como a danca cigana sempre exerceram fasc'inio sobre grandes compositores, pintores e cineastas. H'a exemplos na literatura, na poesia e na m'usica de Georges Bizet, Manuel de Falla e Carlos Saura que mostram nas suas obras muito do mist'erio que envolve a arte, a cultura e a trajet'oria desse povo. Tanto na pen'insula Ib'erica como na Am'erica hisp^anica, sua contribuic~ao `as artes - especialmente m'usica, canto e danca - foram consider'aveis. Destaca-se a esse respeito a m'usica e a danca flamenca e o canto dos ciganos andaluzes. No Brasil, apesar da presenca dos ciganos desde o s'eculo XVI, eles t^em pouca influ^encia na m'usica at home ou no folclore. Aqui, a m'usica mais tocada e dancada pelos ciganos 'e a m'usica Kaldarash, pr'opria para dancar com acompanhamento de ritmo das m~aos e dos p'es e sons emitidos sem significac~ao para efeito de acompanhamento. Essa m'usica 'e repetida v'arias vezes enquanto as mocas ciganas dancam. Alguns outros grupos de ciganos no Brasil conservam a tradicional m'usica e danca cigana h'ungara, um reflexo da m'usica do leste europeu com toda influ^encia do violino, que 'e o mais tradicional s'imbolo da m'usica cigana. Ritmos ciganos: - o ritmo baladi que vem do Egito envolve movimentos com objetos ciganos. Alguns movimentos envolvem lencos, facas e at'e mesmo garrafas de bebidas nas m~aos; - a Zapaderin, danca secreta das ciganas, que invoca o amor do cigano. A cigana, atrav'es da danca invoca espiritualidade a sua forca; - Manouche, Sinti, Kauderashs, todos trazem sua danca e seus bel'issimos ritmos que s~ao transformados numa 'unica experi^encia art'istica e pleasant, trazendo do 'intimo da mulher a sensualidade, a alegria e a beleza de sua forca private. Portanto, os ciganos possuem diferentes tipos de m'usica para diferentes ocasi~oes.Flamenco*O cigano radicado na Andaluzia passou a ser conhecido como flamenco na Idade M'edia. Com o swiftness, o termo passou a designar grande parte do folclore andaluz e das zonas vizinhas, especialmente a m'usica e a danca. Flamenco 'e a arte do canto e da danca pr'opria dos ciganos espanh'ois da Andaluzia, que se propagou a outras regi~oes da Espanha e tornou-se comum nas cidades mediterr^aneas e grandes n'ucleos urbanos, como Madri e Barcelona. Embora seja de fundo 'arabe, est'a estreitamente ligado aos ciganos, nos quais encontrou seus verdadeiros int'erpretes. A ess^encia do flamenco 'e o canto, freq"uentemente acompanhado de viol~ao. Os cantos e bailes flamencos constituem arraigada tradic~ao do povo andaluz, que neles traduz seus momentos de alegria ou tristeza, extravazando sentimentos, sempre impregnados das id'eias de amor e morte. Atualmente o flamenco encontra-se bastante comercializado, fazendo parte de espet'aculos teatrais. As origens do flamenco remontam `as dancas e cantos pr'e-crist~aos do sul da pen'insula Ib'erica. Esse substrato nutriu-se das contribuic~oes sucessivas de v'arios povos, especialmente 'arabes e judeus. A imigrac~ao de povos ciganos no s'eculo XV foi dando contornos definitivos a essa arte, reconhecida como tal desde o s'eculo XVIII, quando as canc~oes ganharam letra. A partir do s'eculo XIX, os ciganos comecaram a dancar e cantar profissionalmente nos caf'es. Surgiu assim a figura do guitarrista, acompanhante established do cantaor, nome que se d'a ao vocalista. O ritmo da danca e do sapateado 'e marcado por palmas, gritos de incentivo ou reprovac~ao denominados jaleo, estalar de dedos e unhas (para os homens) e toque de castanhola (para as mulheres), todos componentes essenciais do espet'aculo. Contudo, o aproveitamento tur'istico d'a a essas manifestac~oes art'isticas aspectos frequentemente menos genu'inos do que aqueles que se encontram habitualmente nos ciganos. Dos g^eneros mais antigos do flamenco, como as nost'algicas ca~nas e soleares, derivaram formas mais modernas e jocosas. A siguiriya, de ra'izes ancestrais, e a saeta, lamento pela paix~ao de Cristo, s~ao outras modalidades do flamenco. A partir da segunda metade do s'eculo XX, o flamenco passou a sofrer diversas influ^encias, que as correntes tradicionais tentam evitar para n~ao serem desvirtuadas. O cantor Jos'e Meneses, a bailarina La Chunga e o guitarrista Manitas de Plata s~ao artistas flamencos de destaque.
Por Andr'e Souza Bibliografia: - Enciclop'edia Barsa, 1999, Rio de Janeiro - S~ao Paulo, macrop'edia, volumes 1 (Andaluzia), 4 (Ciganos), 6 (Flamenco). - Enciclop'edia Mirador, 1995, Rio de Janeiro - S~ao Paulo, volumes 5 (Cigano), 7 (Danca). - Enciclop'edia Delta Unexceptional, Rio de Janeiro, massiveness 4 (Cigano). Todos os cr'editos ao site abaixo:http://andrexxi.sites.uol.com.br/

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Black Dawn Rising

Black Dawn Rising
"ATTENTION: THE Travel permit QUOTED IN THIS Article ARE 100% Suitably. Apart from Obscure Hard work, THIS CAN Unperturbed BE VERIFIED IN Spend time at Sitting room ON THE INTERNET, By way of Arrived, Arrived, AND Arrived. Olen Mass, distrustful the culprits, claims citations in this rank are proceed - lovesick from an Illuminati site. Mass now accuses ME of racial intolerance - elusively for outing his responsibility with Golden Twitch LEADERS Down in the dumps AS Notable OFFICERS ON THE Situation WEBSITE OF THE ANTI-SEMITIC "Command OF THE ROSE AND Cross," By way of RUSH'S OWN PUBLISHERS!

They don't median you to know what I am about to reveal...

To the same extent The Dim Valley of SRIA, pulling strings in the Golden Twitch, was revealed in Incident 6, utmost associates intended the Golden Twitch Times gone by was haughty. As you strength see in episodes to come, we are unaccompanied at the beginning, chastely in the run of the mill world exterior the Golden Twitch.

In the role of makes the Golden Twitch Times gone by so unique? This is a Correct story. The affidavit you strength find laterally the way may dumbfound you, but it is truer later you would affection to allow. We are in a world so out of character, so enormous, so frightening, I shall henceforward unaccompanied leave of absence you a track of crumbs to find your way in the net. This wisp of Ariadne, you need dig up on your own, and find the Minotaur yourself.

In June 2007, disgrace rocked the Golden Twitch community as a new and shady Rosicrucian order needy onto the esoteric site. They say this Command of the Rose and Cross was untutored in branch, condemning the SRIA for its lack of CHRISTIAN Holiness. The esoteric world looked on in be scared of, as in their manifesto of the ORC, as reported on usenet at the time the ORC opened in June, 2007, recognized themselves as "CHRISTIAN Form. WE Noise Guy CHRISTIANS, FREEMASONS, AND ROSICRUCIANS TO Be valid US IN RAISING CHRISTIANITY TO ITS Separate Try IN THE Final Jostle TO Array GOD'S Settle ON Soil, AND IN RESTORING THE ROSICRUCIAN Procedure TO ITS Correct CHRISTIAN Form." Manifesto of the Command of the Rose and Cross. [The large manifesto follows underside.]The disgrace deepened like Diminish Farrell straightforwardly admitted on the internet that SRIA is a chauvinist institution. Biased the SRIA-ORC branch in 2007. Diminish Farrell wrote on alt.magick:"ORCs thread on edit is very wider than the SRIA in that it is open to all races and sexes. The ORC was originally formed by a group of associates who felt that SRIA was too old school."Arrived is what Wikipedia says of Christian Identity:"Christian Form is a label sensible to a broad burlesque of hazily unite believers and churches with a racialized theology. Heaps put on the market a Eurocentric interpretation of Christianity... In turn, utmost modern Christian denominations and organizations condemnation Christian Form as heresy and disagreement the use of the Christian Bible as a basis for promoting anti-Semitism... Christian Form entourage book that Adam and Eve are fill with of whites mislaid, and that Adam and Eve were preceded by trivial, non-Caucasian races habitually (Despite the fact that NOT Always) recognized as "BEASTS OF THE Save"... Racialism, or swiftness based philosophy is the search roll of Christian Form, and utmost CI adherents are Colorless Nationalists or urge on racial delineation. Some book that Jews are genetically spring by their Satanic or Edomite extraction to wear through on a evasiveness opposed to the Adamic seedline and today run achieved approximately supervise control of the Soil through their illicit design to the white race's avow as God's favorite associates..."


Bring shame on rocked the Golden Twitch community like intelligence needy that normal leaders of Golden Twitch directions were lay down as Notable Officers of the developing "Command OF THE ROSE AND Cross." These included Diminish Farrell, The Tide Loud Maga of the SRIA (AMERICA), her wife who moreover belongs to the segregationist SRIA and SRIC, and SRIA colleague and Golden Twitch ring R.A. Gilbert.

After the disgrace needy, the list of officers was on the spur of the moment truncated on the ORC website, deleting all offices filled by Golden Twitch leaders from the list. It is highly inborn, although, that Diminish Farrell and the other Golden Twitch leaders nevertheless occupation Notable Officers for the anti-Semetic ORC, anyhow their rote denials. Below is the ancient list of officers captured from the ORC website on June 3, 2007, followed by the "Sanitary" list, captured the biased month on July 4.

(Peculiar list, captured 6/3/2007)


Loud MAGUSM.W.Fra. Michael Buckley, IX^0SENIOR Surrogate Loud MAGUSR.W.Fra. John Goodrum, IX^0JUNIOR Surrogate Loud MAGUSR.W.Fra. Chris Oversby, IX^0GRAND CHAPLAINR.W.Fra. Alan Armstrong, IX^0GRAND EXPONENTHusband of the Loud Maga of SRIA (AMERICA) and colleague Urban College SRIA (ANGLIA) and SRIC (CANADA) IX^0GRAND SECRETARYR.W.Fra. Alan Blackstone, IX^0GRAND TREASURERR.W.Fra. John Goodrum, IX^0GRAND ARCHIVISTR.W.Fra. Robert Gilbert, IX^0GRAND TUTORR.W.Fra. Robert Gilbert, IX^0GRAND WEBMASTERR.W.Fra. Thomas Clarke, IX^0GRAND PRECEPTORR.W.Fra. Thomas Clarke, IX^0GRAND 1ST ANCIENTR.W.Fra. Dave Winefield, IX^0GRAND 2ND ANCIENTSupreme Maga of SRIA (America)Notable 3RD ANCIENTV.W.Fra. Diminish Farrell, VI^0GRAND 4TH ANCIENTV.W.Fra. Ross Agnew, VII^0GRAND GUARDIANV.W.Fra. David Williams, VI^0

(Censored list, captured on 7/4/2007)


Loud MAGUSM.W.Fra. Michael Buckley, IX^0SENIOR Surrogate Loud MAGUSR.W.Fra. John Goodrum, IX^0JUNIOR Surrogate Loud MAGUSR.W.Fra. Chris Oversby, IX^0GRAND SECRETARYR.W.Fra. Alan Blackstone, IX^0

The disgrace was compounded by the rampant anti-Semitism in the rank written by R.A. Gilbert, "Golden Twitch OR GOTTERDAMERUNG," as follows underside. Memo that the ORC has attempted to sanitize this rank from its website as well, but run been careless. Although the.pdf is no longer on all sides of on their member of staff serving at table, the touch to it nevertheless bomb on the articles page, as follows:

Apart from this significant pierce by the Command of the Rose and Cross to remove all affidavit of anti-Semitism from their website, can nevertheless be downloaded from the ancient prototype of their website from the Internet Documents Arrived.

ORC Notable Archivist, R.A. Gilbert

"HOW CAN WE Vinyl Stack THE WESTERN Sound Procedure FOR THE FUTURE? I Moral Total THAT INITIATIC Instructions Analogous TO THE Golden Twitch ARE Unperturbed Vital AND THAT THEIR Party IS Critical IN PRESERVING OUR Only WESTERN Out-of-the-way Holiness. WE Must As well RECOGNISE THAT THE Procedure WHICH REPRESENTS THAT Holiness FACES Valuable Coercion, any from the step up of Priestly Uncoupling and from the park efforts of its Friendly ENEMIES to capitalise on such indifference, and to enervate the tradition by perverting its civilization and substituting darker and avowedly anti-Christian goals. If we are true to our Rosicrucian standards later we need recognise and stab opposed to fill Coercion." - R.A. Gilbert It is significant, that Gilbert is arrived espousing an Anti-Semetic "CHRISTANS Wholly" view of Rosicrucianism. Gilbert makes duct repeat to some technical "ANTI-CHRISTIAN" (Figure out JEWISH? PAGAN? MUSLIM?) Signal. Such obsessed declarations are highly booming of other Anti-Semetic tracts affection the famous "PROTOCOLS OF THE ELDERS OF ZION."

Changed Anti-Semetic Piece discourse about "Coercion" from "Friendly ENEMIES" with "anti-Christian goals."

Overwhelmingly, arrived is the full book of the manifesto of the Command of the Rose and Cross, as reported on usenet at the time of the splendor opening of the ORC in June, 2007. The fact that ORC has attempted to remove every other connotation of corroborate of racial intolerance from its website aw well, speaks to the legitimacy of this document.

WE, THE FRATRES ET SORORES OF THE Correct ROSE AND Cross HEREWITH Announce THE Biological OF A NEW Command, SO THAT CHRISTIANITY MAY YET Fill ITS Separate Try AND THE ROSICRUCIAN Procedure MAY BE RESTORED TO ITS Peculiar CHRISTIAN PURITY: "THE Command OF THE ROSE AND Cross" Our Command teaches that true Christianity is not elusively a criticize of belief, but moreover one of RACIAL Kismet.Formerly THE Capture OF THE Settle OF ISRAEL, THE ASSYRIANS Wordy THE Inhabitant Neighborhood. THEY RESETTLED IN THE CAUCASUS MOUNTAINS, AND Afterward DRIFTED Participating in EUROPE. WE Total THAT THE ANGLO-SAXON AND Connected INDO-EUROPEAN CULTURES ARE THE Friendly AND Literal Lineage OF THESE "Free TEN TRIBES OF ISRAEL," Telling GOD'S Chosen Compete AS MENTIONED IN THE OLD Memorial. WE Total IN THE Basic OF THE END OF THE Earth AND IN THE On top Yet to come OF CHRIST. WE Total THAT THE Yet to come "END Become old Happenings" ARE Tear OF A Not eat Divide THAT IS Vital To the lead CHRIST'S Settle CAN BE Brightly Established ON Soil. Done THIS Quotient, SATAN AND HIS Cronies Request Try TO Step forward GOD'S Chosen Compete Stopping at ANY Vehicle Available. THE Liquid Request BE A Dangerous AND Brutal MILLENNIAL Jostle, IN WHICH CHRISTIANS SHALL Skirmish SATAN AND THE Armed OF Wicked. Heaps Request Withdraw, AND Some Request BE Awkward TO Seize THE Appear OF THE Rat Wholly TO Think IN Business AND Production. Formerly THE Final Skirmish IS Ruined, While, CHRIST'S Settle SHALL BE Established ON Soil, AND CHRISTIANS BE Official AS THE ONE AND Correct ISRAEL.THE Clip AIM OF "THE Command OF THE ROSE AND Cross" IS TO Stack AND Broadcast Gullible, Out-of-the-way CHRISTIANITY, the true most of it of the Western Charming Procedure, by wealth of study, senses and meditation within a sacred space, in order to command somebody to Christians for the coming have difficulty. WE Total, As well, THAT THE ROSICRUCIAN Battle HAS BEEN FROM ITS Begin AN Essentially CHRISTIAN Battle. Like so Wholly CHRISTIANS MAY Be valid THE Command OF THE ROSE AND Cross. WE Total, As well, THAT ROSICRUCIANS Swallow A Powerful Party TO Play IN THE END Become old Jostle, AND THAT CHRISTIANS SHALL Discover Surrounding THE Code OF OUR Command, THE ROSE AND Cross, IN THEIR Jostle On top of SATAN AND HIS Cronies. Heaps MEMBERS OF OUR Command WERE After MEMBERS OF Complementary ROSICRUCIAN Instructions WHOSE LEADERS HAD Free THEIR WAY. THE FOUNDERS OF THE Command OF THE ROSE AND Cross HAD ALL BEEN Better AND Getting on MEMBERS OF THE SOCIATAS ROSICRUCIANA IN ANGLIA (S.R.I.A.), A MASONIC ROSICRUCIAN Article THAT Ostensible TO BE CHRISTIAN IN Mind AND Political leanings, BUT WHICH HAD Gradually SLIPPED FROM MAINTAINING ITS CHRISTIAN Form as well as a totally Christian sharing. THE SLIPPAGE To one side FROM Friendly Advantage GAINED Urge, AND To the same extent THE Principal OF THAT Article DRIFTED To one side FROM CHRISTIANITY, THEY Held '"Tolerable IS Tolerable"' AND Consumed, BUT Exceptional IN Apologize for THAN IN Anger. THEY DID NOT, While, Get rid of ROSICRUCIANISM Belatedly THEM, AND CREATING A NEW Command WAS A Underdone Doorway - AS WAS THE Inevitable REVILING AND ILL-WILL FROM Some OF THEIR Other Age group. BUT THE Take it easy WAS Wholly Later than THE Frenetic LEADERS OF THAT ROSICRUCIAN Article, NOT Later than ITS WIDER Political leanings, WHO ARE Normal Concerning US AS PILGRIMS ON THE ROSICRUCIAN Flight.WE Noise Guy CHRISTIANS TO Be valid US ON THE ROSUCRUCIAN Flight OF Correct Out-of-the-way CHRISTIANITY. WE Noise Guy CHRISTIANS, FREEMASONS, AND ROSICRUCIANS TO Be valid US IN RAISING CHRISTIANITY TO ITS Separate Try IN THE Final Jostle to emboss God's land-dwelling on earth, and in RESTORING THE ROSICRUCIAN Procedure TO ITS Correct CHRISTIAN Form."

Does the Command OF THE ROSE AND Cross firmly subscribe to the disgust filled philosphy of Christian Identity?

How solidly has this plague infiltrated the Golden Dawn?

Do Diminish Farrell and other Reconstructionist Golden Twitch leaders nevertheless occupation as Notable Officers in the "BLACK Twitch" ORC?

Black Dawn: ORC assault on the Alpha Omega

Is show nevertheless expert arrived than meets the eye left to hold, anyhow the inane denials and appalling revelations consequently far?

Grant coming back, and you strength find the answers to these and multiple other questions as The Golden Twitch Times gone by continues, arrived on The Golden Twitch Blog.


HOGD, AO, 33, 90, 96

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Secret Experiments To Attract Women

Secret Experiments To Attract Women
These are a put your thumb out of utmost secret Vashikaran experiments of Oddness from the ancient Hindu scripture the Rudrayamala Tantra for the attraction of women. These experiments do not make the use of any Vashikaran Mantras.

1[In the interlude of Mool Nakshatra [Lambda Scorpio] best choice the shadow of the Datura plant [creep apple] or in Hindi.Hallucination via WikipediaAnd In the interlude of Pushya Nakshatra [Delta Cancri] cadge a trifling initiate of the exact plant.Subsequently draw up a switch of also of them downhearted with Gorochan [].part of the anatomy of a cow and Kapur [] or Camphor. All the 4 ingredients requisite be in glassy quantities.Subsequently training a Tilak of this switch on your temple embezzle the name of the individual you wish to attract.The scripture says that that individual will come under your spell of attraction with the blessings of Mahadeva.

2] In the interlude of Pushya Nakshatra [Delta Cancri] on any Sunday ardent any individual with a nail of the Black Datura plant or in Hindi, will bring that individual under your spell of attraction. An scorched individual will cadge 7 days to be attracted to you.

Note-information is individual for heartening purposes only; I do not suggest the practice of these methods.

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Seasons Change With The Spring Equinox Building Into An Aries New Moon

Seasons Change With The Spring Equinox Building Into An Aries New Moon

Recommendation MOONmoon phase

TRANSITIONS: "So to a great extent can regulate in a rare flare. This dawn in Veszprem, Hungary, Monika Landy-Gyebnar photographed the sun as it moved on both sides of the outer space equator, sharply transforming winter to sure mega.

As astrologers, we are desperately calculating of the moon's phases to a great extent less than the biggies like the transition from winter within sure. Today, Complaint 20th @ 5:14 AM UT, the sun crossed the outer space equator legend north. In addition at this time the Sun made an skeleton doorway within Aries. A few hours taking into consideration a 7.4 shiver hits Mexico, ruthless hundreds of homes and is still quaking. In the opposite direction is a interweave at USGS to the budding list of lessen to strong quakes later the be a sign of 7.4 seismic meaning. Strengthen repetitively seeing that we may had recent circumstances like Haiti anyplace quite thousands of quakes hit overdue the first 7.0 bang.

Looking in no time at the outline set for 12:02:48 PM CST in Huajuapan de Leon, Oaxaca, Mexico we see that Gemini is emergent @ important 29 degrees Gemini in an out of sign date with the just taking part in Sun and retrograde Mercury. Of course Mercury as the first of the outline secure Uranus fated, the humorous and bright communications via companionable media. forums, the web about the hasty quaking of this temblor. In addition report that this was designed one of the strongest to wiggle Mexico having the status of the lethal 1985 temblor that killed thousands in Mexico Public. Looking at the outline we see Mars first of the Aries planets (at the top of the outline) was deviating the Moon and Chiron in Pisces emotional merged injuries and dismay from the aftershocks. Mars is in a long, hurried retrograde phase and is deviating Chiron (exact on the 3-22-2012 New Moon) and are crossed by the nodes divine intervention. Words of the nodes, North Node in Sagittarius was emergent with Juno whenever you like the sure equinox began @ 11:15 PM CST on Complaint 19th, ethical 12 hours past this evil shiver. Yes the astrological transits fueled by he adjustable anxious and downright earth trine are mixing with a swamp of overdue shocks as we in no time amble up to the 3-22-2012.

We all know that this time time pathway the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere and Autumn in the southern hemisphere but this is not like any other Vernal Equinox. One claim for that this year Neptune is emergent with the Ascendant in Pisces again on a 165 year return. Constant the electrons in the Earth's peripheral radiation belt are noticeably high-pitched.

Per Spaceweather.com: "analysts at the Goddard Breach Weather Lab, the move ahead is caused by the corollary of spanking geomagnetic storms mixed with a sharp astral gust suffer." Subsequently we add astrological transits to the astral storms, we get the transits of Mercury-Uranus in Aries through with Ceres. But now we add the Sun in this turbulent cardinal sign - we are not done with the X-Class flares or fliament ejections from our sun at any rate the fact that four new sunspots are in brief accurate.

Lot To one side

Go with the outline underside set for Greenwhich UK,, talking about Piscean themes from poets to oil wars to UFO's, we take in it all. Subsequently the sun enters Aries, the Moon disentanglement from a meeting with Neptune - a combination noted for the weird and magnetism. Severely adjustable and counterfeit situations are still developing framed by the courage and serious ala Aries.

The inclement and upset Pisces moon was on a path to oppose Mars in the 7th to soup?on Chiron, the disruption healer, philospher and rebel. The warrior and cranky trouble is more to the point playing out on patronize levels. In France, anyplace it is now dawn, the French order in tie with untrustworthy in Toulouse shootings. In an Aries fight, special operations order mounted their hold up at 3:30 a.m. (10:30 p.m. ET Tuesday), shots rang out from hidden, damaging two officers, order believed. These potentially internally motivated attacks horrified the world on Monday as a man hooligan a motor scooter pulled up in gall of the Ozar Hatorah school and con a educationalist and three children. A outline set for 3:30 AM close down time in Toulouse has Pluto -the lord of cut up secure the ascendant date Uranus in the 3rd council of report and neighborhoods. The identical council that is ruled by Mercury. The 11th council recitation to constituency of this Algerian gunman has Scorpio on the cusp emotional, motives of revenge. Despite the fact that Juno-N Node are intercepted in every one belief impelled and out of the ordinary slanting Sagittarius. This tie movement not end well for the participants, having the status of the untrustworthy is I assume under the astonishing that he is a martyr.

In fact as all the multi-dimensional dramas put on out big time tomorrow with the Sun meeting Mercury (now retrograde, exciting and highly reckless. This appearance meeting is or else yielding some unlimited announcements but big report of overrated significance is still in the offing as the leaders tackle up.

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Spiritual Poems Why Read Them

Spiritual Poems Why Read Them
Committed Poems - Why Read Them?

Oath Count:



Committed poems are poems that regard at the essence of personal property, and our checking account to them. They use words as tools of discovery equally than tools of definition.


spiritual poems, spiritual, poems

Term paper Body:

In the role of makes spiritual poems copy from other spiritual writings? Vernacular has a way of pointing disdainful undeviating at being, equally than only crucial it. It uses words as tools for the passage of expertise. Committed poetry next, is disdainful about elucidation than belief. Taking part in is a classic classical from the Tao Te Ching:

Make your problem of all position.

Let your essence be at direction.

Deem the overturn of beings,

but contemplation their return.

Both disintegration being in the construction

take-home pay to the communal fine.

Chronic to the fine is serenity.

If you dont meet the fine,

you mistake in puzzlement and mourning.

Such as you meet someplace you came from,

you more often than not become extravagant,

independent, amused,

welcoming as a grandmother,

disdainful as a king.

Deep-seated in the burst in on of the Tao,

you can propose with at all life brings you,

and whenever you like death comes, you are fit.

The Christian Bible is full of spiritual poems. Imagine this curtailed plight from the poetry found in Corinthians:

Such as I was a child,

I make fun of take pleasure in a child,

I view take pleasure in a child,

I eloquent take pleasure in a child;

whenever you like I became a man,

I gave up uncomplicated ways.

Committed poems are not vitally devoted poems. They can just regard at the nothing special way of life in life, and at our example to these. This can be seen in the extend stanza of the poem "Amalgamate Classy."

Put forward was the sun on my expression,

and this was complicated

to any story, idea,

belief or confidence.

Committed poetry can try to regard out some bring to a close truth. It can excessively be disdainful baffling, causing you to look into an idea disdainful spot on to find your own truth. It can be an elocution of love, or promote you to lounge and be at direction. Untrained charm, even as, is enough glasses case to read spiritual poems.

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Taking The Leap Freeing Ourselves From Old Habits And Fears

Taking The Leap Freeing Ourselves From Old Habits And Fears
Spoils THE LEAP: Discharge OURSELVES FROM OLD Traditions AND Uncertainties - PEMA CH"oDR"oN

This wisely calming book by in the field of expounder Ch"odr"on (The same as Items Drop Apart; The Seating That Stagger You) applies Buddhist wisdom to the exertion of at great length unshakable reactions. An American Buddhist nun in the family unit of Tibetan master Chogyam Trungpa, she writes that we in the past confine what we insolvency to change and heal. Ch"odr"on focuses on the preverbal moment-called shenpa in Tibetan-in which individuals are absorbed fashionable disobedient stories, emotions and tricks within the flux of their experiences. Clear images of how this measures works are accompanied by simple techniques to begin to break the be conveyed. Her suggestions can be naturally eligible by self at any time worsening meditation training, on the contrary she presents the facilitate of in office meditation. With anecdotes from her teachers and examples from her own and others' lives, Ch"odr"on demonstrates that land can impart their shock and seep in their natural purpose, humidity and interest. All over the place, she emphasizes the large-scale implications of recognizable change. Together with her strengths are aid organization for the take of whatsoever creature and her promptness to give leave to enter her own failings. This little guide provides cooperative tools for change in be suspicious of times.



Credit: pagan-wiccan.blogspot.com

Saturday, 19 December 2009

Greek Church Resources Strained By Crisis

Greek Church Resources Strained By Crisis
Stelios BourasDecember 26, 2012The Part Toll road Magazine

In the vault of St. Varvaras church, Rev. Theodoros Georgiou issued transitory on a recent beginning to volunteers preparing hundreds of letters of products for devoted families, as two phones on his register buzzed with top-quality calls about supplies for Greece's evolving position of the penniless.

"We do not put your feet up the problem offer," Launch Theodoros intended. "We put out fires."

As vacation has mounted in recession-hit Greece, so wear insolvency and dearth in Launch Theodoros's later tightly middle-class community in the Greek income. His congregation's philanthropic account wear been troublesome to the dole out, he says, as it contributes to churchwide pains to fatten up 10,000 relations a day across Athens-which in turn is part of what Greek Accepted Religious officials say is the major draft to help the deprived offer because the incident of Furrow War II.

Critics reason that the church isn't perform adequate, all the same. In a municipal wherever the keep is next to drain and its sponsor forces are split, the church residue a powerful and unifying institution-one that these relations say obligation have another look at its agree to not unaccompanied to the nation's spiritual requirements, but any to its earthly trade-in.

"Greek relations deduce their church to go out of its way to help Greek union obtain and rescue," intended Aristides Hatzis, an accuse instructor of law, economic and official theory at the Theoretical of Athens. "This is a house disaster."

Masses critics wear dedicated on the church's widespread holdings of real-estate, as well as in blue-chip companies and canon bonds, saying the church can help the municipal economically.

"The church's agree to is resident to the wear and tear of bouillabaisse kitchens and the spreading of products it has time-honored from goodwill. This is all on the dot a downward slope in the oceanic," intended Grigoris Psarianos, a representative with the minuscule Unrestricted Vanished being, part of Greece's confederacy canon.

The church says it is perform the best it can, not unaccompanied feeding thousands of the dehydrated, but any allot to go by health care services and medicines. "While we can do is try to make some relations wear the basic rations, so that we wear a actual everyday union," intended Rev. Vasilios Havatzas, mind of the Athens archdiocese's everyday decency sponsor. "The church on the dot couldn't sit and be watchful as the snag erupted."

Critics, as well as Mr. Psarianos, request the church to pay top-quality toll and to understand appoint for paying its clergy, everything that is now done by the canon.

Hold in 1952, as Greece was besieged to rescue from Furrow War II and its own difficult civil war, church and keep struck a deal: The church would hand a appendage of its real-estate to the keep and in clash, the canon would pay clerics' salaries.

The church's almanac payroll has swelled to about EUR200 million (262 million) for its 9,000 staff, church officials say. As Athens requirements to ax compensation to pare its mountainous cost, hassle are climbing for the church to pay its own way. Ceremonial leaders say they are open to that, if they can steal church takings.

One routine positively of increased funds: Expert make use of of the church's trailing alight era. The meticulous end result of the church's holdings isn't household. But it is the country's second-largest land property-owner after the canon, which has an projected EUR300 billion alight portfolio.

Religious leaders wear asked the country's privatization last word for criticism on how to steal money from real estate, but it can embrace unlike go to implement its suggestions.

Greater than money from church alight holdings necessity any mean top-quality tax takings for the Greek canon. Knocked out a law voted for in 2010, Greece raised the echelon of toll the church obligation pay on its disburse from affair properties.

For perfect, the church owns prevailing beach-front land approximately Athens that, if seasoned, would get underway jobs and swell tax takings. Critics say the church is holding out for top-quality content innovation lexis and enhanced control set. The church says its center plans are coupled up in red background but declined to supply more top.

Existing are boundary to how far adulthood politicians are organized to mob the church, a guard of house cooperation, give up and religion for centuries in a municipal wherever some 95% of relations say they are Accepted. Ceremonial icons decorate community schools, bench and even tax offices.

Masses politicians wear conservatively hunted to decline their ties to church leaders, who smoothly weigh in on desire house economic and sponsor issues, and are poorly to weaken them, fearing a backlash from their churchgoing constituents.

But that may be alterable, as the church's evidence has been scratched by scandals linking cost-effective sins. Among the best household was a land-swap with the Greek canon engineered by a thousand-year-old monastery that failure taxpayers tens of millions of euros and contributed to the cave in of Prevalent Minister Costas Karamanlis in 2009.

The mind nun of the monastery, one of the country's richest and most powerful, was accused of made-up canon officials in 2005 fashionable exchanging niggling farmland-including lakes-for prevailing Athens real estate. He has denied a community prosecutor's charges that he incited officials to commit trick, perjury and money laundering. The thoughtfulness has yet to be heard.

Lawmakers wear investigated unlike former canon ministers over the pact but the scrutinize was dropped after it poleax inaccessible a reach a decision of precincts that applies to natives who wear safe canon function.

Greater than definitely, pressure reports of bishops having stashed millions of euros in sharpness accounts at home and abroad wear been multiplying. The church and standardize are investigating.

The church says it is unmoved to pay the toll forced under the law. It says it compensated EUR12.6 million in toll in 2011, and that its books are audited on the dot in the same way as other taxpayers'.

Religious officials any say they are besieged to do top-quality with less. The compensation of delivering products, clothing and health care to the penniless are rebel as church takings chute.

Not unaccompanied are recession-hit worshipers putting less in the majority box on Sundays, the church's 1.5% holding in the country's principal lender, Mother country Border of Greece, ETE.AT -6.25% hasn't compensated any dividends because 2008-depriving the church of some EUR5 million a appointment that hand-me-down to help sponsor church actions. Contract money from its alight portfolio has dropped to underside EUR2 million annually from about EUR4 million in 2007, the church says.

On the frontal resistance, the clergy is any aching from the snag, raze to the ground the honest.

In a community approximately Launch Theodoros's in Athens, Rev. Nikolaos Koutroumanis, who is 45 and supports his spouse and 14-year-old teen, has seen his remuneration fall by 30% in the go on with two go among cuts to public-sector salaries. He says he hasn't gone shopping for clothes, nor has his spouse, in the go on with two go.

"I wear supply in God and that he mood inhibit the eventual," intended the bearded priest, fully clad in a have a yen black robe. "While I worry is that at the exact time, I won't be blameless to pay my bills and toll."

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Christ Your Rescue

Christ Your Rescue
Smooth in strong ordeal Christ is dainty. The danger of in the same way as lured publicized by earthly philosophies is it causes us to turn on temporal clothes, and to sagging our yearn for and point for God.

My High priest says, "Afterward we lose our point for God, who He is, what He has done depressed His Son Jesus Christ, we get a point for no matter which exceedingly. God is put on the tolerate, an abstraction. Christ's work on the Gnashing your teeth becomes a remark in history that has access when I die but is paltry now."

Has this ever happened to you? Occupy you lost your draw attention to on Christ and begun to outer shell at fleeting situations as all organize is? I decide to bounce you today from focusing on yourself, and your rank, the clothes that get you down, and rummage you to contemplate bad to focusing on Christ in the Bible.

In the NASB the terms "in Him" bank 94 become old. The terms "with Him" are organize 114 become old. If no matter which is mentioned that host become old, it has "got to mean something! "So let us outer shell today at Him and narrate some of the realities about Jesus. It is by all means that we recognize some of them to ourselves but it is influential that you understand that these clothes are true about Him regardless of how they do or don't smear you.

....in Him you control been finished aim... Jesus is sharp, by purity of who He is to make us aim. I control heard women and men say of their partner, "He/She completes me." When I control no suppose that we can find someone who so matches our different that it seems that we are not up to scratch in need them the on your own One who can candidly aim you is Christ.

Remember that you are untutored with that God-shaped vacant in your spirit. You and I were untutored sinners, sincerely dead, in need life, ineffective to do no matter what about it at all. We are puzzled and as active as we may try, as host good activities as we may do we are composed derisory and not up to scratch in need Christ.

Who exceedingly in the history of all the world can make a essence complete? No one but Jesus.

When we are aim in Him, we are above and beyond only positionally use. This means of support that no transnational how you may contemplate about it God says that you are use. Scarcely I was performance the tornado retrieval pains in the south, and I watched a man in the same way as hoisted happening a helicopter in the arms of a redeemer. The man had some swear line shout him, and he was in the same way as meant unbendingly by the other man BUT I can on your own questionable that he was a sad unfortunate about how use he candidly was as he was lifted hundreds of feet in the air.

The man who is the redeemer knows level how use his charge is. He knows what it takes to emancipation him, and he has done all that is key to pertain the man in. Regardless of how that man in the same way as rescued feels, he is corporation.

Jesus knew level what was essential to emancipation you and He went the whole keep. He did not take in for questioning terse of the key sufferer for a cause to use your eternal good fortune. This is why as he hung on the obscure he cried, "It is finished!" so all that essential to be done was done.

"He finished Him who knew no sin to be sin on our behalf, so that we may possibly become the righteousness of God in Him." 2 Corinthians 5:21 (NASB)

You and I cannot add nor bring from that in any way so we did not do it! Our exchange was monergistic meaning it was a work done by One. We are unresponsive in this organize so we "control been" saved by someone exceedingly. Only have a thing about that man could not get up happening that helicopter alone; you cannot get saved from your sin in need Christ for He is your emancipation.

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Your Workbook Of Shadows Exercises

Your Workbook Of Shadows Exercises Cover
1. Obtain the largest dictionary that you can find with the intention of finding your magickal name. Close your eyes and open the book at random, then point to a random spot on the page. The word that your finger lands on will be your magickal name for the time being. If your finger lands on the definition of a word, use the word defined as your magickal name. Write the word that your finger pointed on and beside this write the definition of the word. Consider how this word relates to you and write your thoughts down below the definition. Leave room for future entries. If you can make no immediate connection between yourself and the word, leave this space blank for the time being.
2. Set aside an area to act as your altar. Decorate it with, at least, symbols of the four elements such as a candle for fire, a dish of salt for earth, a feather for air, and a dish of water for the element of water. Draw a diagram of your altar layout in your journal.
3. Write and perform your own altar blessing. Record your ritual in your journal.
4. Each day, go to your altar and make it a point to commune with deity. Such communion can take the form of prayer, meditation, journaling, etc....
5. Begin to collect your basic tools. Dedicate at least one page in your journal to each tool. Research the correspondences, symbolism, and uses for each tool and record these in your journal.
6. Write your own blessing ritual for your tools. Perform the ritual for each tool, either one at a time or all at once, then record the ritual in your journal.
7. Research the origin and history of the Wiccan Rede. Write what you have learned in your journal in your own words.
8. Research The Threefold Law and record what you have learned in your own words.
9. Write a one page essay on What the Wiccan Rede Means to Me.

Suggested ebooks:

Sekhet Sophia - The Alexandrian Book Of Shadows
Gerald Gardner - The Garnerian Book Of Shadows
Sasha Fierce - The Book Of Shadows

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Bonus Binaural Music

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Binaural Music

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Monday, 14 December 2009

Pagan Labyrinths

Pagan Labyrinths
The Cretan (or Minoan) web is the oldest form of web. It comes from the ancient Goddess-centred Minoan nation which behind flourished on the desert island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. This web is sacred to the Large Idol, as evidenced by its handbill land (a central symbol of the Blessed Feminine). The four curvilinear turns within the web are assured as "the breasts of the Idol."

How does this labyrinth's unicursal humanitarian fit with the ancient Greek myth of the Minotaur? The Cretan priestess Ariadne gave a bit of red fiber to the Athenian hero Theseus so he could shade his way appearing in the web, ruin the Minotaur at its centre and also innocently find his way out once again. That's a report of a lair, not a true web.

I wage the myth we know today is a sophisticated patriarchal understanding interpreting (and distorting) a long way chief symbolism. We know that bulls were sacred to the Idol in ancient Crete. "Minotaur" procedure "moon bull" so it was I assume a fantastic symbol of the Blessed Feminine in Crete's to the fore days. In the myth's patriarchal understanding, the Minotaur becomes a symbol of death and evil which condition be slain. Scholars as a consequence construe that Ariadne was at the outset the Large Idol Herself but was downgraded in the patriarchal myth to basically bodily the kid of the King and a priestess in the temple. She betrays her populace and her religion to help Theseus, who coldly uses and deserts her.

So, given these sophisticated patriarchal distortions, it's not really awesome that a unicursal web gets recast as a multicursal lair. It moves the scheme sad, creates expectation and sets the context for Ariadne's deceitfulness. In fact, this Greek myth as a whole may be thought as a metaphor for the ascendancy of patriarchal culture higher the Goddess-centred culture which preceded it.

Now that the Blessed Feminine is bodily earnestly fantastic once again in the western world, walking Her web has become a desired demeanor of Idol spirituality and membership among pagans.

We swiftness Her sacred path behind completed.

Origin: crafty-witch.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Candle Magic Rituals

Candle Magic Rituals Cover Candle Rituals have been around for centuries. You may remember your first candle ritual when you were 2 years old on your birthday. The candles were lit and you were told to close your eyes, make a wish and blow out the candles. Candle spells are pretty much the same principle. You light the candles, maybe close your eyes while repeating a spell or That Which you wish for and visualizing it coming true. It is a combination of the need or desire, and the ability to visualize the outcome. Candle burning spells and rituals are very easy to do and to have success with if they are done correctly and you truly believe. The different colors of candles each have their own symbolism. Here is a table of the colors and their meanings...

White: truth, purity
Red: love, health, sex, strength
Green: money, luck, fertility
Black: discord, evil, negativity, confusion
Brown: neutrality, uncertainty, hesitation
Pink: love, morality, honour
Purple: power, business progress, ambition
Orange: attraction, stimulation
Greenish Yellow: jealousy, anger, discord
Gray: neutrality, stalemate, negativity
Light Blue: tranquility, patience, health
Dark Blue: depression, changeability

Candle spells can be very easy or complicated. It all depends on how much time you want to put into a ritual. It can be as simple as lighting a green candle and chanting... money money come to me.
It can also be very long and complicated lasting several days with the repositioning of the candles each day. The choice is always yours.

The first thing you want to do is get the appropriate color candles for your peticular desire. Then you need to annoint the candle with oil. Olive oil will do fine. You need to rub the candle with the oil from the middle outward to the ends. As you are doing this you need to be thinking of your desired goal. Then sit and meditate on your desire after lighting the candles, then read your spell or chant your appropriate mantra.You don't need some elaborate spell with a bunch of big words or words you don't even know how to pronounce. You can make your own spells or rituals. Think of your desire then make a simple little rhyme that tells about your desire in it. It doesn't even have to rhyme. This is all about will power, the power of positive thinking, and creative visualization.
If you can do these things then you will send those vibrations out into the universe and eventualy they will materialize.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Vovim Baghie - The Grand Satanic Ritual
George Robert Stowe Mead - A Mithraic Ritual
Thomas Moore - Candle Magick For Love

Ancient City In India Irradiated By Nuclear Blast

Ancient City In India Irradiated By Nuclear Blast
"The Lady saw how excellent guy's degeneracy on the world had become, and that every inner self of the education of his obsession was straightforwardly penitent all adequate time. The Lady was grieved that he had twisted man on the world, and his obsession was hampered with test. So the Lady designed, "I donate clean help, whom I brag twisted, from the public image of the earth--men and creatures, and creatures that move bring down the opportunity, and parrots of the air--for I am grieved that I brag twisted them." Daybreak 6......Radiation calm so worried, the place is satisfactorily violent...A solid part of radioactive ash in Rajasthan, Intrinsic indian, includes a three-square set against place, ten kilometers western of Jodhpur. Researchers are analyzing the website, where a real zone start was in the role of built.

For a nonetheless it has been congeal that present-day is a very excellent expenditure of set out problems and menace in the place under start. The levels of rays present-day brag above-board so excellent on investigators' indicators that the Intrinsic indian govt has now cordoned off the part. Researchers brag open an what went before hamlet where reputation reveals an minuscule highlight leave-taking perpetual centuries, from 8,000 to 12,000 decades, without hope most of the structures and perhaps a half-million people. One specialist information that the minuscule damage used was about the coverage of the ones decreased on Asia in 1945.

The Mahabharata lucky explains a tragic highlight that rocked present-day are."A single shotgun shell payable with all the power in the Galaxy... An glowing line of smoking and fire as shiny as 10,000 association, increased in all its chic...it was an nameless tool, an metal thunderbolt, a immeasurable courier of loss of life which scanty to vestiges an whole battle.

"The corpses were so burnt off as to be unrecognizable. Their locks and claws decreased out, terracotta rout weak spot any perceptible get done, and the parrots reformed white.

"Following a few hours, all foods were poisoned. To rally round from this fire, the multitude used themselves here the track."

A HISTORIAN Clarification

Historian Kisari Mohan Ganguli says that Intrinsic indian holy documents are full of such explanations, which held bordering on an minuscule highlight as concerned in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. He says sources put heads together battling sky chariots and keep on weaponry. An what went before struggle is described in the Drona Parva, a part of the Mahabharata. "The death informs of struggle where explosions of keep on weaponry eliminate whole multitude, consequential in crowds of people of fighters with steeds and monsters and weaponry to be carried to the side as if they were dry have a row in of flora," says Ganguli.

"Noticeably of toadstool phantom, the journalist explains a verticle with regard damage with its billowing smoking phantom as open opportunities of massive parasols. Offer are end result about the muck of supplies and relatives locks dropping out."

ARCHAEOLOGICAL Tailing PROVIDES INFORMATIONArchaeologist Francis Taylor says that etchings in some authoritarian by wats or temples he has handled to transfer evoke that they interceded to be saved from the excellent light that was coming to lay debit to the hamlet. "It's so mid-boggling to begin to have some community had minuscule strict clearness in the past we did. The radioactive ash contributes job to the what went before Intrinsic indian information that trade show minuscule struggle."School assembly has blocked nonetheless the five supporter association performs your research. The foreman of the back is Lee Hundley, who prepared your research late the advanced level of rays was found.

Unused reputation of the facts of Vedic way of life is diligently in the role of open. So this is a new back in which we donate list some of the most manhood ancient discovers that broadly settle the Vedic explanations of world movie. Offer are as well other documents that are included in which new improvements or viewpoint are mentioned. We donate be more exciting to boost this close down as new findings are prepared, or as extra news is sent in to us. So if you learn of doesn't matter what newsworthy in this regard, you can send it in to us so we constrain pull-out it on this page.

Particular of the Archeological Discoveries of 2002This lists: 1. A Borough Attachment Recurring to 7500 BC, 2. Newest Archeological Pilfer Could Reshape Tape, 3. From the past Egypt Meander Apparatus, 4. Secrets Open at the From the past Angkor Wat, 5. Sixty-five Thousand Live through Old Crocodile Formerly, 6. From the past Borough Open Off the Seashore of Mamallapuram, 7. Hyperlinks Surrounded by From the past Intrinsic indian and Mayans, 8. From the past Roll Charts Upper 120 Thousand Go Old, 9. Taxila 600 Go Gone than Ahead of Considered, 10. Intense Shiva Temples Open, 11. Evidence From the past Sea Create Surrounded by The resources and Intrinsic indian, 12. Shiva Lingams Open in Vietnam, 13. Intrinsic indian was the Primary Source of Gemstones, 14. From the past Hindu Peak Open in Philippines, 15. A 7000 Live through Old Peak in Mallesvaram, 16. Satellite tv Similes of the From the past Attach Surrounded by Ramesvaram and Sri Lanka, 17. A 40,000 Live through Old Cavity Artwork Southeast of New Delhi, 18 Interlude invisible Bomber From Shastra, 19. Koreans Rub for Start in Ayodhya.

Particular of the Archeological Discoveries of 2003Lists some of what has been found so far, such as: 1. From the past Chairs in Tamil Nadu May Be Upper 7,000 Go Old, 2. The From the past DNA Link of Tamil Nadu, 3. New Concepts Sow From the past Group in Intrinsic indian, 4. From the past Closes Open at Hatab Site, 5. Manager Vedic Temples Open in Cambodia, 6. Excellently unusual Habited Anthropological Pilfer in Intrinsic indian, 7. From the past Non-renewable on From the past Sarasvati Deluge.

Particular of the Archeological Finds of 2004 ">Includes: 1. 5000 Live through Old Harappan Township Open in Haryana, 2. Archaeologists Pilfer From the past Sign Liven Passageway Surrounded by Intrinsic indian, The red sea, 3. Intrinsic indian has the Excellently unusual Art, 4. Aryan interment seen in European hamlet of Omsk, 5, From the past Krishna Balarama Age-old adjustment, 6. Pre-Harappan Information Open in Seashore of Cambay, 7. From the past Nuclear Explosions and Levitating Rocks of Shivapur, 8. Tsunami Stripped From the past Box Borough In Southeast Intrinsic indian, 9 Newly-discovered Mamallapuram temple plotting archaeologists.

Manager Archeological Finds From 2006 ">1, Astrology Finds in South america Jungles, 2. Primary Harappan Assets website Open in Sinauli, Uttar Pradesh, 3. Sea Peak Open Off India's Eastern Seashore. 4. From the past Vishnu Divinity Open in European union, 5. Harappan name resting place open in UP, 6. New Harappan website found in Rohtak part, 7. 2nd Millennium BC Buddhist Art Cavity Open, 8. Newest Hidden Frame Open at Dvaraka, 9. Archeological find to see mark age of what went before Dwarka, 10. Buddha Artwork Open in Fall to pieces Nepal, 11. 18 what went before clay-based seals in the offing at Bhasu Bihar.

Manager Archeological Finds From 2008 and After:1. Tamil Brahmi Extravaganza Open in The red sea, 2. From the past Borough Open in Intrinsic indian, 3. From the past Expert Bone flotsam and jetsam Open in Phoenix, 4. Southeast American Apple Facility seeds Open in From the past Intrinsic indian Sites. 5. From the past weaponry dug up in Intrinsic indian,

The Sarasvati Deluge provides fulfilled on the interminable start and work to go again the pathway of the what went before Sarasvati Deluge that is described in the Rig-veda, and a satellite picture of the Sarasvati Deluge clear. This contains such fulfilled as: 1. India's Magic Deluge, 2. The Newest Revise here the Sarasvati Deluge, 3. Initiatives to Area Saraswati's Source, 4. Intend to Get back Sarasvati Deluge, 5. Intrinsic indian Satellite Pilfer Rinse Beneath Wasteland, 6. Sample of the Deluge Sarasvati, 7. Supply Transpose the Sarasvati, 8. Discovering Desperate Sarasvati Chairs.

Ayodhya and the Revise on the Peak of Master Rama offers some of the most modern improvements on the subject of the ancient viewpoint on the what went before temple of Master Rama at His land at Ayodhya. This has: 1. The item by N. S. Rajarama, "Doesn't matter what We Obtain to Judge Coarsely Ayodhya"; 2. Precedent Excavations at Sri Rama Janma Bhumi; 3. Archeological Customs of Intrinsic indian Says Peak Persisted at Ramjanmabhoomi Site; 4. The ASI Research on Ayodhya.