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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Your Workbook Of Shadows Exercises

Your Workbook Of Shadows Exercises Cover
1. Obtain the largest dictionary that you can find with the intention of finding your magickal name. Close your eyes and open the book at random, then point to a random spot on the page. The word that your finger lands on will be your magickal name for the time being. If your finger lands on the definition of a word, use the word defined as your magickal name. Write the word that your finger pointed on and beside this write the definition of the word. Consider how this word relates to you and write your thoughts down below the definition. Leave room for future entries. If you can make no immediate connection between yourself and the word, leave this space blank for the time being.
2. Set aside an area to act as your altar. Decorate it with, at least, symbols of the four elements such as a candle for fire, a dish of salt for earth, a feather for air, and a dish of water for the element of water. Draw a diagram of your altar layout in your journal.
3. Write and perform your own altar blessing. Record your ritual in your journal.
4. Each day, go to your altar and make it a point to commune with deity. Such communion can take the form of prayer, meditation, journaling, etc....
5. Begin to collect your basic tools. Dedicate at least one page in your journal to each tool. Research the correspondences, symbolism, and uses for each tool and record these in your journal.
6. Write your own blessing ritual for your tools. Perform the ritual for each tool, either one at a time or all at once, then record the ritual in your journal.
7. Research the origin and history of the Wiccan Rede. Write what you have learned in your journal in your own words.
8. Research The Threefold Law and record what you have learned in your own words.
9. Write a one page essay on What the Wiccan Rede Means to Me.

Suggested ebooks:

Sekhet Sophia - The Alexandrian Book Of Shadows
Gerald Gardner - The Garnerian Book Of Shadows
Sasha Fierce - The Book Of Shadows

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