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Monday, 14 December 2009

Pagan Labyrinths

Pagan Labyrinths
The Cretan (or Minoan) web is the oldest form of web. It comes from the ancient Goddess-centred Minoan nation which behind flourished on the desert island of Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. This web is sacred to the Large Idol, as evidenced by its handbill land (a central symbol of the Blessed Feminine). The four curvilinear turns within the web are assured as "the breasts of the Idol."

How does this labyrinth's unicursal humanitarian fit with the ancient Greek myth of the Minotaur? The Cretan priestess Ariadne gave a bit of red fiber to the Athenian hero Theseus so he could shade his way appearing in the web, ruin the Minotaur at its centre and also innocently find his way out once again. That's a report of a lair, not a true web.

I wage the myth we know today is a sophisticated patriarchal understanding interpreting (and distorting) a long way chief symbolism. We know that bulls were sacred to the Idol in ancient Crete. "Minotaur" procedure "moon bull" so it was I assume a fantastic symbol of the Blessed Feminine in Crete's to the fore days. In the myth's patriarchal understanding, the Minotaur becomes a symbol of death and evil which condition be slain. Scholars as a consequence construe that Ariadne was at the outset the Large Idol Herself but was downgraded in the patriarchal myth to basically bodily the kid of the King and a priestess in the temple. She betrays her populace and her religion to help Theseus, who coldly uses and deserts her.

So, given these sophisticated patriarchal distortions, it's not really awesome that a unicursal web gets recast as a multicursal lair. It moves the scheme sad, creates expectation and sets the context for Ariadne's deceitfulness. In fact, this Greek myth as a whole may be thought as a metaphor for the ascendancy of patriarchal culture higher the Goddess-centred culture which preceded it.

Now that the Blessed Feminine is bodily earnestly fantastic once again in the western world, walking Her web has become a desired demeanor of Idol spirituality and membership among pagans.

We swiftness Her sacred path behind completed.

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