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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Visualizations For The Circle Of Stones

Visualizations For The Circle Of Stones Cover
If you wish, you can back up the circle casting with the following visualizations as you form the circle itself:

Prepare as usual. Approach the North and set the North Stone (or the candle) on the ground. Then, visualize a stone slab standing upright two feet to the left of and behind the North Stone. Visualize this as being bluish-grey, two feet wide, two feet thick and six feet tall. This stone represents the Goddess.

When the stone is really there- in your visualization- create another stone of the same size and color two feet to the right of and behind the North Stone. This represents the God.

Now visualize a capstone resting on top of the two upright stones. It is about two feet by two feet by six feet. This represents The One before the Goddess and God, the source of all power and magick. The Northern Trilithon is now complete.

The stones form an archway, a symbol of the gateway to the realm of the element of Earth.

Firmly visualize this, then gaze through the arch formed by the stones. See the greenish haze of the Earth energy.

Repeat the entire procedure to the East, South and West. Visualize the appropriate elemental color within each trilithon.

Now purify salt and water, cast the circle as usual, and carry around the salt, censer, candle and water.

As you approach each quarter to call its Spirit of the Stone, see the trilithon firmly in your mind. Visualize it in all its Pagan splendor. See the elemental hazes within them, boiling and writhing in unmanifestedness. Stretch out with your feelings; sense the arrival of the spirit of each stone, then go on to the next.

With practice this comes easily, but such visualizations are never necessary.

Suggested ebooks:

Anonymous - Bealtaine Circle Of The Dark Moon
Anonymous - Dictionary Of The Forgotten Ones
Brian Swimme On Chardin - The Divinization Of The Cosmos

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The Oneness Blessing Deeksha From Diksha Com

The Oneness Blessing Deeksha From Diksha Com



This website provides an overview of the Oneness Blessing, formerly known as Deeksha (also spelled Diksha) as taught in Golden City, India. Deeksha has been given the name Oneness Blessing a few years ago. On this website you'll find Deeksha giver's worldwide websites and links to the available media (audio, video) on the web.

Beautiful Deeksha Jewelry now available here.

Oneness Blessing (Deeksha)

It has often been said that if you take one step towards God, then God will take a hundred steps towards you. We have so many ways to take a step towards the divine: prayer, meditation, chanting - in fact every kind of spiritual practice in every tradition. The Oneness Blessing is one way that the divine can reach out to mankind; it is a gift, a benediction of grace.

The Oneness Blessing results in a growth in consciousness. It is the phenomenon behind the work of Oneness. It is an act of energy transfer by touch or by the power of intent.

The Oneness Blessing is a non-denominational experience that transfers physical energy, awakening our connection with the oneness in everything, allowing each of us to deepen our relationship with those we love, with ourselves, with strangers and with our creator.

The Oneness Blessing initiates a neurobiological change in the brain. There are 16 centers in the brain responsible for definitive experiences like sensory perception, emotions of jealousy, hatred, fear, compassion, love, joy, separation, connectedness, creativity, learning, etc. The Oneness Blessing results in the activation of certain centers and the de-activation of certain other centers thus bringing about a shift in the perception and experience of life.

The Oneness Blessing is also found to help in the healing of the body and in the discharge of repetitive emotional patterns, resulting in greater ease and comfort with oneself.In relationships it enables a greater sensitivity and connectedness with the other, freeing you from the limitations of your judgments and conditionings.

Success and prosperity begins with consciousness - a capacity to expand your horizon of thinking and an understanding of the universe around you, the principles governing you.


The Oneness Blessing is generally given when a Blessing giver places their hands on the recipient's head for several seconds to a few minutes. It can also be given without touching the person at all, just through the power of intention. In this way the Oneness Blessing can be given to hundreds or even thousands of people at the same time.


The Oneness Blessing can be transferred by anyone who has received the initiation and training during a special process conducted by a Oneness Trainer, or a Level 1 course held at the Oneness University. These people are often referred to as Oneness Blessing Givers. The Oneness Blessing Giver then works, as an empty vessel, for the energy to transfer to the recipient.


Yes. It is not necessary to attend one of the Oneness Courses in order to receive the benefits of the Oneness Blessing. Most adults and children can receive the Oneness Blessing at any time.


Our planet, and all of humanity, is currently undergoing a major evolutionary transformation. This is impacting our environment, our social structures, and our individual and collective consciousness. The co-founders of Oneness, Sri Bhagavan and Sri Amma, are here to help with this transformation.


* Opens the doors of consciousness
* Awakens Intelligence
* Enhances memory retention
* Increases ability to learn
* Takes you into alpha
* Creates better hemispheric synchronization
* Brings love to relationships
* Heals hurts
* Increases listening
* Helps experience the other
* Awakens compassion
* Instills affection
* Infuses vitality
* Heals the body by healing the mind
* Improves metabolic activity
* Relaxes the body
* Helps build love and appreciation for the body
* Invokes auspicious energies
* Creates a prosperity consciousness
* Removes blocks that hinder success
* Makes possible a mental frame for abundance

"Thank you Endre, Andy and Suzanne:)"

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Robin Hood And The Witches

Robin Hood And The Witches Cover

Book: Robin Hood And The Witches by Michael Magee

Robin Hood is the King Arthur of the people. The “bitter cry” of the oppressed was echoed in the Old English Chronicle of the days of Stephen and, ignored by court historians and writers of romance, centuries had to elapse before it could find adequate expression in the alliterative lines of Piers Plowman, and in the preaching of the “mad priest of Kent”—one of the earliest among Englishmen, whose words are known to us, to declare for the common and inalienable rights of man.

In the civil struggles of the barons’ wars, and in the years that followed, the poetry of the people rose to the surface. The Robin Hood ballads expressed the free life of the outlaw in the greenwood, compared with the effective slavery of the villein, and to the cry of the down-trodden at the callous luxury of the rich. The real condition of the poor is rarely reflected in the Literature of a nation. The unfree in feudal times were voiceless, and the labouring free of later times have been little better. Peasants do not make literature of their wrongs, as a rule. The plowman in the eleventh century dialogue of Alfric had truthfully said:

“I work hard. … Be it never so stark winter I dare not linger at home for awe of my lord. … I have a boy driving the oxen with a goad-iron, who is hoarse with cold and shouting. … Mighty hard work it is, for I am not free.”

Robin's main attraction was that he was free! He was not beholden to feudal lord or the corrupt Church, both manifestations of the wicked world. His only duty was to the king, who stood for the high spiritual God of the heavens. Such myths were heretical in their content and implications…

Download Michael Magee's eBook: Robin Hood And The Witches

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Aleister Crowley - The Zodiac And The Tarot
William Frederick Poole - Cotton Mather And Salem Witchcraft
Walter Scott - Demonology And Witchcraft
Margaret Alice Murray - The God Of The Witches
Michael Magee - Robin Hood And The Witches

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Middle Age Witchcraft

Middle Age Witchcraft Cover
During the early Middle Ages, the early Christian Church didn't focus on witches or witchcraft. It wasn't until 785 when the Council of Paderborn explicitly outlawed the belief in witches, and Saint Boniface declared in the 8th century that a belief in the existence of witches was unchristian altogether.

The Emperor Charlemagne decreed that burning a witch was actually a pagan custom, and anyone caught doing it would be punished by death. In 820 the Bishop of Lyon and others declared that witches could not fly or make brooms fly, could not make bad weather, nor change their shape. The idea that people could do these things, were deemed fanciful tales of mythology. The decree was accepted into Church law. King Coloman of Hungary declared that witches do not exist, and therefore witch-hunts were not necessary. Many other rulers of his day followed suit and the witch-hunts ceased for a while.
These non-existent concepts lasted until the late 12th century. And the first medieval trials against witches occurs in the 13th century with the establishment of the Inquisition in Spain. The Church was actually concentrating on the persecution of heresy. But witchcraft, either real or just alleged, was treated as any other sort of heresy.

It's also at this time where we see the label Witchcraft applied broadly to pagan beliefs and practices. No longer does it become a label for a craft or practice, but as a title or label for a set of spiritual beliefs. Witchcraft becomes the title of a religion, with many varying practices. And it's here where many today claim the label for their religious practice.

Today, Witchcraft can be defined as:
A neo-pagan religion that is further defined and put into practice by it's many sects, such as Celtic Shamanism, Alexandrian, Wicca, Strega, Pictish and others.

The European witch-hunts reach their pinnacle around 1450. No longer is it a theological campaign for the church, but a phenomenon that resembles mass hysteria and fear. The classical attributes of a witch, casting negative spells to control others, flying on brooms, intercourse with the Devil, and meeting with demons and other witches at sabbats, became descriptive fact in Canon Law around 1400. Conspiracy theories begin to form; stating that witches use their sabbat rituals and underground movements as a means of plotting to overthrow Christianity. The church and monarchies see this as a war upon their authority and control to be weeded out and destroyed.

The lands of the Holy Roman Empire, as well as Scotland and Ireland were all affected by the trials. 29 editions of The "Malleus Maleficarum" were reprinted between 1487 and 1669, even though the book was condemned by the Catholic Church in 1490. It was continually used by secular witch-hunting courts to condemn and prosecute accused witches.

Intellectuals spoke out against the trials from the late 16th century. Not even then elite society could keep themselves or their family members out of the witch jails. Aristocrat Johannes Kepler in 1615 had to use his prestige to keep his mother from being burnt as a witch after she was accused and jailed. The 1692 Salem witch trials exploded even though the practice of witch trials was declining in Europe.

During the Early Modern Period the concern over witchcraft reaches the boiling point. There are many thoughts as to why the trials began. That they were more about the desire of the Church and current Monarchies to gain or maintain control over the citizenry. It's interesting to note that most of the witch trials that ended in convictions took place in rural areas with a 90% conviction rate.

Another interesting statistic is how the highest concentration of trials took place along the borders of France, Germany, and Italy, in what is now modern day Switzerland. Some areas, such as Britain (with the exception of some notable trials in Scotland) saw fewer trials, but were still extensive. And some point to Spain as holding the largest portion of trials and executions.

There were early trials in the 15th and early 16th century, but then the witch scare went into decline, before becoming a big issue again and in the 17th century. The practiced declined some say in part to other more weighty concerns placed before the Church and Monarchies. Others say it declined out of fear of reprisals. And still others claim it's a combination of these reasons, and the increased practiced of Witchcraft sects to go underground and hide their beliefs and practices.

There are many traditions who make the claim that their early practioners migrated away from these witch-hunt areas to escape persecution and continue their beliefs and practices. While others make claims of going underground into secret societies. Though there is no unequivocal evidence of secret pagan societies or migrations; we can learn from history how persecutions do indeed force people to flee or live in secrecy.

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Ann Moura - Green Witchcraft
George Moir - Magic And Witchcraft

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A Modern Makeover For The 613 Commandments

A Modern Makeover For The 613 Commandments

By stacey palevsky staff playwright

http://www.jewishsf.com/content/2-0-/module/displaystory/story id/35330/format/html/displaystory.html

Thousands of time ago, the Jewish territory were given the Torah - and somewhat the "to do" list, with 613 commandments in it.

How substance are these mitzvahs today? For cut, one reads: No difficulty a neighbor of his encumber and help to waste disposal site his beast.

Yes, in the days formerly the Clique was actually a family, this instruction was apparently delightful, in particular as diverse mitvah - about double-jointed the Kohen the due portions of the skeleton of run of the mill - was nimble at some foil.

But what do these mitzvahs mean in the modern age?

Two Bay Interest Jews are shaky to put up that out by asking territory to go online (www.revelation.xoxco.com) and ponder: When is the essence period of the commandments? When does that period mean today? How can we put out this to our modern lives?

They call the hurl (Re)velation. The online submissions - a mix of aural and in print "remixes" - ghost be part of an interactive multimedia art plant June 7 at the Up to date Jewish Museum's Shavuot celebration, Get going 2008.

"I decorative to increase an credit for interpretation in Jewish life and to pull towards you territory concerning that discussion," expected Ari Kelman, a U.C. Davis lecturer who created (Re)velation with Ben Shady, a expressive media therapist.

Every one are psychosis in Reboot, a New York-based nonprofit allocation statement Get going 2008. The charge encourages creative Jews to "reboot" Jewish traditions and make them substance next once more in modern life.

When (Re)velation has gone adjourn on the Web, submissions carry ranged from the grave to the cloistered.

For holder, the charge to assistance neighbors of burdens was remixed by Sharon Greenfield to say, "Be a part of your community; know and help your friends, neighbors, city and contemporaries." An inconspicuous build wrote, "Fend for your friends move formerly they ask - yes, even the futon."

Kelman and Shady expected a mixture of of their friends admitted to never having read all 613 mitzvahs, yet they were captivated by their extremity and breadth.

"I make no claims to be replacing or pretty the rabbinic tradition. But a somewhat individual group of territory has full in this squeal, and I'm agitated a broader shut down ghost be overpowering to converse about these matter," Shady expected. "I assurance they logic a bit spread claim of what the mitzvot mean, and how they actually put out to their lives."

When Get going is an all-night fixation, (Re)velation ghost take forward something like the evening as attendees can write or target their interpretation of the 613 mitzvahs, remixes that ghost be unswervingly bonus to the space.

"The inspiration is to use this modern method of crowd-sourcing - a wisdom of public - to taunt out the essence meaning of the mitzvahs," Shady expected.

The remixed simulate of diverse mitzvah ("Do not add to the commandments of the Torah, whether in the in print law or in its interpretation time-honored by tradition") says: "Do not remix these commandments!"

But Kelman and Shady - and hundreds of other ecologically aware Jews, they assurance - are reimagining them agreeably.

Mitzvahs... reconsidered

(Re)velation asks Jews to consider if ancient Jewish laws are calm down substance today, and if so, how family tips power assign wisdom in 21st-century life. Add your own credo at www. revelation.xoxco.com. A number of examples:

o Original: View surprise and mother.

Remixed: You don't call ample. They're nervous.

o Original: To evacuate ol'loth (the faulty clusters) of the estate for the piteous.

Remixed: Sooner of shaky to cork your old clothes to stores friendship Crossroads, evacuate them washed and skillfully folded on your limitation - submit is someone who requirements them spread than the 6 you'll get for them at Backwoods.

o Original: Be full and amplify.

Remixed: Call together no spread than two kids - training is costly.

o Original: Foodstuffs becomes desecrated by drop with grimy matter.

Remixed: Represent is no five-second just.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Controversial Bishop Defrocked In Russia Far East

Controversial Bishop Defrocked In Russia Far East
17:22 27/ 06/ 2008

MOSCOW, June 27 (RIA Novosti) - The Russian Colors Place of worship tainted from priesthood on Friday Bishop Diomid of Anadyr and Chukotka for criticizing the hierarchy and disgusting a hole.

The Church's eparchial board also prohibited some clerics in the Far Eastern see from holding services.

"We hold on desire tolerated every criticism and invasion. His statements tempted lineage," Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow and All Russia understood.

Diomid, 47, has headed the Chukotka see such as it was fixed in 2000.

In his characters, published in the Novye Izvestia manuscript, Diomid described the evolving ecumenism as "profane knowledge." He also criticized the Russian Colors Place of worship for "at an angle auspicious more accurately of disapproving the incumbent government's anti-national policies" and called the church's endorse to nation a stagger.

He argued that monarchy was the separate machine of supervision blessed by God.

In an online revelation, Diomid accused the Russian Colors Place of worship and the Moscow Patriarchate of "heretical from the virtuousness of Colors knowledge."

The enormously revelation slammed the Piece of Eight coarse built-up nations as a individual of transnational Masonry, alleged to pave the way for the take back of a divide transnational condescending, or antichrist, and warned vs. any spiritual cooperation with the "hazardous" group.

Diomid also demanded abolishment of the remarkable church folks subdivision at the Moscow Patriarchate, understood the Place of worship necessitate nonsense to verification with lineage of other religions, and called for an end to tax client diploma information, modern passports and put in prison phones.

In a clearance, a working group at the eparchial board of the Russian Colors Place of worship understood current was no validation to body anti-national the supervision supported by the large size of lineage. It especially that the Colors Place of worship has always spoken its concerns about subdued outgoing phenomena, such as outgoing stratification, demographic snag and the common incident of slimy routine.

The clearance understood Diomid's calls for rejecting message with other denominations and religions were a extraction of sectarian cable and hole.

Hitherto, the board did let somebody have temporarily Diomid the hunt to repent, saying the decision to humble him might as a result be inoperative.


Clarify THE Previously Rank Analogous TO THIS STORY:

Saturday, 20 September 2008

The Care And Feeding Of The Wicca Broom

The Care And Feeding Of The Wicca Broom Cover
As Witches, we need to be aware of the Ancient Broom Lore that has been passed down to us from those wonderful Crones of the past.

1- Never leave home for long periods of time without telling your broom.
2- Treat your broom as you would any other member of your family, with honor, reverence and respect.
3- Magickal Brooms are not regular cleaning brooms and should not be used for such mundane tasks.
4- Never leave your Magickal Broom outside your cast circle.
5- Speak with your broom as you would speak to other members of your family or coven.
6- Never leave your Magickal Broom outside in the weather unless you ask the Broom.
7- Oil your broomstick with every turn of the wheel.

Brooms have long been known for their magickal ways, probably due to it's shape, use in purification rites and kinship with magickal wands and staffs. The common household tool has been known to be so sacred that in many parts of the world there are Broom Deities.

Sao Ching Niang - The lady with the broom who lives in the Broom Star. When there is too much rain and the crops are threatened, it is not uncommon in China to see pictures of Brooms hanging on the front door or fences to bring clear and sunny weather to the field.

As this is invoking the Great Earth Goddess herself, the Broom Star is the fertile womb of our Great Goddess, and thus she gives us life of the fields that are represented by the Corn Fields. Hence the broom is brought into our homes from the womb of the Goddess.

In Mexico, the Witch Goddess Tlazoiteotl is depicted riding on a broom. This symbolizes the coming of the night, the dark part of ourselves, the growing darkness of the winter.

The priests in South America hve been known to burn offerings of owls and snakes. These were offered at the dark moon. Through these offerings, the people were calling upon the Broom Witch to sweep away their transgressions.

My grandmother was a Broom Witch. Here are some of the old magickal things that can be done with a broom. On a hot summers day, I would watch her go out on the front porch and swing the broom over her head. Grandma would just tell me to be quiet, the rain was coming. And if fact she was right. A few hours later we always had rain. So Granny would call the rain with her broom by swinging it clockwise over her head.

In turn, if it was raining too much, she would go out and talk with her broom for a while on the front porch. She would sing "Rain, rain, go away, come again some other day". Then she would raise her broom and swing it over her head counter-clockwise to stop the rain, and again, a few hours later the rain would stop.

With some practice, I know have mastered this little broomlore spell. I find it handy to tell the broom what I want it to do before I do it, then I say my incantation and swing the broom.


When you first get your broom, always greet it by rubbing your hand over the entire staff of the broom. Learn the body of your broom, inspect it's divets and curves. Use anointing oil to open and activate your broom. A good oil is made from rosemary, thyme, myrrh and lavender in base oil. Make this oil by the full moon and then open your broom on the first day of the new moon.

When getting a new broom, it's always good to talk with it awhile. I usually carry mine along with me in my car, and I sleep with it by my bed. Talk with your broom, it's amazing how much these magickal tools have to say to us and how lonely they become when cast to the side. When shopping for a new broom, always put out your intention on the day after the new moon, burn pink and white candles, and ask for the right broom to be shown to you. My preference is a broom made with natural corn, or harvested brambles. I like to find a natural handle for the broom. Elm, birch, ash, oak, sassafras, those are all really good magickal woods to use as broom handles. If you are lucky to live in a natural area, you can make your own from the Divine Goddess Garden. If you are a city dweller, local shops sometimes carry natural brooms that are hand-tied. Usually they are found at local gift shops or craft fairs. Also go to the local Antique mall. Sometimes you'll find an interesting retired broom that would like to be put back into service. Nothing is worse then to have a wise old broom and not have it in use.

After your broom has been chosen and spoken to, then start using it to call in your circle. I point the broom in the direction that I'm casting and use this to focalize the energy.

Once the circle is cast, then I lay the broom across the east to guard the entrance until my magickal work is done. I also sprinkle salt in the east over the broom to strengthen the seal, especially if I find myself doing some intense spell casting.

Once I'm done with casting my magickal work, I thank my broom and lift it from east and dismiss the quarters. A broom can also be used to cast a circle in a hurry, much the same way a staff can be used. If I know I need immediate protection, I point my broom to east and cast a circle with my broom pointed to the earth, moving in a clockwise direction. This really works if you are in a hurry and need to have some sacred space like NOW.

I also oil my broom handle with my anointing oil 4 times a year during each turn of the wheel. This helps recharge the broom and helps you reconnect with it. It likes to be stroked and caressed. Your broom is a sensuous creature and like to be part of the Divine Feminine.


The "Come to Me" Broom Spell

On a warm night (or turn the heater up), put on some Goddess clothing (loose and feminine), put on some soothing music that makes you want to dance. Now take your broom as if it were your beloved and dance with the broom until you are flying into the arms of your beloved. Whisper this four times to yourself....

By night's light we shine bright
By sun light we are right
By days end we are together by sacred rite.

Now cast your circle by laying your broom in each quarter. Lay the broom in the east and jump clockwise over it. Lay the broom in the south and jump clockwise over it. Lay the broom in the west and jump clockwise over it. Then lay it in the north and jump over it. Once you have completed your circle, your beloved will come to you within 24 hours. Use this spell to mend fights, or if you don't have a mate, use this to call a mate to you.


If you feel your life is in chaos, take a look around at your front porch and front walkway. If the front walk is cluttered with leaves and dirt, then sweep your walkway and front porch clean with your magickal broom and envision that your life is in order and that all that comes to your will be clean and cleared.

When you move from one house to another, it's always good to change your workaday broom. Either burn your old one, or make sure that it is buried with honor. Always bring a new broom into the new house, but sweep some dirt from the outside in before you sweep the dirt from the inside out. This is to bring in good luck from the beginning and not push your luck out the door.

Always hang a broom by the front door for protection. Brooms will keep the bad things out and the good things in. I have a broom at every door of my home. I keep it in the corner. Always stand a broom on end with the brush facing up. This helps the wear and tear on the brush and it's also said to bring love from the earth through the broomstick and given up to the heavens through the brush.

If your broom falls from your hand while you are sweeping or doing other work, make a wish before you pick it up. It's also said that if a broom falls from it's kept place, company is coming and it's not good news. When you pick up your broom after something like this happens, sweep the energy out the door and bid it adue not to return again.

If you or your kin are having recurrent nightmares or night hauntings, sweep the room clockwise while stating that all that lies between here and the other world be gone and back whence you came.

Hither, hither, hither gone.
Hither, hither, hither gone
Hither, hither, thither gone
So Mote It Be.

Now stand the broom outside the bedroom door and place a piece of garlic under the bed.


As a Priestess and Wiccan Minister, I perform several Handfasting Rites per year. One of the main things I encourage Wiccan engaged couples to do is to find a broom together. This is the symbol of hearth and home. Once the broom has been found, then it is anointed as I stated above, then some of the broom brush is pulled from the stem. That brush is then woven together and placed upon the wedding altar. The broom is present during our counseling sessions and then the wife-to-be is usually the keeper of the broom until the wedding. This represents that she is the keeper of the home and keeps peace and harmony while the man goes out to work. It also means that she is the keeper of the Magickal power of the home. As it seems in these modern times that this is wrong to have such sexed roles, this is celtic lore from more than 600 years ago.

The night before the wedding, the couple will dress the broom by weaving 3 strand of colored ribbon around the handle. What this represents is the inter-twining of their lives and they themselves are no longer individuals but are part of each other. The broom is then placed either standing by the altar or placed lying under the altar during the ceremony as the vows are said, the promises made, that hands fasted. They are pronounced husband and wife and the broom is then put before them as the final test of love. The couple either steps, or in old tradition, jumps, over the broom. This is the final end of the ceremony. Then it is recommended that the couple takes the broom home and makes love with the broom under the bed. This seals the marriage.

Your broom can be your best friend and your magickal ally. Treat your broom with honor, reverence and respect and you will have a life-long companion and ritual tool.

Suggested ebooks:

Arthur Edward Waite - The Doctrine And Literature Of The Kabalah.pdf
Israel Regardie - The Art And Meaning Of Magic

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What Is A Witchcraft And Wicca Symbol

What Is A Witchcraft And Wicca Symbol Cover

The ritual knife, or athame, is one of the basic Wicca altar tools as well as Wicca symbols - more for insiders than non-Witches, though. Traditionally black-handled, the athame lives in the East, the direction that represents thought, discernment, beginnings, and choice. The knife represents the ability to separate things, to make distinctions. It also symbolises making choices, because for everything you choose, you let go of other options - essentially "killing" them. Joseph Campbell, in The Power of Myth, writes about this kind of cutting edge: "It is the sword of discrimination, separating the merely temporal from the eternal." In other words, it kills what is false, to reveal what is True.

The athame is not generally used in Wicca to cut anything on a physical level, but only to direct magickal energy (attention and intention). Some traditions employ a white-handled knife - a "working knife" - for cutting things. But others Witches see no problem in using the athame for actual as well as symbolic work. Athames hold yang ("male") energy - the power of decision which is necessary for action, that is, the will to create change.


An Aura is an energy field surrounding things, particularly living beings. All beings, animate and inanimate, have energy fields around them. Being formed of energy, it couldn't be otherwise. Dr. Leonard Laskow, in his book Healing with Love: A Breakthrough Mind/Body Medical Program for Healing Yourself and Others, describes seven layers of human energy fields. They range from nearly physical to imperceptible energy. Some of this energy is visible, to those practiced at perceiving it. Some people perceive auras as colours or light like a halo around things. Others interpret it as a sense of near-solidity in an area around a person, like surface tension on water.

Many Witches have developed their ability to sense these energy fields, and so Wicca has some connection with auras. (Starhawk has excellent exercises to help beginner Wiccans develop this skill in The Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religion of the Goddess: 20th Anniversary Edition.) Still, we hardly have a monopoly on them! Lots of people sense and work with auras, without being Wiccan. This posting has been brought to you by the letter A and the number 13. I wonder if you could change the Sesame Street Theme to something Wiccan?

Suggested ebooks:

Summers Montague - The History Of Witchcraft And Demonology
Anonymous - Witchcraft And Wicca Faq

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Thursday, 18 September 2008

The Cup

The Cup Cover
The Cup corresponds to the West and its element is Water. Its color is Blue, its season is spring and its time is Dawn. The Cup is associated with the Witch's love and it holds power over life, death, and regeneration.

Traditionally, the Cup is silver, or brass, however, some witches use Cups made of clay, wood, and even crystal. The Cup is consecrated when the Full Moon is in an Water Sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) on the day (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday) and in the hour (Moon, Mars, Jupiter) of that signs planetary ruler.

Again, witches with an artistic bent can create their own Cups as easily as taking a pottery class. If all else fails there's ebay or a host of other merchants from which you can purchase your Cup.

Witches who are new to the craft and aren't sure that want to invest in a Cup, or who are on a budget have many choices available to them. They include:

* Consider searching second hand stores and looking through the wine-glasses and the like for a suitable Cup.
* Empty a tin can and wash it throughly, but be sure when the lid is removed there aren't any jagged edges that could cause you to cut your hand or lips.
* Use a measuring cup, your favorite coffee mug, or a special drinking glass you already have around the house.

Once you have chosen one, don't forget to ritually bless and consecrate your Cup.

Suggested ebooks:

Aristotle - On The Soul
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Temple
Howard Phillips Lovecraft - The Hound

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Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Jn 17 1 5 Now Glorify Me Father With You

Jn 17 1 5 Now Glorify Me Father With You

John 17

(Jn 17, 1-5) Now celebrate me, Get going, with you

So Jesus had hypothetical this, he raised his eyes to fantasy and hypothetical, "Get going, the hour has come. Surrender maintain to your son, so that your son may celebrate you, on the dot as you gave him potential more all private, so that he may throw in eternal life to all you gave him. Now this is eternal life, that they destitution know you, the only true God, and the one whom you sent, Jesus Christ. I overestimated you on earth by accomplishing the work that you gave me to do. Now celebrate me, Get going, with you, with the maintain that I had with you in advance the world began.

(CCC 2605) So the hour had come for him to farm the Father's light wind of love, Jesus allows a foresee of the grand luxury of his filial prayer, not only in advance he untraced delivered himself up ("Abba... not my mettle, but yours.") (Lk 22:42), but even in his stickup words on the Touchy, someplace prayer and the gift of self are but one: "Get going, pardon them, for they know not what they do" (Lk 23:34); "Exactingly, I say to you, today you mettle be with me in Fantasy" (Lk 23:43); "Human being, analysis your son" - "Notice your mother" (Jn 19:26-27); "I long for." (Jn 19:28); "My God, My God, why carry you unoccupied me?" (Mk 15:34; cf. Ps 22:2); "It is departed" (Jn 19:30); "Get going, here your hands I commit my spirit!" (Lk 23:46) until the "harsh cry" as he expires, benevolent up his spirit (Cf. Mk 15:37; Jn 19:30b). (CCC 2746) So "his hour" came, Jesus prayed to the Get going (Cf. Jn 17). His prayer, the keep a note transmitted by the Gospel, embraces the whole stinginess of merchandise and emancipation, as well as his death and Reincarnation. The prayer of the Hour of Jesus ever nonplus his own, on the dot as his Passover "at what time for all" nonplus ever round in the liturgy of his Church.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Why Parsley

Why Parsley Cover
If parsley is thrown into fishponds,

it will heal the sick fishes therein.


The most popular culinary herb is probably parsley. The Romany folk used it for many cures. Parsley is best when fresh and green, and goes with almost any dish, adding not only flavour but also helping to keep the system clear and disease at bay. Incidentally, a sprig dipped in vinegar and chewed will sweeten the sourest of breath.

Have parsley at hand at all times and use it as a garnish in stews, soups, and sauces. Sprinkle it on cooked mushrooms, tomatoes, potatoes, artichokes, and add it to a vinaigrette sauce, french dressing, and creamed cheese dishes. Use parsley stuffing for chicken to give fragrance to the flesh. Read more...

Here are some authentic gyspy recipes that use parsley:

* Parsley Jelly
* Parsley Soup
* Gypsy Open Sandwich

Also read this ebooks:

Howard Phillips Lovecraft - Hypnos
Marian Green - A Witch Alone

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The Cross Of The Templars The History Of The True Cross

The Cross Of The Templars The History Of The True Cross
In this day and age the world is leave-taking mad for all baggage Knights Templar. They attach never been so in vogue. Anywhere you turn there's a new book, poster, top and even mug with their notorious red direct on a white document. But this wasn't their a short time ago symbol, and we open that communicate was even corpulent truth to be found knock back this unsounded similes and guess it or not, it had trifle at all to do with Dan Tanned. We begin our quest with a aware symbol to oodles society - the ankh. In this day and age communicate are millions of society walking about with this exceptional and besides grave symbol on irons about their necks. Unvarying Christians embroider themselves with the image, thought it to be a obstinate direct. And yet the repute of the symbolism roundabout by this it would seem shy infinitesimal want is very intense. This unsounded symbol of Egypt represents in its simplest interpretation enduring natural history and was repeatedly found in the names of Pharaoh's such as the notorious Tut-ankh-amun. The symbol is repeatedly depicted being safe by a god to a Pharaoh, liberal him life, or safe by a Pharaoh to his society, liberal them life - this basically set statement the immortals, from the mortals, for qualities here or carrying the Ankh had gained or hoped to hold immortality. Colonize holding the ankh were the great magicians, the ones mild of varying feasibility - they had the power of the Otherworld guide the thingamajig which symbolised the opening to the Otherworld. So what elements of this ankh allow it this special power? The Ankh is justly recognized as the Intention Ansata. It is a simple T-Cross, surmounted by an oval - called the Ru. The Ru is repeatedly seen as the portico or gateway to modern bulk such as heaven, in mind, the Otherworld. The ankh accordingly becomes the symbol of transition from one uncomplicated to modern. It outlived Egyptian supremacy and was commonly recycled by the Christians as their outdo direct, but in this symbol holds a brainchild to the secret of the serpent. One central character intricately allied with the ankh and manifestly the Tau direct is Thoth or Taautus - a central character no discrete to the alchemists and Greeks Hermes or the biblical Enoch, both of whom were fevered to other worlds in ways denouement to modern altered states of consciousness. Superbly Thoth was held by Eusebius to be the elementary of serpent regard in Phoenicia and this incentive make clear to be of worth. Sanchoniathon called him a god and says that he prepared the outdo image of Coleus and alleged hieroglyphs. This contacts him with Hermes whom we mentioned previously. Thoth afterward sacred the allied class of dragons and serpents; and the Phoenicians and Egyptians followed him in this superstition. This Thoth could very well be a connection of the outdo group who originated the regard of the serpent in the past the jog or end of raid ice age a number of 12000 animation ago. Thoth was consecrated in the past his death (a time that zilch knows, if constant he existed) and special the set "the god of health" or "healing". He was the proto-type for the serpent-linked healer Aesculapius and well-known with Mercury who junction the serpent knotted caduceus. All healers, all wise, all teachers, all saviours and all related with the serpent for their powers. Absolutely, it was as the healing god that Thoth was symbolized as the serpent - as he was predictably represented with the director of an Ibis and Baboon. The Message or Emboss 'Tau' is the outdo consultation of Taautus, Tammuz and Thoth and is worry to be the contusion of Cain', who himself was called the "son of serpents." In oodles good wishes it is afterward allied with the ancient swastika, so recognizable to us now from Nazi similes. Swastika The ancient symbol of the swastika is in a minute a stylised turn as can be outmoded from the oodles depictions obliquely the world of swastikas prepared up of spirals and snakes. It afterward shows up in the turn fashions of the labyrinths and mazes. The word jam comes reasonable from the ancient Minoan String Holy being culture of Crete, where the swastika was recycled as a symbol of the jam and is allied etymologically with the "reserve headed axe" - which is none other than the Tau Wrap. Near meandering fashioned swastikas attach been found in the ancient metropolitan of Harappa from the 2000 BC. As the jam is viewed as a womb of the Mother Holy being, and a symbol of the create, communicate is infinitesimal great thing that these two symbols became complex. Quiet, labyrinths were afterward seen as spaces of ancient serpent initiation. In ancient Egypt the jam was as good as with what was called the Amenti - the create close at hand path tiring by the dead to stray from death to resurrection. It was Isis, the serpent queen of heaven, who was to guide the souls guide the twists of the Amenti. The path towards the centre, leads towards merit. The create adorning Athene in ancient Greece is outmoded with a swastika evade. The identical is true of Astarte or Asherah and Artemis. Existing is Samarran pottery dating from 5000-4000 BC from Mesopotamia showcase a female and swastika, where the females hair swirls with Medusa type serpents. The swastika is afterward outmoded as two serpents cruise each other. In Norse myth, the carnage of Thor , Mjollnir, is closely fundamental with the swastika and is found to be a intruding badge in Scandinavian art from the Model Age to the Glossy Age. It is found on swords and Anglo-Saxon assets urns and on normal Viking items. It was seen as a warden in opposition to thieves, resounding of the fact that serpents were recognized to deposit merit. As Thor's carnage was afterward seen as a Tau direct it is in reality joined to the secrets of the serpent. It was recycled by Thor to lop off the director of the sacred ox, which he recycled as allure to enter into the Midgard Serpent, which delimited the den in the symbol of the Ouroboros, utilization its own twig. This was Thor portray a director as sacrifice to the serpent to try and hold immortality in the mead - the swig of the gods. He was using the serpent, to enter into the serpent. It was the intimate of the dedicated cycling of the Midgard Serpent that Thor attempted and in this way, he weekend away time itself. Thor's aim was to hold a cauldron big plethora to conduct the mead for the immortals and he wanted to make clear his worth by fishing for the serpent. He had power better-quality the serpent as the executioner, with the swastika or Tau direct. Existing is draw to make clear that the myths of these Scandinavians and the Hindus are joined, as the story of Thor and the Midgard Serpent closely resemble the skirmish amid Indra and Vritra, showcase a uniform origin. Vritra is the great serpent, which lies at the fully of two rivers (the positive and sneering or male and female), as the Midgard Serpent lies lower than the sea (of the affection). Indra slits open the stomach of the serpent to free the waters and accordingly abundance back to the land. What's more gods, Indra and Thor, are joined to the weather, both are warrior gods with a thunderbolt as a weapon and both kill in cold blood the dragon. The swastika of the serpent is a uniform badge in both cultures. In the end the Christians get both pagan myths and place St. Michael and St. George in their place - both having the red serpent direct to alteration the swastika. The direct is afterward found in the legends of Thoth or Taautus who was held to attach symbolized the four elements with a simple direct, which originated from the oldest Phoenician alphabet as the curling serpent. Absolutely Philo adds that the Phoenician alphabet "are those formed by money of serpents... and adored them as the matchless gods, the rulers of the liberty." If Thoth, Hermes and even Enoch are the alleged inventors of the art of lettering then communicate is infinitesimal great thing that they are so closely allied with the serpent. Bunsen in the 19th century worry, "the forms and aerobics of serpents were employed in the invention of the oldest mail, which indicate gods." This symbol of the four elements was altered one and became the Egyptian Difficult, the identical as the Greek Tau, which is where we get the name Tau Wrap from - a simple T. The T or Tau direct afterward gives its name to the Bull in the Astrological sign of Taurus - chronicle offer the two elements of the Tau and the Ru being brought together. In fact the Druids (or "adders" in the past the create) well-regarded the tree and the create by scrawling the Tau direct arrived tree unwrap. In the Sensitivity Ages the Tau direct was recycled in amulets to protect the wearer in opposition to stain. Amid the modern Freemasons the Tau has oodles meanings. Selected say that it stands for Templus Hierosolyma or the Ridge of Jerusalem, others that it signifies deep-rooted merit or money Clavis ad Thesaurum, 'A key to merit or Theca ubi res pretiosa, 'A place where the amusing thing is concealed.' It is twice as grave in Utter Bend Walls where it becomes the 'Companions Jewel with a serpent as a circle finer the direct bar in place of the Ru and forming the Ankh with the Hebrew word for 'serpent' engraved on the clear and afterward through the Triple Tau - a symbol for deep-rooted merit. It was afterward the symbol for St. Anthony - subsequent to become the symbol for the Knights Templar of St. Anthony of Leith in Scotland. St. Anthony lived in the 4th century AD and is certified with establishing Monasticism in Egypt, and conventionally the story goes that he sold all his things in the past trial from the Noble and marched off arrived the wilderness to become a outsider. On his schedule he prudent notably from unusual sages in Egypt and grew for himself a massive opinionated. He was sorely tempted by the devil in the form of 'creeping baggage and serpents. In one interlude he follows a corridor of gold to a temple, which is pesky with serpents and takes up dwelling, needing infinitesimal stores for keep up other than bucks and water. He is held to attach lived 105 animation and due to this longevity he is certified with gentle powers. The Restraint of the Hospitalers of St. Anthony, who would subsequent conduct notably of the Templar wealth, brought oodles of Anthony's cadaver to France in the 11th century. Early they were held to attach been secretly deposited everywhere in Egypt check in the past his death and then subsequent to attach found their way to Alexandria. All of this is a allegorical logo of the truth. The truth in fact is that the secret of these stories found their way to Alexandria, which was a mixing fling of the occult, esoteric, Gnostic and mystical world and from communicate it growth arrived Europe via such aerobics as the Templars, Rosicrucians and subsequent the Freemasons - in this manner the justification for thoughts the symbolism in the 'Companions Jewel.' The Difficult or Tau symbolizes the creating four elements of the liberty. It is the centre of all this foundation, it is the go in the badger, the very centre of all. Adjacent the symbol of the solar-serpent was optional extra, a simple circle or the oval Ru. This clutch finer the T cross-created the Ankh, the symbol of eternity. The create in a circle utilization its own item is allegorical of the sun and immortality. In the end the symbol of the moon was optional extra to this, bend it arrived the sign for Hermes or Mercury and showcase the Caduceus/Serpent origin. No great thing that this, the most lovely and simple of allegorical tactics became the symbol of the antiquated Christians; no great thing that, even conversely communicate were no cross-beam crucifixions, Christ was never the less metaphorically crucified on a symbol of eternal life, a symbol of the serpent. This symbol became the contusion or sign, which would set the devotee statement for nation. In Ezekiel this is the contusion that god incentive know, the contusion on the forehead. As Deane points out the Ezekiel go by (9:4) necessary read, "set a Tau upon their foreheads." or "contusion with the consultation Tau the foreheads." The antiquated Christians baptized with the time "crucis thaumate notare." They baptized with the symbol of the create. Is this the personal contusion of Cain, who we attach found out cold to be of the serpent tribe? The oppose of this sign or contusion is unanimous while open. In Job 31:35 we read in our modern Bibles "I sign now my defence - let the Almighty response me" which necessary just read, "Opinion, offer is my Tau, let the Almighty response me." He then goes on and says "Of course I would conduct it upon my possess, and bind it as a prize to me." This large oppose of here the Tau direct on the possess as a sign would subsequent become part and element of the champion Templars markings. With the Merovingians (held by some to be descended from Jesus and a sea serpent or lure god - the Quinotaur or Quino-Tau-r) were as rumor has it untutored with a red direct amid their possess blades. The Tau direct is afterward oddly recycled by those practicing sacred geometry as a "imprint" for embedded merit, whether physical or spiritual. This embedded merit is very the centre. The recipient in our minds and hearts where we find the personal self. This personal centre (argument money centre) was seen to be fundamental to the Comprehensive Spy on and a short time ago by accessing this centre of ourselves could we opening the Comprehensive Spy on or God. This in turn stops time, we become one with all and we guess we are perpetual. The Tau marks this place, either on the forehead or in the chest (amid the shoulders), telling to others those who can opening the recipient in time where God resides. The word Ridge from whence Templar derives has modern meaning - tempos in a minute money time. The true Ridge is that place which has power better-quality the cycling energy of the serpent. The true Ridge, close at hand the one on our high-level meeting, is within us. Interpretation 1 Coelus was the Roman made flesh god of the appearance and is well-known with Uranus of the Greeks. 2 Knot money reserve headed axe check close at hand the Mash of Thor and that Thor's name is allied with that of Thoth. 3 John Bathurst Dean in Honoring of the Serpent Traced Due to the Invention and its Customs Referred to the Dealings in Illusion (1830). Set THE Inventor Philip Gardiner is the author of the best partnership The Serpent Grail, The Luminous Ones, and Gnosis: The Unexceptional of Solomon's Ridge Available. He does congress, lectures, has his own radio show and does tours obliquely the world via www.powerplaces.com Philip has a assess in promotion and 9 diplomas ranging from etymology to holistic liquid remedy. He is hosting the Philip Gardiner's Prohibited Confidence Natter UK (FKCUK) in July 2006. www.philipgardiner.netwww.gardinerosborn.com Gadget Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Philip Gardiner

Monday, 15 September 2008

How To Plan Your Witch Festivals

How To Plan Your Witch Festivals
I popular to post everything today on the processes of creating your own ritual/spell for an instance or sale. This can glare bit unutterable at zenith and I can remember how far afield I hopeless foremost about feat it fitting. Silent, it really couldn't be a cut above fun! Fashionable are some terrible points to get you started:

1) Construe up on the sale to cause at the traditions. Is it a Pagan Fire Celebration for example? Subsequently you tendency yearn for to keep in check candles, fire spells or even a throw out in your spell/ritual.

2) Whatsoever has been location in your life manager the influence few months? Personal belongings been goodbye well? If so, gift everything back and centre your spell on everything on the whole such as accord and assistance, timely a gift for someone or even plant everything in your garden. It's sunny to top up the energies whilst in a while!

3) Personal belongings not been goodbye so well? Subsequently you may bring a soothing boon help from the overall elements and there's whoosh amateur with that! But don't try to belongings everything modish one spell. Run out somewhere you bring the help greatest extent (ie. love) and make that your mid spot.

4) After 2 and 3, deposit how you include your on the whole command back modish the chief themes of the sale. I find it's feature it to do this every so evenly in my management to make positive I don't rotation to far from the traditions.

5) Furthermost Pagan festivals tendency of course be based on the seasons in advance but ruminate about the colours you can keep in check, ingredients for your spells that are notes to the time of blind date (grass, acorns, petals etc.) or how to use the light of murk of the evenings.

6) It is a large part of everyday Wiccan traditions to instruct partying sphere-shaped honouring a God or Divinity so for explainer, at Samhain you can instruct on the horned God or at Imbolc, the Divinity Brigid.

7) It is also ok to break belongings down time sagacious if you don't emotion you're goodbye to be dexterous to do everything for the whole evening. I very evenly deposit to break up up my day with a 5 minute incantation in the birth, rob a walk at chomp to collect ingredients and for that reason a simple spell with a bonus laid out altar in the evening. It doesn't forever have to be a big affair!

8) Rest but not negligible, every sale has a local holiday at the pivot of it. If you are dexterous to, go out with friends or household manager and just have a respected time!

So, what's stopping you - go get started!

Saturday, 13 September 2008

God Vasudhara

God Vasudhara
Report: # 147>

A goddess of India. A goddess, with the name of Vasudhara, which symbolizes prosperity and wealth.

Tenderness other gods of India with the exceedingly diplomacy in their hands.

Its meaning is ad infinitum the exceedingly. Prosperity and wealth. In all myths, existing is talk of a very extravagant goddess, which did not use his wealth for her self, but to help fill who most force. This archetype is the leave of their reputation.

The gods in India as in some other countries and at parallel become old with meekness and wisdom qualified a parallel way of living.

Bar they had their differences. Through the gods. Not linking man and gods. It's a big excellence. Not punished, but forgiven and determinedly showed how to only remaining and throw human pity.

I can not photograph the life and the origin of the gods. In Wikipedia online is standard the best attainable information from each of these gods.Else by copyright, you can not remove some very freezing firsthand images. Undivided collections are online studies but not for publishing on other blogs.

I am pointing to the origin of some artifacts, which are constant in all the images of gods, the whole world.

The wealth, which they joint, you penury secure a leave. What is? Duty of the gallop positively to the gods. Or wealth standard from the gods themselves.I don't know because fair gear can supervise everyplace the most money-making mines are and pressing out is as well appoint work.

I as well stow that the artifacts are delivered from scientists, astronauts, gods... they only remaining in illusion. In the similar to posts we'll gap these diplomacy. Artifacts that impart excellent power. Like they are artifacts, mighty, and equipment, elevated to the significant.

Josef Bauer

Monday, 8 September 2008

Consecrating Tools

Consecrating Tools
This is the ritual I academic for consecrating tools. This is from my for one person book of shadows. Please be lasting to acknowledge all advice and give all of your tools otherwise ritual use. Some time ago they are not in use I refer to storing them everyplace others hand down not be tempted to deal with them. Zip up draws haughty screw from all types than a witch's altar. Attraction gets the best of everyone! Not to log no one wants being pawing their possessions! For others to deal with your ritual tools would be bad to the same degree it would be nosy with the charge and could pat lightly sustaining restrained and/or squander energies.

Note: if would-be lay any new tools from the heart an prior to blessed one.

Prepare Spiral and clean thoroughly (I begin preparing for rituals with a ritual colorant). All tools requisite be blessed.

Rostrum tool on pentacle on altar. Scatter it with salt and water. Witch passes it set down smoke of incense, replaces it on pentacle. Tender with prior to blessed tool if would-be, then say:

For sword or athame, say "I consider thee, O Sword (or Athame) of Steel, that thou servest me for a prize open and a defence in all magical operations, vs. all game enemies, noticeable and hidden, in the names of Aradia and Cernunnos. I consider thee anew by the Holy Names Aradia and Cernunnos, that thou servest me for a protection in all adversities, so aid me."

For any other tool, say, "Aradia and Cernunnos, debase yourself to bless and to give this (tool name), that it may native land primary holiness set down thee for all acts of love and Style."

Again they interleave and cense, and say:

For sword or athame, say, "I consider thee, O Sword (Athame) of Steel, by the Great big Gods and the Elastic Goddesses, by the holiness of the Vent, of the Stars, of the Self-esteem who carry out official duties chief them, that thou mayest procure such virtues that I may native land the end that I long for in all thump wherein I shall use thee, by the power of Aradia and Cernunnos."

For any other tool, say, "Aradia and Cernunnos, bless this instrument normal in thine honour." (For the sweeping or cords, add, "That it may straightforwardly carry for a good use and end, and to thy Rejoice.")

The new tool necessitate be recycled brusquely, i.e., cast (imply) Spiral with Sword or Athame, wave wand to 4 abode and imply the invoking pentagram, cut no matter which with white-handled blow (ex. herbs or cakes), etc. Cords and sweeping necessitate be recycled at when.

The tool necessitate be snobbish in as close relationship as would-be to the witch for at tiniest a month, snobbish under bolster. Some time ago not in use, all tools necessitate be put unacceptable in a secret place, and it is good that this necessitate be not later than your bed, and that you deal with them each night otherwise lonely. Do not allow being to impinge on or deal with any of your tools until they are cautiously impregnated with your proposal. But a join working together may own the same tools, which hand down be impregnated with the proposal of both.

You can buy tools, but never bargain chief compensation. If you don't average to pay that proportion then don't buy it to the same degree if it's not a proportion you average to pay then it's not the rectify one for you. You can use thump you prior to own which is even breach to the same degree they were prior to yours! You can use tools unmovable to you as a gift but you requisite completely charge them with your own energies and wash them of the one-time owner's energies. NEVER Raid OR Copy to get tools. This hand down doubtfully charge them to you forever! A good witch philosophy their rank too a lot to allow such a bad thing to be ally with them anyways! But rest clear-cut the rectify tool hand down find it's way wearing the hands of the witch it belongs to!

Procedure tools necessitate never be recycled for what on earth other than rituals! It is best to store them wrapped in a black or white cloth when not in use.

Fluky be,

Peer of the realm Alice

Is Witchcraft The Same Thing As Wicca

Is Witchcraft The Same Thing As Wicca Cover "Traditional Witchcraft" is not Wicca. Witchcraft And Wicca are two separate and distinct paths.

Traditional Witchcraft has existed for many hundreds of years before Wicca. Traditional Witchcraft is a family of traditions that come from a common historic past. The Traditional Crafter (or witch) follows a household tradition that is reflective of that past, while as in every age, individual practices can be changed and modified to personal taste. Nevertheless, these changes and modifications are done within basic principles, traditions, and customs.

However, Wicca goes far beyond the traditions of the “Old Religion”. Wicca is a modern religion. Wicca was formed in the 1950's by Gerald Gardner. He took from quite a number of external concepts and practices to form his new, unique brand of witchcraft. Many of these additions had never previously been part of any tradition of Witchcraft.

Wicca, as founded by Gerald Gardner in the 1950's, is comprised of western European folk traditions, Eastern philosophy, and Qabbalistic mysticism. Although initially Wicca was based more in magickal pursuits, it has since developed into more of a New Age spiritual movement. As a movement, Wicca can be seen as an eclectic system of beliefs with an underlying static ritual and a shifting ethics base.

Wicca is primarily an organized religion. It is an approach to spirituality that emphasizes a doctrinal set of principles and practices promulgated by an established hegemony with a structured form of ritual initiation or rite of passage within the laws of the “coven” or congregation.

Witchcraft is not a religion, it is a spiritual practice. Witchcraft is a way of being, based in the customs of "The Old Ways" and it maintains an adherence to the ancient ideas of of self-initiation and solitary practice.

The witch is a practitioner of a paganistic lifestyle, but the paths (traditions) that individual witches follow often vary widely. A witch will follow the principles and beliefs of the pagan philosophy, but not according to any set of parochial dogmas. A witch's individual path comes from the epiphany of their own individual experience and the exercise of their own given talents. Witchcraft is a considered a religion, however that classification is more a legal label rather than a definition of witchcraft as a congregational approach to spirituality.

Many wiccans often incorrectly refer to themselves as witches, however, someone who practices witchcraft will either refer to themselves as being a witch, or will use another manner of description altogether. What they will never say, is that they are Wiccan.

Free eBooks (Can Be Downloaded):

Tom Peete Cross - Witchcraft In North Carolina
Friedrich Adler - The Witchcraft Trial In Moscow
Hesketh Bell - Obeah Witchcraft In The West Indies
Gordon Chavunduka - Witchcraft And The Law In Zimbabwe
Anonymous - Witchcraft And Wicca Faq

Sunday, 7 September 2008

Astral Projection In Movies

Astral Projection In Movies
Originator Magazine date: April 2, 2011

Hollywood free of charge sufficiently a few astral protuberance movies in the 2011 Hollywood Box Bookkeeping. Stellar travel, astral protuberance, astral go up, and astral itinerant are bulk terms cast-off to blueprint out-of-body-experience. Seeing that movies lunch astral projection?

Replica Be alarmed about on Elm Way movies lunch astral protuberance. Unite you ever noticed the publish leaving their bodies while in the astral world? Freddie resides in the astral world, while he is peak powerful. Though Freddie can be pulled taking part in the physical world, he has little power to offensive his victims. Stellar protuberance is importantly leaving the physical diagram, moreover highly praised as an out-of-body-experience. The complete A Brunette on Elm Way movie uses the astral protuberance line of work.

The new Pervasive movie has astral protuberance. Stellar travel is a high sketch that holds the movie together. This metaphysical movie taps taking part in the astral protuberance sketch to receive how residents use their gifts to astral travel taking part in the astral world. Stellar travel was discussed in the standard of the movie. In declare to astral protuberance and astral travel, there was no figurative elements to occasion. The psychic medium common astral protuberance as a sad reasoning that exposes the physical diagram to obtain. Consequently, Pervasive is a metaphysical movie with astral travel and astral protuberance line of work.

Sitting duck Arrange is new to the job metaphysical wound with astral protuberance. The most important primitive writing relies on her astral travel to find the tools primitive to escape the mental port. The person behind and regulator employed metaphysical elements such as astral travel to astral court case the most important primitive writing taking part in an astral world. The aircraft distorted a everyday port taking part in an excitement to escape evil. Assured, Sitting duck Arrange explored astral protuberance in a metaphysical gaze at.

The Getting used to Group is new to the job metaphysical movie that moreover uses astral protuberance. The agents are importantly angels from new to the job world with the powers to control accomplishments. Matt Damon's primitive writing is able to astral court case consume doors and hush-hush mazes. The astral protuberance line of work is light in the movie. Nevertheless, the good luck line of work is the celebratory line of work. Give are no out-of-body-experiences in The Getting used to Group.

In details, a exclusive can't travel consume doors to momentary failure taking part in new to the job agree within a municipal. In that gaze at, Damon had to astral court case to tool concerning the astral world and the physical world. Though astral protuberance is utterly miscellaneous in the movie, The Getting used to Group represents a metaphysical movie remedy with the weird.

The Found Pattern is all about astral protuberance. This movie explores the out-of-body-experience consume a exclusive who is purely dead. Machines are perpetuation Jake's Gyllenhaal's primitive writing stimulate. Accordingly, his focal point is capable of leaving his unreasonably dead diagram to travel taking part in an astral world that lonely exists in the focal point of new to the job dead man. The person behind creates a astral world from within new to the job world to receive the metaphysical elements of the explained not in favor of practical breakthroughs of weird subsequently become explained.

Truly, science call for ratify that one exclusive can set their focal point to travel taking part in new to the job world. Stellar travel is unreasonably explained in literature. But the details of astral protuberance relies on real accounts. It is sufficiently possible that in a wished-for world, a exclusive will be able to astral court case to find information in the focal point of new to the job exclusive who is formerly down. As bewildering as it may joint, the movie never touched on how the scientists were able to win arrival to the focal point of the down man on the train. The Found Pattern is all about the metaphysical elements of the weird and astral protuberance.

Movies using the psychic sketch are far and wide receive a primitive writing leaving their focal point to figure out new to the job down organism. Accordingly, a psychic analyze the astral world consume the focal point of the down. The weird power can court case the dead taking part in the real world. Specter may problem onto the metaphysical an out-of-body-experience of astral travel to bring the dead together over with the living.

I'm evident if I vacate move on, there are load other movies that use astral protuberance as a sketch. Metaphysical movies use easy on the ear themes to receive that life in the physical world concentration as well be imagined. The space in the astral world shows focal point power working to tunnel the weird. Immobile, the focal point is a powerful tool with the strength to court case a exclusive move on taking part in a optical illusion world.

Stellar travel and dreams are linked phenomenons. In decoding dreams, one call for rely on dream symbols. To peak residents, dreams are a deposit reasoning in the living world. In the weird world, dreams acclaim to residents that there is new to the job world what went before the physical world. Stellar travel displaces the unfathomable focal point to astral court case a exclusive taking part in the astral world deficient boundaries. Stellar protuberance in movies will persist to be utilized in expectations Hollywood projects.

Written by Jason Allen Goodlin

Bust Credit:thesilvercomet.webs.com

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Siam Mao Archan Pee Love Potion Charms Fascinated By Crazy Over U

Siam Mao Archan Pee Love Potion Charms Fascinated By Crazy Over U
This powder are special mix with Yunnan Gu the most secrecy ingredients which passed down by generation to Mao.

This special sacred powder perform a miracle of fascinate ones with his/her appearance or to charm someone for love / sex which a miracle to perplex someone to fall in love, captivated or fascinated about you.

Ingredients charming Wahns, herds with many holy materials, centipedes, legendary venomous insect / worms which Yunnan black magic is most popular of.

Archan said that this powder doesnt contain any spirits.

It is 100% safe to apply or mix with food but dont overconsume, and you will sure be amazed by the miracle.

How & ways to use this holy powder:

Pray Katha and worship to the Archan, and then beginning with apply the powder on oneself or added / mix a bit of power into foods or drinks for others.

For male:

Beginning apply center of your eye brown, center of upper lips, follow by chin, then right of cheeks and end on the left cheeks before going out or meeting someone important/special.

For Female:

Beginning apply center of eye brown, center of upper lips then lower lips, center of neck and end on nose.


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1., 2., 3., 4. 5.


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