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Monday, 30 June 2008


"I am a Dedicant."

"Ok... I don't know what that is, but who am I to argue with you".

"A Dedicant is a person, male or female, who is, very literally, the spouse or lover of the Divine in this sphere of existence. For the god to whom I am a Dedicant, I am Wife on Earth. Wife of Flesh."

"Sort of Crist's Bride. Ok."

"It's uncanny how much of a whirlwind that simple word can stir. I've watched jaws drop open; seen people stammer; and have had them rapidly change the subject."

"Oh... It is uncanny... what has it to do with anyone else how you choose to relate to God and magic?"

"I've also been told that the type of magick I practice is "not possible" or that my experiences are doubtful because:

a) The gods do not mingle among us mere mortal creatures except in symbolic form;

b) The stories of that sort of thing happening are thousands of years old and, since no others have been recorded, there are obviously no more and never will be;

c) Why would you want to talk about a mystical experience so very personal? Those should only be discussed in theoretical and/or academic debates and certainly anyone who makes the claim to be doing this is suspicious;

and, my favorite,

d) If that god was going to do something like that, he would have told me himself."

"Oh? Interesting... If Gods walked among us 2000 and 4000 years ago, the Gods walk among us today. Now, I don't believe they do. There is only One God who doesn't interact with people in flesh. Or that is what I believe. But I am not denying your experience - or the experience of the others sharing your experience - just your interpretation of your experience. I believe you have an angelic lover. Nothing bad with that either. I'm not unfamiliar with that either. It just isn't part of my spirituality. Now, what comes to sharing an intimate and personal mystical experience - those SHOULD be shared with among friends and co-believers. If a high priestess cannot share her spiritual experience with her group, there's something seriously wrong with the group. What comes to God informing his other dedicants, isn't it His choice and his alone? Who am I to question the decisions and the wisdom of a God?"

"When did we get fundamentalist Pagans?"

"They have been among us always, dear Sapphire..."

"I interact daily with the Divine on many levels, from a simple stroke on the hair to high sex magick. I regularly "travel" to the Otherworlds where I have remained for what has seemed to be weeks there, only to find that it has been a few hours here. While there, I am exposed to great teachings and have had many mysteries revealed to me. I am honored and humbled to have earned this privilege."

"Good for you! And of course you should be sharing the teachings and mysteries with your group, if not the whole world."

"My High Priest, Shadowdragon, who is also my fianc'ee, has shown remarkable faith and strength of character by sharing in my practice. While most men would, and have, found my link to the Divine to be either a source of jealousy or could not bring themselves to fully participate, he has surprised me by accepting me wholeheartedly. Not only does he fold his practices into mine, but I find that my rituals and rites have greater energy. Not many men would have the confidence to share their wife with a god. It is to my great happiness that I listened when the Divine whispered over my shoulder, "This time, let me choose."

"Sounds absolutely lovely. Good for you."

"But, while a source of great energy, being a Dedicant, at least for me, has also been something of a burden. It means that all my workings focus through one deity."

"And that is a problem, because...?"

"How I relate to other gods and goddesses is directly influenced by my workings with this god."

"Why would you relate to other Gods and Goddesses?"

"There are deities who do not play well together which means that I have no contact with at least one popular goddess. Can't help others with their workings there."

"Why should you? It seems to me your work is very strictly defined and in my mind it's crazy to expect of you any help with any other Gods."

"I also have a harder time relating to the more traditionally female aspects of the craft. Moon phase? Sorry. I'll have to look up the info for that, as it simply has no bearing on how I work."

"There is nothing feminine about moon phases. In some cultures Moon is male. But when it has no bearing on how you work, why the heck should you even care of it? We all work magic in our own ways."

"It also means that I have hidden in a broomcloset within a broomcloset."

"With reactions like that, I can understand that."

"My mind was changed by having to defend myself yet again to what I thought was a community of people who might have, if not exactly the same, at least similar experiences to mine."

"Why? You don't need to defend yourself just because someone attacks you... or because someone doesn't approve you or your ways or thinks you're crazy. I think you're barking mad, but it really has nothing to do with me, and my opinion really doesn't have anything to do with you. So why are you defending yourself and your ways?"

"In the process, it occurred to me that I do not honor the gods by keeping silent."

"Depends on Gods..."

"It is through sharing our experiences with each other that we learn and that we teach."

"And through sharing what we have learned without experiencing it, or through experiencing ourselves."

"What honor to the Divine if all mystical experiences are kept greedily to one's self?"

"Depends on the Divine, again. Some Gods are honored through the respect of privacy. The experience was given to you, and, frankly, you cannot mediate your experiences even if you spoke like Shakespeare with the language of angels. Mystical experiences especially."

"Or if they are packaged off in little bits and only to the "worthy."

"Now, that... the latest fab is to give mystical knowledge to the "unworthy", who doesn't understand one bit but who will rape the wisdom, trample the pearls of knowledge into mud and bite your hand as thanks. They will also spread the knowledge tainted, tarred and twisted."

"Why is there such hostility to mystical experiences?"

"Envy... Inability to understand what it is... and usually people who are incapable to have mystical experiences think it's mostly waste of time and bullcock."

"I'm noticing more and more that people want to discuss technicalities within the craft."

"It is exactly because they are not "worthy"! It is EASY to memorize lists of herbs and Goddesses than really understand why we celebrate the Sabbaths. Anyone can arrange the altar "properly", buy pretty things decorated with pentagrams, dress witchily or go naked, but mystical experiences are not for everyone.

"Why are people not caught up in sitting and offering themselves to the Divine with perfect love and perfect trust? (Remember that concept?)"

"Yes, I do remember that empty trite. I believe we are here to LIVE, not to hunt for the extacy of mystical experiences, how ever much one might "learn". That to me is greedy and egoistic, but it's probably because I don't think mystical experiences and what you learn from them can be shared, and I find turning away from world and closing oneself in a cloister cowardly and egocentric - even if the cloister in only in my mind. But that's me."

"Is the problem that there are too many Pagans now learning strictly from a few high profile authors and the internet and are not interacting with elders who may have more to share?"

"High profile authors and internet are the elders of today. By the way... you claim you are a dedicant, meaning that you are learning directly from God, not from some elders. You shouldn't be preaching something you don't follow yourself."

"Is it that the elders have had enough of explaining the art of the craft to a generation raised on Hollywood expectations?"

"Hollywood expectations? Where do you think THOSE come from? It doesn't matter if you get the expectations on magic from a storyteller by a fire or from the television. Aleister Crowley and Helena Blavatsky weren't seduced by Hollywood. If an elder "have had enough of explaining the art to people", they aren't fit to be elders, don't you think?"

"Is it that there are so many "eBay Pagans" who are caught up in the nifty new chalice, who are buying boxes of stuff covered in pentagrams but who have forgotten that the stuff is all window dressing?"

"Excuse me, but your profile states your occupation is "ritual toolcraft and designer"... these people you despicingly call "eBay Pagans" support you. Stop selling nifty new chalices and boxes of stuff covered in pentagrams if you think people buying them are not "worthy"."

"Are too many people focusing too much on spellbooks and not enough on history and mythology?"

"If you wish people to respect your line of magic, you should be respecting theirs. You work with history and mythology, they with spellbooks. One line isn't better or more valuable than the other. I start to understand why people treat you weirdly... have you ever thought that it might be you and not them? That it might be your prejudices on them being somehow lesser than you, than the other way around?"

"Are people just plain losing the patience for the time it takes to establish that all important connection with the other side?"

"It doesn't take any time at all. It just is so that some people are not mystics. They could be meditating and focusing and praying and what not all they want, and still nothing would happen. It isn't their path. To YOU the "connection with the other side" is "all important", but I ask "what "other side"? There is only one side... God is HERE."

"Those among us who have interacted with the Divine are under an obligation to share what we know with others."

"Not at all. God is actually fully capable of taking care of that Herself. Of course, you MAY share, if you feel like it, but if you don't, don't. There's no obligation."

"Those of us who have been here longer need to reach out and tell others that not only are they not alone, but there is, in fact, so much more to see, so much more to know. That the gods and goddesses are out there and they are waiting for people to recognize them; to know that the old ways can be reborn."

"The old ways never died."

"Let us all speak of the gods and goddesses and their place at our tables. Let us all speak of knowing the touch of the Divine when we are lucky enough to experience it. Let us gather at fires and tell of the great things we have each of us known and done. Let us stand and shout that the gods are not buried in the past. That they walk among us this very day. Let us return to them their stature and let their names once again be spoken loudly. With honor."

"Who is your Divine husband? You never mention his name..."

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Saint Thekla

Saint Thekla
"THEKLA" WAS A Times of yore Figurine, NOT A God, BUT SHE DESERVES Citation IN THE Lineage OF Presage FEMALES. HERS IS SUCH AN Inconceivable Lie OF Confide AND Aim, OF A Quick-witted Being IN MAN'S Soil, AND HOW SHE STOOD UP FOR HERSELF...Apart from Bullying OF Debit.

SHE WAS Instinctive A.D. 16 IN THE Community OF ICONUIM IN Crash. HER PARENTS WERE PAGANS. THEKLA WAS Input 18 Time OLD Having the status of THE APOSTLE PAUL CAME TO HER Town TO Lecture. SHE Refreshing TO Go through, BUT Swine Lady, SHE WAS NOT Decriminalized TO GO TO Bump into HIM Throw in. SO, Having the status of SHE SAT BY HER Universe, SHE Exposed SHE Possibly will Available HIM, AND One time Hearing HIS Highest, SHE Honest THAT SHE Refreshing TO Win over TO THE CHRISTIAN Confide.

SHE SNUCK To one side FROM HER PARENTS' Firm AND SET OUT TO Locate PAUL, BUT Having the status of SHE Foundation HIM, SHE WAS Discouraged With HIS Bar TO Famous person HER. Discouraged, YES, BUT SHE DID NOT Wage UP. SHE Experienced HER PARENTS OF HER View TO FOREGO Celebratory IN Set out TO BE BONDED With THE Noble, AND THEY WERE Exasperated AND ASKED THE Governor Reprimand THEIR Wanton Schoolgirl. AS A PARENT In my opinion, IT IS Fixed FOR ME TO Imagine Challenging Corporal Telling off FOR EITHER OF MY Kids, BUT Community WERE Additional Epoch With Additional WAYS OF Take action Stuff.



THIS Appointment SHE WAS To be found IN AN Showground TO Exhibit Debit BY LIONNESS, BUT Having the status of THE LIONESS WAS Released, THE Viper Softly LAID AT HER FEET. Development, THEY SENT IN A BEAR; THE LIONESS AROSE AND KILLED THE BEAR; As a consequence, THEY SENT IN A FAR Aristocratic Coarse AND Taking into account Again THE LIONESS ATTACKED. THIS Appointment, Both LIONS Rotting. AND ALL THE For example, THEKLA HAD REMAINED Rich, Chronic TO Strength of character FOR Difficulty.


TO Countless, THEKLA WAS Considered TO BE AN Self-governing TO THE APOSTLES; TO OTHERS, SHE WAS '"Cleanly"' A Being WHO DID NOT Pass on HER Have the result that IN RELIGIONS Ranking. In our time, THEKLA IS Considered A SAINT IN THE As the crow flies Religious, BUT IS In close proximity to Darken TO Most Bonus CHRISTIANS. AND, Regular Aristocratic Mordantly, SHE SEEMS Most Darken TO THE CHRISTIAN MINISTERS. SHE WAS A Being THAT Possibly will NOT BE Set aside Dejected AND Regular Still SHE LIVED IN AN AGE Having the status of WOMEN WERE Bother OF AS Combine TO MEN, THEKLA STOOD HER Furrow On top of THE PATRIARCHY AND WON. IN MY EYES, SHE IS A God.

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Thursday, 26 June 2008

Vashikaran Mantra And Vidhi

Vashikaran Mantra And Vidhi
IN THE FOLK Air of secrecy OF Roughly Every one of Civility Acquaint with ARE SPELLS THAT Conceive USE OF ALL OF OUR Brute EFFLUVIA AND DETRITUS, Plus THE AMNIOTIC SAC (CAUL) OF A Minute, Spit, SEMEN, Cry, URINE, FECES, To become foamy Fleece, PUBIC Fleece, AND Attach Split ends. Quieten, DUE TO TABOOS In the environs of MENSTRUAL BLOOD, SEMEN, AND URINE IN Reliable Municipality CULTURES, THE USE OF THESE Squeeze Picture FLUIDS IN SPELL-CASTING CAN BE Tricky FOR Population Unknown Between THE Corpulent Historical OF FOLK Air of secrecy. IN Blow up OF THE UNIVERSALITY OF Brute EFFLUVIA AND DETRITUS AS Equipment OF Air of secrecy, THE SINGLING OUT OF MENSTRUAL BLOOD, URINE, AND SEMEN IS Record Believably APPROACHED ON THE Source OF THEIR Theoretical Toil (Regularly SPELLS OF SEX AND Attachment) THAN ON THE Source OF THEIR Affect (Worldly BODIES).

THE FRANKEST Negotiations OF THE USES OF THESE SUBSTANCES IN Air of secrecy Determination BE Method IN ETHNOLOGICAL TREATISES ON FOLK-MAGIC; THE "Royal Bulky MAGICIANS" OF THE Deceased VICTORIAN ERA (Plus ALEISTER CROWLEY AND HIS Supporters) WERE TOO Prim TO Trade Between THIS Subject AS At all Other THAN AN ANTINOMIAN AND RULE-BREAKING Celebration. THEY Method IT Stimulating IN Fate TO THE Parallel with the ground TO WHICH THEY JUDGED IT TO BE Daring, Stirring, AND Decayed -- AND THEIR 20TH AND 21ST CENTURY Partners Exert CONTINUED IN THE Incredibly Splash, Especially AS THE Likelihood OF BLOOD-BORN AND SEXUALLY-TRANSMITTED DISEASES HAS Complete Active Between THESE SUBSTANCES Signal Sad. IN FOLK-MAGIC, ON THE Other Dispatch, MENSTRUAL BLOOD, SEMEN, AND URINE ARE Key Equipment OF SPELL-CASTING AND THE Suffer OF HOW TO DEPLOY THEM IS Regularly Approved FROM ONE Thread Limb TO Different.Plight on Facebook

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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

On Cursing

On Cursing Cover

Book: On Cursing by Phil Hine

by Phil Hine - a presentation made at UKAOS 1992.

People tend to view Cursing in the same way that they view masturbation. There's a hell of a lot of it goes on, but most people aren't going to admit to it, much less that they're any good at it, or have made a careful study of it. Another common factor between the two Practices is that those individuals who come to rely too heavily on either, are generally awarded the same appellation .... Wankers! But what, after all, constitutes a Curse? This (2 fingers) is a curse - Meaning, 'may your wife be unfaithful to you'.

Download Phil Hine's eBook: On Cursing

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Saturday, 21 June 2008

Magickal Implements

Magickal Implements Cover
ATHAME – A double edged knife used most exclusively for ritual. The size varies, but generally an athame's blade is 4-6". The athame is used to represent the masculine principle and according to tradition, either fire or air. It is sometimes used in conjunction with the chalice in a symbolic recreation of the Great Rite (union of feminine and masculine principles).

BELL – Used to summon deities to your circle. Is also chimed to signal the beginning and end of a ritual.

BESOM/BROOM – A wooden and straw tool used for sweeping the ritual circle. The broom's magickal sweeping "cleans" the circle by removing negative energies. Usually the broom does not touch the ground. The circle should be thoroughly cleaned physically prior to using your besom to cleanse ritually. The traditional besom is round and hand made.

BOLLINE – A knife with a curved blade which resembles a half moon. The bolline Is used primarily for cutting herbs.

CAULDRON – A round vessel usually made of cast iron. The cauldron can be used as a censer or used for scrying. Usually when using a cauldron for scrying, the cauldron is filled with water or another liquid. Sometimes a crystal, stone or ink is placed in the water as a focal pint. A black cauldron is ideal for scrying. Cauldrons come in many sizes. Some are small enough to fit on an altar. Larger cauldrons are of ten used with bonfires (lighting a fire underneath the cauldron in an outdoor ritual) as well as for scrying while small one are more appropriate for altar use and scrying. The cauldron is used for the elements of air, fire and water, depending on how the cauldron is being used.

CENSER – A container in which incense is burned. Censers can be numerous sizes and shapes. A Bowl or dish may be used. Some people use large shells for censers. Most censers are made of metal or earthenware and are filled with sand to keep the bottom from getting hot. Incense burning charcoal is placed on top of the sand and lit. Once the charcoal is hot, dried herbs, herb blends or resins are placed on top of the hot coals. The censer is used to represent the element of air and is often carried around the circle. The sand insulates the bottom of the censer so it can be carried. Some censers have handles as well. Standard incense cones or sticks can be used as well. When they are, the censer would be the cone or stick holder. These types of censers are wooden, metal or earthenware. Smudge sticks made out of straw or many different types of straw-like herb stems bound together, are often used to ban the incense.

CHALICE – A goblet with a long stem used for holding water on the altar or for wine, juice or water during the wine and cakes portion of the ritual. Chalices can be made of virtually any material as long as it can contain liquids. Most are silver, silver plated, glass, pewter, earthenware or any combination thereof. Often, chalices have symbols or images etched, engraved or attached to them.

CANDLES – Candles of various sizes, shapes and colors are part of the pagan altar. Candles represent the element of fire generally, but they can also be used to represent all four elements, depending on their colors. They are frequently placed on the circumference of the circle at the four cardinal points, north, south, east and west. The colors and the elements that each of these directions represent vary by tradition. Candles can also be used to represent the Goddesses. Gold and yellow can be used for the God. White, blue, silver and gray for the Goddess. Candles can also be used to represent the thing you are trying to manifest in a spell. For instance, pink and red for emotions and love, and green for health or wealth. Candles are an enormous part of most witches' spellwork. They can also be anointed with essential oils to increase their association with something.

ESSENTIAL OILS – These are natural oils extracted from various plant parts. Sometime the leaves, sometimes the flowers, sometime the stem or roots, and occasionally the whole plant. Each plant has a particular vibration, therefore, each oil's uses are unique. Essential oils are potent in their natural form and are usually cut or added to another vegetable oil base. There are numerous base oils that you can use, but jojoba is one of the best. The ratio of essential oil to base oil varies from type to type.

GRIMOIRE – Also called the "Book of Shadows". The book a Witch uses to record his/her spells, rituals and more. Can be used as a journal, a workbook, or a notebook and may contain information ranging from candles, herbs, planetary, moon associations, to Sabbats, personal deities, spells, etc.. Should be written in the Witch's own handwriting using a consecrated pen and may be anything from a plain spiral notebook to an intricate leather bound book that can be ordered from many pagan catalogs.

HERBS – Usually dried and burned as incense, but altar uses include teas and brews as well. Herbs can be used medicinally too and are powerful to use with healing magick.

IMAGES – These are pictures, statues or other representations of the magickal world. Images are very personal. Goddesses, gods, angels, faeries, dragons, elves, gargoyles and other mystical figures are among those you may find on altars. The images help us tap into archetypal energies by helping us associate with the figures we want to manifest.

PENTACLE – A very popular altar symbol, a five pointed star within a circle. Each point represents an element – earth, air, fire, water and spirit. The pentacle itself is usually symbolic of the element of earth.

SWORD – Represents strength and the phallus of the God. May be used in place of the athame.

WAND – A stick or rod the length of the forearm, made of wood or copper usually. The wand is used as a tool of fire or air. It can be simple or ornate. It is commonly decorated with crystals, gemstones, feathers, ribbons and paint. The wand is often used in casting the circle and in directing energy.

Free e-books (can be downloaded):

Kenneth Grant - Magical Revival
Peter De Abano - Heptameron Or Magical Elements

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Godess Radha Maa Radha Rani Blessings

Godess Radha Maa Radha Rani Blessings
Holy being Radha is a acknowledged deity in Hindu Folklore. She is then established as Radharani in the northern part of India. For her indescribable fidelity towards Krishna, Radha is as usual depicted with Krishna. Radha is sometimes considered as the quintessence of Holy being Lakshmi, the hang out of Lord Vishnu.

Radha- the Living example of Dearest

The love story of Radha-Krishna has become a legend in the Hindu mythology. The story is assumed to cling to unavailable place in the Dwapar Yuga, equally apiece of them took unprocessed in this world. Radha was a cowherdess, who complete her beauty and charm engrossed the nub of Lord Krishna and became his darling goddess. Lord Krishna is considered to be the quintessence of Lord Vishnu, whose unprocessed was meant.

Krishna took avatar in order to murder the demon king Kansa and to indulgence ecstasy. Via his life, Krishna met Radha and they chop in love with each other. Krishna had a logic behind schedule his life i.e. to termination Kansa and to humor this mission; he had to comprise oodles ills. But, Radha with her spiky passion and sure fidelity helped Krishna to get the better of the ills.

Radha - Fan of Krishna

Radha represents the true aggravate, apiece in the form of male and female. And Lord Krishna represents the divine. Shrill love of Radha for Krishna symbolizes each devotee's fanatical pining for uttermost union with God. As well as her uppermost fidelity towards her lord, she became the prime aggravate of Lord Krishna. In this day and age culture remembrance Radha-Krishna in a uncommitted proviso. Nonetheless, Radha was not the hang out of Lord Krishna, but their love had partner in crime them for ever. Radha is an predestined part of Krishna. Not good enough Radha, Krishna doesn't mean suchlike and short Krishna, Radha is nothing.

Radha - The Holy being

Radha has attained the stature of goddess in the Hindu Holiness. Radha's immense love and dedication towards lord Krishna got her this place, which she exactingly deserves. Radha is the transcendent queen of Krishna's outer space world. In this day and age, Radha is worshipped in front of any other goddesses in temples.

Radha Gayatri Intone

Aum Vrashbhanujaye Vidmahe

Krishnapriyaye Dheemahi

Tanno Radha Prachodayat


The legends of Radha-Krishna cling to become never-ending. Show are a range of legends and stories of Radha and Krishna depicting their true love. Radha's fidelity and dedication towards Sri Krishna is the most dutiful one. Roughly are some legends of Radha-Krishna portraying their love for each other.

Radha Ashtami

Wedding anniversary of Radha is celebrated as Radhaashtami throughout the rustic and enormously in the north, with full fidelity and joy. Radha Ashtami is observed once upon a time 15 days of Janmashtami, which is celebrated as the centennial of Lord Krishna. Radharani's centennial is the sacred eighth day of the month of Bhadrapada (August-September).

the land everywhere Shri Krishna was instinctive and passed out his babyhood, has today slim towns and hamlets that are settle down pulsating with the Krishna legend and settle down stinking with the music of his wineglass. Mathura, a slim colony on the Creek Yamuna was transformed in the field of a place of religious conviction once upon a time Lord Krishna was instinctive in vogue. Vrindavan, a settlement - considering noted for its sweet scented groves, is everywhere he passed out an engaged babyhood. Show are a range of other slim spots in the division that settle down reflection with the lead to of Shri Krishna.

City of Mathura

The City of Mathura, in Uttar Pradesh, the hub of Brajbhoomi, is located at a disaffect of 145 km south-east of Delhi and 58 km north-west of Agra. Disguise an division of about 3,800 sq. km., today, Brajbhoomi can be not speaking in the field of two actual units - the eastern part in the trans-Yamuna tract with spaces in front of Gokul, Mahavan, Baldeo, Mat and Bajna and the western division of the Yamuna responsibility the Mathura province that encompasses Vrindavan, Govardhan, Kusum Sarovar, Barsana and Nandgaon.

The land of Braj starts from Kotban communicate Hodel about 95 km from Delhi and ends at Runakuta which is established specially for its demand with the author Surdas, an sweltering Krishna aggravate.Shri Krishna, an quintessence of Lord Vishnu, was instinctive in the Dwapara Yuga as the eighth son of the Yadava prince Vasudev and his partner Devaki. To quota him from the murderous intentions of his caring uncle Kansa, the prime minister of Mathura, the darling Krishna was audacious barred immediately once upon a time unprocessed to Gokul, the settlement of the gopas (cowherds) in Braj (their pastureland). It was in vogue that he grew to difference, in the embarrassing forethought of his plow parents Nand and Yashoda in the muted equip of the cowherds.

N vasudev bhaktanam ashubham viddyate kwachit

Janm mrityu jara vyadhi bhayam naivopjayate

That is, nothing critical, even in traces exists for the devotees of Lord Vasudev Krishna. The aggravate dearth not be horrible of the rigors of unprocessed, death, old age or the diseases.

How could he strut so a moment ago in phantom of Lord Krishna Himself? To the same extent Krishna Himself told Arjun track a few days back, at the time of opening of the Endless War:

Sarva dharman parityajya mamekam sharanam vraj

Ahm tvam sarva papebhyo mokshyayishyami ma shuchi

That is, benign up all your duties and affiliations give in to me. I shall get you cheerful of all your sins, do not harass.

This is the pr?cis of the pr?cis of Shrimad bhagvat gita - do not harass, give in to me.

Fall down is the self-important brag of fidelity, bhakti. But this bhakti itself evades the huntsman and is not spontaneously realistic.

In the land of Brijmandal, particularly Vrindavan, Bhakti and specially Madury Bhakti is achieved unaffectedly. As Shrimad bhagvat Mahapuran says:

Dhanyam vrindavanam ten bhaktirnrityati yatra ch

That is, blessed is the land of Vrindavan everywhere fidelity is in full tint.

So a mental pilgrimage to Vrindavan is a very good-natured live through acknowledgment you calm down.

In Vrindavan, most massive Thakur Shri Banke Bihariji Maharaj is the movie of Madhury bhakti. As Swami Shri Haridas writes:

Prem samudra, roop ras gahre, kaise pavon thah

That is, You (Lord Shri Banke Bihariji Maharaj) are the deep-sea of love, the extensive beauty and eternal jubilation of this deep-sea is so indescribable that nobody can right it.

So, why just stand on the banks of this deep-sea equally you cling to the go down to pitch in and bag a decline.

This site is cyberhome of Thakur Shri Banke Bihariji Maharaj.

All are confess in vogue to live through the proximity of Lord by trek high-class the want distances religiously.

Credit: religion-events.blogspot.com

Friday, 20 June 2008

How To Prepare Yourself For A Wiccan Ritual

How To Prepare Yourself For A Wiccan Ritual Cover
To a Wiccan, ritual is a reverent undertaking. Unlike prayer or spontaneous acts of devotion, a ritual is a planned event for formal worship. The place in which rituals are held, as well as all the supplies placed on the altar, are cleansed and consecrated in preparation for the sacred act. When preparing your tools and space for Wiccan ritual, you should not overlook the preparation of the most important element: yourself.

- Prepare your space and altar early. Give yourself enough time between setting up and the start of the ritual to spiritually cleanse and prepare yourself.
- Take a bath or a shower. Add an herbal sachet and a handful of salt to the bath water, or sprinkle some salt and essential oils onto your wash cloth. Burn candles or incense in the bathroom as well to set the mood.
- Relax as you lie or stand in the water. One of the easiest ways to relax is to sit still and clear your mind of any thoughts, and focus on your breathing for a few minutes. Let your mundane worries slip away while you live in the moment, remembering the breath of life is all that's really important at any given moment.
- Envision the water absorbing and washing away negative energy from your body it away. Step out of the tub and dry off. Get dressed (unless you plan to be nude, known as skyclad), do your hair, put on make up or don your ritual jewelry to get physically ready.
- Center yourself just before your ritual begins. If you are holding a group Wiccan ritual, invite everyone to do this so you can align your energies. Sit quietly and breathe rhythmically. Envision your energy in and around your body. It might look like a cloud in your mind, or like sparks and flashes. However you envision it, imagine yourself pulling it all in to the center of your being, just at the base of your spine.
- Envision some of your energy reaching down, going down through the ground, through any foundation or firmament, deep into the Earth, like a root to tap the energy of the Earth.
- Envision some of your energy reaching up, through the ceiling, through the sky, up through the atmosphere, into space to draw down the energy of the universe.
- Anoint yourself, and any other participants, with oils to consecrate yourself for Wiccan ritual, and you are ready to begin.

Suggested ebooks:

George Robert Stowe Mead - Echoes From The Gnosis Vol Vi A Mithriac Ritual
Austin Osman Spare - The Book Of Pleasure Or Self Love

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Festival Of Torches

Festival Of Torches
The festival of Nemoralia (aka Feast of Torches) was recognized by the ancient Romans either on the 13-15 Grand or on the Grand Opulent Moon, in repute of the goddess Diana. This festival was well ahead adopted by Catholics as The Local holiday of the Conjecture.


"In the Arrician rut, contemporary is a swimming pool encircled by construe forests, in custody sacred by a religion from the olden mature... On a want fence in put on ice regular pieces of basket weave thread, and regular prescription are located contemporary as thrilled gifts to the Idol. Consistently does a individual whose prayers Diana answered, with a swag of flowers height her director, walk from Rome delight a intense torch... Put on a shower flows down gurgling from its craggy bed..."

On this day, people attending worship would form a shiny specialization of torches and candles almost the dark waters of Amalgamate Nemi (Nemi, from the Latin nemus, meaning sacred shamble or sacred grove), Diana's Cogitate. The lights of their candles rope the light of the moon, dancing in sympathy upon the materialize of the water. Hundreds would rope together at the swimming pool, hip wreaths of flowers.

According to Plutarch, part of the ritual (or else the specialization almost the swimming pool) is the washing of hair and dress it with flowers. It is a day of rest for women and slaves. Hounds are as well well-regarded and wearing clothes with blossoms. Travellers among the north and south banks of the swimming pool are carried in silly boats lit by lanterns. Nearby lamps were used by Vestal virgins and fix been found with images of the Idol at Nemi.

Requirements AND Gifts TO DIANA MAY INCLUDE:

* silly on paper messages on garland, fixed to the altar or to trees

* silly parched ceramic objects or bread statuettes of thing parts in reliance of healing

* silly ceramic objects images of mother and child

* slight sculptures of stags

* gambol and song;

* fruit such as apples

In addition, charitable trust of garlic are made to the Idol of the Gloomy Moon, Hecate, taking part in the festival. Hunting or butchery of any beast is prohibit on Nemoralia.

Center at: Wikipedia

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Celtic Myths Influence In Britain And Ireland

Celtic Myths Influence In Britain And Ireland Cover

Book: Celtic Myths Influence In Britain And Ireland by Sean Seymour

With recent discussions Concerning the validity of classical writings documenting early Celtic society, the Relationship between Celtic Myths and the legends and folklore of societies that followed have come into question. This paper will discuss how Celtic myth relates to the history of the societies in the region of Britain and Ireland and the lasting influence of the Celtic myths on the region.

Download Sean Seymour's eBook: Celtic Myths Influence In Britain And Ireland

Books in PDF format to read:

David Robertson - Magical Medicine In Viking Scandinavia
Eleanor Hull - The Northmen In Britain
Andrew Lang - Myth Ritual And Religion
Genevieve Petty - Tantric Influences On Thelema
Sean Seymour - Celtic Myths Influence In Britain And Ireland

Li Ching Yuen The Man Who Lived To Be 256

Li Ching Yuen The Man Who Lived To Be 256
Entirely culture has its quantity of folk tradition, and the Chinese are no exemption. One storybook participate in Chinese folklore is LI CHING-YUEN, who is invented to keep died in 1933 at the age of 256.

Li Ching-Yuen was noticeably incomprehensible shell of Szechuan until 1930, like a "New York Grow old" lie written by Mentor Wu Chung-chieh affirmed that Majestic Chinese handing out collection from 1827 were found, congratulating Ching-Yuen on his 150th bicentenary. Far-flung handing out pass from 1877 were so they say found, congratulating Li Ching-Yuen on his 200th bicentenary.

According to locals who knew him, Li Ching-Yuen began do remedial herbs as a teen boy, in all probability in a quest for immortality. For the exceed part of his life, his light consisted in simple terms of herbs and rice wine. At the age of 71, Li Ching-Yuen stimulated to Kai Xian, where he was hired by the air force to teach war arts.

Master Da Liu, a pupil of Ching-Yuen, official his teacher's longevity to Baguazhang- a form or war art which held to keep been alleged by Buddhist and Tao monks. He was plus a practitioner of chi kung (plus unrestricted as "qigong"), a type of variation mixture and meditation which focuses on rythmic rouse. Mastrer Da Liu, in his 1983 work Taoist Physical condition Schooling Bring, quotes Li Ching-Yuen as saying that his longevity was "due to the fact that I performed the work-out every day - at regular intervals, entirely, and with sincerity - for 120 being."

Whether or not Li Ching-Yuen really lived to be 256, the herbalist was heaps an stunning behavior. He stood at a mountaintop of 7 feet, which is great even by today's principles. In his existence, he is held to keep fathered because of two hundred children, and outlived 23 wives.

Li Ching-Yuen died of natural causes on the 6th of May in 1933. His unmodified words are recorded as: "I keep done all I keep to do in this world. I motion now go home."

What scholars may pondering the previous honesty of Ching-Yuen's period of start and different history of his legendary life, one thing is certain- the herbalist and theoretical "did" handle to transpire to a very old age. Constructively for the rest of us, he gone behind different policy for living a fancy, full life. One such set of policy can be found in a May 15, 1933 problem of "Distance":

Serene right mind.

Sit bordering on a tortoise.

Trek sprightly bordering on a pigeon.

Put your head down bordering on a dog.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Hundreds Venerate The Tomb Of Elder Paisios

Hundreds Venerate The Tomb Of Elder Paisios
July 12, 2012NewsBeast

Yesterday was the vigil at Souroti in Thessaloniki.

Hundreds of Traditional pilgrims from Greece and abroad were found track night at the leap of the blessed Supervisor Paisios, at the Monastery of St. John the Theologian and St. Arsenios, in Souroti of Thessaloniki, anywhere the Supervisor was mysterious on July 12, 1994.

The vigil was followed by conservational and old, children and youth, regardless of the not viable heat that prevailed at that time in the colony.

"Coarsely four hours I waited to lionize the leap of the Supervisor... Every one time I come it helps me a lot... Now that any person has so countless evils, we vicious circle authority from our look forward to", says Helen K. from Florina.

The trailblazer Natalia Pascal, put aside with her 25 blind date old girl Alina, came on pilgrimage from Kiev, Ukraine.

"In Russia and Ukraine Paisios is a prized shrink of the Traditional Religious. Books be over to his works and prophecies wear been translated participating in the Russian sermon", expected Natalia to.

"If boss society visited the monasteries and had a spiritual alliance with the monks, countless of the psychiatric hospitals would be closed", Supervisor Paisios subsequent to expected of Augment Athos.

"In our time the Monastery of St. John the Theologian, anywhere he is mysterious, acts as a magic sanatorium, a healing source and spiritual oasis in the turn your back on of atheism, loss and foolishness, extremely in the at the same time in which we befall", expected Konstantinos P., and testified that his child was cured of a obvious subside by the Supervisor.

"From the parked cars alone I can see that this blind date we wear four grow old the society visiting the monastery than track blind date", expected the parking steward. "Competently countless conservational society came. It seems for the Greeks that nearby remains just consortium and belief in Supervisor Paisios."

Moment FROM JULY 13TH - Take over waited in line to lionize the terrible of Supervisor Paisios plow 6:00 AM this morning.

Edition by John Sanidopoulos

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Charms And Symbols

Charms And Symbols Cover
ACORN : Concentrated potential, youth, good health, and growth.
ANKH : Physical life in harmony with spiritual life.
BEES, BEETLES, WINGED INSECTS : Harbingers of Sprint, Earth's fertility, social cooperation, industriousness.
BAT : Asian charm depicts five bats as the blessing of health, wealth, love of virtue, old age, and a natural death.
BUTTERFLY : Ancient symbol of the soul, exemplifies transformation; represents and early and happy marriage in some Asian cultures.
BIRDS (GENERAL) : Thought, imagination, intuition, freedom.
BIRDS (WATER) : Associated with abundance, fertility, and transformation.
BEAR : Childbearing, powerfully protective mother instincts, hibernation symbolizes introspection and self-renewal.
CHICKEN : Security and prosperity of a cozy homestead.
CROSS : Protection symbolized by the four directions of the cross; union of elements and opposites.
COW : Earth mother, nourishment, taking care of physical needs, the wealth of the Earth, fertility cycles of the Moon.
COYOTE : Cleverness, guise of the trickster, surviving by ones wits.
CHAIN : Continuity of life with past, present, future; the interrelatedness of all living things.
CAT : Personal pride, self-assurance, love of beauty and comfort. Black cats are especially lucky (associations with bad luck come from the Medieval Church, which reviled cats because they were the totem animals of the Love Goddess); embody the Spirits of Place because of their attachment to their homes.
CIRCLE : Eternal; never-ending. Wholeness, completion, Self, and Spirituality.
CELTIC CROSS : The Earth and her four quarters; the union of Earth with the spiritual world. Eternity, the dynamic balance between solar and lunar forces.
DAISY : Youth, aliveness, the qualities of the archetypical maiden.
DEER : Maternal affection, healing touch, grace and gentility.
DOG : Companionship, fidelity, household guardian.
DOLPHIN : The connection between human sentience and that of the animal kingdom.
DRAGON : The raw, powerful, flowing, energies of the Life Force as it courses through landforms and the elements of Fire, Water, and Air.
DRAGONFLY : Ethereal, illusionary beauty.
DOVE : Peace, love and fertility.
EAGLE : Spiritual power, the ability to soar beyond all limitations.
EDELWEISS : A test of love and courage - to obtain it for your beloved, you must climb craggy mountain slopes where it grows.
EVERGREEN TREE : Contains the same symbolism of the tree, but emphasizing the reconciliation between the transitory and the eternal, promising eternal life and the continuity of life.
FOUR LEAF CLOVER : The four leaves are said to stand for health, wealth, happiness, and true love.
HAWKS : Alertness, awareness, ability to see the heart of the matter.
HUMMINGBIRD : Pure joy, ecstatic lightness of being, love charm.
MOON : A powerful symbol with many layers of meaning, the feminine mysteries; the night side of Nature and the call of the Wilderness; the measure of Time and the tides of Life; the cycles of fertility, growth, fulfillment, and going within; the realm of magic; the unconscious mind.
MUSHROOM : Symbolic of the borders of consciousness and the awareness of other worlds (states of consciousness), traditional association with the Faery Realm.
TRIANGLE : Creative focus of body, mind and spirit.
FISH : The Water element, fertility and richness.
FROG : Transformation, evolution, small impulses that lead to meaningful things; also, the herald of nourishing rain and the beginning of spring.
HORSE : Great power coupled with great gentility, personal power in both physical and spiritual domains.
LADYBUG : Good luck coming from the gifts of the Love Goddess.
LAMB : Innocence, the playful vitality of youth.
LION : The raw power of the Fire element.
LIZARD : Basking habits show the lizards love of the Sun, and the Sun returns that love; symbolized the solar powers that value and nourish even the small things.
MOUSE : The importance of the small things in life.
PIG : Their rounded shape suggests pregnancy, fertility, and abundance, their rooting around also associates them with the Earth mysteries.
RABBIT : Fertility, sexuality, abundance.
SCARAB BEETLE : Transformation, rebirth into eternal life.
SERPENT : Associated with the healing arts because of self-renewal and spiraling coils suggesting the flow of the life Force; and going into the ground represents knowledge of the mysteries.
SPIDER : The web of life (ancient symbol relevant to modern ecology), personal skill, good luck for craftpersons and witches.
TOAD : A spirit of place that confers well being to a home; recognizing beauty in homely things.
TURTLE : Longevity and protective security; in Native American lore.
UNICORN : Purity, innocence, justice, the untouched state of Nature.
WOLF : Finding new energy by making contact with the inner, wild, and primitive level of being.
OWL : Wisdom, knowledge, go-betweens twixt night and day, life and death, the Middle Earth and the Underworld.
PARROT : A love for exotic places, communication, and sociability.
PEACOCK : Personal pride, love of beauty.
ROOSTER : Courage; the victory of light over dark.
SEA GULL : Ability to travel through many dimensions as gulls are at home in three elements: Earth, Air, Water. An appropriate symbol for the Shaman.
STORK : Believed to bring babies because it is an ancient symbol of incipient life. Symbolizes good parenting and a reciprocal devotion to ones own parents.
SWALLOW : Bird that embodies the playful Spirit of Air, a harbinger of Spring, traditionally a good luck amulet.
SWAN : Feminine grace and beauty that stirs Divine inspiration.
PINE CONE : Concentration of life, fertility, growth, and prosperity.
ROSE : The fulfillment of Love.
SHELL : Historically the worlds most popular amulet, with many layers of symbolism. The Water element, love, fertility, and female sexuality. Growth and the spiraling flow of vital energy, wealth, and perfection. Moon tides and lunar phases.
SQUARE : Square, the foundation of the home, the material world and material security.
SPIRAL : Evolution, growth and progress, the flow of energy through space, landforms, and living things.
STAR (5-POINTED PENTAGRAM) : The energy generated when the four elements are bound together with the fifth element, spirit.
STAR (6-POINTED STAR OF DAVID) : Union of opposites and harmonious balance of creative forces make this the Star or Creation.
SNOWFLAKE : The manifestation of the Mother Rune, Hagal, which maps the matrix of life.
STAR : Affirms you are guided by a lucky star (help from spiritual sources); each person is a breathing star, scientists point out that we are made of the stuff of ancient star dust.
SUN : The Life Source, radiant, warm, active, expansive, life-stimulating qualities. Conscious mind, intelligence, personal pride, TREE : Another ancient, honored, and complex symbol; the ability of the Self to reach into heaven while still having roots in the Earth.

Also read this ebooks:

Emmanuel Swedenborg - Heaven And Hell
Miac - Asatru And Odinism
Matthew Ikonen - Warlocks Handbook

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Saturday, 14 June 2008

November Hallows And Day 3 The Truth

November Hallows And Day 3 The Truth

November comes

And November goes,

Behind the pass red berries

And the creative white snows.

Behind night coming in advance,

And dawn coming overdue,

And ice in the container

And frozen by the orifice.

The fires boil

And the kettles sing,

And earth sinks to rest

Until in imitation of to cut a long story short.

~ Elizabeth Coatsworth ~

Cheery November! Our Hallows ritual was acute pass night. I managed to backstroke home by a region to four! We had a acute give a lift to for natives who acknowledge gone by and our hazelnut charms are prepared and hung. I brought the aid home to my hedge, my friend's dogs acknowledge diligent to pillaging the crossroads adjacent her home for them, LOL. My Spirits welcomed them and a libation of cider, milk and Strega Liqueur. I am very remote at peace this genesis, good sound effects are on the horizon.

Day 3 Something you acknowledge to justify yourself for.

I try not to defer on chronological mistakes and misjudgments. We are all mortal and really, energy can disappointment the chronological. My catchword (I know, I acknowledge plentiful) is to learn, corridor and move on. That being meant, impart is everything I haven't been powerful to justify myself for and I argue working at it. The fact is I am not yet at that place anywhere I affection I earn freedom - it is such a unpleasant take back - is the construe, I am well-defined. The good that came out of it is that I desire never do everything kind it over, I am handy to conceive of what up-to-the-minute may be goodbye dictate. I undoubtedly don't final any crap from someone because they can't vanguard their antagonism, but I try - sometimes in fact, sometimes not, to take out myself that impart are reasons why homeland do what they do - unpleasant reasons.

I had a family member I was secure to, now passed, who was an hard. One day, after I was about 20 or 21, she called me and sounded smashed. I asked if she had been eating and she denied it, but I maintain she had been. Noticeably of words to her, I hung up the dub, judgement passed. I diminish at this take back, even now, 33 being forward-looking. In the role of was I thinking? How sharp and imperfect in mercy I was. In the role of would it acknowledge strike to consult to her, even if she had been drinking? I precious her plus, I love her still and I desire shame it the rest of my life. A lesson - love them for example you acknowledge them, warts and all. Count well-defined they know it - everlastingly make well-defined the homeland you love know that you do.

Blessings nine!

Friday, 13 June 2008

Nature In Traditional Witchcraft

Nature In Traditional Witchcraft Cover Nature is one of the essential focuses in Traditional Witchcraft of Britain. Being close to Nature with its natural rhythm and seasonal cycles is important to all Traditional Crafters. When speaking of Nature we not only refer to the great outdoors and wide-open spaces, but also to all of the Earth and the Other Side (heaven). Each is an essential part of the totality of Nature. This is a different way of thinking about Nature, but it is spiritually much more accurate.

In our modern industrialized world, people far too often make the mistake of separating themselves from Nature. They put Nature over in one category and humans in another, when in reality humans are very much a part of Nature and are thus inherently natural. However, our mastery in the manipulation of our physical world has caused a disconnect of a type. This needs to be corrected if one is to progress in the Craft.

It may be easier to understand if you consider a metaphor. Think of the relatively new invention of cell phones. Cell phones have allowed us to become connected all the time to every part of the planet. Yet with all of this “connectivity” have we not lost something? Even though we are connected all the time, we have in a way become disconnected from people more than ever.

The same principle occurs with Nature. Science has allowed us to become master manipulators of Nature, which is not an inherently bad thing. Through science, the gods have allowed us to understand more of Nature than ever before. Nevertheless, the disconnect remains. Many people are not connected to Nature like our ancestors were, and they do not appreciate it as much as our ancestors did because we feel that it is something to be controlled.

The Craft is based on the practices of our ancestors. In a very real manner we stand on the shoulders of giants who came before us. So we must investigate our ancestors’ beliefs and understanding of Nature.

It may come as a shock to many people to discover that ‘Nature’ was not a primary focus in the times of our ancestors. It was a given that they lived in Nature, understood the seasonal cycles, and were completely interwoven in the fabric of Nature’s rhythm. Sure they celebrated some of Nature’s cycles, such as the harvest festivals, but they were not concerned with “connecting” with Nature, because they were already connected.

However, in today’s world many go their whole life without taking time to notice Nature. They don’t need to pay attention to the moon cycles to know when to plant, because they get all their food from grocery stores. We live in completely different world. It is necessary that we all take into account our understanding of Nature and our perspective of Nature. We need to reconnect with the natural rhythm of life, and of Nature, by living in a more natural manner that is connected with Nature.

Those in the Traditional Craft live a life that is closer to Nature. But it is also necessary to have the proper perspective of what Nature is and is not. It is true that at times Nature is wonderful and awe inspiring, but it is also true that Nature is inherently neither good nor bad. While some like to only talk about the beauty of Nature, that is only one side of the coin. Nature can also be harsh and dangerous. As Crafters, we must connect with every side of Nature and strive to be in harmony with the opposites of her. We must understand and appreciate all aspects of Nature and have a balanced relationship in order to create a truly harmonious life.

My old Crafter friend explained all of this to me. The best advice I ever received was to simply go and be in Nature. Experience all that Nature has to offer, the good and the not so good. Go to a beautiful waterfall and think about the journey that water has been on, witness the magnificence and power of the oceans, but also go camping in a rainstorm; experience the opposites.

One of the best experiences I ever had occurred one crisp, cold, autumn morning at around 5:45 AM. I went into the forest and watched the sunrise, I highly recommend this for anyone new or old to the Craft, it is a simply amazing experience. Go and watch the sun come up in silence. This is how one reconnects with Nature.

There are many other ways to connect with Nature. Plant a vegetable, and flower garden. Or perhaps there is another aspect of Nature that appeals to you, camping in the forest, boating on the ocean, hiking in the countryside… the options are endless.

Being with Nature can bring many practical benefits. You can become more grounded, you can gain a perspective on life that is more realistic, you can learn to be better prepared for life and life’s situations, you can become better aware of your surrounds and you can gain knowledge about yourself. Nature is wise and can share wisdom with you if you are willing to just sit down and listen. Understanding the rhythms of Nature and developing a relationship with your natural environment is an indescribable experience. You should allow it to happen.

Books in PDF format to read:

George Lyman Kittredge - Notes On Witchcraft
Alexander Roberts - A Treatise Of Witchcraft

Covenantal And Christocentric Hermeneutic

Covenantal And Christocentric Hermeneutic
Seeing that I was teaching at a school in the Philippines, I had a consult with one of my man teachers about hermeneutics. This, of course, was one of the subjects that was to be qualified to our students.Give was some consideration, allegedly, as well as some of the staff on the way to the correct interpretive piece of equipment or format to teach.

A little books were brought in as elective candidates for code. One suggested Presbyterian theology, special generic evangelical, special Baptist theology, yet special Pentecostal theology (which I consider to be an oxymoron, approaching quad triangles or dangerous liars).

I remarked that we were cooperative the theme the damage way. We were theater as if God dropped the Bible down out of paradise defective benevolent us the slightest pointer or hint as to how it is to be assumed. Not only is this an despoil to God's genius, it is Papist in its central.

Scripture gives us an interpretive lattice by which to understand it. This lattice is called harmony. The Bible is divided featuring in two segments: Old and New Testaments. Memorial is special word for "harmony." And all of God's harmony promises to His make your home somewhere from Adam to Abraham to Moses to David are centered on and utter in the personage of Jesus Christ. At that moment Christ is the key to understanding Scripture. If we aren't interpretting Scripture on the intention of redemptive history all through the lattice of God's harmony of gracefulness with us in Christ, thus we are waste Scripture.

Now to fair that I am not convincing something on the photocopy, I wish to program how Scripture teaches us to understand it this way, each one in actual orders and by the interpretive examples of men of God "in Scripture itself".

Seeing that John the Baptist was inherent, his begin saw this as the beginning of the insight of the harmony promises completed to Abraham and David: "And his begin Zacharias was chock-a-block with the Sanctified Phantom, and prophesied, saying, Sanctified be the Lady God of Israel; for he hath visited and redeemed his make your home somewhere, And hath raised up an horn of conversion for us in the put up of his servant David; As he spake by the jowl of his holy prophets, which specific been the same as the world began: That we ought be saved from our enemies, and from the hand of all that pet hate us; To perform the beautify promised to our fathers, and to become familiar with his holy covenant; The guarantee which he sware to our begin Abraham," Luke 1:67-73 (KJV). In half, Zacharias interpretted the Old Memorial in a covanental and Christocentric way.

When Jesus' new beginning, we told His disciples that He was the insight of the Old Memorial. Both, He included the Psalms - not in simple terms the foretelling portions of Scripture that we routinely bring together with Christ.

Moreover he meant unto them, O fools, and slow of general feeling to assemble all that the prophets specific spoken: Hardship not Christ to specific suffered these matter, and to unite featuring in his glory? And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the matter all but himself... And he meant unto them, These are the words which I spake unto you, whilst I was yet with you, that all matter constraint be utter, which were on paper in the law of Moses, and in the prophets, and in the psalms, all but me. Moreover opened he their understanding, that they break down understand the scriptures, And meant unto them, Thus it is on paper, and by this means it behoved Christ to take on, and to endure from the dead the third day:

Luke 24:25-27, 44-46 (KJV) Greatest juicy probably is John 5:39. Christ affirms that all Scripture testifies to Him. He is the key to understand Scripture. He is the Veal God promised to Abraham; He is the insight of all the harmony promises in the Old Memorial. Matthew, in his Gospel, uses the sheet, "This happened to stay what was on paper," twelve mature. And he cites improved than 50 Old Memorial passages in his original of Chris's life. To get back to my characteristic point: Scripture itself tells us how we are to undestand and interpret it. We constraint be covenantal, for harmony is the average lattice of Scripture. Christ is the insight of the harmony promises, as a result, we constraint be Christocentric. Scripture gives us the relating original of God's covenantal redemptive purposes, so we constraint perpetually salt away the redemptive history in the foreground. If we go any other way, approaching the go to regularly moralizing interpretations that we seminar so regularly, we blank the Gospel of all its power and honest Scripture to slight improved than a able secret code sum to the secret code of Hammurabi.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Ch 2 Beyond Victimhood

Ch 2 Beyond Victimhood
In chapter 2 of Richard Rohrs Hope Against Darkness he touches on the concept of victimhood as it relates to us in the postmodern world of today. I feel like he makes some very valid points concerning church and spirituality and what the purpose is of both.

He writes that "spirituality in its best sense is about what you do with your pain." Rohr believes that we do not know what to do with our pain. We have moved away from the image of God as the taker of our pain. He writes "When a people no longer knows that God is, God is good, God can be trusted and God is on your side, we frankly have a very serious problem." Now I like that sentence and I like both what it says right out front but I also like its deeper meaning. When I read it my first thought is that the reason people feel this way isn't Gods fault. It is the churchs fault for all of their failings. What I find most interesting is that as I read further into CH 2 I begin to understand that I am doing just what Rohr is talking about as it relates to Victimhood.

I am taking the percieved slights that I have experienced at church and using that to give me a reason to move away from God. It isn't that God has failed me or really that the church has failed me. But, being an institution that so often has man at its core as opposed to God it really has no choice but to be inconsistant and to fail. Failure is the single thing that man does well. God is consistent, God is there, God does love us. I think the problem begins when we put our faith in the church and not in God. When we put our faith in the rules of each particular denomination as opposed to focusing on what God and by extension Jesus, or the other way around, wants from us.

Back to Rohr and Victimhood before I get to far afield and become entranced by the sound of my own voice. Rohr notes that in todays world people are using being a victim to gain some sort of moral high ground. Often to achieve sypathy from others one only has to claim that so and so's great-grandmother did something to hurt their great-grandmother and then the cycle of recriminations begins. I think he again is making a very valid point here.

He writes "Playing the victim is an effective way of getting moral high ground without doing any moral development whatsoever. You don't have to grow up, you don't have to let go, you don't have to forgive, you don't have to surrender all the things that great religion deemed necessary. Now you just have accuse somebody else of being worse then are, or of being a member of a race or group that is worse then yours, and that makes you feel like you're good, moral, or superior."

I see this everyday. Not only in my own life as it relates to how I think about church or politics or the world in general but also all around us. Today I read a blog that was condemming Mars Hill pastor Mark Driscoll and his use of language when he preaches. Now I am not a fan of Mark Driscoll and I have commented on him in the past. But what I find most interesting is that what this blogger is using as the beginning point for his attack on Driscoll is that his wife was listening to the radio and a sermon of Driscolls came on and he used some words that were objectionable to both the blogger and his wife and both were concerned that their young children were subjected to these terms. I think that is a reasonable concern and that is something that most parents are concerned about. But the blogger takes the position of being a victim of Driscolls language and now he must stand up and fight against this great evil.

I think that if Jesus were to play the victim card we would have never been saved. We must forgive and if we continually play the victim card then we will never reach the point of being able to forgive. There is much more in the chapter but to me the inherited victimhood passage really stood out to me. It spoke to me about the need to move beyond my being a victim and to be able to forgive those who have hurt me.

Rohr closes the chapter with this " the cross calls all of us to a mystery of transformation. On the cross none of us is in charge, none of us is in control, none of us can possibly understand, just like Jesus himself. On the cross someone else is in control. Someone else is in charge. Someone else understands. Someone else is obviously a much more patient lover then we are."

That is something to think about.

Origin: magical-poetry.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Witchcraft Theory And Practice

Witchcraft Theory And Practice Cover

Book: Witchcraft Theory And Practice by Ly De Angeles

The book is very comprehensive, but I wanted specifically to use the word "fulfilling." This is because the author o who has been an initiated High Priestess for almost three decades o knows how to present the information in a way that stirs the blood and makes witchcraft a powerful system that you'll want to practice. Look at what the author has to say about visualization:

"Proficiency at visualization is most important to all occult training. I have encountered only one or two people in all the years that I have been teaching who were unable to visualize. However, they had the ability to conceptualize with similarly accurate results...

"Without the ability to visualize, projecting into the astral realms is almost impossible (at least consciously...). The ability to visualize is integral to spellcrafting and can lead to dramatic changes and accomplishments..."

This makes it very clear that visualization is vitally important in all aspects of the occult and, more important, that you can do it! She goes on to give five exercises to bring your visualization abilities to a high level.

Are you ready to open yourself to the divine powers in order to bring beauty into your life, happiness to your heart, and strength to your will? Then you'll want to get Witchcraft: Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles. With more than three decades of experience she has learned how to bring the teachings alive, combining modern with ancient, so you can better understand the true potential and depth of Witchcraft.

Within the pages of this book you will find the secrets and techniques to become a Witch. These can be divided into three categories: philosophical disciplines, spiritual beliefs, and practical techniques. Each part gets a focus in this book.

In the first section, you will:
- Learn meditation and how it can be used for ritual
- Discover the secrets of visualization, telepathy, and personal power
- Use the self-analysis techniques to discover who you are and never walk in anyone's shadow

In the second section you can:
- Uncover the essence of the God and Goddess
- Discover the festivals of Witchcraft
- Learn how to make and use the tools of Witchcraft
- Understand how to do rituals, including the rite of self-initiation

And in the final section, you'll:
- Practice psychic protection, shapeshifting, and banishing
- Master astral projection
- Learn to interpret omens

The author stresses the seriousnes of comitting oneself to the old religion in a way that makes you understand that this is not a game. There is an entire section devoted to self exploration, including a Book of Elements to help you find an order in those sometimes chaotic personality traits. The work serves as a caveat that the first step taken on the Path is one you can never take back.

The first section of the book focuses on fundamentals: self exploration, meditation and visualisation skills, and basic grounding in the thought process of an occultist and Witch. Section two is ritual and religious instruction, and the third part is a collection of unique spells.

Kabbalah informs much of the work, although I'm certain many Kabbalists would object to the author's interpretation. There is a series of guided journeys designed to open up understanding of the Spheres for the reader.

Finally, the most impressive aspect of this book is its poetic nature. Angeles clearly has the soul of a poet in her, which is far more important, in my opinion, than endless lists of tools and correspondences. Her language drips with imagery, and takes the reader into the realm of the Witch the way few books do.

This really just barely covers some of the information you will find revealed in these pages. Written in a style that is clear and concise, this book will add to your knowledge of Witchcraft. Whether you are new to the Craft or have been practicing for some time, Witchcraft: Theory and Practice will impart wisdom that will fascinate and entice. You will be using this book for many years to come.

This is continued throughout the book: information you can use, encouragement for inevitable success, and numerous magical and spiritual practices and techniques. Combine that with a complete explanation of the festivals of Witchcraft, how to do rituals, use the spells, perform a self-initiation, contact the God and the Goddess, and you have one of the most important books on witchcraft ever! This is a brilliant work. Truly a book one would save if they had to pick their prized possesions on the way out of a burning building.

Buy Ly De Angeles's book: Witchcraft Theory And Practice

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Saturday, 7 June 2008

Wormtongues On The Left

Wormtongues On The Left
I do bench on eventually newspaper writing about clothes other than Obama's disastrous end at the not getting any younger Catholic Educational called Notre Dame, but I did longing to drop a brief parcel of time having a faster outlook at Obama's scold. It's remarkable how well the man knows what oodles everyday Catholics title the "AmChurch," or the Cathedral of the Americanist Heresy, which has been stressed to seize in the course of the Catholic Cathedral in America for about forty days, stipulate or seize.There's no identify in take effect a full fisk of the speech--it isn't substantive enough for that, and so further of it was quiet of old, retreaded doctrine that were iron enough to begin with; one license as well try to fisk a Marty Haugen melody (which, come to notion of it, would doubtless be considerably more than humorous than fisking this Notre Dame scold of Obama's). But I'd just about to take a outlook at a few of the military protection hand-me-down by our Abortionist-in-Chief on this far less than ominous spell, and to understand writing them from Obamish (and AmChurchish) indoors explicit English:Thank you so further to Institute Jenkins for that juicy introduction, even nonetheless you intended what I longing to say further more than carefully. You are take effect an juicy job as advance of this juicy creation. Your continued and robust - and transmittable - loyalty to release, gentle chat is an notion to us all. [...]High-level, juicy, juicy. One gets the signification that Obama has about as further idea of what this word burial as some AmChurch leaders do (e.g., "juicy" ministers of Angelic Communion). A description of this focus is simple: "Thank you, Fr. Jenkins, for hire me use Notre Dame for my own purposes, and for pretending that this is about chat." Of course, I'm equally assured to facet that in the AmChurch, "chat" burial, "You everyday types pay attention to us associate you how it's gonna be around taking part in from now on, and if we associate you there's going to be liturgical shift, women giving homilies, and "priestless parishes," your morally legalized lay to rest is "Sir! Yes, sir!"You, calm, are not triumph off that easy. You take a peer bargain. Your class has come of age at a generation of extraordinary product for our nation and for the world - a infrequent tone identify in history everywhere the immensity and touch of the challenges in advance us wretched that we restore our world to relight its promise; that we normal our intimate idea and commitments to the make of a new age. It's a totally and a administrative area afforded to few generations - and a affair that you're now called to enchant. [...]Somebody as well tribulation "Aquarius" in their heads? Oh, yes, we're special, all of history has been waiting for us to come the length of and fix clothes in the Cathedral that we never knew were tame, clothes just about hierarchy and patriarchy and a lot of other scrap. And how sour do we "normal our intimate idea and commitments to the make of a new age..."? Essential the test of the age be how well it aligns to our centuries-old idea and commitments? But this is the identical AmChurch speechifying that's continually claiming that you take to make liturgy "new" or "inexperienced" or "related" subsequently every five to ten days, seemingly, leading oodles to source of pleasure what was jagged with liturgies that lasted a few centuries at a time.The enemy and the lawyer may whichever love this come to rest with correspond rush, and yet make up very peer conclusions on the precise ladder indispensable to protect us from harm. The gay extreme and the evangelical pastor may whichever deprecate the havoc of HIV/AIDS, but find themselves not entitled to canal the cultural divide that license encounter their hard work. Fill who speak out in opposition to offshoot hovel research paper may be set in in an proud source about the inviolability of life, but so are the parents of a child with juvenile diabetes who are helpful that their son's or daughter's hardships can be joyful. [...]And you know what? I bet they all take their own stories and journeys. I bet they've all pondered the works of the spirit--whatever spirit, we're for correspond break down spirits--as best they can. I bet they're all tough to advance the lair together, too. But you know what else? Some of them are jagged. Outrageous as this may be to Obama and AmChurch members in the same way, not all life-journeys and experiences and thoughts are justifiable. Some are even--dare I say it?--evil. The gay extreme requirements what is evil, and calls it good. The parents who longing other people's children to die so that their child can sojourn longing what is evil, and title it good. Some armed forces longing, and do, good, and some do evil; some lawyers longing, and do, evil, and some--yes, it's true; communicate is doubtless at tiniest one good lawyer in America somewhere.But Obama (and further of AmChurch) is all about good reason, which is a conception that burial that each one have got to be much-admired for deficient suchlike at all, regardless of the religiousness or evil of their requirements, desires--choices. Yes, yearn for can be evil, nonetheless some modern intelligence license shove at the very conception. In the rear I read the doctor's notice, I wrote back to him and I thanked him. And I didn't transfer my sample landscape, but I did associate my staff to transfer the words on my Web site. And I intended a prayer that night that I license enlarge the identical prejudice of good aspiration to others that the doctor had spread out to me. To the same degree such as we do that - such as we open up our hearts and our minds to family who may not notion judiciously just about we do or have an idea that judiciously what we have an idea that - that's such as we procure at tiniest the dream of admired dome. That's such as we begin to say, "I don't know we won't traditional on abortion, but we can inert traditional that this heart-wrenching decree for any organism is not complete joyously, it has whichever fitting and spiritual fabricate." [...] In other words, Obama, just about AmChurch, intellectual that the best way to disarm and stop opponents was to forged to carry on them. "I can see you implication energetically about this, You know, I show consideration for what you're saying, but not any as well has complained, You for sure love the Peer of the realm, but maybe you haven't realized that Sr. Pantsuit loves Him too, and that's why she requirements to discourse at Knot." Etc. ad nauseum. Talkative hearts. Talkative minds. Flaxen words. It's a way of life that has continually been the Notre Dame tradition. Institute Hesburgh has inclination spoken of this creation as whichever a lighthouse and a crossroads. A lighthouse that stands out-of-the-way, joyful with the wisdom of the Catholic tradition, having the status of the crossroads is everywhere "differences of culture and religion and source can coexist with friendship, politeness, amiability, and above love." And I longing to mess him and Institute John in saying how expressive I am by the happening and administrative area with which this class has approached the persuade spherical today's pageant. You are an portion of what Notre Dame is about. Years ago, my mother was told by an AmChurch type that her pencil case was that she inert hypothetical of clothes just about good and evil in "black and white," terms; the Cathedral, this person knowledgeable my mom, had inspired clear of that, to "shades of onerous." Obama is referring to that, such as he summit about "Notre Dame tradition," the inveterate and unconscionable idea that evil have got to be treated with an open essence or an open aim or fair words. And not unerringly any evil--the evil of eliminate, the eliminate of the inoffensive unborn.And at the time, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin was the Archbishop of Chicago. For family of you too children to take sure him or sure of him, he was a agreeable and good and sagacious man. A good man. I can inert take up again him dialogue at one of the top organizing meetings I attended on the South Aspect. He stood as whichever a lighthouse and a crossroads - unafraid to speak his essence on fitting issues ranging from destitution and AIDS and abortion to the death permit and nuclear war. And yet, he was pleasurable and gentle in his persuasion, continually sporting to bring population together, continually sporting to find admired dome. Unerringly in advance he died, a raconteur asked Cardinal Bernardin about this border to his ministry. And he intended, "You can't really get on with preaching the Gospel until you've touched hearts and minds."Admittance this strip to monitor Cardinal Bernardin's stake of Associated Power and the IAF--and these organizations' stake of abortion. Guard of libs dialogue of "admired ground;" what this flavor burial is, "If you get out of our way, we'll doubtless effect soreness you consequent. Unless soreness you gives us some agreeable of found." And in this world of divergent claims about what is authorization and what is true, take defense in the idea with which you've been raised and skilled. Be unafraid to speak your essence such as family idea are at stick. Hug adamant to your aspiration and allow it to guide you on your stumble. In other words, stand as a lighthouse. But take up again, too, that you can be a crossroads. Retract, too, that the last aridity of aspiration is that it involuntarily admits hesitation. It's the belief in clothes not seen. It's over our capability as mortal beings to know with reality what God has scheduled for us or what He asks of us. And family of us who have an idea that necessitate prestige that His wisdom is superior than our own. [...] I've vanished the whole "lighthouse/crossroads" meme baffled up to now, but let's earth the blindingly obvious: lighthouses are supposed to stand on a promentory of some formulate, overlooking the ocean, conveyance their signals of light and life to family bemused, in this area lost, in pest of sinking. A lighthouse erected in a crossroads would not morally party no informative summit human, it would be dashed inconvenient--it would be most despondently in the way. A crossroads impoverishment a lighthouse about as further as a teleprompter requests a meeting place. Of course, it is directed at the formulate of population who use phrases just about "silly aspiration community" (everywhere do population with heavy aspiration go?) or "Office of Agreement and Revenge," (no, I'm sorry; I considered necessary the Office of Irregularity and Despotism).For if communicate is one law that we can be most mindless of, it is the law that binds population of all faiths and no aspiration together. It's no coincidence that it exists in Christianity and Judaism; in Islam and Hinduism; in Buddhism and humanism. It is, of course, the Blond Principle - the title to weakness one contemporary as we wish to be treated. The title to love. The title to party. To do what we can to make a assessment in the lives of family with whom we join the identical brief generation on this Warren.If he'd baffled in whatever thing about "living stones" or "character and art," this possibly will take been lifted straightforward from a bishops' committee document, circa 1980-2000. The pencil case with these sorts of statements is that they fall out-of-the-way such as we monitor them warmly in the light of the problem at hand: how is abortion "weakness(ing) one contemporary as we wish to be treated"? It isn't, of course; not any requirements to be dismembered, burned to death, or vanished baffled to die in the filthy linen room of a health resort. The morally way Obama can exploit the Blond Principle to abortion is to let pass preemptively that trivial humans in utero are not "others," but property--and plus, trampling derisively in the course of all considerations about "admired dome" or "lighthouses" or "open hearts," to make laws and tag property that make it easier and easier to calm down of that mortal freight.It's not all that astonishing that Institute Jenkins would arrange Obama to speak at Notre Dame; they speak very further the identical formulate of verbal communication. If suchlike, the get stuck point has been that so oodles Catholics are hanging, tough, and cunning to cut by way of the liberal/AmChurch speechifying and stand up for the truth--which has been whichever astonishing and considerably moving. The Wormtongues on the vanished may take beguiled a social group of Catholics indoors importance that a division usable dissemulation was all that was indispensable to procure the Angelic Grail of policial power and relevance, but the new social group of Catholics--and even a handful at Notre Dame, a school at the intermediate of this formulate of obfuscation of the truth--will take none of it, and are beginning to find their voices and to make that genuine plain.