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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Witchcraft Theory And Practice

Witchcraft Theory And Practice Cover

Book: Witchcraft Theory And Practice by Ly De Angeles

The book is very comprehensive, but I wanted specifically to use the word "fulfilling." This is because the author o who has been an initiated High Priestess for almost three decades o knows how to present the information in a way that stirs the blood and makes witchcraft a powerful system that you'll want to practice. Look at what the author has to say about visualization:

"Proficiency at visualization is most important to all occult training. I have encountered only one or two people in all the years that I have been teaching who were unable to visualize. However, they had the ability to conceptualize with similarly accurate results...

"Without the ability to visualize, projecting into the astral realms is almost impossible (at least consciously...). The ability to visualize is integral to spellcrafting and can lead to dramatic changes and accomplishments..."

This makes it very clear that visualization is vitally important in all aspects of the occult and, more important, that you can do it! She goes on to give five exercises to bring your visualization abilities to a high level.

Are you ready to open yourself to the divine powers in order to bring beauty into your life, happiness to your heart, and strength to your will? Then you'll want to get Witchcraft: Theory and Practice by Ly de Angeles. With more than three decades of experience she has learned how to bring the teachings alive, combining modern with ancient, so you can better understand the true potential and depth of Witchcraft.

Within the pages of this book you will find the secrets and techniques to become a Witch. These can be divided into three categories: philosophical disciplines, spiritual beliefs, and practical techniques. Each part gets a focus in this book.

In the first section, you will:
- Learn meditation and how it can be used for ritual
- Discover the secrets of visualization, telepathy, and personal power
- Use the self-analysis techniques to discover who you are and never walk in anyone's shadow

In the second section you can:
- Uncover the essence of the God and Goddess
- Discover the festivals of Witchcraft
- Learn how to make and use the tools of Witchcraft
- Understand how to do rituals, including the rite of self-initiation

And in the final section, you'll:
- Practice psychic protection, shapeshifting, and banishing
- Master astral projection
- Learn to interpret omens

The author stresses the seriousnes of comitting oneself to the old religion in a way that makes you understand that this is not a game. There is an entire section devoted to self exploration, including a Book of Elements to help you find an order in those sometimes chaotic personality traits. The work serves as a caveat that the first step taken on the Path is one you can never take back.

The first section of the book focuses on fundamentals: self exploration, meditation and visualisation skills, and basic grounding in the thought process of an occultist and Witch. Section two is ritual and religious instruction, and the third part is a collection of unique spells.

Kabbalah informs much of the work, although I'm certain many Kabbalists would object to the author's interpretation. There is a series of guided journeys designed to open up understanding of the Spheres for the reader.

Finally, the most impressive aspect of this book is its poetic nature. Angeles clearly has the soul of a poet in her, which is far more important, in my opinion, than endless lists of tools and correspondences. Her language drips with imagery, and takes the reader into the realm of the Witch the way few books do.

This really just barely covers some of the information you will find revealed in these pages. Written in a style that is clear and concise, this book will add to your knowledge of Witchcraft. Whether you are new to the Craft or have been practicing for some time, Witchcraft: Theory and Practice will impart wisdom that will fascinate and entice. You will be using this book for many years to come.

This is continued throughout the book: information you can use, encouragement for inevitable success, and numerous magical and spiritual practices and techniques. Combine that with a complete explanation of the festivals of Witchcraft, how to do rituals, use the spells, perform a self-initiation, contact the God and the Goddess, and you have one of the most important books on witchcraft ever! This is a brilliant work. Truly a book one would save if they had to pick their prized possesions on the way out of a burning building.

Buy Ly De Angeles's book: Witchcraft Theory And Practice

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