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Monday, 27 November 2006

How Is Witchcraft Related To Paganism

How Is Witchcraft Related To Paganism Cover The term Paganism is used in contemporary times to refer to nature oriented Religions which recognize the male and female duality which is found within nature. Paganism is an umbrella concept which encompasses many religions from some sects of Buddhism, to Neo-Druidism, to Wicca, and even to some forms of Christianity. witchcraft is one of the many religions which fits under the umbrella of Paganism.

Some of the older Europeans who would be considered to be "Pagan" in religious practice do not refer to themselves as such. The reason for this is that in some cultures the term Pagan refers to an unenlightened one. Instead, they will often refer themselves as Heathens.

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Sunday, 19 November 2006

What Witchcraft And A Tradition Are Not

What Witchcraft And A Tradition Are Not Cover Kitchen Witch

This label pops up every now and then. More closely related to the Hereditary sect, these witches are practicing healing and ceremonies based on family tradition. "Old wives tales", Grandma's healing concoctions and special family Traditions all make up this sect of the craft.. However, since these beliefs are often handed down from generation to generation, the label Heredity is more appropriate. But there is a nice warm feeling about calling your grandma a "kitchen witch" and referring to her old remedies that helped you feel better when you got a bad cold.


A mis-labeled sect, based in South Central Pennsylvania. It is based on a 400 year old German magik system and has deteriorated into a a simple faith healing. The mis-use of the term maybe offensive to the original practioners of a true Pow-Wow, the Native American nations. It is advised that this term remain connected to the originators and not to this adopted society. Even at 400 years old, the Pennsylvania/German system is new in comparison to the Native American beliefs. See "Similarities in Beliefs" for a further discussion of this topic.

Devil Worship

An important NOT!
Craft practioners do not worship "the devil", because Pagan Witches do not belief in the devil. The misconception was mainly created by the Christian Church as a means to destroy Craft beliefs which were often perceived to be at odds with what the "Church" wanted spread across the world. Many detractors of the Christian faith often site this type of propaganda as an example of the "Churches'" attempt to gain control over the people.


An other important NOT!
Craft practioners are not Satanists. Satanism is also a pre-Christian pagan religion, however there are significant differences between these two faiths. Many people often confuse Satan with the Christian devil. Again, this is due to Christian propaganda. Satan is the translated name of the Egyptian God Set, who was the deity of ego and confidence. These traits when taken to extremes are similar to Lucifer and thus the association stuck. Satanists however, do not believe in the existence of the devil, and do not worship that being. They see themselves as the God force and practice a faith of eye for an eye. If you'd like to learn more, I strongly suggest you visit the University Of Virginia's Religious Freedoms site and review their study on Satanism.

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Wednesday, 15 November 2006

A Confirmation And Discovery Of Witchcraft

A Confirmation And Discovery Of Witchcraft Cover

Book: A Confirmation And Discovery Of Witchcraft by John Stearne

John Stearne was an associate of Matthew Hopkins the Witchfinder General. He was known at various times as the witch–hunter,and "witch pricker", John Stearne, a family man and land owner from Lawshall near Bury St Edmunds, was 10 years older than Hopkins. He maintained a house in Manningtree which is where he met Hopkins following Stearne's accusations against witches. In fact the first accusations were made by John Stearne and Hopkins was appointed as his assistant. As a result of the accusations, a trial was held in Chelmsford in July 1645 with 29 names accused of witchcraft and sorcery. Of these 4 had died in prison prior to the trial, and 15 or 16 hanged the following day, Friday 18th July 1645. 9 who had been convicted of conjouring spirits were reprieved.

Within a year of the death of Matthew Hopkins, John Stearne retired to his farm and wrote A Confirmation and Discovery of Witchcraft.

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Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Luciferian Sorcery Luciferian And Sethanic Magick

Luciferian Sorcery Luciferian And Sethanic Magick Cover

Book: Luciferian Sorcery Luciferian And Sethanic Magick by Michael Ford

Sorcery has gone through an awakening in the past 30 years which allows for new experimentations and developments. The significance in the last 30 years is the beginnings and critical stage of what became Wicca and Witchcraft. The systems originally intend produced an exciting aspect to Magick and Sorcery can be, explorative and in many ways continually innovative. The work of The Order of Phosphorus as within the The Witches Sabbat Current deals with the direct linage of spiritual communion by each individual who seeks. Thus, the only hereditary aspects are only conceptual in their need. One must not be a hereditary or linage based Witch to proceed with the Great Work. This is significant only as an added bonus. The individual must however, have the inner drive and calling to the blood, the vein of the Witch Moon which feeds our dreams of Witches Sabbat communion.

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Friday, 3 November 2006

Witchcraft In Salem Village In 1692 Together With Some Account Of Other Witchcraft Prosecutions

Witchcraft In Salem Village In 1692 Together With Some Account Of Other Witchcraft Prosecutions Cover

Book: Witchcraft In Salem Village In 1692 Together With Some Account Of Other Witchcraft Prosecutions by Winfield Nevins

MY design in writing this book has been to tell the story of the witchcraft delusion of 1692 in such a way as to convey a faithful picture to the reader. In order to do this it seemed advisable to give some account of the settlement of Salem and the neighboring villages, and their growth from 1626 to 1692, that the reader might understand the character of the people who lived there during the period covered by this history. Following this, will be found a chapter descriptive of the court that tried the accused persons, and a brief summary of its several sittings. A chapter devoted to some account of earlier witchcraft cases, in this country and in Europe, seemed also advisable, that we might the better understand that witchcraft was not new to the world in 1692, and that " Salem Witchcraft," so-called, differed from other witchcraft only in the details.

In succeeding chapters I have dealt with each of the individuals tried and executed, according to the interest in the case or the fullness of the documentary records that have come down to us. In addition to these, such mention is made of other cases, where the accused were not executed, as the circumstances connected with them seemed to demand. No chronological order is observed in this portion of the work. The aim has been in giving the evidence, to quote the exact language so far as space would permit, otherwise it has been abridged with strict regard to conveying the true meaning of the witness.

I make no claim to originality of material. Possibly a few documents and a few facts of interest may here be brought within the range of the reading public for the first time. If my view of the witchcraft delusion of 1692 and the responsibility therefor, differs somewhat
from that entertained by most of those writers, I believe it is the one now generally accepted among historical students, and the one which the judgment of the future will pronounce correct. The mistake which, it seems to me, the majority of the writers on this chapter of our history have made, is that they did not put themselves in the places of the men and women of 1692, but judged by the standard of the latter half of the nineteenth century. I have tried to avoid this. Whether I have succeeded, the verdict of the reader alone will tell.

I have not deemed it necessary to give my authority for statements made when that authority was the records of the trials now on file in the court house in Salem. In all other cases where important statements are made on the authority of others, the reference is given. In the case of certain publications, like Calef's " More Wonders," and Mather's " Wonders of the Invisible World," the reference is usually to some recent edition, because the early editions of these works are not always accessible. (WINFIELD S. NEVINS)

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