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Sunday, 19 November 2006

What Witchcraft And A Tradition Are Not

What Witchcraft And A Tradition Are Not Cover Kitchen Witch

This label pops up every now and then. More closely related to the Hereditary sect, these witches are practicing healing and ceremonies based on family tradition. "Old wives tales", Grandma's healing concoctions and special family Traditions all make up this sect of the craft.. However, since these beliefs are often handed down from generation to generation, the label Heredity is more appropriate. But there is a nice warm feeling about calling your grandma a "kitchen witch" and referring to her old remedies that helped you feel better when you got a bad cold.


A mis-labeled sect, based in South Central Pennsylvania. It is based on a 400 year old German magik system and has deteriorated into a a simple faith healing. The mis-use of the term maybe offensive to the original practioners of a true Pow-Wow, the Native American nations. It is advised that this term remain connected to the originators and not to this adopted society. Even at 400 years old, the Pennsylvania/German system is new in comparison to the Native American beliefs. See "Similarities in Beliefs" for a further discussion of this topic.

Devil Worship

An important NOT!
Craft practioners do not worship "the devil", because Pagan Witches do not belief in the devil. The misconception was mainly created by the Christian Church as a means to destroy Craft beliefs which were often perceived to be at odds with what the "Church" wanted spread across the world. Many detractors of the Christian faith often site this type of propaganda as an example of the "Churches'" attempt to gain control over the people.


An other important NOT!
Craft practioners are not Satanists. Satanism is also a pre-Christian pagan religion, however there are significant differences between these two faiths. Many people often confuse Satan with the Christian devil. Again, this is due to Christian propaganda. Satan is the translated name of the Egyptian God Set, who was the deity of ego and confidence. These traits when taken to extremes are similar to Lucifer and thus the association stuck. Satanists however, do not believe in the existence of the devil, and do not worship that being. They see themselves as the God force and practice a faith of eye for an eye. If you'd like to learn more, I strongly suggest you visit the University Of Virginia's Religious Freedoms site and review their study on Satanism.

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