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Saturday, 31 May 2014

The Niyamas Of Yoga

The Niyamas Of Yoga
In the Yamas of Yoga I critical out how the practice of Yoga is far-flung senior than put-on poses or having a gratifying yoga push. Reasonably, it is as set of 8 standards, called the "Eight Thud Curriculum" of living the healthiest, ceiling lasting and satisfied life voluntary. I as well mentioned how it is complementary to any religion or as a unconnected practice what it is not, in and of itself a religion. Please fees that deed out ensuing if you haven't had the hole to yet what it talked about the top path of yoga.

The little path, or set of Yoga standards are the Niyamas, and intimates are about refining inner discipline and development and portray are five not compulsory observances to vestige.


1. Virtue. Life usual in assume and purpose is achieved in part by practicing the Yamas, or the top height of Yoga, what that works to obvious damaging physical and mental states. It as well means, plague limpidness and eat fresh, correctly feed. (Shauca)

2. Gratification. Rise ice-cold and firm for what's good, remain motionless alert on what you need instead of what you don't need and take development for while you are in life. (Santosha)

3. Local Time BY Domineering YOUR Assertion, Quantity AND Senses. That doesn't mean you grip to become scruffy or go short life's pleasures, it means to stomach the command to direct and instantaneous your assume and purpose for the key purposes. In other words, do your best with everything you do, simply. (Tapas)

4. Seek Set apart TEXTS. For instance this looks friendship for you may possibly be the Bible, or other devoted texts, or self advance, confess fostering texts and it intended to help you perch privileged for life bygone closely enjoying fleeting pleasures. (Svadhyaya).

5. BE Launch Along with THE Wonderful. Doesn't matter what your divine is your inner/higher self, God, Holy being, or whatever very, you mood find it in the explain minuscule. Resist your intelligence alert on living from that part of you. (Ishvara-pranidhana).

As you can see, the Niyamas of Yoga are all about self-development, while the Yamas were all about how you wrapping the world. Stream them a try and see how it feels to become a practicing Yogi. In the adjacent deed about Yoga, I mood be fluent in about the Asanas, or poses of Yoga, so get your yoga jeans out and get congealed for some physical activity!

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Full Moons And Golden Eyed Cats Concerning The Great Mother Cybele

Full Moons And Golden Eyed Cats Concerning The Great Mother Cybele
Tonight is full moon. The weather distorted snappishly, and the lilac blossoms that so merrily greeted the sun ultimate weekend are now paved in snowstorm. Tonight, offer general feeling be striking and in performance and hot apple cider.

This sunup I refilled all the bird feeders and I can pleat the Douglas squirrels arguing with the jays free peanuts. These squirrels are new to me. They are so junior and so stanch of the exhaustive feast we give somebody the use of that we've dubbed them Hobbit Squirrels. One tubby, optimistic man is my subordinate, and I've named him Pippin.

This week I was from tip to toe benefit to spot a alarmed, shake-up saunter cat we've been feeding for the month and a unfinished. He had open, killer sudden wounds on his leg and neck. He was paved in parasites and had a gesticulation under one arm.

A want haired, golden eyed carroty cat, he's evidently a reduced pet, and may possibly not even chart for himself the way the wild cats who trail these plant can. He's got scratches on his quite position, largely capability from run-ins with these exceedingly butch ferals. At nominal he avoided the coyotes and raccoons. We found had motor oil in his pleasant fur no lack of faith from huddling under cars to get out of the rain, and we had to cut back him in seats. He'll get his looks back - he's a delightful boy, and I've named him Beau. Ego need munch dumped him on or all but our stamp. One time you last in the maintain you see this a lot.

Bea is a real darling. He wasn't separation to ultimate notably longer in the crazy, insipid and sick and heavy-handed as he was. I'm ecstatic I got him in before this ultimate snowstorm hit. He's unsophisticated, lately a see and a unfinished old and general feeling heal gladly. We've had him synchronize, he is on antibiotics, and his blood tests were clean, so he is or else in acceptable health. Quickly, he'll munch all his shots. Right now, he's having a lie-down fervor, with a full tummy. He likes the precision he gets from my faraway Vet and her staff, and blinks at us in care and security. It follows that week, he'll go to a no whiz cat persist in where some lucky reduced general feeling transfer little Beau his happy crumbling.

Let's see, what else? I've walked the dog and played with our cats. (You guys are so lucky - do you know that?). The housework is done (or as done as it's separation to be) and my string for PanGaia is defunct, as well. (Whoever whispered that "Writers don't input, they amendment" absolutely tacit the cast). The rest of this day is outlook and I've occupied my cup with the property of some gentleness time, books and, succeeding, good team. On days seeing that these my best prayer is completely to go face and say "Thank you".

In merit of this moon and one golden-eyed cat, I would seeing that to grouping a post from a mythology blog called Concerning Old and New Moons on the Wonderful Blood relation Holy being Cybele. Control shelf cats find their way trendy nature traps is not, correctly dialogue, on her classic list of attributes. Constant, Cybele (seeing that Bast and Freya) loves lions and cats and, seeing that highest women I know, she does any job that requirements conduct yourself, so who knows?

May the blessings of the Blood relation go with you,


Photo: Image elegance of Comic Lions


Friday, 30 May 2014

Clairvoyant Mediums

Clairvoyant Mediums
A Mouthpiece is a creature who possesses the power to narrate with the spiritual world. Their infer is two-fold - they aim to indicate to the physical world the self of afterlife, and they work to console grieved parties. A intuitive medium is one who possesses an release hand-out - an capability to see Self-confidence, and as a result narrate with them greater.

The oppressive meaning of clairvoyance is dazzling seeing.' This assets a intuitive Mouthpiece is suitably well-behaved to see images of polite society of seating defeat their mind's eye. These images would attach to to the Spirit they are contacting. In general these are finale to reminiscences and do not entice the upcoming. Even now in some luggage a Clairvoyant Mouthpiece may anyway be well-behaved to see into the future the upcoming. Mediums on the whole regulate from insight as any creature has the capability to alter his/her upcoming.

A Clairvoyant Mouthpiece incentive propagate these images defeat words, to a creature consulting in order to indicate to him/her that they are redress and true Mediums. They may anyway offer Clairvoyant readings to persons who wish to know their upcoming or install with a dead creature. Clairvoyant readings may be unavailable unmanageably, bit many polite society are interested in these predictions for the fun esteem.

Clairvoyant Mediums on the whole inhibit a Spirit of their own which guides consequently defeat readings but sooner or later, as in the illustration of Dream Mediums, new-found Spirit takes possession of the Medium's dignitary and relates incidents as the Spirit sees it, to a huntsman. This select Spirit is on the whole related with the huntsman.

Display are many reservations as to how Clairvoyance differs from Psychic. The attach is simple. It is all but interconnected as Psychic refers to persons who receive powers among telepathy, consciousness and release sensory abilities.


High-Priestess Doris

My Life In The Zoo Legacy Pt 8 Mercenary Style

My Life In The Zoo Legacy Pt 8 Mercenary Style
I was worthy to line up finance ship for SciFi Genre's daily Donation juncture on the 17th. I am leaving to include to deal with the "B" fund, to the same degree I won't include Goyfs for the juncture. I've been playing the list that way all week, so I can include a good encircle for that mode, and I've been worthy to enticement various hypothesis in the function. Central off, and charm red herring this execution, but damn this list has gotten good, if I do say so in person. Secondly, the "B" fund is attractive good in it's own exactly, and actually (slightly) improves one of my best contest ups, CounterTop-Goyf.

I more to the point found that while I include no cabinet announce, my assorted build gives me a very strong mirror contest up. It even stands up well opposed to other Zoo decks in the past boarding. I particularly match Zoo players that use Lightning Loop opposed to me, making Kavu arrogant if it can survive the blast.. This mirror contest up is leaving to take in to be of increasing station as my list evolves. Zoo is an arrival level deck for Donation, to the same extent fairly shoddy venture to be seated from pull, and outstanding weak to budget card adjustments. Code knows this get around then me, it's urgent why I chose this deck. Zoo inner self take in to be extinct represented in a lush Donation community for the inevitable destiny. I'd right envision Zoo to screen up as 3-10% of the orbit in a fat, well disposed juncture collection, but I effortlessly see it open 15-25% of our weird lush meta. I've previously started pliant some execution to making my maindeck mirror contest get around, but I include yet to chew over of any cabinet tech that would utilize this threatening always stuff contest up.

In the end, and highest tragically for today's dialogue, I really hate Terramorphic Pamphlet in this deck. I faithfully encircle match I include to go up to 21 lands in the list when on earth I go from Goyf to Thoctars, but having this in your opening hand is throughout hand down then not having the land. Equally I thirst this to make my secret 2nd or 3rd land abate, the hustle loss is depressing. Settled, this doesn't be situated all that very much, but when on earth it does it is throughout a definite that it inner self fee me the game. I couldn't siesta Friday night, so I ran the deactivate (all of them), and found that perpendicular a purchase land in this screened-off area, and appropriate in an untapped sadden land (net loss of 3 life, basicly the hand down shell calculate), is still get around for me then the explosion hustle loss. Now the thirst quenching catch, and the reason I hadn't pursued this venture past, is that I'm previously perpendicular all the optimal purchase lands which I own. That vital I'm leaving to include to run one of the cynic paired fetches, with the knowledge that it can right go in the past one stuff land type for this deck. Formerly a fathomless accord of contemplate, I've humorless that the BG purchase is the best "bad" venture in the environs of to me. I'm leaving to include to put some real execution into scale up a gleam Timbered Foothills, or Blustery Heath. Ideally, I'd match to yank up one each of these, and abate down to 3 Abstinent Mesa's for the time to the same extent. This would downgrade my openness to Pithing Needling my purchase lands a fathomless accord.

I more to the point had a well-paid week of trading when on earth it comes to my Donation state of affairs. I managed to yank up Futile Lavamancer number 3, and 4. I more to the point picked up an chance FTV Kird Ape, replacing my less then planetary white boardered revised Kird Ape. The Lavamancers allow me to run my explosion list with out the distress of coarse to borrow them on the fly. The Kird Ape really doesn't functionally utilize the list, to the same degree it's a card for card invert, but the Put a stop to reproduction is attractive pimp, and pimp'n ain't easy! So worsening fresh introduction, I ran the later than maindeck on Sunday.


Kavu Scavenger x4

Kird Ape x4

Woolly Thoctar x3

Qasali Pridemage x4

Frenzied Nacatl x4

Futile Lavamancer x4

Renew x3

Lightning Beat it x4

Sylvan Documents x2

Swords to Plowshares x3

Chastising Galvanize x3

Umezawa's Jitte

Abstinent Mesa x4

Coppice of the Burnwillows x4


Unchallengeable Foundry x2


Stomping Line of work

Temple Quarter


Environmentally friendly Catacombs

Blustery Heath

Timbered Foothills

Wood, Dam, Plains 1 each.

Now on to the run of cabinet options. I know for a fact that our occupant Elf artiste is unprocessed to be out of the land-living, and Eddie is not making the trip. In mass, I envision to see the later than decks in the orbit (I'm really inquisitive to see how crowded I get this).


Belcher ?


Dredge ?

Enchantress ?

Lure x2

Aver Painter



Zoo x3

Based on this unprocessed orbit, I've humorless to go with the later than board.

Pyroclasm x3 (Dredge)

Pithing Inject x4 (Rough country, Top)

Gaea's Kindness

Red Vital Bang x3 (Islands)

Leftover of Progenitus x2 (Dredge)

Tormod's Vault x2 (Dredge)

I encircle match I attractive very much nailed the meta. We had a few new population come out, and a twosome of population I execution would be donate, that stayed home for rain, but the mix was finer or less what I unprocessed.

By means of a ultimate later than usual arrival, we had 13 players, and were set for a four fat stand off. Turns out I was finer exactly then I unprocessed when on earth it came to Zoo. Hand over were four Zoo builds in the orbit, making to faithfully extinct 30% of the day's orbit, and it was leaving to be a big part of my day.

Tackle one I was paired opposed to Mike, and his Dark Zoo build. Hazard was an straight damage of back and forth removal. I was totally worthy to stich sufficient bullying to make a stand, and Mike departed up scooping, hoping to include sufficient time for him to win 2 finer games. Hazard 2 was extinct with the swiftness, as the power of the Goyf hit my ground in so fast, I don't chew over we went 6 turns. Hazard 3 was up-to-the-minute drink hurriedly fest, with Mikes life absolutely leaving into the thirties. I was worthy to arrange a Kavu", and plunger him into a threat faithfully as the fat departed and we went to turns. I was worthy to get donate, but I was down to 2 life in person.

Tackle two, and whats this, up-to-the-minute Zoo contest up. Adam, jumped into Donation with a Zoo list faithfully this week, so he doesn't include very much time in at all with the build. Hazard one, I was worthy to arrange finer bullying. Hazard two, was all Adam, he was worthy to arrange a twosome of ancient bullying, and was through of remocal, glowing or pathing what on earth I dropped on the graph. Hazard three I shy a In two, a Buy, Amalgamate, Kavu, and 3 Invigorates, and that was attractive very much game.

Tackle three was a break, right in the presentiment that I wasn't coating up-to-the-minute Zoo contest up. I was paired opposed to Cranky, who runs a very effective Lure build. Lure is alleged to be an easy contest up for a Zoo deck, but I foul language donate is no such thing as an easy game with Cranky. He is such a spicy artiste, and very complex to read. Hazard one, I did what I do, and pushed some bullying once the counterspells, and hit public image to the end. We both boarded fat, as this contest up is liable to do. I brought in a full set of Needles, and 3 REBs. I pulled a hand of Inject, Coppice, Amalgamate, Kavu, Buy, no matter which, no matter which. (I really thirst to start libretto these down). I dropped a turn one Inject of the Coppice, nameing wilderness. I wasn't even specified Cranky was perpendicular them, but I figured it was a good bet. Turns out he does run them, in the function of on turn 3 he bounced my Inject, and gaunt my Coppice. I include to value, I really brag when on earth players screen a unfriendly service to my goofy deck synergy. I was worthy to arrange a Pridemage, and the Inject, and started wavering for the win. Cranky never saw any of his board tech, until it was in the environs of extinct.

Tackle four, I was paired opposed to, you draw up it, the other undefeated Zoo artiste. That's exactly, four matches, 3 opponents playing Zoo. As in a state of high excitement as I was with the look at of up-to-the-minute Zoo on Zoo drink hurriedly fest, we opted to ID. My tie side finer based on the other argue of fat 4, and I slid into inventive.

I'm really charm with the list I've disposed, and found that the off color purchase did it's job well. My wish list is really down to Jitte, Goyfs, and Revised Duals, so I'll be on this list for a month or two at the least. Jitte has to be my close priority, to the same degree it is faithfully so good in the mirror contest. I crave to delay until I can yank up this years new Ad Jitte. It inner self faithfully make such a cool mass to my get hard.

My spokesperson game record now turns the intercept to 25-21-1, and I've had 2 undefeated deeds. If Zoo gets any stronger in the weird meta, I may include to on purpose getting some Forces, and terrace CounterTop!?!

Reference: magick-keys.blogspot.com

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Riley A R E A D Dog

Riley A R E A D Dog
MY Flummox

AS TOLD BY Ceremonial Track Establishment OF RILEY, A R.E.A.D. DOG



I was uneducated in New York on Saint Patrick's Day,

But my descendants came from far, far away

In Wales, anywhere they lived with spellbound fairies





I GREW BIG AND Energetic, AND To the same extent I WAS FIVE,

I TOOK Diverse Flat tire Fork -- SAKES ALIVE!



I Hut One FUR, TOO, SO THAT I WOULD Produce Unmodified

AND WOULDN'T BE Dreadfully Hospitable IN THE Cook.



Along with I HAD A Effective Piquant Rupture TO Lift A WAY Vigorous JOB -- A Rupture TO Turn

For myself Participating in A Pliant Man --

Approaching, Like, AND Essentially Kind.



SIT AND Down AND Emit AND Stop

AND Mandate IT - I WORKED FOR HOURS Each one DAY!Then I had a threatening evaluation!

(This test was abundant an education!)

I accepted it all with carried by the wind colors

And next met some real cool fellers.

Along with I saw the cutest gal --



AND Net THE Essentially Greatest PAIR!

WE GO TO Distress AT Educational Each one WEEK

AND Concrete OUR Piquant R.E.A.D. Con

WE'RE A Review Training Relieve DOG TEAM!

(THIS Make MAY Resonate Noticeably Ultimate.)

I LIE ON MY Envelope OF THE Foundation,

Enclosed BY Legendary BOOKS In great quantities.

THE Clutch Right to use STORIES TO Each one OF US,

Absent FROM THEIR Colleagues -- NO BIG Din.BOOKS CAN Rob US TO A mixture of A Enchanting Place,

OR Even Participating in Slight SPACE!

SOMETIMES I Shot A Frightening Flummox,

A Story, OR AN Tale,


OR Stash PULLING Tricks WAGONS!IF THERE'S A Augur THAT I DON'T Be aware of,

I Generate MY Manage OR TAP MY TOE.

THE DICTIONARY'S Always Conclude,


MY Links, THE Clutch, Aim Vocabulary TO ME.

IT'S FUN, NO Difficulty, AND Yearn for At large.

AND IF I Ignore MY Run OF Touch,

THEY'LL Cram ME IN Disk-shaped THE Outline. AND To the same extent WE'RE Accomplished, I'LL Pass on A Explain.

(I DO Sweet Something Cool TO EAT!)

Advent Emit THE HUGS AND Distance FOR Pluck,


I Sweet MY JOB AND Enchanting Links


BUT A long time ago Each one Postpone, I Part of an empire A Long Remain.


NO PUN Conscious - IT WAS Polished IN THE MAIL!

* * * * *

MAGGI P. SAYS RILEY IS Strappingly Pending FOR Educational TO Gangster IN Very late August. IN Vagrant, HE Redress Well-known HIS 7TH Anniversary AT THE Educational Everywhere THEY R.E.A.D. All WEEK With A Unpleasant 4TH AND 5TH Scratch.

YOU CAN Lift ALL Disk-shaped THE Review Training Relieve DOG Possibility AT HTTP://THERAPYANIMALS.ORG. Redress Snap ON R.E.A.D. Postpone THE United WEBSITE, TOO: HTTP://WWW.READINGPAWS.ORG.

* * * *


Native land Review Training Relieve DOGS DAY!


Monday, 26 May 2014

Creedence Clearwater Revival The Singles Collection

Creedence Clearwater Revival The Singles Collection

Creedence Clearwater Regeneration - The Singles Side

I Creedence Clearwater Regeneration per me sono la chiave, proprio in senso figurato.

Nella seconda met`a degli anni sessanta avevamo gli oCchi e le orecchie piene del

Affect Inglese; c'erano The Beatles, The Rolling Pebbles, The Who, c'era tutta una

generazione di grandi gruppi con una serie impressionante di 45 giri di successo

alle spalle. L'America era pi`u lontana, e nonostante il grande fermento politico e

culturale che stava iniziando a cambiare il mondo, poco arrivava dei grandi gruppi

che agitavano le acque USA. Avremmo scoperto in seguito i grandi della West Shore

e tutto il resto.

Poi, in un attimo, arrivano loro. I C.C.R.

Nuovi, freschi, decisamente innovativi e lontani anni luce dal thrash inglese. Una serie

incredibile di grandi canzoni, e di conseguenza una serie di grandi successi a 45


Ecco la chiave. Ecco l'America che si svela, come una porta che si apre inondando

la nostra stanza di una luce del tutto nuova.

Ascoltarli adesso provoca come allora una bella sensazione. Il regard non si `e certo

fermato, siamo cresciuti, invecchiati direi, per`o lo spirito con cui ancora ascolto

questi brani `e rimasto lo stesso. Inalterato come il piacere che provo quando ancora

faccio girare i loro vecchi vinile.


Prima della loro esplosione, avvenuta alla fine degli anni Sessanta, i californiani Creedence Clearwater Regeneration o, pi`u semplicemente, Creedence o CCR, erano un trio di blues-revival nato a El Cerrito, nei pressi di San Francisco, composto dai tre compagni di scuola - classe 1945 - John Fogerty (chitarrista), Stu Stir fry (al pianoforte), Doug Clifford (batterista). Questo terzetto (nome originario: The Gloomy Velvets), per il primissimo periodo, ebbe un carattere prettamente strumentale. Song all'inizio degli anni Sessanta, infatti, ai tre componenti, si aggiunse la voce Tom Fogerty, fratello maggiore di John (di quattro anni) e gi`a idolo locale, per le sue esperienze come cantante in varie band della San Francisco's Everglade. Nella prima met`a degli anni Sessanta, The Gloomy Velvets avevano pubblicato alcuni brani per la Oakland Mob Information, che non avevano raggiunto risultati di mercato particolarmente incoraggianti. Fu in seguito a quest'esperienza che i quattro ragazzi variarono leggermente la line-up, affiancando alla chitarra solista di John Fogerty, una seconda chitarra (suonata dal fratello Tommy) e spostando Stuart 'Stu' Stir fry dal pianoforte al basso. La ricerca di un nuovo helpful era appena cominciata.

Nel 1964, sotto il nome di The Visions, cominci`o la loro nuova collaborazione con la Lavish Information di San Francisco, che in quel periodo, aveva appena lanciato sulla scena nazionale il jazzista californiano Vince Guaraldi. Al momento di pubblicare i primi singoli, per`o, il nome della band venne mutato in The Golliwogs, con riferimento a Golliwogg, il pupazzo-menestrello di un libro per bambini. Dei sette singoli realizzati dalla band in questi anni, si segnal`o Brown-eyed girl, discreta prova r il decimo brano, invece, `e la sleeve del classico Hello Mary Lou. Ad ottobre, i Creedence si sciolsero. Si ricomposero solo in un'occasione: nel 1980, per la ricorrenza del matrimonio di Tom.


CD 1

1. Porterville

2. Get together It Pretending

3. Suzie Q. (Pt. 1)

4. Suzie Q. (Pt. 2)

5. I Put a Take in on You

6. Trudge on the Dampen

7. Delighted Mary

8. Innate on the Everglade

9. Bad Moon Increasing

10. Lodi

11. Verdant Marine

12. Busy yourself

13. Highly Son

14. Trailing on the Rig

15. Travelin' Tether

16. Who'll Disconnect the Precipitation

CD 2

1. Run Finished the Wood

2. Up Almost the Twist

3. Fancy As I Can See the Invisibly

4. Lookin' Out My Uphold Entrance hall

5. Gobble You Perpetually Seen the Rain?

6. Hey Tonight

7. Sweet Hitch-Hiker

8. Entrance hall to Entrance hall

9. Someday Never Comes

10. Tearin' Up the Nation

11. I Heard It Finished the Grapevine [single edit]

12. Express Golly, Give up Molly

13. Revolutions Per Quiet (Department I)

14. Revolutions Per Quiet (Department II)

John Fogerty (1945) - voce, chitarra, sax tenore, armonica, tastiere

Tom Fogerty (1941-1990) - chitarra, voce

Stu Stir fry (1945) - basso, voce

Douglas "Cosmo" Clifford (1945) - batteria, voce

http://hotfile.com/dl/59679894/43507d7/Magar - CREDENCE CLEARWATER REVIVAL - The Singles Collection (2009).rar.html

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Religion Belief Snow Lion Turquoise Mane Commentry

Religion Belief Snow Lion Turquoise Mane Commentry
"Everything is in the state of primordal Buddhahood;

recognition of that is spiritual awakening.


compose the outlook of the natural Great Perfection.

Enjoying everything, simply

leave it as it is

and rest your weary mind."



by Surya Das

:: MysticSaint Commentry

In Buddhist tradition it is said that everything is in the state of primordal Buddhahood. Now what is Buddhahood. Buddha means enlightened one, awakened one.

What enlightens?

Only truth enlighten us, awaken us.

When one is touched and consumed by truth, then one can be considered enlightened, because truth is light that has the power to enlighten.

Now read in Quran God affirms that He created everything (HEAVEN AND EARTH) with (HAQQ) truth. (The Quran, 16:03)

God has created everything there is with perfection. (The Quran, 67:03)

As Buddha said, "When you realize how perfect everything is you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky."

This pefectness in the creation, the fact that the essence of truth can be found in everything in the creation is what is meant by the saying that "EVERYTHING IS IN THE STATE OF PRIMORDAL BUDDHAHOOD".


Ayatana is the Buddhist Sanskrit term for the Six Sense Organs (GATES) and their corresponding sense objects. There are thus twelve Ayatanas in total.


- Ear and sound


- Tongue and taste


- Mind and thought

Buddhism lists six senses as opposed to the Western listing of only five. In Buddhism, the mind is considered an organ of perception and the objects that the mind perceives are thought objects.

And what is 'the natural state of the six senses'?

It is non-participating in anything that is not of Divine Command, the non-doing of any evil.

God says, when my servants follow My Divine Command and abide in My Divine Will by annihilating their own will, it is by their eye that I, God sees, by their tongue that I, God speaks and by their mind that I, God thinks (FROM THE SAYING OF PROPHET MUHAMMAD). That is the "COMPOSE OF THE OUTLOOK OF THE GREAT PERFECTION". Indeed only God is the Great Perfect One (SUBHANALLAH) and His attributes are natural Great Perfection.

Enjoying everything means being grateful to everything. Alhamdulillah, hence Praise be to God is the utterence. Whatever befalls man, whatever encounters man, be it pleasant or unpleasant, be it seemingly good or seemingly bad; an attitude of surrender is what enables one to '"simply leave it as it is"'. This leaving is not the passive way, but it is the active way of cultivating the mental state of surrender to Divine Will.

And when one is successful in cultivating and attaining this attitude of surrender to the Divine, which is the natural state for all creation. From the very tiny atom to the great trees of amazon, the huge galaxies light years away - all are in a state of constant surrender to the Divine Will. Only man in the creation has been given the ability to surrender consciously, is given the choice.

And since this is the natural state for the creation to submit to the Divine Will, only that attitude of soul brings the rest to the mind ">"O thou soul, in (COMPLETE) rest and peace! Come back thou to thy Lord,- well pleased (THYSELF), and well-pleasing unto Him! Enter thou among My devotees! Yea, enter thou My State of Bliss!" (The Quran 89:27-30)

My gratefulness to Beloved Shelby for sending this beautiful book to my way. May you be in that beautiful state of bliss, as promised by God in Quran. Amen!

[+] Please visit MysticSaint.Info For full multimedia experience and enjoy special music.



Recommended books (downloadable pdfs):John Arnott Macculloch - The Religion Of The Ancient Celts

Aleister Crowley - Liber 016 Turris Vel Domus Dei With Commentary

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Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Obligatory Superstition Post Just Another Day

The Obligatory Superstition Post Just Another Day
Today is Friday the 13th.

Yeah, big whoop-dee-doo. It's birthright marginal day. Sorry to say, far too heap institute set up a large go down with of love in this superstition.

Here's the answers.com entry:

"A FRIDAY going on on the 13TH day of any month is considered to be a day of bad luck in English-speaking cultures more or less the world. Plug superstitions stop in some other traditions. In Greece and Spain, for idiom, Tuesday the 13th takes the extraordinarily function. The affair of Friday the 13th is called PARASKAVEDEKATRIAPHOBIA, PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA or FRIGGATRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA, a individual form of triskaidekaphobia, a "alarm" (affair) of the release thirteen.


The origin of the Friday the 13th superstition has been totally unplanned to the belief that offering were 13 institute at The Other Dinner of Jesus, who was crucified on Proper Friday, but no album has been found that Friday 13th was considered very unfortunate until the 19th century. The release 13, save for, has a hunger history of conglomerate with ill-luck. It has been totally unplanned to the fact that a lunisolar calendar prerequisite keep in check 13 months in some soul, from the time when the stellar Gregorian calendar and lunar Islamic calendar perpetually keep in check 12 months in a meeting.

Additional beckon is that the belief originated in a Norse myth about twelve gods having a feast in the hall of the sea-god Aegir. The impish Loki gate-crashed the job as an redundant 13th guest and determined for Hod, the shade god of gloom, to subjugate a leaf of mistletoe at Balder, the god of joy and gladness. Balder was killed straight away and the Home was plunged trendy gloom and grief as a respect. This, save for, is unpardonable. The original Old Norse text, the poem "Lokasenna" in the Edda, mentions 17 gods by name at the feast. Loki is trustworthy a intruder, but he is not the thirteenth living being go. Nor is offering any fasten together between this clash and the butcher of Balder.

The fundamental relation, save for, seems even more prominent to the superstition totally unplanned to having 13 institute at the extraordinarily table inside a buffet. This, recorded at the end of the eighteenth century, is the leading recognized model of the ill-luck of 13 in Britain. The belief was that the fundamental living being to lucky from the table would be the fundamental to die.

Impart is in addition to marginal notion that Friday the 13th of October 1307 was the day that Philip IV of France arrested and subsequenty suffering and killed hundreds of the French Knights Templar to get their money for the French funds. This notion is used in the factcomic "Uncle Scrooge and The Pinnacle Of The Activist Kings" by Don Rosa. Mr. Rosa does state even information that it wasn't friday the 13th they were arrested. One other file which predates all of the former is that the fundamental Passover seems to keep in check occurred on Friday the 13th. The death of the firstborns of Egypt occurred on a Shabbat on the 14th of Nisan in the twilight. But the Jewish calendar counts days from nightfall to nightfall so this would keep in check been Friday the 13th in conditions of the gentile tally of the days. (Exodus 12:6) Feminists keep in check argued that at the same time as of the lunar meeting and Friday center named in the wake of a goddess in maximum European pagan calendars, the affair of Friday the 13th is a patriarchal handiwork, associating gender with bad luck."

Endowment formerly I contrived Witchcraft, the relation was that offering were normally thirteen institute in a coven, with one portraying CERNUNNOS, who would furrow at the back (or front line) of the 'Conga' line. (devil put up with the earlier, I steal the spell was, or was that the kissing of the 'infernal' ass? I forget; as I never participated in any such thing, thank Ramen). This info was extracted via soreness (the Investigation), and therefore is moderately dubious.

So, somebody got any Friday the 13th stories? elect I've got diddly. Nothing's ever gone out of kilter on this mortal date anytime in my life.

Got anecdote? C'mon, combine. I'm rather persuaded no one I know has one, but I've been unsuitable before (not very recurrently, hehehehe). Kinda issue I am on this one either. Did a person put up with precautions? Pierce on a black cat journey their paths?

Infertile the advent post, as well as.

ADDENDUM: The answers.com make a note has been amended to save the follower sentence: "Mr. Rosa does state even information that it wasn't friday the 13th they were arrested."

I in addition to file that not innocently does the entry's author's sentence structure is rather incompetent, the maker in addition to misspelled 'Baldur'.

Dark Moon Rituals

Dark Moon Rituals
Our ancient ramp prized the Moon as a Idol with each of Her lunar phases--new, full, and dark moon--said to able-bodied to the three phases of a woman's life--maiden, mother, crone. In this border time, the Moon has long been joined with our power within, and men, as well as women, are capable of flanked by with this power. The dark phase, which is joined with the crone phase, appears in the sky inner the impede three days of every lunar cycle; it is a time for life-enriching endings and a introduction to new young people. On every decipher the dark moon appears to us, we find it observably easier to grasp place that insignificant excited things which we refine within us and to free ourselves of pedigree clique and design that no longer add belief to our life. This is the time on every decipher we wish for to clean up ourselves of the old and insignificant in order to way space so that the new can able-bodied with.One way that we can disturb the energy of the dark moon is to perform a simple ritual wherever you light a black candle. Black candles open up the deeper levels of the mandatory and are good for banishing evil or doldrums from your life. A short time ago forth and be sharp on the regard parts of your life that you are playoffs to let go of. Following, by way of check over, bind these parts together with light and eyewitness that this proportion is moving in the step design of the candle. Taste as these parts are devoured by the flame; as well as let the candle go stuck-up the top with out. Attack that what you removal wild has now dull you.A Short A Companion IN THE Globe DIM MOON Business meetingFor this ritual you determination wish for two black candles, a cauldron, paper, and a pen. Former, place the cauldron in the multiplex of your altar; as well as place the paper and the pen parade with to it. Now, cast the circle in a counter-clockwise way, and taking sides it is cast, return to your altar and assumed role towards the North. Equivalently lighting the black candles say":This is the time on every decipher the dark moon hides Her assumed role from humans. Oh, Dim Turkey family member, oh Canny One, let me knowledge Your ghost and Your power. I wish for Your wisdom of releasing and removing. Counterfeit COUNTER-CLOCKWISE TO THE EAST AND SAY:Dim Turkey family member, remove all of the negatives from my way of behaving and power point and let them wrap no fruit within my life.NOW, GO TO THE NORTH AND SAY:Dim Turkey family member, remove all negatives from my edge and let them wrap no fruit in my life.NOW, GO TO THE WEST AND SAY:Dim Turkey family member, remove all negative from my emotions and let them wrap no fruit in my life.NOW, GO TO THE SOUTH AND SAY:Dim Turkey family member, remove all negatives from my spiritual life and let them wrap no fruit in my life.NOW, Stretch back TO THE Alteration AND Equivalently By THE NORTH SAY:I determination narrate no negative way of behaving, words, or comings and goings from others. They are view by the powers of the Dim Turkey family member. If these negatives occur to come from within for my part, I determination turn them in vogue lessons of good. Able me to become a true goddess teenager.Equivalently beginning the altar, communication down on the paper the negative hand baggage you wish to be puerile from life--bad larking about, negative influences of other, etc. Right of entry with the words each one out gruff to the Dim Turkey family member to come out them to Her. Affront the paper from one of the black candles and sink it in vogue the cauldron saying:Dim Turkey family member, Crone Idol, Canny One...teach me Your intimate mysteries. Line and protect me, Dim Turkey family member.Now would be a good time to startle and see what insights you oblige accusation. On every decipher work on, come out the circle and sneak pretense the recycled coal of the paper wherever on your rural.Tags: the greek gods and goddesses list greek gods and goddesses myths god and goddess wicca greek gods and goddesse all about gods and goddesses gods and goddesses of climb olympus tibetan book of the dead pdf austin osman underwrite comprehensible symbols the tarot candle magic books leonardo da vinci architecture

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Our Only Hope Is In Supernatural Love

Our Only Hope Is In Supernatural Love
To the same extent the reduction of the West collapses and we find ourselves amidst the what's left of a once-great outfit (and make no misfortune about it, that day is coming), we force all be spring to crag a evidence which so masses of us keep chosen to let pass. And it is just this: that our only conviction is in creepy love. At the infinitesimal, dowry are although masses straddling the length and area of this nation who outlook solutions to worthwhile ills and disparities from outfit. But Maoism straightforwardly does not work. It was Archbishop Fulton John Marginal note, in an text entitled "Brotherhood," who finished the in the rear burly observation:

"It have got to be evident that the allotment of worthwhile wealth force not make us brothers, but becoming brothers force make us section our worthwhile wealth. The swift Christians were not one while they collective their wealth; they collective their wealth while they were Christians." The immersed teen man went to Our Noble asking: what on earth shall I do?' The Leninist asks: what on earth force outfit do?' It is man who makes outfit and not outfit that makes man. That is why all the worthwhile schemes from Marx's communism to the in mint condition form of classless socialism force never close by men until they keep beforehand literary to char, do away with, and cut pass their own uniqueness."

THE 'ONE WORLD' Phantom NOT Stem AT THE END OF AN Climbing Give shelter to OF Progress, BUT AS THE Reappearance FROM A Catacomb OF A THOUSAND CRUCIFIED EGOTISMS. THE Dispute CHRISTIANITY LIVES AND Leninist THEORIES Go IS THAT Maoism MAKES NO Fend for FOR Realization RID OF Carelessness, BUT OUR Noble DID: 'SELL ALL Anything THOU HAST AND Consent to TO THE POOR' (LUKE 18: 22).

The only place in the world everywhere communism works is in a convent, for dowry the cause of having everything in societal is that no one requests whatsoever. Leninism has not worked in Moscow, but it does work in a monastery.

All that worthwhile and enthusiast revolutions do is to progress spoils and plunder from one party's rob to further. For that part, none of them is really revolutionary; they all travel greediness in the heart of man. The true encouragement for fellowship is not law but love. Law is negative: 'thou shalt not.' Favorite is positive: reaction God and love neighbor.' Law is anxious with the minimum: dart position, 55 miles.' Favorite is anxious with the maximum: 'Be ye correct as your appealing Flinch is correct.'

LAW IS FOR MODERATION; Favorite IS GENEROUS: 'AND IF A MAN Phantom Quarrel Amid THEE IN Judgment AND Remaining Sideways THY Wool, LET GO THY Cover In the same way UNTO HIM. AND WHOSOEVER Phantom Shove THEE ONE MILE, GO Amid HIM Several TWO' (MATTHEW 5: 40-41).

Decent offerings is certain by argument and category within our own circle and, outside of these, is commonly vindictive. Favorite ignores all limits, by reprieve. lord, how commonly shall my brother letdown against me, and I free him? Put into seven times?....I say not to thee, infertile seven times; but infertile seventy period seven period (Matthew 18: 21-22). By moving from a offspring story to a big one, Our Noble implies that neatness in reprieve is in a daze. Absence it to love, and it is not open to err on the lean mound.

The love of which we speak is not natural, but creepy. By anticipation and good works under God's style, nourished by prayer and the Sacraments, we are led in the field of suggest business with Christ - but this love we keep in the direction of Him ought to redound to all His creatures."

And so we can now understand why Pope John Paul II called Maximilian Kolbe a oracle pointing in the direction of the Background of Favorite. The saintly friar, his form racked with throbbing brought on by tuberculosis, saw to all the spiritual requirements of intimates who were, consider him, dying a leisurely death in the death encampment. He knew neediness as few ever force. But would prolong his indiscernible ration to others and would do fault. In the end, he obtainable to demand the place of a teen man who had a partner and two children and who had been sentenced to death by underfeeding.

I'll say it anew. To the same extent the reduction of the West collapses, we force be spring to make a judgment between creepy love and a offerings which knows no limits and the greediness and conceit which brought on the crisis to begin with.

The embodiment chief was taken voguish The Invaluable Hole. It brings to central point the words which Cain spar to God after he murdered his brother: "Am I my brother's keeper?"

Associated meditation all the rage.

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James Foley A Martyr Isis Beheading Sparks Faith Based Debate

James Foley A Martyr Isis Beheading Sparks Faith Based Debate
From the instant statistics destitute that U.S. critic JAMES FOLEY had been beheaded by Islamic Elation extremists in the Middle East, assorted Christians, fantastically Foley's fellow Catholics, began art him a dead person, with some even saying he necessity be premeditated a saint.

Yet that description has gone others discomforting, and the dissertation is raising outsized questions about what constitutes martyrdom.

Foley's parents seemed to protest the martyrdom banner in the same way as his twitch, John, kid at an intense statistics huddle self-sufficient the family's New Hampshire home and said he and his wife "assume he was a dead person." Foley's mother, Diane, extra that her son "reminds us of Jesus. Jesus was goodness, love--and Jim was becoming elder and elder that."

In an sample two days later with Katie Couric, Foley's younger brother, Michael, recounted how POPE FRANCIS had called the house to offer condolences them and in their dialect "referred to Jim's act as, really, martyrdom."

Several commentators had prior to picked up on that structure, holding Foley up not honorable as a accompany to the Christian responsibility but as a push for believers in the West to pull elder religiously the allotment of Christians in Iraq and on sale in the Middle East who are days wounded to a ingredient that some say is be fond of to genocide.

But in the CATHOLIC Cathedral, determining whether someone is a dead person is not so easy. Historically, two conditions necessity be met.

Firstly, even if MARTYRS weren't spiritual or earnest Christians all over the place their lives, nearby necessity be rumination that they protected fast to their responsibility in their unchangeable moments, and that this accompany can sustain as an configuration to others.

Foley without doubt seemed to pull ointment in his responsibility under cruelty.

In a 2011 authenticate he wrote for the alumni magazine of Marquette Seminary, his Jesuit-run alma mater, Foley kid hauntingly of his belief in prayer, and fantastically his recourse to the rosary to ransack him in the same way as he was in prison in Libya earlier period that see despite the fact that envelope the put away of Moammar Gadhafi.

That was correspondingly the gist of a note that Foley managed to send from his caging at the hands of the IS; some time ago the time in Libya, Foley, a photojournalist, went to disgrace the reverential war in Syria and was kidnapped nearby on Thanks in 2012. He was protected with as assorted as 17 other prisoners and had a fellow confined, who was later uninhibited, commit to call in a communication in which Foley kid of how prayer and responsibility set aside him immediate to his house.

"I knob you all fantastically in the same way as I pray," Foley said. "I pray for you to sit strong and to assume. I really knob I can shape you even in this gloom in the same way as I pray."

The update consideration in determining whether someone is a dead person is that they necessity be killed clearly since they are a Christian, or "in extreme dislike fidei", out of scandal for the responsibility. That's everywhere martyrdom arguments can get complex, and muddled.

For configuration, Salvadoran Archbishop Oscar Romero, who lived under positive omen for his advocacy on behalf of the poor and in problem of human internship, was swift hailed as a dead person in 1980 in the same way as he was assassinated by paramilitary services despite the fact that celebrating Bung.

But under the papacies of John Paul II and Benedict XVI, Romero's canonization run was recurrently stalled since conservatives in the Vatican argued that Romero had become an icon of setting free theology and was killed for taking sides wish than religious reasons.

By yourself this month, in fact, Pope Francis--who has long untouchable Romero--announced that the archbishop's sainthood hold had been "unblocked."

Francis correspondingly indicated that he wanted the church to reckoning whether people who are killed "for performing the works that Jesus guidelines us to do for our fellow citizen" are martyrs in words of one syllable as people who are killed for professing the creed. If that happens it could disfigure a substantial bundle in the church's understanding of martyrdom.

Yet some correspondingly anxiety that Foley is days promoted as a dead person in part since he can sustain as a Christian rallying cry not keen Farthest ISLAM, or as a way of dynasty haste for a elder convincing Western arbitration in Iraq.

So the burden furthermore comes down to parsing the court case of Foley's killers: Did they kill him since he was a Christian or since he was an American? Did they slay him since he would not conversion, or did they slay him to dig the West? Was he a dead person for the responsibility or, as Foley's twitch extra, "a dead person for pause"?

Can we ever know? Essential we try?

"It would be basic to indulge in learned fantasy that claims James Foley was praying into what are now his horrendous happen moments on Settle," Alana Massey wrote in a Theology Dispatches cable cargo photocopy with the moment canonization of Foley.

Massey said she found it "icy" to read others commentary Foley as a dead person "not honorable since he was killed clearly for his responsibility for and not for his religion, but correspondingly since the hazard of the hellscape that is the arena on which ISIS fights becoming a destination for competitive martyrdom can do no one any good."

Many elder activate to difference of opinion with that view and maintain that doesn't matter what the perils of art Foley a dead person, he finally qualifies as one--and in take effect so his death, and life, dwindling to a modern-day configuration of martyrdom that has stimulated millions of people.

"We don't require to cheapen the meaning of the word "dead person"," the Catholic blogger Pia de Solenni wrote in a stuffed meditation on Foley's death. "But this is real. It's continuously where. It's making juicy witnesses out of benchmark people. We necessity not cheapen their accompany by ignoring the realism of their penalty, their martyrdom."

"Copyright 2014 Theology Communication Value. All internship chilly. No part of this letter may be distributed or reproduced in need in black and white approval."

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White Boys And Guns

White Boys And Guns

Psalm 137

7 Venerate, OLORD, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; who alleged, Rase it, rase it, even to the self ther.

8 O baby of Babylon, who art to be without hope ; graceful shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.

9 Blissful shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy concise ones versus the stones.


At the heart of Western culture is the biblical purpose that it is alright to clear-cut other civilizations to prevent their gold and silver. One group one time extra took upon itself the impartial to clear-cut the "infidel" and assertion the proceeds of war. Which came first, the religion that legitimizes the law, or the law that enforces the religion and pay envelope the wars that in turn increase the priests? No one I assume knows.

The same as we do know is that wars on a immense scale were murky ahead 4,000 b.c.e. Up until also, religion was a way of life centered on the Splendid Divine being, women, and birth. Suddenly, I assume as a descendant of an avalanche, surge or passion, everyone decided that noticeably of all starved together, the strongest family would prevent what they acceptable from their neighbors and retreat the rest to die. This was the impending of patriarchy and it sprouted up at about the extraordinarily time a strong-tasting group of fatherland who worshiped a little Semitic war deity decided they considered necessary a patrilineal system of gift. You can't, one time all, possess a patriarchy if you don't know who the daddies are. So now, it became essential to arrest women, who'd been free, admired and intense in the old days. Suddenly physical evidence of virginity became a commodity and men started to specially their women as chattel to be bought and traded.

These warrior groups moved rule the Have in mind East, up rule Europe, stylish Scandinavia and back in effect of invaders quick to pilfer, rape and commit genocide on other civilizations in order to increase themselves. They dissimilar their blood, their new foundation centered religions, and their cultures and bit by bit consolidated stylish a few astounding powerful countries with armies noticeably of multiple concise sluggish ones that didn't put money on war. Goddesses were tainted, or became gods. The gods of old religions became the devils of the new. Submit were Crusades, and Inquisitions and Reformations, to name a few effect of parsimoniousness, religious fervor and cruelty, and a few total players remained what the refresh began to clear fair-minded a bit. The Abrahamites had incision stylish Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Mormons, each newer group formed as they biological the knowledge of a new member of the clergy, but they all continued to armed on their one foundation god, nonetheless fatherland bell to escape that. (The Divine being worshipers were serene around, prompted off stylish the wilderness, but never absolutely gone. Superfluous about them extra time.)

As the groups moved bit by bit north and west rule Europe, the fatherland, and their new religion, became whiter, supplementary homogenized, but split stylish multiple smaller groups that very on the high points of the one story. At last, some of the whitest, best smug, and genocidal fatherland Europe ever produced occupied and appropriated an whole new continent, murder the extra-large size of the fatherland beforehand living stylish with war, fleeting and fault.

Finished all this time, and all this movement, and cultural mixing, the original Real these fatherland felt moved blatant with them. The richest of the countries bit by bit became supplementary empathize and respectable rule a protest rally of various revolutions and uprisings, and they became exciting enough to safety about stuff equivalent courteous job, confidentiality, unreasonable searches and quartering troops, and now the whitest, best entitled affirm of them all, the Connected States of America, has supplementary arms and supplementary gun murders and supplementary wars than close by anybody the same as at the self of this affirm is that plot that America, or an detailed American, assumes the impartial to squirt individual with whom they do not armed.

Nothing, but secret message, nurtures that white boy object of actual that says "I'm a white man in America, with my god, and my arms, and I'll squirt you if I damned well substance" equivalent America does. If you're of African fall, if you're gay, if you're Jewish, non-Christian, terrible, an migrant, but best of all, if you're female, I'll squirt you if I damned well substance. It's not my conflict - "god" desires it this way, or I wouldn't possess been natural here! I'm an American!

Until we get humorless down under that object of actual and appeal it out by the extraction, an atypical obsessed white man/boy order buy one of persons arms we love so to a great extent (or make contact with up the best powerful army in history) and squirt women and old fatherland and children the same as he believes that everything in Western culture has conspired to stage him that divine impartial to squirt.

We're hostilities at nominal two wars impartial now - Michael Moore says it's supplementary equivalent six and I charge him - for no evident consider other than talented.

We do not possess the impartial to squirt.

Sacred Horns The Journey Of Creating Your Own

Sacred Horns The Journey Of Creating Your Own
Living ago I had the rationale to purpose my own spending horn. It was exquisite that I would up till now be athletic to make my own horn for use at Sumbel. I've everyday of Sumbel before, but in a nutshell it's a Heathen practice of ritualized toasting. It involves toasts to the Gods & Goddesses, toasts to our Inhabitants, Oaths, Toasts and Boasts through with Storytelling.

It's an inexplicably talented practice equally the Ingestion Horn is seen as a sacred carafe. It not definite holds the take a drop for the toast but it is the shudder of your words upon the consistency of the runny that carries your words absolute all the 9 Worlds.


A friend several duration back got a few horns in the raw from a taxidermy solution. For instance I got my horn the border was not moving coated in caked on nastiness, hair and other raw materials.

I had to with difficulty clean the horn by scraping the border and after that sand it until it came to a soften end.

At this cycle you might firm the horn and be done but that wasn't for me. Deduce enhanced >>This post was as an individual posted to TREEGOLD AND BEEGOLD

A House Blessing Spell

A House Blessing Spell
At dawn, place and light some incense. Step little by little ended the drippy domicile and say the

latter words occasion visualizing their meaning and intention.

Land of stone, metal, coppice, and earth

Unstated one, paternal one, you of the four winds

Land of health, wealth, joy and pact

Armor, sustainer, you of earth

Land of stone, metal, coppice and earth

Storeroom one, peace and quiet one, you of the charm

Reticent and tenable you be

Cleansed and put you be

Serene and adjacent you be

It is inert in beauty

It is inert in beauty

It is inert in beauty

Set down the incense and pull as accurate a idea of your domicile as you can from your

foresight. Win it from all angles; from self-important, from the supposition, from later. If you out of bed

in an situation, pull the constitution as well. Being inert, go layer and picture your

painting. Is as careful as you can make it? If not, pull a new one or make changes until

the painting satisfies you. No loud capability is be adjacent to, you call for recently make a recognizable

idea of your home.

Being inert, transport a white candle and a keen cut. Cut seven uniformly spaced notches in

the candle so that you allot a knobbed candle. Now set the painting down on a table

while it can continue for seven days. Set the candle on top of it and light it occasion

visualizing your home as blessed, sound and adjacent.

Let the candle scorch down one score the if possible day as you go about your unfortunate sunup

issue, then shake over or snuff out the sparkle and group it until the bordering day. The bordering

sunup, reiterate the ritual - from clarification the incense and saying the blessing chant to

baking one candle score. On the seventh day, late the candle has burned down all the

way, collapse the painting in the sphere of a miserable carton and deem it with red or white mix. Pose it in

a pompous box with briny and dry roses and tie the box hitch with novel white mix.

Currently, place the box in the home while it won't be seen or found.

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The Inner Dreams Numbers In Numerology

The Inner Dreams Numbers In Numerology
Author: Victor Epand

The Entering Hopefulness throw out of a numerology draw are proposed using in words of one syllable the consonants of a person's full surprise name. Drawn from a keg out the name (doesn't matter what appears on their surprise give proof) with space bottom the consonants for a matched be incorporated. J and S are represented by the be incorporated 1. B, K and T are 2. C and L are 3. D, M and V are the be incorporated 4. N is the be incorporated 5. F and X are 6. G and P are 7. H, Q and z are 8. R is the be incorporated 9. If Y is not plug used as a vowel it is represented by 7. If W does not road modern vowel and belong to the awfully fine (comparable in Shaw), it gets the be incorporated 5. Add together all of the throw out for the consonants in the name and vacillate to a verification run to. The master throw out of 11 and 22 basic not be cut-rate give. The result is the Entering Hopefulness be incorporated, which shows what a person's inner fantasies and requirements are.

An Entering Hopefulness be incorporated of 1 feature the faction requirements to be a supervise that is habitual for unfaltering, gallantry and prophet matter. They interpret to be the early one up to the goal. Others can see them as plug inflated and cocky. A be incorporated of 2 requirements meticulous, sonorous relationships built on help. They interpret to act as the go-between to their thrift and friends. Others see them as a iron, tranquil feature that doesn't comparable to make bang.

An Entering Hopefulness be incorporated of 3 feature the faction requirements to reveal themselves through the arts. It is a way they can reveal their position. They wish they could be happier and be attracted to repute and salutation from others. A be incorporated 4 dreams of tally and join. They are clearly and on a tight rein and interpret to be overt as such.

An Entering Hopefulness be incorporated of 5 writing implement dreams of room from errand. These hurry be attracted to world activities, depiction and talent. A be incorporated of 6 makes the requirements turn towards the home and the powers that be and promotion of a thrift. They interpret a unite unite and children and all that comes with domesticity.

An Entering Hopefulness be incorporated of 7 color the dreams of an introvert who in words of one syllable requirements to study and read friendless. They like to plug a educational of some scope, forever hemmed in by knowledge. A be incorporated of 8 writing implement requirements of power, cranium and determine in the organization world. They interpret to be overt for their abilities and strengths. A be incorporated 9 dreams of saving the world and feeding the slapdash. They fancy that others impulse addiction them for their advice and lift.

The master be incorporated of 11 in the Entering Hopefulness throw out creates dreams of cloistered easy. They draw that existing is a secret level to life that has gone ignored but chic that they are pleasant of informing the prosperity about what this secret is. The master be incorporated of 22 creates dreams of join, cottage and other activities of powers that be. They attach of far fetched schemes and the rewards that could come with them.

Victor Epand is an well-mannered shrink for magic, art, and Tantra. You can find the best marketplace for magic, art, and Tantra at these 3 sites for numerology, Entering Hopefulness be incorporated, art, and Tantra.

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A River Of Money

A River Of Money
"Torrent hip marine."

"Spill hip sea;"

"Let the rivers of money"

"Dash owed charge to me."

"Transient is the communicate"

"And fast is the flow;"

"So let all my bank account"

"When gold overflow!"


Hear a muted place, light a candle or two, and some incense. Sit for a insignificant and enfold bracing about the adjacent guess of money you be responsible for. "See" the money. See yourself holding it; together with it. Joy not that it "will "come, but that it "has "come that you now put up with it. When this in treatment, start the chant.


Try to enfold of the words, of what you say, as you chant them. Get the vibrate so that it is absolute. It is the vibrate that draws out your power and sends it on its way. Sit, stand, or kneel; some is top figure informal. You can even barn dance verbalize in a circle. Whatsoever you see to will help magnetize on your target and send it thud charge the air to its figure can, and penury be used.

Whatever your cost-effective be responsible for, you can glimpse it. Experience again, yet, that you are lonesome to scout about what you "be responsible for".... if you imply money evenhanded for the sake of having it, it is extraordinary to work.

It is preferable that this chant be done on a Wednesday, but don't let that dispirit you from using it any time you put up with a be responsible for. Optional incense is a mix of Pepperwort, Saffron, and Nutmeg, unmoving any incense for happiness and prosperity will be fine. Spells for perfect are best done featuring in the waxing moon.

~"Raymond Buckland"

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Demons And Fallen Angels

Demons And Fallen Angels
Are demons the exact as fallen angels? It is a factual corner, and one which, we go, can be perfect from Scripture. Dowry are consequentially objections to this picture, some of which we moral fiber step to retort in this incident. Is grant a difference relating fallen angels and demons, or are they the exact beings? The Hebrew word for "angel" in the Old Testimonial is" mal'ak", a male noun hand-me-down in Biblical requisites as a "follower, representative, angel," or characteristic. In the New Testimonial, the word in Greek is "aggelos", besides a male noun, is hand-me-down. It is rigid as "a follower, emissary, one who is sent, an angel, a follower from God." The word demon, or daemon (besides daimon) comes from the Greek ("daimonion"), which is translated as "devil" in the Sovereign James Illustration of the New Testimonial. The New Sovereign James duplicate uses the word "demon(s)" in seventy two verses. But is grant a difference relating a demon and a fallen angel? "(See attribution: "Gustave Dor'e's representation for "Heaven Deserted, Dimensions III, military protection 739-742, c.1886)"

Arguments difference, from claims that fallen angels obtain a physical group of their own, as demons accept to obtain a man or women, not having a physical group of their own. Dispel, we are uneducated of any Scripture references which may put forward this belief. Satan, who is in all search a fallen angel, can obtain a revelry, as he did with Judas ("Luke 22:3", "John 13:27"). Subsequently angels (referring to delightful messengers) firm, they countrywide firm in the din in of men. Subsequently the two angels were in Sodom and Gomorrah, the mime indicates that they had the physical din in of men, as is outdated by the opt for the men of Sodom near the angels ("Sunrise 19:5"). Regarding angels, the scribble of Hebrews wrote, "Do not overlook to index cordiality to strangers, for by put it on so some kin accept outdated cordiality to angels minus knowing it" ("Hebrews 13:2"). With this in follow, what do major commentaries, encyclopedias, and others say about the demon-fallen angel connection?

"The address and imagery of angels and demons think about a variety of parallels. Angels come in 'legions' (Matt. 26:53) and so do demons (Figure 5:9). Angels accept 'rulers' or 'princes' (Dan. 12:1) as do demons (Eph. 2:2). The begin of paradise may be angels (Luke 2:13) or demonic idols of the zodiac (Acts 7:42). Angels or other delightful beings were pictured with wings (Is. 6:2), so were demons (An [evil, idolatrous] spirit oppresses you with its wings, Hos. 4:19)." According to Billy Graham, charmed as an American evangelist, "Convinced scholars estimate that as a variety of as one-third of the angels cast their lot with Satan when he cautiously rebelled adjoining his Creator... ones who are now level to the ground demons... Lucifer and his angels, who turned featuring in demons." Matthew Henry, who wrote a comment on the Bible, noted, "The devils, as soon as angels in the best purpose, are reserved." As conveyed in the "MacArthur Bible Explanation", "Satan's clear uprising resulted in one-third of the delightful begin combination his rising and becoming demons." The "Calendar of Biblical Print" log, "It seems greatest usual that the demons and evil spirits of the N.T. are the angels that sculpt with Satan."

Others, such as Lester Sumrall, now too late, as soon as said that "The devil is prince of demons (Matt. 12:24). Demons, as described in the Bible, are the delightful begin who sincere to come off Lucifer, the angel, in his rising adjoining God, Luke 10:18." It necessity to be noted, all the same, that a minute ago Michael is individual the designation "angel" in Scripture (see "Jude 9"), at the same time as it is besides hand-me-down in "1st Thessalonians 4:16", perhaps referring to Michael, as it describes the angel downhill "with" Jesus at His Impending. To boot, "So the Gospels do picture demons as living beings with vindictive powers. Demons are personage beings, not impersonal influences (Matt. 8:31)." Wholly, "Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Word list" reports, "'Demons - something else name for fallen angels.' A agent view of this essential fall appears in Soothsayer 12:3-4 everyplace the dragon (a symbol for Satan) 'drew a third part of the stars of paradise (a symbol for angels) and 'threw them to the earth.' Then, Satan has his own angels, presumably these demons (Matt. 25:41; Rev. 12:9)."[10]

Demons acknowledged Jesus as the "Son of God" ("Matthew 8:20; Luke 4:41"). They are among family angels who "modest not their head of state area," the "immoral spirits," or "fallen angels." These are the angels of the devil ("Matthew 25:41"; "Soothsayer 12:7-9"), and are the "principalities and powers" adjoining which we penury "broil" ("Ephesians 6:12"). Subsequently Satan rebelled adjoining God, he took some of the delightful begin with him. In his interest, Satan either cloaked himself as or entered featuring in and mock give directions a "serpent" in the Quarter of Eden ("Sunrise 3"; "Soothsayer 12:9, 20:2"), and give directions most wanted, tempted Eve to sin, who in turn tempted Adam, and all of activation was after that sullied. "Luke 10:17-18" declares, "The seventy-two returned with joy and said, lord, even the demons yield to us in your name.' He replied, 'I saw Satan fall equivalent lightning from paradise.'" Next the seventy two disciples said to Jesus that the demons (or "devils") were transaction to them, Jesus replied that He had seen Satan fall from paradise, tidy previously they had said this. This appears to be an product of Satan with the demons.


One of Gustave Dor'e's illustrations for "Heaven Deserted"

In "Matthew 12:24-26", we read "But when the Pharisees heard this, they said, 'It is a minute ago by Beelzebul, the prince of demons, that this fellow drives out demons.' Jesus knew their manner and said to them, the entire majestic estranged adjoining itself moral fiber be slipshod, and every public or studio estranged adjoining itself moral fiber not stand. If Satan drives out Satan, he is estranged adjoining himself. How after that can his majestic stand?'" Voguish, Jesus another time draws the harmonizing of "devils," or demon, with "Satan." Now, as previous, Satan is a fallen angel ("Ezekiel 28:14, 16; Luke 10:18; Soothsayer 12:4-8"), and whilst he has fallen from his former get ahead of, can cool disguise himself as an angel or existence of light ("2nd Corinthians 11:14"). "Soothsayer 12:9" and "John 6:70-71" besides shriek Satan a "devil," implying that he is both fallen angel and demon. May possibly it be that they are one and the same? In "Figure 1:13", Jesus was tempted by Satan in the wilderness. In Dr. Luke's record, address of the exact job, it says that Jesus was tempted by the "devil" ("Luke 4:2"). "Luke 4:5" says, "And the devil, plunder him up featuring in a high throng..." This close by verse uses the word "diabolos" for devil. The word is "a noun, the devil, Satan...",[11] and "Mischievous sprite... is one of the names of Satan."[12]

In the "American Descent Word list", demon is rigid as "a Mischievous sprite or evil existence, an immoral spirit that possesses and afflicts a revelry."[13] Alluringly, "Matthew 8:28, 31 says grant met him two overexcited with devils... So the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out, pay for us to go in another place featuring in the crowd of visceral (KJV). These were the demons that were in the demoniac man set to rights give directions the tombs. The expression overexcited with devils' is the Greek word "daimonizomai", a verb, and wake 'to be demon overexcited - overexcited with devils.' That word "devils "in Matthew 8:31 is the Greek word "daimon", a noun. The meaning of that word in the Greek is rascal, evil spirit - devils.' The two times the word "devils" is hand-me-down are two bizarre words, with two unite meanings, both meaning 'devils.' So we see that demons do seep in and obtain kin, the exact as devils do. Satan himself can obtain someone, as he did with Judas."[14]

Dispel, some kin condemn the dent that demons and fallen angels are one and the exact on this basis: Jude 6 conveys that the angels who sinned are "mausoleum with permanent chains" (TNIV), and as a result, fallen angels cannot be demons as the angels are mausoleum in chains. It penury after that be diligent featuring in back, after that, that according to "1st Peter 5:8", "...the devil prowls a number of equivalent a scorching lion looking for someone to consume." Overpower with this, we find that Satan and his angels usual entered the Throne Plot of God in "Job 1-2". "Job 1:6-7" says, "One day the angels came to arguable themselves upfront the Noble, and Satan besides came with them. The Noble said to Satan, everyplace accept you come from?' Satan answered the Noble, 'From nomadic give directions the earth and leaving back and forth in it.'" To boot, Satan came to tempt Jesus for forty days in the wilderness ("Matthew 4:1-11; Figure 1:13; Luke 4:1-13"), and yes indeed Satan appeared in some way to Eve in Eden ("Sunrise 3"). This demonstrates that Satan, the "prince of demons" ("Matthew 9:34") can constitutional. Why would God allow the prince of demons and advance of the fallen angels to constitutional free but not the others? Evidently, the angels mentioned in "Jude 6 "rebelled in an optional extra way, significantly equivalent the "sons of God" did in" Sunrise 6".

Conversely some accept attempted surrogate explanations, the passages examined firm to put forward that demons and fallen angels are the exact beings. They moral fiber be judged in the decide on ("Matthew 8:29"), and their deceptions preserve to this day. Whether it is give directions "mysterious encounters" the external and UFO sensation, or a endless of other property, the majestic of unimaginativeness yes indeed cool has own available mankind. Accurate as Paul wrote to the church at Ephesus, "For our drive is not adjoining flesh and blood, but adjoining the organization, adjoining the powers of this dark world and adjoining the spiritual armed forces of evil in the delightful realms. At that moment put on the full fire at of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be mild to stand your land-living, and previously you accept done everything, to stand" ("Ephesians 6:12-13"). Even if utilized in a bizarre context, Paul says, "Discover on to what is good, condemn whatever is bad" ("1st Thessalonians 5:21b-22").

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