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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Assortment Of Incense

Assortment Of Incense
Semiprecious stone Refining Enrage

. 2 Parts Frankincense

. 2 Parts Coral

. 1 Role Sandalwood

. 1 Role Thyme

. 1 Rip off very well establish brackish

. a feeble purified Quartz crystal demur

Light rain a bit of incense (leave-taking the crystal in the jar) onto charcoal. Smoulder & entrance hall the crystal to be purified straight the smoke wafting unconscious the stones impurities. Natuarally, this incense can be used in connection with the others recommended purfying rituals, or in place of them.

Change direction Enrage

Conflagration in the circle for all types of rituals and spells

4 parts Frankincense

2 parts Myrrh

2 parts Benzoin

1 part Sandalwood

1/2 part Cinnamon

1/2 part Rose petals

1/4 part Vervain

1/4 part Thyme

1/4 part Bay

Frankincense, myrrh and benzoin basic absolutely formulate the solidity of the jumble.

Psychic Rites ~ A Impel Enrage

4 parts cinnamon

2 parts patchouli

3 parts oakmoss

1/2 part St. Johnswort

1/2 part galangal

3 parts mistletoe

3 parts deerstongue

1 part dragons blood

1 part allspice

1 part clove

3 parts pale purple

Moisten with 1 part wine, 1 part have a thing about, a bit of yellow shadow oil, about lookalike as a lot as that of sweet pea oil, and spare that treasure once again for the sandalwood oil, the pale purple oil and the patchouli oil.


Attrition to powder 1 part sandalwood & 1 part cedar shavings. Add 3 parts cedar oil, 1 part sandalwood and a few drops of camphor oil. These oils in these proportions likewise make Moon Oil.

Built-up witches do not use blenders

Tightly Enrage

A huge all in relation to incense for all your cleansing requests from magickal tools to cleansing damning energies.

3 parts frankincense

1/2 part dragon's blood

1 part myrrh

1 part red sandalwood

1 part brush betony

1/2 part dill

Mix together and combustion on charcoal

AKASHA Records Enrage

Determination to captivate your Akasha Records? Conflagration this incense as you put pen to paper in the field of your kind nonstop. Estimate from "Gypsy Imaginary For The Dreamer's Will" by Allie Akasha Records The Redress Hex Bring up this incense when the moon is full.

2 tsp. Mugwort

1 tsp. Dittany Of Crete

1 tsp. Thyme

1/2 tsp. Ginger

Conflagration on a lit charcoal block, in a non-metal, fire-retardant box.

Wave VIBRATIONAL Appraise Enrage

This incense is huge to make best use of your energy prior to any magical work, second-sighted connection, astral swelling or if you wish to attract people of all walks of life.

The Redress Hex to Bring up this incense when the moon is waxing or full.


1 tsp. Frankincense

1 tsp. Myrrh

1 tsp. Vetiver

1 tsp. Patchouli

1 Bay Folio

Conflagration on a lit charcoal block, in a non-metal, fire-retardant box


To glean and protect your sacred space...

* Patchouli for Set down protection

* Lavender for Air sanitization

* Copal for Cleave sanitization

* Myrrh for water sanitization

Attrition the herbs and resins very well in a missile and pestle, inside

them with their sought-after goal.

Conflagration the jumble all through a hot charcoal, and let the smoke launder

your space.

Kiln Enrage

An incense to help supplementary a certain, unexcited, caring home.

* 2 parts Dragons Blood Resin

* 12 parts Juniper

* 2 parts Sassafras

* 2 parts Orangey Plants

* 2 parts Myrrh Resin

* 5 parts Rose Petals

Conflagration on a charcoal ring, steadfastly placed in an right box

of sand.

Spiritualist Parsley JAR

An herb jar to improve powers nearly and religiously

Can be burned, simmered, or put in a dream bolster. you can even hot water it in water and spritz it on your bolster at night. The uses are infinite.

Cinnamon- For dream magick

Nutmeg- For good luck

Allspice- For healing

Ginger- For lunar magick

Basil- For protection

Fennel seeds- For spiritual healing

Garlic- For spiritual sanitization

Marjoram- For protection

Sage- For spiritual sanitization

Cloves- For protection

Mustard seeds- For protection

Mix together and store in opportunity jar to be used as attractive.