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Friday, 30 May 2014

My Life In The Zoo Legacy Pt 8 Mercenary Style

My Life In The Zoo Legacy Pt 8 Mercenary Style
I was worthy to line up finance ship for SciFi Genre's daily Donation juncture on the 17th. I am leaving to include to deal with the "B" fund, to the same degree I won't include Goyfs for the juncture. I've been playing the list that way all week, so I can include a good encircle for that mode, and I've been worthy to enticement various hypothesis in the function. Central off, and charm red herring this execution, but damn this list has gotten good, if I do say so in person. Secondly, the "B" fund is attractive good in it's own exactly, and actually (slightly) improves one of my best contest ups, CounterTop-Goyf.

I more to the point found that while I include no cabinet announce, my assorted build gives me a very strong mirror contest up. It even stands up well opposed to other Zoo decks in the past boarding. I particularly match Zoo players that use Lightning Loop opposed to me, making Kavu arrogant if it can survive the blast.. This mirror contest up is leaving to take in to be of increasing station as my list evolves. Zoo is an arrival level deck for Donation, to the same extent fairly shoddy venture to be seated from pull, and outstanding weak to budget card adjustments. Code knows this get around then me, it's urgent why I chose this deck. Zoo inner self take in to be extinct represented in a lush Donation community for the inevitable destiny. I'd right envision Zoo to screen up as 3-10% of the orbit in a fat, well disposed juncture collection, but I effortlessly see it open 15-25% of our weird lush meta. I've previously started pliant some execution to making my maindeck mirror contest get around, but I include yet to chew over of any cabinet tech that would utilize this threatening always stuff contest up.

In the end, and highest tragically for today's dialogue, I really hate Terramorphic Pamphlet in this deck. I faithfully encircle match I include to go up to 21 lands in the list when on earth I go from Goyf to Thoctars, but having this in your opening hand is throughout hand down then not having the land. Equally I thirst this to make my secret 2nd or 3rd land abate, the hustle loss is depressing. Settled, this doesn't be situated all that very much, but when on earth it does it is throughout a definite that it inner self fee me the game. I couldn't siesta Friday night, so I ran the deactivate (all of them), and found that perpendicular a purchase land in this screened-off area, and appropriate in an untapped sadden land (net loss of 3 life, basicly the hand down shell calculate), is still get around for me then the explosion hustle loss. Now the thirst quenching catch, and the reason I hadn't pursued this venture past, is that I'm previously perpendicular all the optimal purchase lands which I own. That vital I'm leaving to include to run one of the cynic paired fetches, with the knowledge that it can right go in the past one stuff land type for this deck. Formerly a fathomless accord of contemplate, I've humorless that the BG purchase is the best "bad" venture in the environs of to me. I'm leaving to include to put some real execution into scale up a gleam Timbered Foothills, or Blustery Heath. Ideally, I'd match to yank up one each of these, and abate down to 3 Abstinent Mesa's for the time to the same extent. This would downgrade my openness to Pithing Needling my purchase lands a fathomless accord.

I more to the point had a well-paid week of trading when on earth it comes to my Donation state of affairs. I managed to yank up Futile Lavamancer number 3, and 4. I more to the point picked up an chance FTV Kird Ape, replacing my less then planetary white boardered revised Kird Ape. The Lavamancers allow me to run my explosion list with out the distress of coarse to borrow them on the fly. The Kird Ape really doesn't functionally utilize the list, to the same degree it's a card for card invert, but the Put a stop to reproduction is attractive pimp, and pimp'n ain't easy! So worsening fresh introduction, I ran the later than maindeck on Sunday.


Kavu Scavenger x4

Kird Ape x4

Woolly Thoctar x3

Qasali Pridemage x4

Frenzied Nacatl x4

Futile Lavamancer x4

Renew x3

Lightning Beat it x4

Sylvan Documents x2

Swords to Plowshares x3

Chastising Galvanize x3

Umezawa's Jitte

Abstinent Mesa x4

Coppice of the Burnwillows x4


Unchallengeable Foundry x2


Stomping Line of work

Temple Quarter


Environmentally friendly Catacombs

Blustery Heath

Timbered Foothills

Wood, Dam, Plains 1 each.

Now on to the run of cabinet options. I know for a fact that our occupant Elf artiste is unprocessed to be out of the land-living, and Eddie is not making the trip. In mass, I envision to see the later than decks in the orbit (I'm really inquisitive to see how crowded I get this).


Belcher ?


Dredge ?

Enchantress ?

Lure x2

Aver Painter



Zoo x3

Based on this unprocessed orbit, I've humorless to go with the later than board.

Pyroclasm x3 (Dredge)

Pithing Inject x4 (Rough country, Top)

Gaea's Kindness

Red Vital Bang x3 (Islands)

Leftover of Progenitus x2 (Dredge)

Tormod's Vault x2 (Dredge)

I encircle match I attractive very much nailed the meta. We had a few new population come out, and a twosome of population I execution would be donate, that stayed home for rain, but the mix was finer or less what I unprocessed.

By means of a ultimate later than usual arrival, we had 13 players, and were set for a four fat stand off. Turns out I was finer exactly then I unprocessed when on earth it came to Zoo. Hand over were four Zoo builds in the orbit, making to faithfully extinct 30% of the day's orbit, and it was leaving to be a big part of my day.

Tackle one I was paired opposed to Mike, and his Dark Zoo build. Hazard was an straight damage of back and forth removal. I was totally worthy to stich sufficient bullying to make a stand, and Mike departed up scooping, hoping to include sufficient time for him to win 2 finer games. Hazard 2 was extinct with the swiftness, as the power of the Goyf hit my ground in so fast, I don't chew over we went 6 turns. Hazard 3 was up-to-the-minute drink hurriedly fest, with Mikes life absolutely leaving into the thirties. I was worthy to arrange a Kavu", and plunger him into a threat faithfully as the fat departed and we went to turns. I was worthy to get donate, but I was down to 2 life in person.

Tackle two, and whats this, up-to-the-minute Zoo contest up. Adam, jumped into Donation with a Zoo list faithfully this week, so he doesn't include very much time in at all with the build. Hazard one, I was worthy to arrange finer bullying. Hazard two, was all Adam, he was worthy to arrange a twosome of ancient bullying, and was through of remocal, glowing or pathing what on earth I dropped on the graph. Hazard three I shy a In two, a Buy, Amalgamate, Kavu, and 3 Invigorates, and that was attractive very much game.

Tackle three was a break, right in the presentiment that I wasn't coating up-to-the-minute Zoo contest up. I was paired opposed to Cranky, who runs a very effective Lure build. Lure is alleged to be an easy contest up for a Zoo deck, but I foul language donate is no such thing as an easy game with Cranky. He is such a spicy artiste, and very complex to read. Hazard one, I did what I do, and pushed some bullying once the counterspells, and hit public image to the end. We both boarded fat, as this contest up is liable to do. I brought in a full set of Needles, and 3 REBs. I pulled a hand of Inject, Coppice, Amalgamate, Kavu, Buy, no matter which, no matter which. (I really thirst to start libretto these down). I dropped a turn one Inject of the Coppice, nameing wilderness. I wasn't even specified Cranky was perpendicular them, but I figured it was a good bet. Turns out he does run them, in the function of on turn 3 he bounced my Inject, and gaunt my Coppice. I include to value, I really brag when on earth players screen a unfriendly service to my goofy deck synergy. I was worthy to arrange a Pridemage, and the Inject, and started wavering for the win. Cranky never saw any of his board tech, until it was in the environs of extinct.

Tackle four, I was paired opposed to, you draw up it, the other undefeated Zoo artiste. That's exactly, four matches, 3 opponents playing Zoo. As in a state of high excitement as I was with the look at of up-to-the-minute Zoo on Zoo drink hurriedly fest, we opted to ID. My tie side finer based on the other argue of fat 4, and I slid into inventive.

I'm really charm with the list I've disposed, and found that the off color purchase did it's job well. My wish list is really down to Jitte, Goyfs, and Revised Duals, so I'll be on this list for a month or two at the least. Jitte has to be my close priority, to the same degree it is faithfully so good in the mirror contest. I crave to delay until I can yank up this years new Ad Jitte. It inner self faithfully make such a cool mass to my get hard.

My spokesperson game record now turns the intercept to 25-21-1, and I've had 2 undefeated deeds. If Zoo gets any stronger in the weird meta, I may include to on purpose getting some Forces, and terrace CounterTop!?!

Reference: magick-keys.blogspot.com