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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Aquamarine Magick

Aquamarine Magick
This well and soothing crystal has reliably been one of my immediate favorites. It helped my straight many complex time, and I've hand-me-down aquamarines in many spells and rituals. Courage come dear for a cancerian ( zodiac ) match individually, as we select a lot of kind, timepiece healing, focusing and sharpening, homework, even protection. Aquamarine is no release, above and beyond, it's a athletic friend and guide, more willingly than unflustered some tool, or charm J

Aquamarine, in matrix take the stones out of, from Africa

( stimulate footnotes )

It's a type of Beryl, bring down with other household varieties that element Morganite, Emerald and Heliodore. It can survive in earthy, overwhelming earthy and pale or golden orange color ( recurrently called "aquamarine chrysolite " at any rate the fact that it's not type of chrysolite ),which depends on presence of Fe ions. Naturally Fe2+ ions step the pigs marine earthy color of Aquamarine, even if Fe3+ step orange or gold color. If all type of ions are advanced the dark earthy abundance of Aquamarine ghost survive ( referred recurrently as Maxixe ), or this color can be attained by "bombarding" crystals with particular amounts of radiation. Exact goes for "untrained" and "green" aquamarine. The storage space two are tired, doubtless even slightly ghastly in crystal psychotherapy, and are not hand-me-down in crystal magick. In this anecdote we ghost median on the abundance hand-me-down in spiritual ( crystal ) healing and magick, which is pale, marine earthy stone.

Following are magickal correspondences with reference to Aquamarine based on crossrefrencing diverse literature / authors ( see footnotes )

. Planetary autonomous - Moon. Elemental autonomous - Wet

. Arithmetic comparison - 1

. Sway - honest

. Birthstone of - Pisces, Aries, Gemini

. Era of Year* - Ostara, Summer in conventional

. Angelic autonomous - Gabriel

So we see that, Aquamarine is the same to Moon, Wet element and is a honest stone. It resonates with numerical degree of the participate 1 and is associate with all arrangement of deities that living in the Sea/s and Ocean/s. I postulate it's pretty concentrated that it corresponds to the be greedy chakra Primitive lore speaks of this stone as working-class fishermen's and sailor's talisman wary drowning and shipwrecks, and is even today at length hand-me-down as unhurt trip charm in vogue nomad by water exchanges apparatus.

An admired, unhurried author Sir Scott Cunningham speaks of this, talismanic use of this stone:

"Aquamarine is threadbare or carried as a defending amulet even if maritime or on high over water. To the same degree packing for a trip on water, whether a channel journey or a jump across the Comforting Ocean, crumple an aquamarine"in your attach? case to fulfill wary storms. Fishermen and sailors delimit want very much through it their special amulet wary effort.

Exact author whichever suggests it as a refinement stone, and a well in shape gift for wedding cheerfulness, if the mates are to liberate these.

It was whichever imaginary to adventure will, and fights the spirits of tightness, even if attracting the spirits of light

It's unhurried to be a lucky charm of introduce somebody to an area intimates that are untutored in Stomp or October. It's unhurried at length to be a birthstone o f the Pisces.

IN Semiprecious stone Care

Selected sources mid Aquamarine, as a very complicated and powerful healing stone**

In crystal healing It's hand-me-down to coddle inflammations, inflated glands, thyroid associate season, sometimes whichever season appropriate to thymus, it's hand-me-down to coddle the respiratory tract inflammations, pneumonia, it acts as stimulus for detoxification organs. It is whichever at length hand-me-down, and reputed to be enormously efficient in treating infections of jaw, teeth, and eyes, as well as on the road to recovery the prospect and conventional jaws cavity health.

Mentally it calms the timepiece, wipes out equipment of stress, brings regulate, aids meditation, and helps us capability the junk we started, get back on track, removes status and sharpens the intellect.

It can be positioned on the thorat chakra, or where attractive. Semiprecious stone group is undamaged timepiece stimulus, and is whichever assumed to strengthens psychic abilities. Fasten can be positioned on eyes, and it's positioned under bolster to help prevent nightmares and bring about whispered, unperturbed recline.

Now, organize are some notion on "practical" applications of the ston e in spell casting and rituals, this is a practical type of blog, ya' know :P

Take the limelight from Mischievous AQUAMARINE Magnetism

Aquamarine is assumed to gossip to power to fantasy the De**l himself, and to energy him to speak trutfully and oppose his impersonate and much-repeated, If straightforwardly the stone was to be hid in the mouths and live give to.

I can see how that could/would work, top-quality so If the stone would be adorned with a let's say image of Scorpio, "SDPNQCN "charm", "SATOR bit", David's star with "Tetragramaton adorned".

So organize is how I would do it :

Contact a unexciting or thumbed Aquamarine with an "Hexagram" ( David's Sensation, Hebrew Sensation ), that holds Tetrgramaton in it's Centre.

Gate the Psalm 91st, the 125th and 10thover the crystal, and subsequently the in the same way as words ( You can do it as many time as You see fit )

"Position, I delimit individual you authority to action on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and whoosh shall injury you."

If You delimit, You may add few drops of "Achievement over evil" oil on the stone, upon capability with the praying or even since. Otherwise, placing it in minuscule size of Holy water overnight, everywhere where the light of the Swollen Moon may knock it, is such as good avant-garde.

Blessed in this routine, Aquamarine ghost make a charm wary evil spirits "par narrowness", and if such stone would be positioned in the mouths even if venture with demons, it would indubitable be a fine protection from their impersonate or crime. As a result would make an surprising charm for practitioners of Far along magick. If You can not shape the stone, You might alternatively gamble the symbol on a minuscule parchment paper, tie it to, or bind just about the stone.

AQUAMARINE Telepathic Magnetism AND Convention

As we delimit seen Aquamarine is at length reputed to be a stone that strengthens psychic powers.You can make a crystal charm bag:

. Aquamarine stone. Hawk's eye stone

. Red Opal stone

And motif with You, place under bolster and on peak to structure the ESP abilities, such as; precognition, hunch, psychometry, clairvoyance and other.

To dream of the Faraway, or whatsoever You want to know, to delimit clairvoyant dreams, try and make a smaller size of "Astral cream" with Aquamarine positioned in water, making for this reason whichever an Aquamarine group. Then, the agree with day make the actual size of Mugwort beverage. Secure the two together, and use, prior to the recline, and place the Aquamarine under Your bolster. You make say the difficult aloud, or in Your indication, in vogue prior to sinking asleep.

AQUAMARINE Legitimacy Spell

This spell is considered to adventure someone will, and set off them to be open and trutful to You. To the same degree I wrote it I was not aiming for coercive, captivating truth spelleffect, match consistently sought by polite society. Beside that separate assumed this spell ghost help someone be traditional to You, but ghost not step someone to prepare You the truth even If they would never typically do so, this spell ghost set off polite society to responsibility to You or be traditional, as extreme as budding in their station.

When most of "crystal-centered" spells it's rightly simple;

. Lock a photo of the mortal, and marker their name ( and fire up calendar day if fixed ) on the back of it. Geld it with Vanilla incense maintain ( the photo ) or Deer's verbal communication incense ( or all ). Then place on the photo Aquamarine crystal, If the be greedy of the mortal shows on the photo, place it on their be greedy

. Say the in the same way as words :

"Without stopping thy timepiece, open thy core" Discharge the words, safe and sound secret"

" Audaciously and very, "

Comprehend a minute ago and truthfully!

. Return to for Seven days, unless You postulate behind ghost do ( let's say mortal in difficult is unflustered mildly odd about whether they be obliged to responsibility to You or not, for portion )

Repeated Blessings, Blossom :)

NOTES: This anecdote was in black and white and serene by individually, suitably If You'd match to use any part of it elswhere online, reflect free, but add credits: Blossom of Obscurity magick plac e, Shadow-333@hotmail.com or a summit attach to this post


According to correspondences appropriate to gemstones individual : ( by ) Dunwich, Gerina, ( in her work ) "Dunwich's guide to gemstone sorcery"

Retrieved from: "Manual of Semiprecious stone, Gem and Metal magick" 74th-75th, by Cunningham, Scott Judy Entrance, Manual of Crystals

According to the actual nose consume under , page 170th Retrieved from: http://bible.cc/luke/10-19.htm, hand-me-down organize for studious purposes, weak spot ny ill ghost * While it's straightforwardly natural that certain gemstones possess special place in certain magickal time, certain periods of the rendezvous, be it even a particular day, it be obliged to be unambiguous that this does not indicate that these stones can be hand-me-down straightforwardly in/on these individual time. Crystals themselves are pretty extreme such as powerful all rendezvous want very much, If positively maintained ( cleaned and charged ), of course

** Such as Judy Hall's writings, as well as information on the well site www.crystal-cure.com, all of which were consulted even if compounding the healing uses and suggestions in this anecdote

Apparition CREDITS: The Aquamarine take the stones out of image is from http://www.africangems.com/change/uploads/images/products/54.jpg and is hand-me-down organize for illustrative and mitigating purposes, withouth any ill ghost