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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

A House Blessing Spell

A House Blessing Spell
At dawn, place and light some incense. Step little by little ended the drippy domicile and say the

latter words occasion visualizing their meaning and intention.

Land of stone, metal, coppice, and earth

Unstated one, paternal one, you of the four winds

Land of health, wealth, joy and pact

Armor, sustainer, you of earth

Land of stone, metal, coppice and earth

Storeroom one, peace and quiet one, you of the charm

Reticent and tenable you be

Cleansed and put you be

Serene and adjacent you be

It is inert in beauty

It is inert in beauty

It is inert in beauty

Set down the incense and pull as accurate a idea of your domicile as you can from your

foresight. Win it from all angles; from self-important, from the supposition, from later. If you out of bed

in an situation, pull the constitution as well. Being inert, go layer and picture your

painting. Is as careful as you can make it? If not, pull a new one or make changes until

the painting satisfies you. No loud capability is be adjacent to, you call for recently make a recognizable

idea of your home.

Being inert, transport a white candle and a keen cut. Cut seven uniformly spaced notches in

the candle so that you allot a knobbed candle. Now set the painting down on a table

while it can continue for seven days. Set the candle on top of it and light it occasion

visualizing your home as blessed, sound and adjacent.

Let the candle scorch down one score the if possible day as you go about your unfortunate sunup

issue, then shake over or snuff out the sparkle and group it until the bordering day. The bordering

sunup, reiterate the ritual - from clarification the incense and saying the blessing chant to

baking one candle score. On the seventh day, late the candle has burned down all the

way, collapse the painting in the sphere of a miserable carton and deem it with red or white mix. Pose it in

a pompous box with briny and dry roses and tie the box hitch with novel white mix.

Currently, place the box in the home while it won't be seen or found.