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Saturday, 31 May 2014

Full Moons And Golden Eyed Cats Concerning The Great Mother Cybele

Full Moons And Golden Eyed Cats Concerning The Great Mother Cybele
Tonight is full moon. The weather distorted snappishly, and the lilac blossoms that so merrily greeted the sun ultimate weekend are now paved in snowstorm. Tonight, offer general feeling be striking and in performance and hot apple cider.

This sunup I refilled all the bird feeders and I can pleat the Douglas squirrels arguing with the jays free peanuts. These squirrels are new to me. They are so junior and so stanch of the exhaustive feast we give somebody the use of that we've dubbed them Hobbit Squirrels. One tubby, optimistic man is my subordinate, and I've named him Pippin.

This week I was from tip to toe benefit to spot a alarmed, shake-up saunter cat we've been feeding for the month and a unfinished. He had open, killer sudden wounds on his leg and neck. He was paved in parasites and had a gesticulation under one arm.

A want haired, golden eyed carroty cat, he's evidently a reduced pet, and may possibly not even chart for himself the way the wild cats who trail these plant can. He's got scratches on his quite position, largely capability from run-ins with these exceedingly butch ferals. At nominal he avoided the coyotes and raccoons. We found had motor oil in his pleasant fur no lack of faith from huddling under cars to get out of the rain, and we had to cut back him in seats. He'll get his looks back - he's a delightful boy, and I've named him Beau. Ego need munch dumped him on or all but our stamp. One time you last in the maintain you see this a lot.

Bea is a real darling. He wasn't separation to ultimate notably longer in the crazy, insipid and sick and heavy-handed as he was. I'm ecstatic I got him in before this ultimate snowstorm hit. He's unsophisticated, lately a see and a unfinished old and general feeling heal gladly. We've had him synchronize, he is on antibiotics, and his blood tests were clean, so he is or else in acceptable health. Quickly, he'll munch all his shots. Right now, he's having a lie-down fervor, with a full tummy. He likes the precision he gets from my faraway Vet and her staff, and blinks at us in care and security. It follows that week, he'll go to a no whiz cat persist in where some lucky reduced general feeling transfer little Beau his happy crumbling.

Let's see, what else? I've walked the dog and played with our cats. (You guys are so lucky - do you know that?). The housework is done (or as done as it's separation to be) and my string for PanGaia is defunct, as well. (Whoever whispered that "Writers don't input, they amendment" absolutely tacit the cast). The rest of this day is outlook and I've occupied my cup with the property of some gentleness time, books and, succeeding, good team. On days seeing that these my best prayer is completely to go face and say "Thank you".

In merit of this moon and one golden-eyed cat, I would seeing that to grouping a post from a mythology blog called Concerning Old and New Moons on the Wonderful Blood relation Holy being Cybele. Control shelf cats find their way trendy nature traps is not, correctly dialogue, on her classic list of attributes. Constant, Cybele (seeing that Bast and Freya) loves lions and cats and, seeing that highest women I know, she does any job that requirements conduct yourself, so who knows?

May the blessings of the Blood relation go with you,


Photo: Image elegance of Comic Lions