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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

10 Beginner Mistakes

10 Beginner Mistakes
The 10 Big Novice Mistakes and Pitfalls
Cause Basics
By: Keitha (FireWind)

You've finished them, I've finished them, we've all seen them.. the dreaded minor undemanding bunny mistakes'. These are the well-known mistakes that all beginners make at some try and other Wiccans grumble at. These are the pitfalls that we embrace all fallen concerning at smallest amount of once (or double up) voguish the learning alter. And this isn't your 'mispronunciations voguish ritual pitfalls, either. Evident of these are nicely grating to others, and some embrace stern implications. Upper limit courage make you grin abashedly in a year or so. :)

Not that I'm saying that you shouldn't make these mistakes at smallest amount of once. It's a extensive learning encompass to precipitously total that you've of late been the stage, well... a little funny. That probably the problem realm glimpse at you isn't in the function of you wear a Pentacle; it's in the function of it's three inches imaginatively. And don't jingle too inelegant, I've done most of these myself at one try or another. ;)

Pitfall #1: 'I Clarify it in this Conduct...'
One of the cap grand stuff to learn is to not fishy everything you
read. Blameless in the function of it's in calligraphy doesn't consequentially mean it's true. Be a troublesome reader. Don't even fishy me, I'm no more than one individual and I make tons of mistakes, too. Get contradictory opinions and statuette out what You fishy. Divinity, if you righteous saw how assorted period I've stared offended at my curb at a beginner website with all the deceitful information. Make laugh be a troublesome reader.

Pitfall #2: Overenthusiasm
Enthusiasm is extensive... it's wonderful! Waste this time of insomnia, of zest and the golden illustration of everything! But moreover be accurate of overenthusiasm. Still it is mortal you were Wiccan in your pour out lifetime, it is very unconvinced that you've been a Witch being the beginning of time or that your cat was for certain an attendant in a Crest to Isis. You grandmother probably didn't launch you at age 5, and you probably didn't ascend all the knowledge of your now Wiccan relations. I'm not maddening to contract on your beliefs or aching your viewpoint, but request be inexpensive. Give to are higher 6 Billion realm on this dirt, and very few Witches in the pour out few centuries; what makes you imprison you are a reincarnated Witch? What I theoretical, it is relatively mortal, but it's not the try. Whether you were or weren't has no pose on who you are now. You courage never once more be the individual you are Test NOW; what bite the dust individual can you be? As the saying goes: in the same way as you cannot find within, you courage never find apart from.

Separate significance to be perceptive of is to the same degree really exhilarated about Wicca. This is great, and I'm set you jingle snooty of your decision to study Wicca. But rugged realm to fail to agree with you so you can tell them To the same degree Wicca Terribly Is is not the way to go. In fact, this is scarcely imperceptible prosthletizing, and this is whatever thing we no more than don't do. You courage penury to learn to depend on yourself, and sometimes others courage no more than never understand. That's their all set, and it's not your job to try and progress their wits. The Christian standing in forward of you never burned personality at the run the risk of and probably never courage. They're not out to get you, and if they desired to be Wiccan, they would be. Jump back in that the Witchcraft of the Shining Times is not the Wicca of today. Don't tell realm what the Wiccan way is really about - show them by your own wisdom and later life.

Pitfall #3: 'Wicca is as Wicca does'
Wicca has meager amount to do with Tarot Cards, Sances, Dowsing, Pendulums, Fortune-teller Fairs, and even more Ouija boards. A new moon ritual does not insinuate trade up Dainty or Uncle Bob from the critical. I don't know any Wiccans who use Ouija boards and honestly the stuff get somebody mixed up me. I've never attended or heard of a 'Wiccan Sance'.

That to the same degree theoretical, present-day are stuff wearing that Wiccans may sweetheart to do. I use the Tarot to put in the picture me when I penury position in my life. I do free readings for make somewhere your home who penury it. I sometimes use a pendulum; I am learning about Runes. I may learn other forms of Divination in fate. I don't charge money for Tarot readings if the individual desires it, and you probably won't find me exhibiting at any psychic fairs.

None of these stuff embrace what to do with Wicca. If you dream of whatever thing that comes to supply, it's not in the function of you're Wiccan; it's in the function of you are a basic worldly to the same degree. Smelling blizzard on the wind and celebrating the return of vault - this is Wicca. Sensing vibrations throw down a pendulum - this is not Wicca. This is whatever thing a Wiccan individual may, or may not, embrace revenue in.
Wicca is a set of beliefs and a way of living; it is not providence indicating or the tools ther.

Pitfall #4: Degrees and Titles
Dedicant, Create, 2nd Degree, Precipitous Priestess... how do I get these titles?
In all honesty, unless you are part of an established tradition, don't total on the titles themselves meaning considerably. I was concentrated as a solitary by an eclectic coven 3 months after I heard of Wicca and dedicant I embrace ever remained (as of this inscription). Oh, if I desired I may possibly launch myself as a solitary; hell, I may possibly launch myself a 3rd gain Master of Bubblegum Wicca if I really felt sweetheart it. But that would get me meager amount and nowhere, fast. As a solitary, a Belief is a good place to start. You can do it by yourself, and you never penury be initiated. Jump back in, it is the Gods companion who launch. I've seen
'covens' of three realm everywhere the '3rd Degree Precipitous Priestess' was to be in the function of she had been studying for a few condescending months. This gain is willful and you are produce an effect yourself, and the Cause, a bad turn by using it. In the deficiency of an credited policy of degrees, a baptize is righteous as good as it's wearer. You can claim yourself a Precipitous Priestess until you are miserable in the apparent, it peace doesn't mean abruptly unless you actually are. All in all, it takes a year or two of under the weather work to earn initiation. 2nd Degree is considerably harder and may never be reached. 3rd Degree good luck. My point of view, as unendingly, is to be yourself.
Don't run to be whatever thing you are not, in the function of others courage know. Be snooty of who you really are.

Pitfall #5: Spells
Spells are cool. Spells insinuate cool words and candles and powers and energy, and you can make stuff paddock.

This is true; spells do insinuate all these stuff and condescending. But be perceptive that spells are usually a last-resort 'I don't know how to empathy with this' action.
It's not that spells are bad or wrong; it's no more than you don't embrace to play with every aspect of life. In my 3 being of studying Wicca, I've done probably 10 spells utmost, and none of them of late. Why? I don't penury to all set now. I embrace four fortifications and a blind, I eat, I work, I embrace interactions and I can pay my bills. I embrace folks, friends and health. None of my friends are in any geared up penury that I know of. I am absolutely a blessed individual. If I embrace a efficient obstruction I courage get another job. If I embrace a health obstruction I courage see a doctor. If my car breaks down I courage pitch it to a mechanic. If I government I embrace been chronicle hunger prosperity I courage go out and compose realm. If, in spite of that, the car is unreparable, I courage really embrace a mess and as well as may contemplate a spell. And the spell courage not come from a book or a website or a friend. I courage do doesn't matter what is entrenched for me at the time. Whether I chant, dispute, or stir series a big green candle doesn't noteworthy consequences a damn. It doesn't really noteworthy whether I do it at new moon or full moon or midmorning or the hour of Saturn period Mercury is in the all set habitat and the moon isn't void of course. It doesn't noteworthy if I claim the elements or the watchtowers or the elementals. It doesn't really noteworthy if I claim Mercury or Hecate. It doesn't noteworthy if I do it robed, disrobed or tinted yellow and beside yourself polkadots. It doesn't noteworthy if I do it standing on my head.
It doesn't noteworthy if I do it in English or Japanese or pig latin. No spell has power. You are the power, and you need riposte to penury when penury arises. How may possibly someone else's 'spells' state the meaning of your situation? Mail your own rituals and produce an effect your own magick makes far condescending abide by.

Pitfall #6: Expectations Out of the Undisclosed
Now, you're studying Wicca, you've picked up a Ravenwolf or a Cunningham and visited the gap. You're produce an effect rituals and actually starting to get the suggest of this. To the same degree now? Aerate the world!... Whoa present-day, knock on! Envision about this.
The stand is present-day for a reason; let's look at this for a petite.

In Africa, today, now, in the in imitation of few hours, someone may be ragingly murdered in the function of they were accused of Witchcraft. Whether or not they are or aren't doesn't noteworthy. Blameless an maintain. This culture exists a tarn parallel spill notwithstanding.

In America, today, now, in the in imitation of few hours, someone may lose their children in the function of a outgoing operational was misinformed. Children embrace been occupied from their parents in the function of a kid wellbeing operational believed they courage be sacrificed at Samhain. This culture exists in imitation of entry to your indigenous.

In Canada, today, now, in the in imitation of few hours, someone may be constrained concerning a mental concern for practicing Wicca. Evident institutions fishy that practicing modern Witchcraft is a sign of mental affected or outgoing maladjustment. This has happened in my source.

In North America, today and now, someone is losing a job for to the same degree Pagan;
someone is losing a friend. Qualities is polishing a gun and muttering about the baby killers'. Qualities is holding community action meetings to empathy with the
'Wiccan terrorize.

As you now begin to jingle that impulsive falling have a thing about on the subject of your gut, do you begin to see why present-day is a stand to be 'in'? This is fearsome, utterly. But is is moreover one of the cap lessons Wicca has to teach us: 'To Disclose, to Take for granted, to Character, to be Empty. If you promote to come out of the stand, stuff in your life courage progress, and perhaps not the way you goal. Are you install for this?

I say these stuff in the function of I care for, and I dream you to understand what this is about. I know realm who embrace been agitated by students and teachers at school.
I get despise mail. I comment the communication. Is this whatever thing you jingle install to handle?

Now for the good news: on the whole, on a lecture rationalize, my encompass has led me to understand that it's not by and large that bad. Upper limit of my friends embrace been fabulously dedicated. Professors embrace never fixed me a under the weather time. Employers embrace been very compassion. I've had devout friends- Christian and Muslim and Buddhist, none of which had any revenue in Wicca, but who were very compassion.

Take in wits that present-day are diverse degrees of on the rampage. At what try do you become out: Business a book in the weird store, indicating folks, indicating friends, inwards a pentacle, indicating co-workers, indicating employers, inscription to a thesis, dancing uncovered down top street, leading a domestic vengeance for Witches Rights? Anywhere does on the rampage start? One lesson Paganism has to teach us is how not to box yourself in with labels. To the same degree is the modification among an on the rampage Wiccan and an classy one? Which one suits you best?

Pitfall #7: Corresponding Figures and Emotions
Is it grand to know what element goes in what corner? Yes. Is it grand to know why, the gone rationalize and assessment cross-referenced by culture?
Doubtless not at the beginner level. Figures are grand, but emotions are, too.
Execution the basics, they are vital. But storm out tons and tons and tons of room for idiosyncratic make a face. Wicca is a learning capital, and a lot of that learning courage be about yourself. It's all about mount. If you find you are condescending disturbed about candle colors and seats than you are about celebrating, as well as perhaps it is time for a readjustment.

Pitfall #8: Universe a Website
(hehe... let's no more than try to escape the fact that I'm inscription this for, and you're reading this from, my idiosyncratic Wiccan website. Let's moreover try to overlook that I started this site or else I was ready a tarn year and a part after I cap picked up a book. Hey, I told you I've finished most of these mistakes at smallest amount of once. ;)

Anyways, we know you're exhilarated about finding Wicca, and you dream to tell the world about this great bargain you've finished. But request, Make laugh sit down and imprison about this cap. Is present-day what you can tell the world about Wicca that hasn't or been theoretical a hundred period (or condescending)? And if so, does it security an full website to say it? If not, on the other hand of creating an full website by yourself, why not outline a page to say what you embrace to say and advertise it to a obese website? You courage cross your mind a considerably wider evict period not having to go throw down the 'We don't Fondness the Devil drabness. Tolerate me, both you and every other beginner or knows this, previously you wouldn't be studying Wicca, right? Non-seekers moreover know this by the time they get to your site. Grant up in the same way as Wicca is' as a top page righteous causes crowd to overlook what they or know, and possibly your full site. Give to are assorted trait websites, Ezines and magazines/newsletters that courage advertise your article; you penury be impressive to find them openly at a scour contraption. If you absolutely do embrace to fashion a site, request at smallest amount of read these course of action cap.

1. Make laugh don't use the exceptionally gold gyrating Pentacle that each one extremely uses.
Thank you. :)

2. Do NOT use other popular pages apart from permission! No noteworthy how enormous or subtle the site, no noteworthy how recognized or ordinary the author! I've seen theoretical yellow gyrating Pentacle recycled as a note for a Witches Articulate page done in yellow document. Like I told them (and usually someone courage), we both setting it was the most unbearable thing we'd ever seen. Not righteous did this individual slither the page and the persevering, but even the standard was ripped from the Articulate. Make laugh be docile and exclusive.

3. Don't put the 'We Don't Fondness the Devil info on your top page. If it has to be present-day, request no more than interlock to it. Don't make me and other realm embrace to read this stuff which we so clearly know. Write down for Wiccans, or outline for non- Wiccans, but request promote your evict.

4. Spells. I can't tell you whether or not you penury advertise spells. All in all, even if, realm who know what they're produce an effect outline their own, and you are karmically responsible for make somewhere your home who don't.

5. Graphic Fixation. Tolerate me, adding together a ton of sophisticated graphics does not help you lift up the image of Wicca or get your try imaginatively. In fact, by the time part the images embrace wealthy, the visitor is hunger gone. Decent webpage design machine less than 35 seconds of load on 56k dial-up. Ample webpage design machine less than 20 seconds. Resourceful sites with high mass load in 10 seconds or less. If your site takes longer than 35 seconds from crack to varnished, your site desires to get nekked fast. (Hint: add up the slant sizes of all the images and document on your page. If it's under 50k in addition to images you're produce an effect no more than fine).

Pitfall #9: Habit Know-how
You don't penury any Know-how. Terribly. Know-how courage not help you be a bite the dust Wiccan',
no noteworthy how considerably money you use up. You courage never be slow a stern Wiccan' by other stern Wiccans' no more than in the function of you embrace the biggest/nicest athame. Do your rituals using no tools at all. Now you can begin to get some work done.

Pitfall #10: Further Broad-spectrum Mistakes
Wicca is not condescending logical than other religions. We make as little abide by as any other religion. In fact, it's relatively mortal we make even less abide by. If you dream a logical holiness, try Atheism; it's the righteous one that can be even a little common.

From tip to toe, someone studying for 6 months can know and understand condescending than someone studying for 8 being. Don't total being Studying' as a guide to knowledge and understanding. If you use up 6 months obsessively studying you courage probably understand condescending than someone who has been 'studying' (read 3 books) in 8 being. What degrees, be accurate of titles and claims.