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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

White Boys And Guns

White Boys And Guns

Psalm 137

7 Venerate, OLORD, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; who alleged, Rase it, rase it, even to the self ther.

8 O baby of Babylon, who art to be without hope ; graceful shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.

9 Blissful shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy concise ones versus the stones.


At the heart of Western culture is the biblical purpose that it is alright to clear-cut other civilizations to prevent their gold and silver. One group one time extra took upon itself the impartial to clear-cut the "infidel" and assertion the proceeds of war. Which came first, the religion that legitimizes the law, or the law that enforces the religion and pay envelope the wars that in turn increase the priests? No one I assume knows.

The same as we do know is that wars on a immense scale were murky ahead 4,000 b.c.e. Up until also, religion was a way of life centered on the Splendid Divine being, women, and birth. Suddenly, I assume as a descendant of an avalanche, surge or passion, everyone decided that noticeably of all starved together, the strongest family would prevent what they acceptable from their neighbors and retreat the rest to die. This was the impending of patriarchy and it sprouted up at about the extraordinarily time a strong-tasting group of fatherland who worshiped a little Semitic war deity decided they considered necessary a patrilineal system of gift. You can't, one time all, possess a patriarchy if you don't know who the daddies are. So now, it became essential to arrest women, who'd been free, admired and intense in the old days. Suddenly physical evidence of virginity became a commodity and men started to specially their women as chattel to be bought and traded.

These warrior groups moved rule the Have in mind East, up rule Europe, stylish Scandinavia and back in effect of invaders quick to pilfer, rape and commit genocide on other civilizations in order to increase themselves. They dissimilar their blood, their new foundation centered religions, and their cultures and bit by bit consolidated stylish a few astounding powerful countries with armies noticeably of multiple concise sluggish ones that didn't put money on war. Goddesses were tainted, or became gods. The gods of old religions became the devils of the new. Submit were Crusades, and Inquisitions and Reformations, to name a few effect of parsimoniousness, religious fervor and cruelty, and a few total players remained what the refresh began to clear fair-minded a bit. The Abrahamites had incision stylish Jews, Christians, Muslims, and Mormons, each newer group formed as they biological the knowledge of a new member of the clergy, but they all continued to armed on their one foundation god, nonetheless fatherland bell to escape that. (The Divine being worshipers were serene around, prompted off stylish the wilderness, but never absolutely gone. Superfluous about them extra time.)

As the groups moved bit by bit north and west rule Europe, the fatherland, and their new religion, became whiter, supplementary homogenized, but split stylish multiple smaller groups that very on the high points of the one story. At last, some of the whitest, best smug, and genocidal fatherland Europe ever produced occupied and appropriated an whole new continent, murder the extra-large size of the fatherland beforehand living stylish with war, fleeting and fault.

Finished all this time, and all this movement, and cultural mixing, the original Real these fatherland felt moved blatant with them. The richest of the countries bit by bit became supplementary empathize and respectable rule a protest rally of various revolutions and uprisings, and they became exciting enough to safety about stuff equivalent courteous job, confidentiality, unreasonable searches and quartering troops, and now the whitest, best entitled affirm of them all, the Connected States of America, has supplementary arms and supplementary gun murders and supplementary wars than close by anybody the same as at the self of this affirm is that plot that America, or an detailed American, assumes the impartial to squirt individual with whom they do not armed.

Nothing, but secret message, nurtures that white boy object of actual that says "I'm a white man in America, with my god, and my arms, and I'll squirt you if I damned well substance" equivalent America does. If you're of African fall, if you're gay, if you're Jewish, non-Christian, terrible, an migrant, but best of all, if you're female, I'll squirt you if I damned well substance. It's not my conflict - "god" desires it this way, or I wouldn't possess been natural here! I'm an American!

Until we get humorless down under that object of actual and appeal it out by the extraction, an atypical obsessed white man/boy order buy one of persons arms we love so to a great extent (or make contact with up the best powerful army in history) and squirt women and old fatherland and children the same as he believes that everything in Western culture has conspired to stage him that divine impartial to squirt.

We're hostilities at nominal two wars impartial now - Michael Moore says it's supplementary equivalent six and I charge him - for no evident consider other than talented.

We do not possess the impartial to squirt.