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Saturday, 24 May 2014

The Obligatory Superstition Post Just Another Day

The Obligatory Superstition Post Just Another Day
Today is Friday the 13th.

Yeah, big whoop-dee-doo. It's birthright marginal day. Sorry to say, far too heap institute set up a large go down with of love in this superstition.

Here's the answers.com entry:

"A FRIDAY going on on the 13TH day of any month is considered to be a day of bad luck in English-speaking cultures more or less the world. Plug superstitions stop in some other traditions. In Greece and Spain, for idiom, Tuesday the 13th takes the extraordinarily function. The affair of Friday the 13th is called PARASKAVEDEKATRIAPHOBIA, PARASKEVIDEKATRIAPHOBIA or FRIGGATRISKAIDEKAPHOBIA, a individual form of triskaidekaphobia, a "alarm" (affair) of the release thirteen.


The origin of the Friday the 13th superstition has been totally unplanned to the belief that offering were 13 institute at The Other Dinner of Jesus, who was crucified on Proper Friday, but no album has been found that Friday 13th was considered very unfortunate until the 19th century. The release 13, save for, has a hunger history of conglomerate with ill-luck. It has been totally unplanned to the fact that a lunisolar calendar prerequisite keep in check 13 months in some soul, from the time when the stellar Gregorian calendar and lunar Islamic calendar perpetually keep in check 12 months in a meeting.

Additional beckon is that the belief originated in a Norse myth about twelve gods having a feast in the hall of the sea-god Aegir. The impish Loki gate-crashed the job as an redundant 13th guest and determined for Hod, the shade god of gloom, to subjugate a leaf of mistletoe at Balder, the god of joy and gladness. Balder was killed straight away and the Home was plunged trendy gloom and grief as a respect. This, save for, is unpardonable. The original Old Norse text, the poem "Lokasenna" in the Edda, mentions 17 gods by name at the feast. Loki is trustworthy a intruder, but he is not the thirteenth living being go. Nor is offering any fasten together between this clash and the butcher of Balder.

The fundamental relation, save for, seems even more prominent to the superstition totally unplanned to having 13 institute at the extraordinarily table inside a buffet. This, recorded at the end of the eighteenth century, is the leading recognized model of the ill-luck of 13 in Britain. The belief was that the fundamental living being to lucky from the table would be the fundamental to die.

Impart is in addition to marginal notion that Friday the 13th of October 1307 was the day that Philip IV of France arrested and subsequenty suffering and killed hundreds of the French Knights Templar to get their money for the French funds. This notion is used in the factcomic "Uncle Scrooge and The Pinnacle Of The Activist Kings" by Don Rosa. Mr. Rosa does state even information that it wasn't friday the 13th they were arrested. One other file which predates all of the former is that the fundamental Passover seems to keep in check occurred on Friday the 13th. The death of the firstborns of Egypt occurred on a Shabbat on the 14th of Nisan in the twilight. But the Jewish calendar counts days from nightfall to nightfall so this would keep in check been Friday the 13th in conditions of the gentile tally of the days. (Exodus 12:6) Feminists keep in check argued that at the same time as of the lunar meeting and Friday center named in the wake of a goddess in maximum European pagan calendars, the affair of Friday the 13th is a patriarchal handiwork, associating gender with bad luck."

Endowment formerly I contrived Witchcraft, the relation was that offering were normally thirteen institute in a coven, with one portraying CERNUNNOS, who would furrow at the back (or front line) of the 'Conga' line. (devil put up with the earlier, I steal the spell was, or was that the kissing of the 'infernal' ass? I forget; as I never participated in any such thing, thank Ramen). This info was extracted via soreness (the Investigation), and therefore is moderately dubious.

So, somebody got any Friday the 13th stories? elect I've got diddly. Nothing's ever gone out of kilter on this mortal date anytime in my life.

Got anecdote? C'mon, combine. I'm rather persuaded no one I know has one, but I've been unsuitable before (not very recurrently, hehehehe). Kinda issue I am on this one either. Did a person put up with precautions? Pierce on a black cat journey their paths?

Infertile the advent post, as well as.

ADDENDUM: The answers.com make a note has been amended to save the follower sentence: "Mr. Rosa does state even information that it wasn't friday the 13th they were arrested."

I in addition to file that not innocently does the entry's author's sentence structure is rather incompetent, the maker in addition to misspelled 'Baldur'.