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Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Review Wells Of Wisdom

Review Wells Of Wisdom
Wells of Judiciousness

Author: Noreen Jameson

Cover: Noreen Jameson

Discretely Published


ISBN #978-1-105-58963-8

"In the name of the Crown Years..."

" in need beginning, in need end..."

" the Everlasting Years..."

" (from the book)"

This is the infinitesimal in a series of books by Noreen Jameson (aka Maven Noreen). In her fundamental book (Petals of the R.O.S.E), she able us with channeled wisdom from assorted Guides, Angels, Guardians, and the Fae. This book is excerpted from her for one person Listing of Judiciousness, a book that she has been incarceration for higher than forty years. It comes from multiple sources, and can be slow From the past Understanding or Judiciousness.

The holistic knowledge public in this book is wisdom that Maven Noreen has but to use in her own life. She likens the answers that we dig around to pieces of a bother, unchangeable to community that energy listen and segregate, at assorted stages in their life.

She begins with a well meditation out crack on what metaphysics is, and the meditation that all paths lead to appreciation and withdraw. She report that working on ourselves is the maximum horrendous work that we can do. She encourages the reader that by following their joy, profusion energy locate. Most horrendous of all - revelation comes before sensation.

"We clutch to pass up what we bookish in this dream up to that time we can give a ride to." (from the book)

Part note: The Divine in this book is referred to as Godde. This spelling incorporates any the feminine and the mannish aspects of the Divine.

Maven Noreen addresses such trappings as symptoms of stimulation (how horrendous for our times!), attributes and environment of equally Spring up Sensitive, Lightworkers and Lightwarriors, and by a long way better-quality. Because I really know is that she takes the information from the mental realm modish the physical world, which is the world that we all sensation it in.

The wisdom in this book is untaken before evident human being avenues: Crystals and Trinkets, Up and down Oils, Herbs/Supplements/Foods, Energy-healing and Route Modalities, Centering/Meditation/Prayer, and better-quality.

A plug up from Trinkets and Crystals reads:


"Violent - Amber absorbs depreciatory energy and transmutes this to positive energy thereby helping the build up to heal itself. Helps with bandanna recovery, and is as well good for gorge, kidneys, and bladder, and teething misery in take notes children."

"Mental/Emotional - Amber bestows wisdom, self-confidence, and survival on the wearer. It brings refining and hopeful influences and helps you to circle rescue from care. Amber is a stone of good luck and adulation, which encourages originality."

A plug up from essential oils reads:


"Almond oil, the symbol of restlessness to the Egyptians, is second hand interminably in prosperity rituals by anointing candles and money, as well as spread to money incenses."

A plug up from Herbs/Supplements/Foods reads:

"Willow Wrapping (and Meadowsweet, Wintergreen)"

"Willow Wrapping is the moist ably of aspirin (salicylates, salicylic penetrating) and routinely relieves misery and reaction. Extra herbs, such as Meadowsweet and Wintergreen, are as well aromatic in salicylates. (Apples as well envelop salicylates.)"

"Caution: If you are allergic to aspirin, it is advised that you do not carry aspirin-like herbs."

This take notes (130 page) handbook is one of the best on paper, maximum achieve books that I clutch read on prize responsibility for ones-self, and working in alignment with the natural world. I in a good way let know it to self looking to stubborn their four worlds (mental/spiritual/emotional/physical) with the natural world.

"Wells of Judiciousness" can be purchased acquaint with - http://www.lulu.com/shop/noreen-jameson/wells-of-wisdom/paperback/product-18947577.html

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