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Sunday, 7 September 2008

Siam Mao Archan Pee Love Potion Charms Fascinated By Crazy Over U

Siam Mao Archan Pee Love Potion Charms Fascinated By Crazy Over U
This powder are special mix with Yunnan Gu the most secrecy ingredients which passed down by generation to Mao.

This special sacred powder perform a miracle of fascinate ones with his/her appearance or to charm someone for love / sex which a miracle to perplex someone to fall in love, captivated or fascinated about you.

Ingredients charming Wahns, herds with many holy materials, centipedes, legendary venomous insect / worms which Yunnan black magic is most popular of.

Archan said that this powder doesnt contain any spirits.

It is 100% safe to apply or mix with food but dont overconsume, and you will sure be amazed by the miracle.

How & ways to use this holy powder:

Pray Katha and worship to the Archan, and then beginning with apply the powder on oneself or added / mix a bit of power into foods or drinks for others.

For male:

Beginning apply center of your eye brown, center of upper lips, follow by chin, then right of cheeks and end on the left cheeks before going out or meeting someone important/special.

For Female:

Beginning apply center of eye brown, center of upper lips then lower lips, center of neck and end on nose.


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1., 2., 3., 4. 5.


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