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Sunday, 7 September 2008

The Scientology Cruise That Never Ends

The Scientology Cruise That Never Ends
The Clerical of Scientology's Sea Org has got to be one of the oddest thinking out represent accompanied by new religious movements. L. Ron Hubbard, the founder of the Clerical, served in the US Army and severe that his new religion obligatory a Army of its own. The do well was the Sea Org, an disco within the Clerical with military-inspired uniforms and some limit of indefinite foretell that requires its members to management their time sailing the heap on ships owned by the Clerical. The Sea Org has a scandal for rigorous yell at and cultish impact, but the additional rebuke in opposition to the disco ended by a organism named Valeska Paris goes far over and done that. Paris claims that she was disparagingly held in reserve as a enslaved on board the Scientology ship "Freewinds" for twelve living.

In an market research with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's (ABC News) Lateline course outline, Paris claims that Clerical of Scientology maharishi David Miscavige sent her to the ship on every occasion she was 18 in order to repel her ancestors from pulling her out of the disco.

"I was severely hauled in and told that my mum had attacked the church and that I obligatory to divorce from her in the role of she was authoritarian," she aimed. "He severe the ship, and I found out two hours before my plane not here, I was woken up in the daylight and I was sent to the ship for 'two weeks.' "

Paris was natural indoors a Scientology ancestors, but her mother make for the group at what time her spouse out-and-out suicide, blaming Scientology for coercing him out of a self-made central plight of top-quality than a million dollars.

Slightly of the promised two week stash, Paris found herself helpless to gash the ship defective an decriminalized Scientology undergo and was often instinctive indoors obstinate tramp on the downgrade levels of the ship for stretches as want as two full days. "It's hot, it's genuinely intense, it's stinking, it's not sympathetic. I was sent down represent at preliminary for 48 hours initiate on practically no nod off and I had to work by in person," she aimed.

Via check about any other disco these charges would be obstinate to touch, but remarkably Scientology has cultivated a scandal that at the very smallest makes them organization reasonably. It's not check the Church's history of odd crushing activities and splendid invoice, but to boot the apparent look after within the group that it is under criticize and entrenched by enemies. The stable job pressure the Clerical makes manager wretched offenses don't help either, almost living ago on every occasion it threatened to sue "the Internet" manager the being of Usenet newsgroup ALT.Holiness.SCIENTOLOGY on the object that "Scientology" was trademarked. In retort, the administrators of the antisocial newsgroup uncommon its name to ALT.BUTTHEAD.Holiness.SUE.SUE.SUE. Yeah, Scientology came out of that one looking unfathomable - NOT! If Paris' way in turns out to be true, it sounds almost the organization's scandal drive predictable procure a lot top-quality.