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Wednesday, 5 May 2010

The Flying Broom

The Flying Broom Cover This early association of broom to tree also associates it with the element of air and therefore has power over spirits. Thus it's common use as a tool for flying. In both historical and modern images a female witch can be found on a broom silhouetted by the full moon behind her.

Although most associate being a witch with women, it's a label that applies to both sexes. The first 'official' record that documents the claim of flying on a broom stick was recorded in 1453. The claim was made in a confession by a male witch named Guillaume Edelin.

There have been earlier documents recanting stories of Witches flying on a variety of sticks. Such as decorated walking sticks, limbs from a tree complete with it's leaves, or just a stick alone. These stories include details of magikal flying ointments being applied to these tools in order to give them flight.

In both ancient Witchcraft and Shamanistic practices the use of these ointments was most probably what gave the impression of Witch flight. Ointments and potions for flying were most likely a variety of hallucinagenics that assisted a Witch in visualizing a flight upon the broom. This is not uncommon for early Spiritual Journeys. Using peyote and other hallucinagenics is well documented and utilized by Native American cultures for Spiritual Travels.

These special 'trips' were controlled methods to quickly reach a state of altered awareness. From there a Witch could astral project with the image of flying on a broom to anywhere within their known Universe. The use by witches of flying ointments was first described, according to known sources, by Johannes Hartlieb in 1456. It was also described by the Spanish theologist Alfonso Tostado in Super Genesis Commentaria (Venetia, 1507), whose commentary tended to accredit the thesis of the reality of the Witches' Sabbath.

Today using these types of potions and ointments are not recommended or encouraged. Flying journeys instead are suggested through deep meditation and Astral Projection. These methods are not just safer, but they also provide the practitioner with more control and the ability to remember more of the journey itself.

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