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Friday, 28 May 2010

The Moon And Magick

The Moon And Magick Cover The moon has such a magnificence that she deserves special acknowledgement. A Witch's calendar is based around the phases of the moon. The moon has been worshipped since the earliest of times and most witches pay homage to her through the Goddess and vice versa.

The moon represents the feminine principal, the soul, the inner life of man, fertility, adaptation, the wide, the nation, children and hereditary qualities. It also symbolizes dance, music, story telling, myth, ritual, pregnancy, sex, childbirth and growth, magick and the occult. It controls the ebb and flow of our ocean tides just as it affects the ebb and flow of our emotions.

There are thirteen full moons in the year and they are:

January - WOLF MOON.
February - STORM MOON.
April - SEED MOON.
August - CORN MOON.
September - BARLEY MOON.
October - BLOOD MOON.
November - SNOW MOON.
December - OAK MOON.

The Wolf Moon: The first full moon is a time of silence and sitting by the home fire. The best spells to cast at this time are Protection Spells for children and Purification.

The Storm Moon: At this Moon begin your spring-cleaning. The best spells to cast are Healing and Empowerment spells. This is also a good time for astral travel.

The Chaste Moon: This is the Moon of the maiden and Faery folk. The best spells are Prosperity, Protection and Healing spells. This is also a Moon of waters so anything that involves water would be advised also.

The Seed Moon: At the Seed Moon plant your seeds of magick, whether it be in a garden, in a pot by the window or simply in your heart. This is a time to concentrate on your Spirituality and work on your completeness. Work spells for yourself and ones that directly affect you.

The Hare Moon: Now is the time to celebrate life and love. The best spells are Love, Protection, Healing and Fertility. However this is also known as the Witches moon so I am guessing anything goes.

The Dyad Moon: See how things are growing! This is a Moon of restraint and hindrance. Now is the time to cast spells that free you from that witch binds you.

The Mead Moon: Bask in the warmth of summer and take time for yourself, relax. This a Moon of Strength, now is the time to cast spells that have a positive purpose. Stay away from negative magick.

The Corn Moon: This is a time to harvest the gifts you have nurtured and give to those who are in need. The best spells are Protection, Prophesy, and magick for animals.

Barley Moon: Drink a toast to Dionysus, the God of wine and ecstasy - The son of the Moon! This is the Crone Moon. Best spells are Protection and Fertility.

The Blood Moon: In the past this was the time of hunting and storing. This is a Moon of celebration. The best spells are for Courage, Protection, Prosperity, Healing, and Inspiration. This is also a good time to be more spiritual.

The Snow Moon: Make this a time for inner growth. Develop your psychic talents. The best spells are Healing, Protection, Cooperation, and Exorcism.

The Oak Moon: The time of the Suns return approaches and the Moon awaits her lover. Make wreaths of Holly, Pine, Oak, Cedar or Ivy. On the full Oak Moon burn them as an offering to the Sun and Moon. Best spells are Exorcism, Prosperity, Banishing, and Healing.

The Blue Moon: This is the second Full Moon, which falls within in a single month, it varies each year. When the Blue Moon occurs plan to do something strange, something you have never done before.

Books in PDF format to read:

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