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Sunday, 9 May 2010

Altar Tools Economics

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Fourth tip: Get crafty. What can you make? What would you like to learn to make? Craft stores have several different sorts of beginning kits available for soap making and candle making, as well as tons of other stuff. You can make your own jewelry, use Sculpy clay to make god and goddess statues, and buy material and patterns to make a robe. Depending on the item, it may or may not be more expensive to make it yourself. Candles, for example, are a bit pricy when you get started since you have to buy all the molds, but if you're planning to make a lot they'll probably work out to be cheaper than store-bought, plus they offer a lot of areas for customization. You can add your own scents, glitter, and colored dyes.

Fifth tip: Barter! Talk to your friends and see what you can trade. Perhaps they have a robe that would fit you fine, and you can swap it for some candles and an extra wine goblet chalice. This is a great way to get books without spending a lot of money... it's like starting your own private lending library. If you're already making bulk crafts, this is a good way to get things you need and possibly make a little extra money on the side (if someone wants what you've got, but doesn't have anything to trade).

Sixth tip: Utilize the internet and libraries to their full potential. The 'net is one huge storehouse of information. Libraries usually have references on herbs, holistic medicines, crystals, local history, mythology, and crafting. Before purchasing a book, check the library. If your local branch doesn't have the book you want, perhaps another branch will be able to lend it. College libraries are a wonderful resource too, especially for the more academic subjects. Be aware, though, that you may not be able to check anything out of a college library if you aren't a student of the school. Different colleges have different rules.

Seventh tip: Realize that you don't need to have everything at once. Take your time to amass your tools and stores of supplies using the other six tips. If that means doing your first rituals in your pajamas using a stick and a plastic cup for altar tools, so be it. The gods don't care what your tools look like, or what you wear. The important thing is that you're doing the ritual. Waiting and looking for that one perfect item will make the item that much more special when you do find it.

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