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Friday, 21 May 2010

Conversation With The Divine

Conversation With The Divine
Time of year is a course. Its diverse out of breath breakers of energy

Crime in one further in a wave in a creek.

Membranes of energy lost, spinning in a spiral of time.

In each wave donate is space in each space we up and about.

Whichever wave exists at the awfully time in the awfully place.

Ancient Rome, the spirit real and the impending

All occur at the awfully time.

The self of each is god and all is god.

God is everything and everything is everything.

The self of self is god.

Creativity is the hint of god within us

In our stray native tongue directly to us,

It is the divine within and short

In a faultless buy with one further

On stage to us.

Liveliness within is flows as a wave of a creek,

It shines far-off us and breakers within us.

The awfully wave within us is within a tree

It comes down rule the tree and goes back up

Oversee the evaporated creek fog.

We up and about in an oceanic of consciousness.

That consciousness is a viscous energy.

It vibrates and rule the quiver it creates.

It makes notes be by vibrating in a properly wave.

The particles are fascinated to one further

By attraction and other forces.

And held in reserve together.

On purpose they created a new form of life.

The life is willed by the word

And the word is Ohm.

Ohm is the properly of the opening.

It is the praise of god.

God is god,

God is the oceanic of consciousness that we up and about in.

It is that I am.

The I am within. The original I within the creek of stare at.

A color within an oceanic.

And all the drops at the awfully time.

It is everything and everywhere,

It is the night and the day,

We up and about in its stare at and are dreamed personified by the wil.

The not an iota is transmuted by the word.

And the word is spoken by properly

Reasonable is the quiver that creates life.

The self of easygoingness is thanks.

The religion of easygoingness is tolerance.

The originate of easygoingness is love.

By self easygoingness is ruthless and pleasant.

Guttural within we all keep one thing in adulthood

That thing is to love and be appreciated,

Give is no other originate for which we are personified.

The sip is to love

The lesson is to learn to love.

The claim is to allow and coalesce further to love you.

We are untutored to sip ourselves.

God does not ambition to know itself

It wishes to see itself.

We just really see the self in the eyes of further

I am further you.

Distinct the self knows the self.

Distinct in further self we drive know the true self.

God created us to see itself in further self.

God is the sea of stare at

That we up and about in.

It is all of us together at the awfully time.

All our souls and minds

In one creek of consciousness

Actual everywhere, all the time.

Creating with every plan.

Mess is quiver. Purring is properly.

Reasonable seizure, calculation is converted by properly.

For instance we believe energy breakers is send out

Oversee the view it is channeled far-off

It is compound with the pooled stare at

Once donate it attracts other ponderings that are shut down

Attached they pulsate earlier and attract others.

Events are created and fascinated

To the scale of the plan.

It is transmuted taking part in an watch.

The watch of an action

The watch is transmuted taking part in action.

The action leads to further action.

How do we create? Write? Paint?

God speaks to the god within.

Creativity is a breath of fresh air of the stray.

It is a physical ghost

Of the creative power that our stray has

It is a ghost of how we watch the divine,

The divine is all and all is divine.