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Thursday, 20 May 2010

Star Symbol

Star Symbol
Luminary (Description)

The star (), as an ideograph, most commonly represents the high ranking star for which it is named.

The five-pointed star, if steady with points of similarity scale and angles of 36^0 at each location, is sometimes termed a golden five spiky star. If the colinear edges are allied together a pentagram is produced, which is the simplest of the unicursal star polygons, and a symbol of mystical and magical cost.

The golden five-pointed star is a very well-known ideogram in the western world, and has further strong relatives with soldierly power and war. Host communist countries (such as Chinaware and Vietnam) and symbols (the hammer and sickle) in the same way store five-pointed stars.

The five-pointed star appears in the streamer of 35 countries, and is guesswork to shut in preparatory appeared in 1777 on the exhaust of the only just declared Partner States of America. It in the same way appears commonly in the heraldry of the Partner States, and stands in contrast to the vexillologically rarer seven-pointed star.

The five-pointed star occurs in conjunction with a curved in the streamer of a number of countries to symbolise Islam, appearing for prototype as part of the symbol of the Ottoman Family.

A ordinary display of the Islamic star and curved.

In philately the five-pointed star signifies stamps that shut in not been postmarked.

Second hand as the symbol of the Strain Nation alliance of gangs from chicago.Blood gangs who origianted from New York certain as the UBN in the same way use this as a symbol as they shut in emualted the Strain Nation alliance.

In ancient epoch, the five-pointed star represented the symbol of leak.

Satanism in the same way has an upside down five location star with a goat's be in charge on the medium of it.

Lots of varieties of six-pointed stars are hand-me-down in Western culture:

The Luminary of David

* If the colinear edges of a continuous six-pointed star are parallel, so that two interlaced triangles are formed, a symbol results that is variously certain as the hexagram, Luminary of David, or Comprise of David (Magen David). This symbol is most commonly associated with Judaism; it is in the same way hand-me-down in Christianity, but on a less go to regularly litigation.

* The six-pointed Marian Luminary is a symbol hand-me-down by Roman Catholics to represent space stuff, further in relation to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

* German and German-American hex signs and shed stars habitually store apiece five- and six-pointed stars as essential themes.

* The six-pointed star is hand-me-down as the symbol for Individuals Nation alliance of gangs from chicago. Crip splinter group members restrain to use this symbol in the same way.

To the right from the foresaid mentions, six-pointed star formations are abnormal as an ideograph in Western cultures if in the example of law enforcement badges.In astrology some formations of a six-pointed star can declare geared up stars. In some abnormal instances it can declare the cozy up to of accepted on a gravestone, practically the same as with the five-point star

A seven-pointed star appears in the exhaust and heraldic symbolism of Australia. In the Australian context, the seven points indicate the six states of Australia (one each) through one for the whole territories. The seven-pointed stars stand in contrast to the vexillologically a cut above universal five-pointed stars.

The Culminate of the Cherokee Nation has an stale gold seven-pointed star in its satisfy.