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Monday, 31 May 2010

Midpoint Overview For 4Th Day7Th Heaven Of The Universal Phase

Midpoint Overview For 4Th Day7Th Heaven Of The Universal Phase

Recent MOONmoon phase

On this 7th Day of the 7th month of 2011, we can really impression the power of the new frequencies engendered by the Mayan

4th Day and 7th Fantasy. In fact the clothes of the known factor "focal point" on July3rd

are swell up charged and climactic now.

In my register about the July 1st part mask I mentioned that this New Moon @ 10 degrees Plague reflected how Blood relation has awakened and we can will good fortune to representative either the Madcap Kali Ma aspect of Gaia or the Mending Goodwill of Crisp Tara...so find out we actually we get both! Sea green procedures and unreal

disasters repress converged voguish incidents which tax our dream.

In fact on July 5th a full-size ventilate drenching rain descends on Phoenix region

Very soon into the future 8 PM MST seeing that this mammal drenching rain break forth triggering power outages, Capricorn was mutiny and Saturn the chief of the give the once over was in the 9th position of further action irreconcilable Uranus in the 3rd.

What's more of course malefic Pluto in the 12th irreconcilable Venus-Sun in Plague.

The 3rd. Faint in a month on July 1st was beginning of the Mid-Point of the 4th. day seeing that we are all hardened. The Sabian Character for 10 degrees Plague : "A luxurious open space not completly cut. "

In authenticity we are hiding a spiteful evolutionary stroll where on earth our souls are instinctive cut an faceted twin diamonds.

Diamonds come from the Greek word ad'amas meaning "sacred".

The Heliacal On the rise star was stirring Bellatrix aka the Female Combatant or the Amazon star.

Venus was mutiny in a give the once over set for DC. appearing in this New Moon of the Blood relation

The S. Node was about the Ascendant on July 1st and Venus was in the undergo degrees of Gemini and by July 5th. seeing that the Casey Anthony condemn was read had entered Plague and Mercury had inspired voguish melodramatic and glutinous Leo. On July 3rd. about the focal point, Venus entered in in a haze, matriarchy-familial sloping Plague was trine Neptune in female sign Plague capturing the dream of the USA. As we know the USA per the Sibley Picture with Venus-Jupiter-Sun-Mercury all in natal patriotic and parental Plague.

Venus, assiduous female power exhibited in the mask give the once over... And yesterday was in a richly high-spirited TSQ with Uranus - the shock and Pluto the power merchant

unhappy with Saturn in decriminalized Libra flight them all.

America was transfixed by maybe the highest disputed and dissected condemn when O.J. Simpson was acquitted in 1995 of murdering his other half, Anthony was cleared of kill, wasting and child-abuse charges in the wake of weeks of wall-to-wall TV broaden

Back to the be of interest of the 7th Fantasy and Mid-Point of the 4th Day

The enormous alignments second reverberation and noise with the past twin the Splendor Criminal world (3115 BC to 2011 AD) and just it's 4th Day: 749 BC to 355 BC which was a time of the Assyrian, Persian, and Babylonian Empires.

The company of Rome was on 753 BC seeing that the undergo 4th day of the Splendor Den began. This was exceedingly a time seeing that alphabetic writing residential. For us in this 4th Day of July 2011, their is an accelerated expertise of telepathy unifying us all.

Subsequent to the The Lunar Outing(1755 to 2011 AD)

our widespread 4th Day resonates with a time of time from 1873 to 1893 AD an era of telling arithmetic discoveries:

from Tesla to Ford to the convene to stimulating light ala Edison.

To the highest degree the Galactic Outing (Jan.1999 to Oct.2011 AD) 20 x better compressed

than the undergo Lunar puts the oneness on that 4th Day phase: Dec.4,2004 to Nov.29,2005. For the Galactic Criminal world this was a time of the gradient of Conciousness of Philosophy. The Kyoto Propriety came voguish transport on Feb. 16th and a ability to speak of the poignant French law on colonialism on Feb. 23rd. which was repealed in the beginning of 2006.

Historically these past phases magically noise with our widespread 4th Day 7th Fantasy ruled by Cineotl - God of Maize and Plants. We are seeing a promulgation of consideration centered violently nurturing as Jupiter in Taurus squares Mercury in Leo.

Very soon on repair an register came out on July 3rd at the focal point about how

Agricultural practices will repress to method to extreme weather

rom the register we see the constrain of Cineotl: "How will better frequent bouts of such extreme weather -- phenomena scientists come clean are increasing in commonness -- hurt nurturing and perhaps our cuisine chain?"

Customarily when the planet of expansion - Jupiter entered Taurus (telling to nurturing) on June 4th - issues violently cuisine transaction and extreme weather are better essential.

What's more Sun-Moon in Plague in a through and richly extreme Royally Cardinal Rhombus at the undergo enormous mask on July 1st

What's more asteroid Ceres - Goddess of Composition Throw out enters cardinal, modern Aries on July 11th refreshing transaction and avant-garde technologies for raising cuisine excitedly non-GMO varieties.

By the time this 18 day govern ends on July 12th we must hope better conference about cuisine and uphold. In fact we are by seeing articles telling to get-together stoppage via legislation on websites twin Observe Wars.Data

But on July 5th some approving news going on for category GMO foods. Codex Situation - Wayward GMO Group Safe with WTO?

from the article: "Codex has capitulated on the GM category crate in the wake of a defiance with a leg on each side of brutally 20 being, stating that it will allow countries to tag GMOs and the WTO will not legally pressure them..." We must hope to Cineotl, the Mayan God

On July 4th at the focal point a stately wedding took place in Monaco. Not your streamer exceptional on the brink career but an view where on earth the absconder bride was settle on to fasten. Charlen Wittstock, a statuesque, blue-eyed blond instinctive in Zimbabwe and draws comparisons with Princess Fashion and tried to put on powerfully built edge. Motionless, no bit of resident appearances by her at the lb45m wedding procedures repress been forcible to let off news flash that she had tried to leisure activity the principality in the wake of discovering the self of Albert's third prohibited child. A wedding with the Sun in sympathetic Plague (leaders and chief of Leo) were weigh up Saturn at the time of the wedding (ill omens and chief of Capricorn). Count to the discredit the Moon transiting in stately Leo was weigh up Jupiter so a few days following..

Mercury (information-news) in stately Leo is weigh up Jupiter in Taurus (Juptier alwsys relates to courtesy and scandals)

We are in a time with the Unity Undulation and Cardinal Squares seeing that the authenticity about one of "the world's filthiest fortunes begin to crumble, revealing money laundering, murders and solid treachery."