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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Magic In Harry Potter

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Most individuals seek a sustained loving relationship with the person of their choice. While love offers the highest level of ecstasy to the lucky few, it comes without any guarantees. While many reconcile to their fate and move forward in life there are many who believe in carving out their own destiny. Banking on the demand by those who seek a magical solution to their love problems, many free love spells are available both online and offline.

Free love spells are offered for a variety of love tribulations. There are fairly simple and easy spells to attract love into one's life. These spells can be cast without a certain specific person in mind. For example, placing red roses in the southwest corner of the house helps to magnetize one's love life. One can feed figs with the casters name engraved in it to the love interest in one's life.

To discern if an individual's love will be accepted, an apple should be cut in two, and one half should be offered to the love interest. Acceptance of this half apple means that a proposal will be accepted. A search for true love or a soul mate is supposed to end happily if the king of cups, queen of cups, ace of cups and the lover are arranged as a fan and put near a burning pink candle for seven days.

To ensure that a relationship lasts long, one can fill a glass with water and offer one sip to the lover, and take one sip him/her self, and then break the glass. The pieces of the broken glass should be buried in the backyard. Adorning oneself with copper jewelry, considered to be goddess Venus's favorite, sparks love in one's life. Offering seven strawberries with ice cream is another love spell to keep him or her from straying.

Most of the free love spells are simple and easy without any elaborate rituals. They are simple, sweet and silly things people do when in love. They often act as morale boosters and provide psychological respite to love troubles or doubts that clog the mind. Any free love spell which is elaborate or requires the use of complicated or convoluted charms should be used with caution and proper advice from an expert.

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