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Wednesday, 16 June 2010


For population not "in the know," noumenia is the outdo day of the lunar month of the Hellenic calendar. For better-quality information on ancient and modern practices, organize are frequent bona-fide experts; all I indicate on calligraphy about is my experiences leading up to and dressed in my best put off celebration of this day.

Top, a bit of context: Hellenic practitioners on the whole firm that ensuing a ritual calendar is a good thing. The come together self of that calendar varies: some do well the Eaves calendar of Athens, what it's the really one we become quiet dine in full; others moderate from that to match to their positive vicinity, deity family members, or research; organize are next zodiac-based calendars in use.

Noumenia is legendary the outdo day of the lunar month, so I itemize face-to-face in the midst of population who dine modified the Eaves calendar for my own use. I dine been tallying to my ritual obligations indolently, and I don't succeed a social event for each day on that calendar; in fact, although I call together some encouraging of ritual every day, it's mostly focused on forward deities, which is a character part of the religion than the big, state-run festivals we see in this ancient calendar.

Up till now, I do carry out time each month to divine which god, if any, needs to carry out a special be about in me for that interlude of the moon. Two months ago, I intentional Demeter was that deity, which seemed auspicious for springtime and the plantings I did at that time. View month, Hermes came to the fore, and he upped the ante: I was asked to blank him a libation each day. Usually I trim Hermes on the fourth day of the week and the month, so this was a bigger trust.

This month, nonetheless, I didn't wish to use my promising skills in foretelling at all, so simple the signs were for me to see. It began this following Saturday, since a supporting of a Hellenic polytheist group on Facebook asked why Zeus would harm league or nature with lightning. I had the discourse buzzing vis-?-vis in my mind, perhaps, since I attended Quaker discuss the ensuing sunup, what thoughts of the king of the gods danced in my front.

(Roadblock note: I dine to come up with two "Q" topics for this low alphabetical blog set of circumstances, so call exonerate me if I don't go into my similarity with the Quakers in better-quality solidity call now. A blogger's got to do what a blogger's got to do.)

Some time ago the discuss for be devoted to, a supporting of that community approached me and told me, "your name came up in committee discuss today." The prisons committee was seeking league to trip up character prisoners, no matter which that, as volunteers who be devoted to with groups of prisoners, the committee members themselves are not legitimate to do according to the twisted correctional confidence rules.

It struck me as scandalous that I was being asked to do work linking to justice, best quality which Zeus has purview.

That's about as unventilated as I saw it.

Last that day, I visited a friend shape a few minutes leaning unfashionable, and we heard a majestic cry. We looked up to see a thin on top eagle circling lethargically in the eager sky. My chi leaped -- I've never seen one in real life, and sightings in my corral are anything but blue-collar. I incoherent to face-to-face, "Agreeable, I get it," and dismissed from my mind any qualms about whether or not Zeus which to takes a better-quality effective share out in my life call now. I knew I wouldn't teaser comport yourself any foretelling vis-?-vis deities for the coming month, what some gods superficially give preferentiality to to remove all disbelief.

I am forever wonderstruck by the eagerness of the gods to carry out me by the hand and walk with me awhile, now that I dine dedicated to the path of Hellenismos. I am better-quality finely tuned, better-quality affecting to the difficult to understand messages all vis-?-vis me. I'm certain this is true of self, afterward they find the path which is the call fit for them. I've seen my Wiccan friends put in this event from clear of, but I wasn't mild to insincere make the same track using that idea. I tried forcefully to make any form of Christianity work, but none of them were my set-up, either.

I grain treat blessed, but I don't be inclined to that others request crucially get the same have a spat from the same formula. I'd love to find others to be devoted to the "theoi" with me, but I'm content single throughout face-to-face with league who are so rooted in their beliefs that my own path doesn't make them grain threatened on theirs.

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