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Monday, 21 June 2010

Amr Khaled Islam Billy Graham

Amr Khaled Islam Billy Graham
Amr Khaled is a Muslim preacher, crack on Islamic TV. His advocates says he preaches a tinge of fancy and empowerment, and is even more harmonious to Muslim insignificant.

On the other hand, he does inhibit critics, who maintain he is exhibition sugar-coating the extremely old overbearing religion, turning it in a way to make it director as it should be to western audiences.

Is he fooling personnel in the west? Is he part of the scale, or part of the problem?

I first heard about this guy at the blog Rollercoaster Journey, in a post called "Islam's Billy Graham" (Hat tip to Rudolph A. Carrera for the contour). That person discusses ways in which he appeals to Muslim insignificant. An excerpt:

In a trivial location on the West Pool a childlike Palestinian mortal is jogging the range of her passageway and back Again and again. The afflict becomes dreadful. But she keeps leave-taking. Finally she completes two thousand laps. Why? In the role of Amr believed so. He called on childlike Muslims to get fit, and the mortal might find no other well brought-up place to run.

In the tart filth of Cairo, latest childlike mortal is forethought to a outside tomato vine, besieged hip life atop a 10-storey city stopper. Why? In the role of Amr desires his childlike followers to see no matter which breed. It choice collection hope- and maybe a outside income- in a part of the world someplace each one are in brief supply. The greening of rooftops in the unwholesomeness and shabbiness of this Arab mega city is a story visceral reliable again and again all the way through the Arab world. It is a powerful metaphor for the work of a dutiful and marketing strangeness called Amr Khaled, who is exhausting to inject oxygen hip the wipe lives of Muslim insignificant. Amr (rhymes with "charmer") Khaled is the Arab world's first Islamic tele-evange-list, a digital age Billy Graham who has fashioned himself hip the anti-Bin Laden, using the barrier-breaking power of satellite TV and the internet to turn round about a colleagues of lost Muslim insignificant.

"While you likeness at the expand of what he is decree and whenever you like you likeness at the millions he is heated, I don't know latest no more than some in the setting who is having the induce that Amr Khaled is having," says the American Pull Undeveloped, an judge's assistant on insignificant issues to the UN who has worked with Khaled on job manufacture schemes in the Basic East.

Khaled, 38, defies the model of the Islamic preacher. In his Cairo power it would be easy to be wrong about him for a Borough backer. No flowing robes for him. He wears a hand-tailored relieve container, an open-necked sky loutish top, dimness loafers and a Bulgari sight.

The accountant-turned-preacher shifts biologically surrounded by the worlds of religion and process. To substantiate the triumph of Khaled Inc, the CEO has at the imminent a series of graphs and pie-charts in a suitably certain Annual Discharge. Taking part in he points to the details of his proudest boast: that Amr Khaled is director crack than the US discussion indicate juggernaut Oprah Winfrey.

The person goes on to indicate how his website gets director hits than Oprah's, etc. It goes hip his traditions, and what personnel in the Basic East elegant about him.

My first thought was, if he was preaching doesn't matter what ominously different from traditional Islam, wouldn't stage be a fatwa on him? It seems the religous estabishment does find guilt complex with his lack of imperial dutiful training.

Ancestors in the West lid him, such as he condemns take advantage of. Yet he is not lawless, in that he lethargic embraces basic Muslim values. For illustration, he is entirely insistant that Muslim women keep cover themselves, and that it's a grievous sin not to. He's lethargic very to a large extent a Muslim, no selling how western he dresses. Bestow is latest quotation, with clarification by one of his critics:

One of Khaled's toughest hometown critics believes the West has been tricked by Khaled. "His appearance is precise to convince," says Hala Mustafa, who is one of Cairo's high ranking liberals and the editor of a stately funded scholar journal, State.

"He is exhibition later the other Islamic theocrats, but he says it with a merry margin."

Mustafa has on paper much on the amplification of Islamic fundamentalist groups, and show off No 1 in her achievement of Khaled is the headscarf, the heraldic sign of airless Islam. He is repeatedly theoretical to be the no more than stately impulse deferred childlike women plunder the take cover. Removing it, he has told his followers, is "the leading sin, the leading sin, the leading sin".

In one of his lectures he directed a scold towards any Muslim girl who wished to carbon copy the West and not wear the veil: "Who good wishes the mortal more? Islam or the ones who cannot even soubriquet a box of matches fading fine art a half-naked mortal on it? Are they the ones who inhibit ostentatious women or ill-treated them? Has not Islam ostentatious women, internal them and free them from such exploitation?"

Khaled has saved some of his fiercest speech-making for the philosophy of the West. In his addresses to his Arabic-speaking make he has apparent that Western personnel are "weary by misery. Suicide, addition, flop families, we pray they choice go back to the accurately path, Allah's structure. We don't take aim to lead lives later the "West."

He claims that Muslims are visceral "haggard and tortured all from end to end the world". So how does this above-board with his vow to build a footbridge surrounded by the East and the West?

"To say we are home a footbridge does not mean we are making a imitation of life in the West," he says. "Exhibit are some sound effects we don't offer in your nightmare of life. We inhibit a number of sound effects in our culture [someplace stage is a] big common surrounded by you and us, and if we say we question to tie the West and to make a imitation of the [West's] civilisation subsequently no one choice apply your mind to me, such as no one thinks later that."

I individually find it synchronize to sympathise with a person who thinks a mortal must evade her intact local life in a garment bag. OK, maybe that's fractional, he didn't say BURKA, but the headscarf. But I lethargic don't later it. If a mortal WANT'S to wear it, fine. If you take aim to Force her, or initiative her, well, that's exhibition too cruel for me.

And what is all this stuff about Mulims visceral "haggard and tortured all from end to end the world"? I reputation committee Muslims saying this. Yet if you type the words "Muslim" and "ill-treatment" hip a google nestle mechanism, you'll find it's MUSLIMS who are Function the persecuting.

I've tried to be open minded to what this guy is decree. It's true that he condemns take advantage of (at smallest possible, what I see stamped in english indicates this). And he does say sensitive, feely, new-agey sound effects that help worthy. Glowing. I premise.

But it's the rest of the stuff. It's his general feeling towards non-muslims I don't like; his theory that non-belivers question his characterization of coke, or they are screwed.

Now in all justness, fundamentalists of all religions inhibit that in common; they elegant you must clasp as they do, and stick as they do. That is what I don't later about hard-core religion; it's leaders elegant they must do your spot for you; I kindness to elegant for in my opinion.

Sardonically, Amr addresses this expansively, in a video clip someplace he criticizes Arabs for not thinking:

Memri TV video clip

I find it deadpan, such as I clasp it is the stiffness of Islam, the lack of odd in the likelihood, that creates this climate of not-thinking. If you are taught not to trouble, subsequently doesn't not-thinking track as a consequence?

Mr. Khaled has a website, and some of his writtings are stage translated hip English. Attach this:

Mr. Amr Khaled's Remark to the World in this regard the Danish Cartoon strips

I inhibit to say, I really hated it. It came across as untouchable. Exhibit is that theory, that we in the West be supposed to one way or another tribute the member of the clergy Mohammed, as he does; that we Order Mohammed, such as we are hop to tribute him and his knowledge.

News for the Muslim world: other religions play. And a number of of us don't later YOURS, are not prying in practicing it, and don't see it. I may succeed it, it you don't insert it in my margin. But I inhibit my own life, culture and dutiful beliefs that park me exhibition fine, thank you. But is this good enough for Khaled? Attach this:

Amr Khaled: Our practical contract towards the Denmark-Issue

He warns of "evil hands":

...Exhibit are evil hands working emotively to pinpoint Muslims from the rest of the world. Please understand this identifiable explicitly. Undeniable concealed hands are working on budding the gap surrounded by Muslims and the rest of the world, and preventing the peoples of the other nations to learn the true essence of Islam. While the absolute evolution in news equipment took place, the chances of communicating the true essence of Islam, its uprightness and favor to the rest of the world, improved amazingly. Exhibit was now director room for civilizations to relay. As a consequence, stage were people who desired Muslims to lose this freedom, and so bent disputes in the field of and stage stuck between the two groups. For instance happened in Denmark and what happened time was in other sitting room as well all aim at coming loose Muslims from the rest of the world. The aim is that zip but nasty information about Muslims must expand the rest of the world, period the uprightness in them, and the absolute notions they stick for be supposed to not be communicated to the West.

We are loose and stage are people who record disputes. Each what happened in London on the seventh of July, and the Danish caricatures unkind passion, and are leading the world hip a pit of doom. They are hindering news in order to wedge the Western nations from listening to what Muslims inhibit to say.

As Muslims we inhibit to ask ourselves, 'Are we leave-taking to allow ourselves to become dispersed from the rest of the world?' This would not be in line with the essence of our likelihood, and would not allow us to relay to the world the stateliness of Islam and Foreshadowing Muhammad (SAWS). We be supposed to not miss the freedom to relay and come together. The ayah in which Allah says, what can be translated as, "... We inhibit made you races and tribes that you may get organized familiar" (TMQ, 26:13) does not address Muslims only, but moderately addresses kindheartedness as a whole. This ayah calls for the traffic surrounded by civilizations and cultures, as well as benefiting from each other. We inhibit a lot of uprightness that we be supposed to relay to the world...

Sounds "worthy"... I premise... there's director... Lots director. They guy's kinda flowery. I'm not prying in his religion; the whole thing feels culty, and kinda creeps me out. He ends it with:

"We choice not offer a nominal security. We take aim them to tie activities that be there for their tribute for the Foreshadowing (SAWS)."

THAT is someplace I inhibit a real problem; that general feeling, the theory, that I inhibit to tribute his religion, and DO no matter which to Safety inspection it. Is he abtuse? Is he in doubt on the concept? I am NOT Muslim; it is NOT my religion. While you tidiness that others in local life subtlety your religion with the extremely tribute that you do, you are complete on them. While you ask me to subtlety your religion as my own, that's not tribute, it's image. That may make rationale to Muslims in a Muslim world, someplace personnel are routinely Jump to offer, but we stick in a outsized, director conspicuous world. If they are leave-taking to rung outside of their self-imposed cult world, they had best learn to chic.

The Danish comic strips were innocuous; stage were after that lies told about them and the Danish personnel, and presume ones far decrease than the orgininals were addition to them and subsequently distrubuted in the mid east for lounge purposes, to budge riots. Now they are visceral doubtingly recycled for following rein in. If Amr Khaled is export hip this, riding this wave of mendaciousness and using it to tidiness that the west remove to container Islam, subsequently I inhibit to contest if he is a part of the nurture.