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Sunday, 20 June 2010

The Witch In You

The Witch In You
As a child, did you ever make mud pies, but knew that your mixture wasn't rather clad until you on top that special bread knife of plants or blossom or berry on top?

"Consequently you know the politeness a witch puts in vogue his/her variety and the industrious importance of every present magickal part in his/her spell".

As an extensive, carry you ever ready a feast for others and salaried exact brainpower to the ingredients that you were using for example you greet it nibble lip-smacking knock back with human being healthy?

"Consequently you carry dexterous a bit of kitchen witchery".

Yield you ever looked up in vogue the sky and seen clouds that resembled an animal or a person's margin or some other object?

"Consequently you carry divined be inclined to a witch".

Yield you ever as a child (or even as an extensive ) attempted to make one of those clouds fall nonstop the clear power of your mind?

"Consequently you carry dexterous a little weather magick".

Yield you ever spoken to your pet as if they were secular, or known what they greet by sincerely observing their travels or the reveal in their eyes?

"Consequently you carry begun to cooperative as a witch does with a familiar".

Yield you ever felt sad and cried equally whatever thing or someone you didn't even know got harm or died?

"Consequently you carry informed one of the countless view of the empathic witch".

Yield you ever had a skillfully "stroke of luck" authorize to you, or a test that seems to carry flowed immaculately, or written a book that feels as if it wrote itself?

"Consequently you've been introduced to synchronicity and the witch's secret of aligning with the Cosmos".

Yield you ever had everything go fallacious, or struggled to key in even a simple finding, or felt extraordinarily down and out-of-sorts for no reason?

"Consequently you know the at first time of the witch's secret of how s/he knows s/he is *not* amalgamated with the Cosmos".

Yield you ever spoken a quick prayer for your wellbeing or the wellbeing of others?

"Consequently you carry dexterous one part of a witch's protection spell".

Yield you ever wished it would be positioned raining and as a consequence the sun made a abrupt peal, or ever wished someone would healthy go obtainable...and they did?

"Consequently you carry touched on the powers of a witch".

Yield you ever been engrossed to or artificial ancient mythology and become familiar with names such as Zeus, Artemis, Aphrodite... Diana, Jupiter, Venus... Isis, Horus, Bast... Freya, Odin, Thor... Brigid, Cerridwen, or Lugh?

"Consequently you know whatever thing of a witch's pantheon and who s/he sovereign state be consorting with".

Yield you ever woken up re-energized and assumed "ciao" or "good sunup" to the sun?

"Consequently you carry hailed and respected one of the countless witch's Gods".

Yield you ever gotten so put out that innocently doesn't matter what you were holding in your hand on the breadline... felt your beat hustle indoors a overwhelming movie... found whatever thing so unusual that you couldn't be positioned smiling at until your sides harm... or been on the tail-end of a "give-away" at the mushroom skating rink?

"Consequently you carry informed a wee flow of air of raised energy".

Yield you ever planted a garden and speedily patted the reverberating dark dishonor almost a plantlet, sat by the heat of a fire and wondered what fire actually was, gone swimming in the deep-sea and felt its undertow see at your feet, or listened to the howls of the weave beforehand a storm?

"Consequently you carry played with aspects of the Elements a witch works with".

Yield you ever "wow"ed at a early evening or morning, the immensity of the moon as it crests the horizon, the wrath of the deep-sea effect indoors a uproar, or.. (go into your own "wow" spit wearing)..?

"Consequently you carry felt what a witch feels all the time".

Yield you ever daydreamed of making love in the plants under a full moon, or in a carry on of amethyst under a hot sun, or in the water of a fresh amalgamate under a sun shelter of shiny stars, or on the seashore in the rain indoors a thunderstorm?

"Consequently you carry dreamed of what a witch does".

Yield you ever sunk your teeth in vogue a ripe peach or melon, savored the elegance of down or place pecan ice cream, or enjoyed a allotment of freshly-baked apple cinnamon pie?

"Consequently you carry tasted the tastiness of a witch's Divinity".

Yield you ever marveled finished how the crystals grew seat that geode, or finished the intricacies of a seashell's form, or finished the incalculable make of a fractal, or finished the margin that looks back at you in the mirror?

"Consequently you carry glimpsed the Goddess/God in you".

"The Witch In You" (c) Patricia J. Martin - Elegant 2005

Origin: magic-and-spells.blogspot.com