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Thursday, 17 June 2010

Ethics Of Cursinghexing

Ethics Of Cursinghexing
Impart is great object about whether casting refusal spells (equivalent curses, hexes, jinxes, crossings, etc.) is at ease or whether it necessity be avoided at all directive. For instance it comes to this request I perpetually obstruct to meaning questions to test the place. I ask for my part the devotee questions:

1) Would it be what I hanker after, or what is necessary? (does it come from my own belief of adversary or is it the same as the disposition needs to be dormant for the high-class good of the community?)

2) Is it honorable in the eyes of God? (A reading is done to consider what the result would be if the spell were cast and whether it is honorable in the eyes of God or not. God is honorable and essence not stand to see the not dangerous disobedience or unavailable fascination of. Psalm 18, Psalm 35, Stop 14...)

The effect of "harm none" the same as it comes to magic is a not on time evolution that comes out of the modern religion of Wicca, and has very jiffy to do with traditional witchcraft or magical practice. This "witches' rede" isn't adhered to within the tradition of Hoodoo. Hoodoo (Feel like) is to a certain extent based on African-American traditions that are the assessment of a melding of original African magical practices and a Protestant understanding of a honorable and rancorous God.