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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Tool Wrappings

Tool Wrappings Cover
Study the properties of silk in relation to electricity, especially static.

Amber or jet rubbed with a protein based fabric will gather dust like crazy. Silk is protein based, as is wool. Wear a silk or wool garment with your amber and jet necklace, and you can give a covener quite a static shock under certain conditions.

Silk rubbed on glass could produce a different charge than silk rubbed on plastic >which could be different than say felt on glass.

I have seen comments to the effect that a HPS in certain traditions was given an amber or jet necklace when she was made HPS, and others that in some traditions it was preferred that she wear a silk robe. Silk + amber + jet = static charge/HPS. Hmmm. A bit theatrical for my tastes.

My Great-aunt was taught how to read cards in the 20's and she too was given this 'wrap it in silk'.

The reader who was teaching her said it didn't have squat to do with the energy of the cards or the fabric, it had everything to do with respecting the oracular gift that a reader had and was a reminder to not be too casual about when, how, or why you did a reading. The act of picking up the silk wrapped deck and carefully unwrapping it had to do with getting her into the state of mind to read, a repetitive shortcut 'ritual' of sorts. She was her own tool, the deck and wrapping were just keys to using part of her insight.

In and of itself, the material wasn't important, not grabbing the deck to read for every simple decision that needed to be made, to answer every question that would come up for every person (especially when common sense or insight handed you the answer), or to show them off to everybody just for shock value, WAS.

Although they were discussing tarot decks, pretty much the same reasoning could be used for other magickal or ritual tools as well -if- you keep separate tools. If you are more in the Kitchen Witch tradition, it would seem pretty silly (not to mention expensive, and conspicuous) to consider wrapping your tools in silk: everything can be a potential tool. Do you wrap -everything- in your home/car/garden/office in silk?

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