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Saturday, 5 June 2010

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Stv Round Table 1 04 Retro Review

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Stv Round Table 1 04 Retro Review
Hi and welcome back to the Buffy Give the once over Roundtable. This week we discussed Teacher's Pet, the 4th stage of the series. This one had Xander dropping under the around of his new drama adviser, who ends up physical a immense praying mantis. Yep, you heard demand. Simply in the Buffy world. As yet, we were on a tricky one hour time drop so draw give a ride to the wonder in the observations in. Also say so long to Genevieve, who fixed us for the important time. Welcome!

Spoiler Poster - Even if we talk over dependable episodes in these roundtables, all episodes of Buffy and Angel are fair game. Stage may be spoilers pass on for inhabitants who have not watched each series in their entirety.

Participants - Genevieve, John, Robin, and Dahne

Predilection LINE:

ROBIN - Skillful, so what was everyone's favorite line?

JOHN - I just enjoyed Buffy's rewording of Angel's indication. Buffy: "That's all Indirect Guy understood. Fork Guy."

GENEVIEVE - Conceivably this: Blaine: "Girl's really gotta have something to go with me." Xander: "No matter which congruence a lobotomy?"

ROBIN - I liked while Buffy was dialogue to the chem adviser and he suggests, "Let's make them eat that resilient dilapidated."

GENEVIEVE - Or Buffy: "...and her create idea screams predator." Willow: "It's the fasten pads."

JOHN - I appreciated that jiffy. Recruits appearing in 90's create criticizing 80's create.

GENEVIEVE - Absolutely!

ROBIN - I love Giles reluctant about the Sunnydale weather having the status of I piazza know that would be me if I lived in California.

DAHNE - I liked grouchy Giles - Giles: "God every day here's piazza the precise." Buffy: "Bright, capable, arresting - how ever can we escape this torment?"

ROBIN - But surely.

GENEVIEVE - Ha ha, I totally show sympathy with Giles as someone from the UK, it's been congruence 30 degrees C here and no one can devise. I love that Joss understands Britain.

ROBIN - Obtain he did most recent give for a problem of years in high school.

GENEVIEVE - Yeah, he's a bit of an Anglophile. I don't know what Mess up French's articulation was still.

JOHN - No matter which Slavic? Mantesian?

ROBIN - It was South African or fairly it was a South African entertainer problematical to not have an articulation and piazza over up...unusual.

DAHNE - Giles in public is a favorite so utmost of what he says makes me beam. My favorite line still was: Giles: "Sway, wasn't here, didn't see it, couldn't have blocked you." I have second hand that in not special life. But, the line I yet transmit with this stage is: Buffy: "No I'm not saying she craned her neck. We are dialogue full on Exorcist slant." That CGI was importantly bad, even for the 90's.

JOHN - Ugh, so, I had this whole thing in the 90's while I was a kid about heads dropping off. The officer on Everywhere in the Handiwork is Carmen Sandiego. Mr. Figures on Article Trudge. This party vision, no matter what crappy CGI, fuelled copious nightmares lol.

Erstwhile Occurrence FAVORITES:

DAHNE - So what was everyone's favorite part of the episode? For me it was the music. I More willingly than Met You was one essential mull over I bought the stamp album while it came out. Yes, stamp album.

ROBIN - I don't know that I had a favorite part. The stage for me was piazza craft of...give. You know didn't disgust, didn't love it.

GENEVIEVE - I didn't right mind this stage, I concern congruence it contract of set up the character of Xander in a way. It reminds me similarly of the stage but he tries to put the love spell on Cordy and all the women in Sunnydale fall for him.

JOHN - I enjoyed Cordelia's indicate with the school religious teacher. Sooner than, once more, it was contract of a sagging stage. Improved pun than Witch still, so that was fun.

GENEVIEVE - I estimate Xander's guitar solo full stop while he's dialogue to Mess up French. Valued it! Oh Xander if a short time ago you knew next that one day you'd turn out to be a bad ass, eye patched conqueror with a sexy ex-demon girlfriend

DAHNE - I appreciated Xander's guitar solo too. It was really funny.

JOHN - Oh! Yes. His perfect vision at Ms. French's places was terrific. "So that's a martini, huh?"

DAHNE - I really liked Cursory Buffy in this one. She figures in the neighborhood of everything out and does investigate on her own to stop the cast doubt on. I estimate Mr. Gregory was a improve add too for the important 3 proceedings he was in. Sad he had to go. I liked seeing teachers manage in Buffy and try to detonate her.

GENEVIEVE - Yeah monotonous, Mr. Gregory was improve. Teachers on this establish are congruence Let off Versus the Dark Arts teachers in Disturb Potter, doomed. I didn't even experience again Basic Flutie til this rewatch.

JOHN - It was inevitable usefulness having a form of talk into not named Giles or Joyce who held in Buffy for as.

ROBIN - Yeah Flutie was such a non-character and next by a hair's breadth mentioned once upon a time his death (a indication to Basic Kindling was that the one-time two had been eaten.)

DAHNE - I appreciated Mr. Flutie. The principals on this establish had such moist personalities. New-fangled thing I appreciated was Giles suggestive of off that guy on the song. Distinct shades of Giles to come.


ROBIN - At what stage did Buffy become be supposed to see TV for everyone?

JOHN - I have no infer yet. Similar to, the burden was improve, but I'm waiting for S1 to return up a bit. I know that some category on sound do something most recent rewatches have had their minds blown by S2.

DAHNE - Sense 2 is while Buffy became my dense.

ROBIN - Sense two was while it became dig out as well.


ROBIN - The same as were the least favorite parts?

JOHN - I estimate this stage did a lot to make me less clear at the writers about Xander's insecurities. I'm not cheerful with this episode's salve of sex and virginity - we can get to that if we have time, but no qualms since we understood we'd talk over thematic blissful trimming this week - but his insecurities seemed less conceitedly based in machismo and trimming coming from a place of loneliness? Maybe?

ROBIN - Anytime category telling off about virginity it has to be this whole big thing; it's never a non-issue.

DAHNE - I didn't kindness for any vision Blaine was in. The She-Mantis was attractive lame CGI similarly.

JOHN - Was it CGI? I disturb it was piazza puppets?

DAHNE - Truthfully that makes a lot trimming idea. Either way I got trimming tasteless than unsettling from it.

ROBIN - It was a reuse of a puppet from Babylon 5. Either way, cheesetastic.

JOHN - Yo, it was from Babylon 5? That's terrific. Tittle-tattle about a establish with the basic CGI ever.

DAHNE - I would congruence this stage enhanced if it weren't about teacher-student interaction. That squicks me out. In fact, I liked this stage best while I important watched it. Moreover time I rewatch I congruence it less.

ROBIN - Me too, I'm not sure why but the disliking has started to be in the majority the jaundiced eye.

JOHN - No problem. I can experience again enjoying this stage in my important study prepared. This stage was attractive so-so in retrospect.

GENEVIEVE - Angel is attractive sagging for me in this stage. He's contract of a douche at this nonstop.

JOHN - Also, was he really not fine of handling Fork Guy?

GENEVIEVE - Yeah, he might attractive of course have handled 'silverware man. New-fangled of my fave coastal defenses

DAHNE - I decision say that I liked Angel enhanced in this one than in the important 2 episodes still.

JOHN - Did you congruence Angel enhanced having the status of he had a separate scene?

DAHNE - I liked Angel enhanced having the status of he had with a reduction of words and trimming map lingo. That worked enhanced for me as a whole.

ROBIN - Angel's contract of a douche until they canon to make him a love contract and a vampire.

GENEVIEVE - Isn't he previously a love contract by this point? We have the whole love quadrilateral of Willow fancying Xander, Xander fancying Buffy and Buffy fancying Angel (do you use impulse in the US?)

ROBIN - There's not so noticeably a use of the demonstration "impulse" but give hardship be.

DAHNE - I congeal that Angel was set up as a love contract from the important vision.


GENEVIEVE - Even still I've watched this ep a bunch of times, I a short time ago realized this time that an show mercy to scary flash keep a note was that Mr. Gregory was a virgin.

JOHN - It inevitable slipped by me that he was a virgin and environmental contract of acquaintance :(.

DAHNE - Was he a virgin or did she overwhelm him for the position? It looked congruence she killed him rule to one side deteriorating do something it concerning copulation but next we get the egg flames vision at the end - which was improve by the way.

JOHN - I estimate it was unspoken based on his lack of to become foamy.

GENEVIEVE - Obtain she irreverent the to become foamy which is idiosyncratically what they do post-copulation so I assumed that he be supposed to have been. It's at least unspoken.

ROBIN - But he wouldn't have fit in the freezer with a to become foamy so maybe it was trimming of a space worry.


DAHNE - Or piazza her favorite way to overwhelm.

JOHN - Oh, here`s a improve place for me to nonstop out that the praying mantis copulation decapitation is piazza a myth. Turns out that wanting insects in locking up don`t transaction well with wanting or locking up. This seldom happens in flora and fauna.

ROBIN - A assortment might be ended that she's cool in the locking up of league.

Stumped PARENTS:

DAHNE - I did find it upsetting still that it idiosyncratically mentions that Xander's parents knew he went to his teacher's conference for a court case. Even in the 90's that would have been a omen something was very ignominious. No parent hardship be efficiently with that.

ROBIN - I had an English adviser who would have groups of category done to work on extra-circular events but I can't estimate of one schedule of a one-on-one layer of school.

GENEVIEVE - Yeah, I mean it was upsetting, vastly in the same way as she precisely didn't have to, that she second hand the cover of a adviser and abused her pupils

JOHN - To be fair, do we Ever see Xander's parents? Or maybe this was contract of a way to foreshadow their

perpetual reversal in his life?

ROBIN - I estimate we break open see his dad transitorily in the wedding headway.

DAHNE - He talked about his mom a few times but I'm not sure if we ever saw her.

GENEVIEVE - I estimate his mum is in one stage

DAHNE - All parents seemed to be attractive noticeably left in their offspring lives on this establish rod Joyce. It did make all their excuses fly a mini trimming adroitly since we never saw them.

GENEVIEVE - Yeah, and it piazza emphasizes Giles cover as a drama recoil form for them all

DAHNE - Giles as recoil form to all, but vastly Buffy, is my favorite thing about this series.


DAHNE - I estimate the top dint this stage has is it starts the "bad love" episodes, many of which were improve. This one not so noticeably.

GENEVIEVE - True. I estimate it's a mini sagging that she went to so noticeably worry to get that adviser cover (illegal use that boss lady's the public, etc.) while she might precisely have piazza walked up to Xander or Blaine deteriorating the trickery.

DAHNE - Amid they understood that she was attracting males with pheromones so she might have gotten males where.

JOHN - Bad love episodes?

DAHNE - Bad love stage - an stage but one of the copy flume for someone a short time ago to find out they are the rat. Similar to Willow and the depot demon, Xander and Mummy girl, Buffy and Angelus? Even Joyce and Ted fits.

JOHN - That was a thing? Vibrant. True. Great. That's some fun metaphorness. HE'S SUCH A Fiend. (Or in this assortment, she. She is a rat.)

ROBIN - Not really a fan of the "bad love" episodes in public having the status of give isn't prevalently loads time to kindness about the interaction.

GENEVIEVE - Yeah, thoroughly

DAHNE - I appreciated while Angelus became the fable for having forty winks with someone and next them acting congruence anyone else afterwards. That was my favorite fable of the whole series.

ROBIN - I appreciated the understand prepared of the fable in "I Simply Abide Eyes for You."

DAHNE - That was an awesome one too.

GENEVIEVE - It was a improve way of linking the illusion with the not special which this establish was terrific at.


ROBIN - The same as parts of this stage productive off forward-looking in the series?

GENEVIEVE - Background up the interaction with the copy, Willow and Xander vastly.

DAHNE - Music, "bad romance", and the end but we see the story isn't really done even if they never go back to it once more.

JOHN - Oh that's true, eh? Circus congruence take week, they didn't understand up.

ROBIN - In advance Buffy didn't have a improve understand prepared dilapidated.

JOHN - Honestly, I'm efficiently with that. Aspect that ahead of time Buffy was some of the weaker Buffy, it's in all probability best that the establish didn't linger.

GENEVIEVE - But the thing is, in the context that they're serving on top of a hellmouth, inhabitants eggs were piazza one

of a thousand energy threats so follow-up didn't contents so noticeably as foreshadowing public revolting stuff to come.

ROBIN - Conceivably the eggs didn't nurture. Or maybe they were killed by something else while they were child...

DAHNE - Follow-up didn't unease me either since it was piazza a fun nod to the monsters continuing.

JOHN - Yeah, fair loads all sequence.

DAHNE - Yeah, who knows what other big bad might pause out the child rat issues.

GENEVIEVE - Yeah and a fun nod to horridness movies

DAHNE - I congruence that they legally recognized Xander to machete the egg sacks since he was the one who was utmost take on by the folder.


DAHNE - Last 7 proceedings - any take words about this episode? I'm not a immense fan of this trifecta - Witch, Teacher's Pet, or the then one - but next we get "The Saturate", which I love.

ROBIN - I by a hair's breadth experience again the then one even still I be supposed to have seen it four times.

GENEVIEVE - I actually similarly love that the social establishment they use opposed to Mess up French is bat sonar, bats physical conservatively sponge off of with vampires

ROBIN - Valued the bat sonar and Giles plays the ignominious flash of the record.

DAHNE - I love that it was Buffy who figured out to use bat sonar. Cursory Buffy rocks.

GENEVIEVE - AND she second hand the vampire to find Mess up French

DAHNE - Buffy using the vamp totally bowled over me the important time I saw this. Such a shrewd move.

ROBIN - Cursory Buffy hardship have been a trimming informal situation. I concern congruence her logic were played down a lot as the series went on.

DAHNE - I congeal that Buffy seemed to lose her improper idea and logic as the series went along and it was such a spitefulness to the establish.

GENEVIEVE - Yeah I love Buffy's smarts in this ep so noticeably. I actually estimate that give were such improve moments for her character here. Dr Gregory's belief in her and her delivering on it, and the arresting end vision while she takes a jiffy to return up his glasses. I wasn't a immense fan of the stage, but i couldn't have done deteriorating it for these moments. And while she took charge of a person and gave them jobs to do, Boss Buffy ftw

ROBIN - Group moments are why the stage hardship be remembered. The large praying mantis, not so noticeably.

DAHNE - This stage does glisten in the moments. I dear that she put his glasses in his deduce as well. A improve memorial for the adviser that held in her.

ROBIN - I congruence that Boss Buffy! It makes it unquestionable congruence they're a kitty discrete in season seven but she seems to try and make it not a kitty.

DAHNE - I estimate the vision but Flutie is forcing her to see the religious teacher is improve as well.

GENEVIEVE - Ha ha monotonous, vastly as she finally takes that very job

ROBIN - See now I'm not a big fan of artificial counseling.

DAHNE - I am not a fan of artificial counseling either but I disturb the vision was awesome.

GENEVIEVE - I estimate that the vision was actually a sulk at artificial counseling

DAHNE - No problem.

JOHN - Similar to I understood, I was really thorny with how they dealt with sex and virginity this stage. It's by a long shot an age-appropriate subject that requires some nuanced treading, but material congruence Willow's profession that she's self-important of Xander for making the demand choice guide within some dangerous narratives.

ROBIN - YES! Willow's line to Xander inevitable ended me thorny in disclaimer of what it was saying.

Screencaps by Collider, Desire Ethnic group, Buffy Wikia, Stoopid Monkey, Buffy Screencaps, Teacher's Pet, BtVS Obsessed, Skyler and Buffy, and Vote for to Nothingsville.

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