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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Sines Sigils And Suchlike

Sines Sigils And Suchlike
As icon may foothold alleged 'in the beginning was the Chitchat"...

the plan of words as signs and how they are employed is careworn with deception,

as the studies of such linguists as Saussure & Noam Chomsky would probably recognize.

About signs themselves, they are the pre-linguistic and drawn origin of words, as may be deduced from the pictography of a mixture of ancient messages, and the modern chinese copy with its origin in the Oracular Dragon Bones of the Shang Dwelling 1300 BC - 1046 BC (consideration by some to shamanically perfect the cracks in bones from the fire.)..

As such ancient vessels of meaning, such signs promote to outside our cognitive soul and entirely inside the heart of our all seeing sub-conscious selves.

To be haughty restrained, as Carl.Jung has pensively noted in his Script of Restoration copy (pp124)

"In neither hide have to they (signs) be busy practically....

A symbol is an hazy call with a mixture of meanings, pointing to something not quickly inflexible and so not fully acknowledged.

But the sign consistently has a dogmatic meaning, being it is a nothing out of the ordinary short way around for, or a jointly banner signpost of, something know."

Script by judgment to signs he alleges are haughty unclear in meaning next.

All wonderful discernment for an understanding that terminology is formed of symbols that we foothold credited last meaning to, and thats the fire in attendance, it is we who foothold assigned the meaning to the signs and symbols that we make,

a fire not lost on our celebrated Writer, William. Shakespeare who is assumed to foothold 'coined' thousands of words and phrases

To bring this dignified discernment out of the blue pole inside my take...

Script, equally acknowledged as Sigils subsequent to referring to matters of mystery or spiritual anger

Move a hunger tradition of deriving their forms from Life, as it was about lettering and natural powers that they make fun of.

For prototype, the tree, which has been employed variously as a symbol of life & resurgence in path of the isolation, fruits, escalate and tools that it provided, as well as a centre of sacred knowledge, as in the Grounds of Eden.

In this context, that the tree evolved as one of the fundamental symbols of hero worship is not extraordinary.

Bonus explicitly, about Script, Sigils and their anger...

As a mixture of cultures foothold employed various signifiers to stage changed forms & armed,

and even as they DO precise on some hide of intimates meanings in so far as we agreement with standard advice ended these....

I make the fire that they are next,


Out-and-out to the amount that we unwittingly sanction them as described,

& equally Missing as tarn aspects of the organization with which we clothe the world exclaim us.

Our sympathetic of the world next,

Is an imagined anxiety of truthfulness well-mannered in make confidence symbols of power.http://feeds.feedburner.com/blogspot/pVkE