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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Tools Needed For First Degree

Tools Needed For First Degree Cover
Athame' and/or Sword. Athame' - double edged, dulled, black handled knife. Purpose to invoke, to inscribe the circle. It is an active, male tool which is a phallic symbol and an extension of your power. It represents fire to control rebellious spirits.

Wand - (not strictly necessary) Used like the athame' for invoking. Made of oak, 13 inches long and is considered a passive tool. Make your own.

White handled knife - doubled edged and sharp. Used for inscribing on tools, candles, etc. within the Circle. White symbolizes the Goddess.

Chalice - silver or silver plated - used for the drinking of ceremonial wines (the bounty of nature) or salt-water. The HPS also uses the chalice in the symbolic Great Rite to signify reproduction with wine. It is a female phallic symbol.

Incense burners - (censor, thurible) - It is the symbol for air and is used for a correspondance to the Goddess, as a female element. Use sea salt as a base to contain the heat. Use charcoal and add incense to it.

Salt and Water dishes - silver or pottery. Use seasalt and well-water or distilled water.

Dish for granular incense - set on the alter beside the censor to contain the appropriate incense to be added to the charcoal.

Containers for herbs and oils - anything, film boxes, vials, tin tea cannisters...

Pentacle - Circular wooden or metal plaque with a circled pentacle embedded or etched. Point of pentacle facing up. The pentacle symbolises the earth. (North - Pentacle East - Incense South - Candle West - Cup)

Candles - short birthday candles will do in specific colours, but they must not burn out before the Circle is opened.

Chunky Red Candle - red throughout and need not be fragrant. It represents fire. It should be in a red candle holder. Can be carried (see Maiden Candle).

Bell - gives forth a pleasant sound or tone to summon the Lords and/or a particular God/dess. It is also used to draw the attention of coven members.

Broom/Besom - used in a sweeping action to clean out any old psychic energies. If a broom is not available you may sprinkle a mixture of salt and water.

Oils - used for annoiting and/or blessing candles. The fragrances correspond to God/desses. Olive oil is perfect.

Charcoal - for incense.
Candles - a wide variety
God and Goddess Statues.
Book of Shadows

Scourge - in old times, used for purificqation. now mostly for initiations. Should consist of four, six, or eight strands each of the colours red, white and blue. Cotton embroidery fibre is okay. Strands should be 13 inches long.

Red cord

Altar - any table will do. Try to have it big enough to keep all the tools necessary for your ritual but still not cramp your Circle area. Two white altar candles and holders. Consecrate and use only for the altar. Four small candles and holdres for the Quarters.

Horned Helmet for HP or HPS.

White masking tape to draw pentacle on floor.

Plain white paper for talismans to inscribe and burn. May use parchment if available.

Dip pen and Waterproof Ink (black)
Libation Bowl
Geometry Set
Needles and white thread

Small paint brushes and white, silver, and black paint for inscribing.

Herb knife - used only for herbs.

Necklaces -usually a pentacle.

Bracelet - ritual cuff, first degree

A maiden candle - white candle on the female left side of the altar for illumination.

Cauldron - Go0ddess womb symbol. Chalice. Can be used for wine or to hold fire. Has to have 3 legs. Contains masculine energy.

Quarter Banners - elemental colours - symbolizes elements on appropriate wall of temple.

Witches Ladder - concentration tool. Cord of any colour with 40 knots in it. Every time break off concentration move up a knot.

Garter - Used by HPS only worn on u pper left leg. One or more silver buckles on them. Made of green snakeskin and lined with blue velvet.

Girdle - wide belt worn by HPS. SPecific healing stones.

Necklace of 40 Acorns - worn by 3rd degrees

Summoners Cord - 4 tassles, 2 red, white and black beads

Crystal - scrying tool on Goddess side of altar

Silver ankle chain - worn on right ankle of female elder


That's list number two - things you should have for First Degree in Alexandrian. I still think it's kind of silly and long for First. Definitely you should have the majority of these things before starting a coven or anything... :)

Suggested ebooks:

Basil Crouch - The Book Of Forbidden Knowledge
Andrea Haugen - The Ancient Fires Of Midgard

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