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Thursday, 18 October 2007

What Is A Witch

What Is A Witch Cover A witch in a simple definition is a person who practices the art of energy Manipulation; what we call Magik. This label is typically associated with Anglo-Celtic, Celtic and Southern Teutonic magik traditions. However, the label "witch" is not specific to any one religion.

There are Witches in Witchcraft, Christian Witches, Jewish Witches (more often called Mystics), Satanic Witches, Voodoun Witches and many more. Each of these religions use the label witch, or variations, to describe a person who includes magik as part of their beliefs and practices.

Being a witch is a choice, not a birth right or predestined path. A person can chose to work with energy through healing; but that doesn't make them a Witch. Lighting a candle in church and saying a prayer to Jesus, doesn't make someone a Witch. There is no witch DNA, or witch chromosome. So it's important to know that no one is 'born a witch' or can claim to be a 'natural witch'. Even people with natural talents must first accept them and chose to use them. And then chose how they are to be used and on what path. Being a witch is a choice and nothing more or less.

Finally, not all who walk on the religious path of Witchcraft practices magik. Therefore they don't claim the label witch for their own use. And not all who practice magik, use it on a Spiritual Path at all. Most of these follow the principles of Spellcraft and not a religious path view such as Witchcraft. Spellcrafters often prefer the label Mage, instead of Witch, to make a distinction between their magik practices and those of spiritual witches.

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