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Friday, 26 October 2007

A Brief Explanation Of Christian Witchcraft

A Brief Explanation Of Christian Witchcraft Cover (This is not a recognized religion to either Christians or Wiccans for both religions believe that they can not be separated and "watered-down" to fit the standards of the individual, however, some forms of witchcraft can be seen through the Christian faith)
· Many Christians practice witchcraft; some even recognize Mary as the goddess…due to her purity and the depictions of her standing on a crescent moon.
· Jesus’ Miracles are often described as unexplainable events that come from God…this is the same as Magick- unexplainable phenomenon that is granted by the Gods
- The practice of communion can also be traced back to the pagan rituals where a deity was invoked into food and then eating that object to obtain certain aspects of that deity.

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