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Monday, 29 October 2007

The Witch Of Prague

The Witch Of Prague Cover

Book: The Witch Of Prague by Marion Crawford

The witch Unorna pursues true love. While she is being pursued by Israel Kafka who is madly in love with her, Unorna falls madly in love with ""The Wanderer,"" who goes about the world in search of his long lost love, Beatrice. Unorna is not able to make the Wandered fall in love with her Without making many attempts at casting spells on him and plotting against anyone who comes in her way. Can her hypnotic powers succeed, and can she free herself from her agony through the purity of her love?

Biography Marion Crawford lead an unusual life, and wrote about his surroundings. His works included the mystery, romance, history, and travel of the day, which was around 1900. He pioneered Techniques in ghost and romance in creating many best-sellers.

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