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Sunday, 16 May 2010

Anthropology Of Religion

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With witchcraft, magic and spell casting becoming ever more popular these days, the Internet is filling up with information on spell work and detailed instructions. But with so many free spells available for you to use, it can get really confusing to pick the ones which will work the best for you, and to put them to action. So here are two very easy spells to work with which do not require much preparation.

Seriously dedicated witchcraft practitioners often use full rituals instead of simple spells, but when you want to get the effect of whatever you're aiming for but don't have the resources or the time to perform a full ritual, then these spells can be quite useful.

What matters more than the rituals or spells themselves and the form they take, is how much ENERGY and EMOTION you put into it. It's up to you to really bring whatever you are performing, alive. When you start, put all the emotion that you can muster from deep inside into the spell, and when you're done, let all of it go and simply let the spell do what it's supposed to do.

First, the spell for money, prosperity and abundance.

Take a green candle and put it in the center of your altar. On the right hand side of the candle, put a twenty dollar bill, straightened out. And then between the candle and yourself put a small piece of pyrite - also known as fool's gold. Place your incense burner to the left of your candle, and put a piece of charcoal in the burner.

When you are ready, light the piece of charcoal, then the candle, and put a piece of basil on the charcoal. While clearly picturing the amount of money that you want to possess, start chanting these words:

o Give me the prosperity to live in happiness

o Bring me abundance so I have enough

o To buy what I need, I need to have money

o More and more than what I have now

o My intentions are good, I deserve it rightly

o So that in my life I am cheerful and happy

And now, here is the second spell that will bring you happiness.

Find three cords: a black, a blue, and a purple one, made of thin string. Hold images of happiness in the forefront of your mind and at the same time, braid the three cords together tightly. Now tie a knot at the end of the braided cord. Keep holding thoughts of happiness in your mind. Then tie six additional knots into the string, still keeping up the energy of your positive thoughts. Carry this cord with you at all times, until happiness grows in your life. When you have reached abundant happiness, place the cord somewhere safe. Or if you wish, offer it to one of the elements and burn it. The ashes must be scattered in a river or stream.

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