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Saturday, 22 May 2010

The Power Of The Pranayama Yoga Rishi Singh Gherwal

The Power Of The Pranayama Yoga Rishi Singh Gherwal


For example is "Pranayama"? It is the stepping stone of the Yogi, or in other words the cosmos, the helpmate of the Yogi in influential his enemies-freeing him from diseases. The "PRANAYAMA" is the canal by which the Yogi masters levitation, walks upon the water, and with the canal of living unseen alive for time. "PRANAYAMA" is the Master Key by which Yogis open the right to use of mode, and master all the forces.

"Pranayama" is the best take shape for pain the human race to calm diseases, engage apprehension, calm extreme anxiety or sadness. It opens the right to use of Spiritual Series, it gives conviction to the austere, power to the dangerous, optimism to the double-crossing. Portray is no other way to beginning the mind, as mind is code without command or thought; desires and way of thinking are code without "PRANA".

For example is "Prana"? "PRANA" is everything. "PRANA" is Fire; "PRANA" is the Sun; the Cloud; the Wind; "PRANA" is the Troublesome of Demons; "PRANA" is the Terracotta. It is what is and is not, constant. * * * "PRANA" is the primary of everything. "-Prasna Upanishad.

"Prana" is similar the forces of electricity. No matter which that moves is moved by "PRANA". "PRANA" moves the lungs, as a consequence air goes in and out as intimation. "PRANA" is back of everything as heaviness. The mind is lord of the wisdom and the organs-the "PRANA" is lord of the mind: The mind is the motor-the "PRANA" is the power that moves the motor.

The "PRANA" is the frightful power of the Father Kundalini. From the "PRANA" offering are inherent other "PRANAS", namely,-Apana, Samana, Vyana, and Udana. These are in the lots of parts of the organization, but "PRANA" is the power back of All and All.

How do Yogis beginning this power? By "PRANAYAMA". "PRANA" is the Indispensable or life force-Yama, how to beginning it. This is why Yogis severe "PRANAYAMA" the stepping stone, or helpmate.


A person must learn to beginning the intimation, by the practice of "PRANAYAMA". "Man lives as fancy as he has intimation in his organization. To the same degree the intimation goes out he is assumed to be dead."

"As fancy as the Nadis (NERVES) are not pure, the "PRANA" can not go give directions the Sushumna, and as fancy as "PRANA" does not go give directions the Sushumna offering is no capability for the Yogi. As rapidly as the Nadis are purified, the Yogi succeeds in feint "PRANAYAMA", and as a consequence his organization becomes lissom and light. This is the sign of "PRANAYAMA" capability, for as a consequence the "PRANA" goes give directions the Sushumna.

"Portray is no capability without purification of the Nadis, and offering is no purification of the Nadis without "PRANAYAMA"."

"The Brahma (GOD OF WORK OUT), devotes himself to the practice of "PRANAYAMA", and is free from the apprehension of death."

"To the same degree "PRANA" goes give directions the Sushumna, the mind becomes one-pointed. This is called Unmani Avastha (THE CALCULATE OF THE MIND)."

"It is give directions the practice of "PRANAYAMA" Yoga, that Yogi attains Sidhis (MASTER OVERNATURE'S MARTIAL, LEVITATION, ETC.)."

"By forcing the "PRANA" dejected and raising the Apana on the rise, the Yogi becomes organic, although he be old in time."

Portray are eight different "PRANAYAMAS", that must be bookish from a professor who has mastered them. Any of the "PRANAYAMA" practice can pay for the diseases of the scared notion, as many testimony kind on group drive telecast, as Rev. A. K. Burkland, Feathers E. Lindsay and others.

The extraordinarily excess says further: "To the same degree "PRANAYAMA", called Kevala Kumbhaka, has been mastered, offering is code in the three worlds that can not be attained."

It is by the power of "PRANAYAMA" that the Yogis do the enormous feats of levitation, walking on water, etc. This is not their goal-they on your own wish liberation-but offering is no mode without awakening the Kundalini.

If the lively battle of the world drive practice "PRANAYAMA" exactly so a few months, they drive be auspiciously shocked to see its effect upon the organization and mind. The organization drive become light and hard. Lethargy drive die out similar despair previously the light.

"Pranayama" is easy to practice. Any one can do it, the organic, the old, bug-ridden or maimed. It is the key to never-ending youngster.

"Pranayama" drive presume a supremely down effect on one whenever they are at war with themselves. They drive agreeable immediate accord. Is the world leave-taking compress with you? Do you tap you are losing out in the bulletin of life? So I say, practice "PRANAYAMA"; once upon a time the practice you drive pour supremely renewed and renascent, setting to break new ground abstain in the speed of life, with new vigour, new optimism in yourself and new conviction. Are you slant to slant with a intricacy that requires a cool devise and separate manifestation, perplexing and result judgement? My good word to you is that previously tackling the intricacy, work to rule mental self-control by practicing "PRANAYAMA". Portray is code similar it for flexible self-control, accord and open place. In the midst of the fastest stress and storm, in the short of the speed, steady yourself for a critical fault by practicing "PRANAYAMA". Application this rag without fade, and you drive think about how dazzlingly, your mental, physical and spiritual powers, are responsible. You drive as a consequence constantly be master of yourself and of the situate. You drive constantly presume a furious pay out of free energy, mentally, purely and morally, upon which to wrench.

"This drive make your life natural and peace-loving, free from scared lassitude and wrestle, the same as it drive allow you to sustenance your obligatory heaviness of life ever renewed and unbreakable. It drive allow you to charge your freestyle, to stimulate it every day. These days you resemble a teenager skill tossing on the collision of a gusty life without oars, at the beauty of revolve and wave, constantly in concern of rocks and shoals. Application "PRANAYAMA" and you drive plough thru the terrible sea of life similar a vast dreadnought.

"Come and get somebody "PRANAYAMA"-practice "PRANAYAMA", and be master of yourself and your overtake."

- RISHI SINGH GHERWAL, citation from "Kundalini, The Father of the Design"(1930)

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