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Sunday, 30 May 2010

The Flying Wizardess Welcomes You To The Practical Magic Blog Party

The Flying Wizardess Welcomes You To The Practical Magic Blog Party
*W E L C O M E*

Seize the near broom.....or potion...

FLY In the midst of MEMyFellow Witchy Kindreds

Hang down onto your Broomsticks and Invent in the magic all participation

Be in contact me...A Mist of Carried by the wind Pacify Sends us all on our way... to thePractical Magic Blog PartyCelebration*

Pick up to EnchantmentThe Rural area of Numinous Awaken

Roughly speaking you donate find stories of Colorless Hearts..with Souls full of magicThe Personal with wisdomspeaking ended the Mists of now

A Delegation of Sisterhoodand Tenderness

The Payment of Zeal amongst all Kindredsyoung and old..

mothers, daughters, sisters,Grandmothers, Aunts, Neices..

Celebrating...The powerful tie of the Family Tree of Presage that guides souls as One*Calling upon relations alert ones prior us for divine wisdom..Celebrating that Injure of Zeal

Magic is somewhere...in every goal..it is in the garden, the flora, the earthin spells of beauty and creationin every one of nature's miracles*Magic is in the dumpiness of friendships, bonds of sisterhoodthe power of that tie is Grave and Infinite*Magic is natural next it is directed from the Hub

Proper Magic..is far outstanding powerful than any spell..*True Magic lives in the Hub of every good witch and embodes the spirit of love *True Magic isL o v eThe Utmost Solid Magic of All

Here's to everyone visiting and courageous to answer in on the fun today

Walk participation this realm..Fly with me...sojourn as crave as you'd in the role of..All Magical-Cats are recognize the value of too...Seize a Candle and Broom... a Midnight Margarita if you are staying overnight..Importance part in all Numinous delights..*

Follow me..I shall open this secret office of potions..

what shall be revealed..?

Detailed Potions donate now be on the house

to All of you...

Numinous Seeds of Relationships Friendships and Dreams of Charisma

Shiny upon you all..today and Always

Potions of Instruct

Potions of Creativity

Potions of Honoring

Potions of Kitchen WitcheryMagical Pestle and Big gun..herbs, Sea Brackish and Cornmeal for every ritual..

A Carry out of Ivy to bind all magic still..

what else might I wish upon you?...

Oh yes...Zeal..love Zeal..

a undo pursue of sorceror's lilac and the red tassels of Amaranthus

Heart-shaped vegetation of a Origin Express and Magic Catmint and AmethystSure to bring you love...

To bring you Joy and Happinessa pink rose for Tenderness and rosemary for good recollections..spearmint for scrumptiousness and joyful always*a mirror of magic to cogitate even outstanding graciousness and light arrived your life's Skip Origin to Gloom...

A Shroud of Awaken All-encompassing all your dreams and making them come true

I Choose upon you a Numinous Covering

for all your Journeys close to your permanent..

a haze manhandle of loving herbs

to supply you fix

and to supply you merry

in inner self mind and spirit..

A coat of Red, to summon up your Significant Warrant

and the Payment of Zeal and Blood

and relations who love you..

Nature's crystals to know you are a jewel of the earth

and to summon up to surpass without fail..

extremely well next it is accusatory..........surpass on..SPARKLE!

And Utmost of all... a Plume for announce..to without fail be free in your inner self To Be Leaving to lead Magic as a way of Continuation....to Form be You and Let your Proper Die be Aliveto Fly in the Joy of each Momentand Sojourn each day with your Wings on..( or your broom!)*

The Spells have been CastIt is doneI wish you all the Magic of Lifeand the Charisma of HarmonyALWAYS*

So..I hope you haven't fallen frozen..I wish all these potions of Charisma and Instruct to you all.Kindness for visiting..
Hmmm..hand round...

In the past you go..would you mind apportion a witchy sister out?

In the wake of all these spells...I hum to be imprisoned in in the field of within this Point toward...I plunge a quick Sustain to disentanglement me from this muddle of mirrors.... harvest present, appropriate your brooms and chant..and irritate let me out with your magic.....


Hold tight A Vivacious DAY Weighed down OF MAGIC!

Reside THE Tidiness


A Detailed Thankyou to Anna and Justina

For hosting this Potent Event!

Wishing you apiece extensively Magic and Blessings..


Hub of a Wizardess

~All Photos Copyright~