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Saturday, 18 September 2010

The Dark Powers

The Dark Powers Cover I felt (once again) the need to submit this article based on the fact that there is little known about this aspect of The Craft. I have recieved many questions about this subject and will try to cover as much of it as possible in this article.

The dark powers I refer to are the dark aspects of the Goddess and God. These powers come from the Crone and Lord of Shadows; the Hag and the Hunter. These are the two dark forms of the Lady and Lord. These powers are not only about the negative in our lives, but also very potent with the negative aspects in the universe. It is possible, in time, to turn these negatives to positives and apply them to your spellcraft. By accepting that the dark powers are in balance with the light powers, you are able to utilize the wholeness of the power. Shadow and light must be equal in our lives. Energy can be drawn to either light or dark, so when we die, the energy we have drawn will provide the soul's passage.

Dark powers are not something we should fear. When you are able to utilize the dark powers in balance with the light, you are able to take control of the power in whole. The unity you make with light and dark offers wholeness and peace, which may then be transferred to external energies and spells. Dark moons, however, are not very productive in spells and rituals. These signify a time not to call on the Lady and Lord, but to have quiet time or sleep and dreamtime.

Using dark power in meditation and spellcraft is very useful. You can call upon this power and use it's strong negativity for good, not for an increase of anger or rage. Casting a circle for a dark aspected spell or meditation is done deosil (N-W-S-E) or counter-clockwise. Call the elements and begin your practice. You can also use some of your tools for dark and dark only. Some of these are: a black mirror, gourd rattle, athame (if you can afford to), and cauldron. I use all the same for both light and dark. Some witches have seperate for each power.

Dark power colors are as follows:
Black - absorb/block negativity; remove negativity; focus on Shadowland/Underworld
Gray - Feary paths; neutralizing negativity; veiling
Purple - spiritual development; power, cleansing and intuition; progress
White - protection/truth; peace
Red - Power, energy and strength
Lavender - Sidhe magics, psychic growth and spiritual development
Silver - lunar energy

Dark powers are extremely strong and very useful. I do recommend that one know their own strength and know their Craft before one attempts working with them. Being that they are dark, and negative at that, it is possible to misuse them. Be careful what you do, and blessed be!

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