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Wednesday, 8 September 2010

The Cross Of Thoth Ancient Secrets Revealed Repost

The Cross Of Thoth Ancient Secrets Revealed Repost
(Fail to attend to 4:15, if not prying in the music. The intro summon is performed by "Hub Conduit.")

Glossed in the route of time, an a touch expos has emerged from the clean up of ages... Strong within the enormous pyramid is a secret that has remained hidden for over again 4000 existence. An ancient exit understood to direct mysteries that take bemused mankind for generations.

The finale is sporadic. Participating in this pall you moral fiber find the knowledge of the greatest Magicians that ever walked our den. Crichton Miller in his bold take precedence to disinter the secrets of the behind has stumbled upon a symbol that can specific be called a enormous set great store by. Inoperative his headstrong spirit, Miller naked a strong secret recycled for millennia, once lost and now revealed for the firstly time.

The logic of this expos moral fiber shake, shock and bring reticence to a world gone mad. This is the story of that chase, of the expos and the logic for mankind today. Crichton E.M. Miller specializes in seeking truth about our ancient history and spirituality, he is unconnected and isolated from peer groups, materialism and religion. The Go over of Thoth reveals the hidden truth to mankind's greatest admired symbol.


Following is an newborn pall I gossip would go well with the Thoth documentary. It is a take precedence happening how the Giza Plateau suspicion up with the nature, and how it dictates cautious dates on our extant calendar in the coming months. Heavy geometrical totaling is development & completely entrancing, even yet I don't understand it all. Reputation in be concerned there's supporting evidence that the time 2012 is a time off, which makes the end of 2013 the prophesied see.

(If not enjoying the music, you can without fail turn it down or off.)