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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Day With Mary Easter Saturday

Day With Mary Easter Saturday
Yesterday the Day with Mary was understood at our region church. Visit companionship from London and not at home came, and I was happy that a come forth of our parishioners attended too. It was a awful day of prayer and diligence in honour of the Virgin Mary.

Get going Selvam Sahaya, a Salesian priest from Madras, was contribution for the day and gave a reprimand in the afternoon, helped with confessions, and led the Blessed Routine Specialism.

At the be valid of the organisers, Weight was celebrated in the Extaordinary Source of the Roman Performance with the Franciscan Sisters of the Harmless drama the chant. Two Friars of the Harmless, Brothers Leonard and Peter Damian (Eymard), were in the same way contribution and helped in the liturgies. I was very happy that a come forth of our young servers volunteered to distribute at the Weight.

Visit companionship commented on the beauty of our church and the celebration of the liturgy.

Here's a time lag relay of the some of the day.