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Friday, 3 September 2010

Other Healing Spells

Other Healing Spells Cover

Healing Spell #1:

Think intensely about the person that you want to heal while chanting the following words.

Wrap thee in cotton,
Bind thee with love,
Protection from pain,
Surrounds like a glove,
Brightest of blessings,
Surround thee this night,
For thou art cared for
Healing thoughts sent in flight

Healing Spell #2:

Write the names of the people taking part on a blue candle. On a piece of parchment write a list of the things you wish to have healed. This can be specific or general. For you, someone else, or just the universe in general Light the candle and see the energy being sent into the candle and leaving through the smoke and flame to carry out your will. Hold the paper to the flame to burn. As it does say:

By full moon's light,
With helping hands,
I spread good health,
Throughout the lands
Send energies far and near,
To heal this earth,
That I hold dear.
And all of those,
So dear to me,
With harm to none,
So mote it be.


Chant for Healing, Illumination and the Sun

Sun of power, Sun of gold
Sun O wondrous fair
Hear my words of power and grace,
Winging through the air
Illuminate Deep Mysteries,
Bring me favors great
Fill my life with joy and hope
Grant me wondrous fate
All?powerful healing Deities
Guide me to high Destinies

Health Remedies:

Guardian Gargle

2 drops Guardian Blend ( health food store)
2 Tbsp Colloidal Minerals (Colloidal Silver can be used)
1/2 tsp sea salt
1/2 cup Natures spring water (warm)

Mix together & gargle. Follow with the dose of Colloidal Silver internally.

Throat Massage

2 drops lemon
2 drops Bergamot
2 drops lavender

Place in massage oil and use topically, gently massaging the throat area. Use once to twice per day for 3 to 4 days.

Throat Massage II

2 drops frankincense
3 drops lavender
1 drop sandalwood
Place in massage oil and gently massage throat area. Can also be diffused at night before bedtime.

Garlic Oil Ear drops

1 garlic oil gel cap (opened)

Equal amount of olive oil

2 drops helichrysum
1 drop lavender

Place 2 to 3 drops of this blend directly in each ear and let settle for 3-5 minutes. Plug with cotton. This is very effective for chronic inner ear congestion

Colloidal Silver Ear drops

Another ear formula includes

1 drop tea tree
1 drop Helichrysum
3 drops colloidal silver

Place directly in the ear and plug with cotton. This is a very effective remedy for chldren who are experienncing constant inner ear problems from blocked eustachian tubes and chronic sinus problems.

Ear Massage Blend

Topical massage around the ear to reuce inflamation

2 drops Helichrysum
3 drops lavender
1 drop Roman Chamomile

Place in Massage oil andrub gently aroundoutside of ear and throat area

Aromatic Nasal Relief

Salves, including eucalyptus, lavender & frankincense, rubbed on the chest are helpful in relieving congestion. They work as antispasmodics and also have expectorant qualities. Equal parts of eucalyptus, pine & peppermint used as an inhalant are wonderful to clear sinus stuffiness. Thyme, eucalyptus & myrrh can be used as an effective inhalant as well.

Baths are relaxing & beneficial for body when the ears, nose and throat are in distress. Oils in the bath act in 2 ways, absorption into the skin & by inhalation of aroma.

Fact: Ear infection

The most common cause of ear infections is food allergies, especially those from dairy products - cow's milk, cheese and ice cream. Even nursing mothers must watch what they eat, as they can set off sensitivities in their nursing babies. Bottle-fed babies suffer more frequently from ear infections than breast fed babies.

To switch from dairy products, consider using goat cheese, which is more easily tolerated & actually helps lymphatic drainage. Milke substitutes include rice milk, soy milk & almond milk. Many people tolerate frozen yogurt better than ice cream.

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