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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Medium Green Onyx Chalice Set

Medium Green Onyx Chalice Set
Whether you are using them for entertaining or ceremonies with your coven, these six small chalices are the perfect addition to joyful
festivities and solemn ritual. Each made from a solid piece of Green Onyx, they are a wonderful display of the beauty found in nature,
swirling with rich veins of brown, green and white in varied shades and patterns that only nature could design. Green Onyx is also well known for being of great use in spiritual matters, leaving these chalices imbued with their innate energy, making them great when you are seeking to help balance energy and ensure success or prosperity.

Measuring approximately 2" in diameter at their narrow mouth before flaring out to a 2 3/4" diameter near the base of the cup, each chalice fits easily in your hand, with the cylindrical stem and disk-shaped base
allowing your fingers to fit the curves and contours comfortably and securely. Each measures only approximately 3" in height.

Coming in a pack of six, they are the perfect addition to your home or sacred space. Whether you are using them to leave offerings, using them as the sacred chalice within your rituals, or using them in your kitchen
for entertaining your guests, they are perfectly suited for your needs.

Reference: animals-and-shamanism.blogspot.com