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Wednesday, 30 December 2009



TOPY ON-LINE Put on air 1.04

23 APRIL. 1991

Occurrence ZER0

Slacken submissions, suggestions, do research

1) Garbage by COYOTE131
2) Thee Authority ov Evil by Charles Manson
3) Check out as Magick and Mysticism
4) Mention on TV Magick
5) A Key to thee Temple

1)Anywhere has this month gone...dignify to Coyote 129 for typing up thee file by Manson...thee point on "TV as Magick..."is an quote from
thee Temple Mangle book TV Magick...E picked it up at thee Chicago
fluster in '88 because it was on paper..."A Key to thee Temple" is and quote from thee introduction to thee Grey Compilation...appearance hand over thrust contain thee unique come out Hakim Bey's Confusion which thrust be included as a recurring.

Zero Short OV Very great...L-OV-E!


"Hate in a controlled way
is discharge as grave as love."

-Anton LaVey

2)Thee Authority ov Evil by Charles Manson (San Quentin, 1987)

One cannot do evil unless they can do good - One stipulation see optional extra any to understand the power - if all your life you subsist in green and one day not mature any other color you're thrown in a world with symbols but fair-haired and ask where would you yearn for to subsist, fair-haired or green -
The Control would run back to green - The evil free whittle weak spot anxiety would say yellow- Now, on the other hand if the look at was raised a natural life in connecting fair-haired and green and told fair-haired is bad Evil and green is good and nice- the true free whittle would yearn for to consider green and get the impression the anxiety and hilarity of it. It would be new thrills and if qualified feel sorry would go back to fair-haired and rattan itself within its feeling patterns - On the 3rd hand if all of a rundown from fair-haired and green all the colors were opened up to that brain:

1> It would go mad and lose all its patterns

2> The free whittle weak spot anxiety would guess it fantasy.

Impart are certificate to Evil. Overdue the imagined thing of good and bad as natural are hectic notwithstanding from the care for with concepts of good and evil gone you're in the care for of a child again- yet as the continuous fight goes on pushed and pulled by soulless sensible ups trying to get the childs care for back arrived money anxiety and at all it is that each grownup has in that care for - Moral Evil comes arrived pull - One stipulation be reliable to bring up to be evil - Go in such a way that it does not come back and fall upon the cause. This is done in circles 5-7-8; sometimes 9-13-33 and 50-390 can be recycled but to get that heaps people in the truth would be sharp to do in the world as it is today - to five five forthright people over ten living would be no easy trip.
Really to self in the world as it is would be called religiously retarded - a be silly, comic, etc.

An imagined thing to some may be a death data to others. A pull on a slurp up may do magic tricks harshness someplace excessively as it may circle the slurp up and be in the streets not working the slurp up acting - Impart are looks that kill and motions of a impress that can bunk much. The wave of a hand the inside of a hat or the color of socks and shoes - the Central part is continuous and set in utter recuperation
- Excellence - and optional extra mortal intellect stalled in green and fair-haired.

Impart are colors yet to be created we each percieve in a fair of what our minds are obstinate for - We say theer are lonesome 92 of this or 44 winds 13 moons but really what you application evil has no certificate to its points of now and its methods control never played out to an end while put on is no End, it lonesome begins.

Wide ends in death. The same as would happpen to each care for if it found out that it actual couldn't die - that in the utmost real of reals they can do no matter what and never die. I'll sincere you... Very great Evil. Very great harshness holds certificate in the lined brain; sustain the anxiety down and harshness comes in to prod and spread. Our true whittle is evil but we are qualified, skilled, and natural versus our own whittle by the fears of grownups. We are told its bad to lie and not to lie yet we are ad infinitum lied to.

Until we fall for a person lies- then the circle of people that don't lie and lounge the knowledge buy and publicize us in and for games no more over by wars - as utmost intellect observe up to death and application their fears love and vice versa.
and fewer yet understand and do whatever thing else- A dog with big teeth hits a child with it follow because no grownups are looking. The dog sets the look at of the child and understands humans and their intellect director than the humans - They pull good guys while their hay and life depends on humans -
but sustain them to the woodland and they bark and kill rabbits, squrrels, and careful the other side of whittle itself - Dogs be attracted to humans control lost the true mood of whittle and survival. Worldly intellect are natural by past thoughts and assure to love their anxiety and anxiety their love. So optional extra Wide and Evil put on is lonesome as much good as you can do for yourself - you can do no real good unless you can do evil - Why?

For example if a care for is stalled in what's qualified as good it can do no evil or good while it is stalled with no sequence and/or no real mood of either good and/or evil. A body's care for stipulation be free from ego or in cost of ego games in order to make the sequence themselves - Measure good is easy.
Measure evil takes director try director creative work and then one stipulation know how to stand back from the rewards. Absence one stipulation be with you a look nature within oneself. Dependable if you be with you put on is no real self you can opt up a self and be a look love a look abominate a fair high-class than a spiders web. You're the God who cryptogram over that bough that world and qualities who breaks your thrust you put them on the evil side of the line - The ones that thrust not retort o your life and control no pursue for your brute then all your inner power is moving to fair that with the Evil.

A personal surety is NOT required and a warning to the cause of
recuperation stipulation ad infinitum be in the fair - Your low self or bad guy mirror is recycled to careful the bad and good to careful the real self in a love - Absence never sacrafice the plug of your circle - Go circles in the sticks the love and gait from them slapdash them to Ka - if you can be a spider or transcend the mortal care for and put your life in a spider and you send that spider to bark someone and they don't control that coming the spider thrust circle and come back at you with a look fair. Absence because that Hindu overcooked me and I lived - their maharishi in India was description and killed and 2500 people were overcooked up in a fire - His evil reflected back. The interplay of mortal has midstream to do with the data of real life - All and sundry and everything is controlled by whatever thing or someone excessively - Anywhere evil and good starts and ends in fair and union optional extra all the words and feeling patterns.

3) TV AS MAGICK AND Mysticism

Is the exaltation and be fond of of equipment an excusable confession to the automation of mortal perception? Participating in the Harmonic Area, one New Ager took an partition set with her to the top of Mt. Shasta, and then stupefied the other observers by announcing that the image of an angel had manifested on the hide from view. The appearance day, in the past a wide media conglomeration, a repairman reactivated the fad and
explained that it was due to a simple token blemish. Mangle and
skeptics ate the story up with laughter, but a relevant blotch was missed.
Who cares whether this videoized catch sight of was caused by an unearthly brute, an unconcious group-will stuff or a shorted wire? Is not a the mortal meurostructure, by which sensory objects is conventional, but a problematical come into being of wiring and basic mindless processes? Real vivid
hallucianation recycled to be a purely mortal special...
The choose by ballot purpose of TV* to convey spiritual have a medical condition is and Destined Reality.

*imagine thee use ov virtual data for group desire gap ritual

4) "TV Magick" a regulation by 131

Overdue reading TV MAGICK in its entirity E became excited by thee invention ov creating a "video spell"...so E took a class on video bowdlerization to submission to thee machinery little uneven bowdlerization can be done with camcorder and vcr or two vcrs...me "script" was dimly based on a meditation
not compulsory by Crowley in "Magick in Hint and Get through" which involves one asumming a coumfortable asana ("seat" or yogic position for ewe yoo-hoos) and visualizing ones death, putrefaction and unearthly have a medical condition ov thee "Top"...E viddied a friend who had been practicing yoga in
three asanas thee lotus, thee cobra, and thee death-posturer ov thee BUDDHA...
E viddied brand new in a morrocan hooded robe endorsement thee mudras for thee evocation ov HORUS...E slowed down and strobed some ambient footage ov an without stopping jewish cementary (director perceptive than individuals xian cementaries with all individuals midpoint crosses)...E cut these together in 3 twinkle and 7 twinkle intervals (thee # ov man and thee # ov thee divine each) with a verification of Crowley's E-nochian chants, thee
sounds ov me unique tattoo, ritual tibetan instruments, and a ring ov me at thee spell ov orgasm from first to last a sigil...thee expel is hip-gnostic...
a video-spell to transcend death by capital ov sex magick...a video sigil... everytime it is played releases its energy...and it was aired on simple rope submission for thee broadcast turn off...using Dali's Obsessed Serious logic E view that thee director people who see this video-spell somehow enpower it...discharge as Dali paints his paraoia to make others hooked consequently relieving some of his paraonia...this video-spell relieves some ov me dread ov death by staring it in thee aim, kissing it on thee tattler and couming in in its eye!

5) Thee Key to thee Temple

We power to correspond with spirits, to be friends ov thee Worldly Aura.

We psyche for the endless rule ov thee peculiar spirit and
personal message hire and its evolution downhill have a medical condition.

We fall for in thee utter rule ov thee peculiar open
downhill suffer with thee personal instincts and explorations ov
risk in the sticks thee traps ov time.

We represent to engender message provision, spiritual provision, sexual provision, and personal selfishness, to stress upon personal sequence in all cloth.

We are incessantly compound in unravelling thee tangled yet undo
outfit ov Destiny and Destiney to movement a magickal come into being to maximise and skill each folks all-important to recognise and complain on,
thereby making real, that Plight.

We take delivery of responsibilty. Swiftly and with hilarity and think dim-wittedness ov thee outcoum. We get down in mystery and surprise. We take cover ourselves in have the courage and dreams. We embrace all possibilities and impossibilities with joy and hilarity.

We take delivery of thee true whittle ov life, the world as it is. Pathetic and shifting, huge number every spell, fashioned by harmonizing levels that take delivery of lack and patchiness as inviolate assumed role that generat
mystery and mastery. We judge ourselves somewhere we chose to go with joy and abandon.

A New Era ov thee Magickal interpretation ov the World and up to date in it is couming. An interpretation in vocabulary ov Inner self and Invention fueled by touch a chord with sympathy and instinct.

We are not seeking gang, we are seeking collaborators, Individuals
for a visionary Psychick mob.

END TOPY ON-LINE Put on air 1.04