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Monday, 24 December 2007

If Prayer Worked

If Prayer Worked
Afterward someone claims that prayer works, the prime minister thing we necessity ask is what the envoy way by "works" in this context. If I say that prayer works since engaging in prayer makes me come across soothe, I may be authorize to improve that it works. Thus far, this is not conventionally what the religious improve. Slightly, they impoverishment to imagine something magical in surrounded by the prayer and my notion soothe. They impoverishment to improve that their god(s) intervened in some sheet. They are besides rarely book to border the function of prayer to scarcely making someone come across for the time being soothe. But does even the utmost pious religious being really shape that their prayers bring about divine intervention? Their attitude necessarily suggests or else.

Grouchy Consortium uses a late at night note in which the vital originate is framed for a nurse:

Now I'd like to ask you a originate... why did you go preside over all the unavoidable medical training if you shape that prayer can heal people?I imprison necessarily blogged about this heap era in front, as has in the vicinity of every other nonbeliever blogger with whom I am nearby. Peaceful, I reservation to find it a enchanting originate. May that is since I imprison yet to sense a religious being reply thoroughly. (None of the be with are stacks answers: "God works in guarded ways, God helps ancestors who help themselves," or "I don't improve to know the good sense of god." Malicious cliches? Yes. All right responses? No).

The originate can be phrased a identifying mark of ways:

* If you shape in prayer, why do you imprison insurance?
* If you shape in prayer, why do you invest?
* If you shape in prayer, why do you imprison a thief alarm?

* If you shape in prayer, why do you see a doctor?

The moment of the originate is simple: If you extremely shape that prayer works - works in the pang that your god intervenes in your life - why do you not doing as if you believed it?

If "prayer works" way zilch other than the act of praying makes me come across soothe, I do not fight. But if it way doesn't matter what chief than that, as a result ancestors advocating the wonders of prayer necessity imprison no request for the reality-based alternatives to which they crash into. And if it does not perpetually work, work smooth, or a minute ago works on the unremarkable matters, as a result what does this say about your god?

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